The Gilmore brothers

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I walked into the living room and noticed that the brothers had also came for dinner which didn't surprise me since they are at least over to for dinner at least one day a week.

The only brother that wasn't there was Jasper as he was still deployed, which I was glad of since I hated him so much.


I woke up feeling good considering I was a nervous wreck.. I was going to tell Jasper how I truly felt about him.. I spoke to the girls and my mom about it and all three told me to tell him how I felt that maybe he feels the same way and if I didn't then I might even regret it if I didn't say anything to him.. so I was coming out my front door when I see Jasper out his front garden. I walked about and once I got close enough I shouted Jasper over to the fence..

"Jasper can you come here for a sec"

"Sure what's up"

"Jasper.. Em.. ahh.. I came here because I really wanted to tell you something .. ehh I like you quite a lot.."

He started laughing at me which made me angry very bloody angry..

"Something funny to what I just said Jasper"

"Hahaha sorry Amelia but I don't like you like that but I just find it funny you have feelings for me"

"How can you be so cruel.. I never want to see you again" I said angryly.

I turned on my heels letting the tears stream down my cheeks and went back home to sit in my room to cry.

End of flashback

We sat down at the kitchen table to have dinner .. everyone was acting a bit strange but I just ignored it. I was in deep conversation with Emma when I turn round to grab my drink when I caught Jensen staring over towards our direction. I gave him a glare and turned away again.

Once dinner was done we all went out to the back garden to have toasted marshmallow and drinks. I was sitting talking to Sarah when at the corner of my eyes I saw someone come in the side gate of the garden. The next thing I knew Sarah starting running towards this person screaming.

I instantly recognised the person to be Jasper Gilmore the boy who broke my heart two years ago.. he looked over towards me and we locked eyes for a few seconds then I turned to my parents smiling. I quickly excused my self as I can't be in the same room or space as him I still hate him to this day.

I went into the house and ran up my stairs two at a time with tears spilling down my face. As soon I got into my room I slammed my door shut and walked over to my desk to sit down and cried.

After I stopped crying I pulled the homework I have for next month and started on it, I put my headphones since it helps calming me. I didn't hear anyone come in my room but I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye and I jumped up and pulled my earphones out with a scream.

"What are you doing in here, I told you I never wanted to see or hear from you again" I spat at Jasper.

"Well you didn't let me speak to you down stairs to explain myself."

"What's to fucking explain Jasper, you made it pretty fucking clear so no need to explain it to me again, so please leave." I pleaded

"But Amelia your not letting me explain can you please let me"

"No!!.. now get out now please Jasper." I said in a whisper while tears fell down my cheeks."

I walked over to my bed to lay down and cried, I don't remember when the crying stopped but I must have cried myself to sleep because when I woke up it was 8pm.

When I sat up on my bed I notice something on my desk so I got off my bed walked over to my desk, I saw it was an envelope with my name on it.

I don't remember that being here earlier, it wasn't in my parents writing or my brother or Emma's because I knew they're writing. Curiosity got the better of as I was intrigued of what could be inside that envelope.

I opened the envelope and there was a hand written letter with a chain with a locket, I put the locket down delicately, I sat down on the seat at my desk and with shaking hands I opened the letter I started to read it.

Dear my darling Amelia,

I know you won't want to see or speak to me so this is the next best thing I can do to explain myself to you.

Well here goes me trying to explain to you earlier, anyways, I have to say that I'm so fucking sorry Amelia, I know I hurt You when you came to me to tell me how you felt about .. how I laughed and disregarded you the way I did two years ago. The thing is I had to do it that way it was easier for you to hate me because the day you told me how you felt about me i was leaving the next morning. I was being deployed, the truth is I have been madly in love with you for the last 3 years. I didn't tell you because I was leaving .. when you told me how your felt I just wanted to jump over my fence and kiss those soft lips of yours but I knew I couldn't.. I bought the locket in the envelope 3 years ago when I planned to tell you how I felt about you but never got the chance.. but im giving you this now. I wore this everyday looking at your face to keep me safe and I would say it done the job lol.. especially on my darkest days.

I hope you understand why I done what I did and I'm deeply sorry for hurting you babygirl.


Jasper xoxo

After reading his letter I dropped my head on the desk and cried holding the locket to my chest as my broken heart was crippling me once again. Once I had stopped crying I looked at the locket in my hands and opened it up and cried again.

he had put two small pictures one of me and him sitting at the beach with my head on his shoulders looking out to the sea. The next picture was when we were young playing in my back garden and laughing at something.. the thing is me and Jasper had always been close since we were really young.

Tears fell when I remembered back to the day me Emma and Lilly went to the beach with the brothers that day is the day I knew I felt more for Jasper than friends.

I closed it back together and held it in my hand to my chest when I felt something jagging my hand so I turned it over when I noticed something engraved on the back of the locket.

My first and forever love

I love you babygirl.

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