The Gilmore brothers

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Family dinner

I went down stairs after I washed my face about 3 times hoping no one would notice I had been crying but then again I have been gone a long time.

I stepped out the back garden where everyone was sitting at the table talking and laughing. I just went to the beer cooler and grabbed a beer. I sat down on the steps at patio sipping my beer since I didn't really feel like drinking. Emma rushed over to me.

"Hey babe, you okay"

"Yeah babe, I'll be fine don't worry about me "

" I came to check on you since you been gone for a long time but you were sleeping so I left you sleeping"

"Thanks for checking up on me, it's just hard you know"

" What are best friends for.. yeah I know I just don't want you to get hurt again I don't know if you'd be able to come back from it this time"

"Can I borrow Amelia for a few please"

Sure, just don't hurt her again got me or I will make you a woman"

" I burst out laughing shaking my head, Emma your the best but I'll be fine babe"

She nodded at me with a small smile while glaring at jasper but he put his hands up in surrender.

He sat down next to and turned to gazing at my neck with a smile tinting his lips.

" I guess your read my letter babygirl"

" Yeah but did you mean any of it because you seemed pretty sure how you felt two years ago. You seem pretty damn sure you didn't like me anymore than a friend and to embarrass me even more you laughed in my face and disregarded me. I said with anger lacing in my voice.

He sighed and at the floor with genuine sadness in his eyes.

" Yes I meant every word of that letter and more .. Amelia I love you so damn much it hurts when I'm not with you .. the last two years have been so dark for me but I had to have you hate me because if I didn't I wouldn't have being able to leave you here and go for two years and if that did happen i would've been in prison for two years instead of being deployed so I had to put my happiness a side to do my job. I'm truly sorry for what hurt I have caused you but please let me prove to you I'm the guy you like before I hurt you.

"Uhh I don't know Jasper, I don't want to get hurt like I did before two years ago"

" Please Amelia" he said with a single tear leave his eyes and run down his cheek.

" Okay.. one chance Jasper, you fuck up once that's it we go our separate ways."

"Ohhhh babygirl you don't need to worry about that I will never fuck this up that's one promise I won't ever break ."

" Can I ask you something"

"Yes anything beautiful"

"Will you deployed again"

"No, I only signed up for two years, I'm home for good baby" he said with the biggest smile I have seen and it makes me smile so big.

"My turn, can I ask you something"

"Yeah sure"

Will you be my girl and can I kiss you I've been really wanting to for 3 years "

"Yeah I have been waiting a long ass time for you to ask." I laughed.

He leaned down brushing his lips against mines .. they were so soft then he deepened the kiss his tongue asking for permission to enter my mouth which I granted. There were butterflies swirling in my stomach and the kiss was my first kiss he didn't need to know that but it was the best kiss.

I waited so long for this moment and it was more than I ever expected. He is the most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes even 3 years ago, no one could ever come close to him.. he was sex on legs without a doubt.

"Well that was amazing more than I ever expected "

" I thought exactly the same but what does this mean Jasper.. I don't want to get hurt"

"Well if it isn't obvious I want you to be my girl but first I want to take you out on a date .. what do you say babygirl"

I loved it when he called me that it made me feel things ive never felt before.

"I would love too.. but something simple please babe."

" I will make it simple if that's what you want" I nodded

"I love you Jasper Gilmore "

"I love you more Amelia Jones"

" Let's go and join everyone else" Jasper suggested.

I nodded as we got up he kissed me lightly on the lips again.

"Finally our babies are together" mom to said to Sarah.

" Yeah about bloody time .. I thought for a moment I would be in a care home by the time they got they're shit together" Sarah pinched jaspers cheeks as he groaned into my neck.

I looked back at him both our faces bright red with embarrassment. I kiss him again I couldnt get enough of kissing it felt like I was dreaming .. suddenly he's looking in to my brown eyes with his piercing blue eyes with total adoration.

The rest of the night went really good with me sitting on jaspers lap. He was much more brauder than I remember must have been with him being in the military. Suddenly I had the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that the possibility that Jasper can be deployed again at any point and he would have to go.


"Yeah baby"

"I don't want to sound like a crazy girlfriend which I know we aren't at that stage yet but are you sure you won't be getting deployed again"

"No baby, I only signed up for two years to see how I liked it and I didn't I hated every minute of it."

" Ohh thank god!!"

He chuckled, the leaned down kissing me the most passionate way possible.

I looked over to Emma to make sure she was okay.. it's been one hell of an emotional day for us both.. but she seemed happy sitting on Jensen lap kissing him and holding his hand.. I will need to ask her how the heck that happened but I smile over to her .. seeing her happy made me happy but I just hope it doesn't cause two much drama tomorrow at school.

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