The Gilmore brothers

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Helping friends

The next morning me and Emma were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast.

"Are you okay Emma"

"Yeah, much better than yesterday can't thankyou or your parents enough though"

"Emma no need to thank us .. you've always been like a daughter to me darling" my mom called from the kitchen counter.

"See told you .. my family already seen you as family they love you too you know"

"I just feel awful they are doing this all for me and I don't even have a job to help them out"

"Babe my parents are rich and they would rather see you put all your attention on to your education until we finish college.. which reminds me are you going to Lakewood or another one"

" Lakewood of course with you and Lilly.. Amelia I have some savings so can you help me with buying your parents a thankyou gift please"

" You really don't have to but if you insist then sure we can go after school if you want"

We got put bags for school and headed out to my car.. when we opened my front door I seen Jasper and Jensen leaning again my car.. Emma's smile widened.

"What you's two doing here"

"Well I'm here to see if my girl wanted to go out for dinner tonight" Jasper said

"And I'm here so I can ride to school with yous since Jasper is back and needs his car back"

"Oh right and who told you I would drive you to school" I smirked at Jensen

"Well can I ride with yous since we are all going the same way" he asked while scratching the back of his neck.

"Well I suppose you can but don't be an asshole"

"If I would sissy in-law " he winked at me.

I just rolled my eyes at him and he barked out a laugh. I walked over to Jasper and gave him a passionate kiss since I missed him so much.

"Well looks like my parents are looking"

He looked over me and started waving and smiling at them, they waved back through the living room window blinds.

"So is this our first date tonight"

"Yeah, I want to take you somewhere special babygirl"

"Ohh babe.. I'm happy to just have this date with you."

"Really" he smiled widely at me.

"Yeah" I said shyly.

He gave me another passionate kiss, I told him bye and good luck since I had to get to school and he had his first shift at his new job. I got into my car, Emma and Jensen were sitting in the back holding hands and cuddling.. they must be serious I hope so for both they're sakes.

I started the engine and headed to school but the question was on my mind so I had to ask.

"What's going on with you two then"

They both looked at each other then looked at me with big smiles on they're faces.

"Well she's my girl asked her while you were out smooching my brothers face off " he grumbled.

"And have you forgot who her ex is and how he bad of a reaction he is going to take seeing yous two all cuddled up.. not to mention you just broke up with him yesterday.. he's going to be mega pissed."

"Well yeah but who gives a shit I had liked Emma before Christian and I told him I liked her and he swooped in before me so no I give a fuck what he does." He replied bitterly .

I just rolled my eyes knowing that even though Emma is my best friend and I just want her happy it is a bit soon for her to be showing Christian that's she's happy in a new relationship and especially with his best friend and now it will cause a rift in our friendship group.

Once I got to the school car park, I saw Christian and Matthew with a few cheerleaders and queen bitch herself cuddling up to Christian as they kissed.

"Well guess there's no problem with you moving " I turned and said to them both.

"Nah.. clearly he has no standards tapping that whore" she replied while Lilly ran up to us.

She looked over to Christian with a disgusted look then looked at Emma and Jensen s hands with a confused look."

"What the hell happened in the last 24 hours girl"

"Well emm.. I broke up with Christian because I haven't felt any love towards him for a long time then I went home to my parents fighting and I couldn't take it any longer so I called Amelia to see if I could go over there to stay the night. Then Amelia and her parents wanted me to stay in the spare room for good then jensen decided to tell me about his undying love for me and here we are" she said giggling.

"Well I know that you've have a crush on that one for longest time, but if he makes you happy that all that matters to me girl" while pointing to Jensen.

Emma hugged lily and we all walked into the school with Emma and Jensen getting loads of states from everyone.

"Never mind them" I whispered to Emma and Jensen.

We walked up to our lockers, when we were ready to walk to class Christian walked up to us with fire in his eyes directly looking at Emma.

"Well look who knew you had a thing for my best friend you whore not even 24 since us breaking up but crack on he'll soon drop you on your fat ass like I should've not like the sex was great either" he laughed bitterly.

I jumped Infront of Emma anger boiling inside of me like a volcano.

"How fucking dare you speak to Emma that way.. just cause she dumped you ass doesn't give you the right to degrade her you fucking asshole!" I slapped him across the face.

I turned on my heals only to have my hair grabbed and flung against the lockers so hard I passed out.. I don't even know who done it because it happened so fast but I do know one thing is as soon as I wake up its going to hurt like a bitch .

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