The Gilmore brothers

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The day after

I woke up to very bright lights, I screamed with the lighting was hurting my eyes and head to the point I had to close my eyes shut tight to keep the light from my eyes.

"Can someone seriously turn the lights off my eyes hurt really bad " I cried

"Where am i"

"The hospital darling" my mom replied

"What happened the last thing I remember is turning back around to Emma after screaming at Christian."

My dad spoke in a soft and worried voice,

"Well honey it seems Christian didn't like whatwver you had said or done to him because he grabbed you by the hair and slammed you against the lockers so hard it knocked you out"

"Oh my god"

"What happened with him Amelia" my dad asked .

"Well he was saying such vile things to Emma like she was a whore and had a fat ass so I told him he couldnt talk to Emma that way as he had no right to speak to her like that when he himself was cuddling and kissing up to queen bitch then I slapped him and turned on my heels was the last thing I remember"

"Well he's at the police station being charged with serious assault."

"Dad can you get someone, the pain I'm having right now is unbearable"

"Sure honey be right back"

"Mom have you told Jasper because we were supposed to have our first date tonight and now that's that ruined" I rambled.

" Oh honey, he's been out in the waiting areas shall I go and get him"

"Please mom" I said with tears in my eyes.

I lay there waiting on my mom coming back with Jasper and my dad with someone for meds .. I still can't believe Christian done this to me.

The door to my hospital room opened in walked Jasper on his own, he pulled a hospital chair up next to my bed to sit next me .. I smiled at him weakly. He took my hand and I noticed there was tears steaks on his cheeks and he had puffy and red eyes.. then a single rolled down his cheek.

"Jeez Amelia , you scared me to death"

"I'm so sorry"

"You have nothing to be sorry for this isnt your fault you were just standing up for you friend and Amelia I would be shocked if you didn't."

"But that bastard is lucky it was my brother and Matthew and not me "

"What you talking about and where is Emma"

"She is sitting out in the waiting room with everyone else"

"Everyone else" what are you talking about "

"Jensen, Matthew, Emma , Lilly and Elliot."

"Why are they all here they should be at school they will be in so much trouble"

"Amelia, listen to me babygirl.. when everything went down with that asshole.. Jensen and Matthew battered the hell out of him until the teachers dragged both of them off him before they killed him. Then the ambulance and police came they took you both to the hospital.. then once he was patched up they took him to the police station..Emma has been a mess since it happened saying everything is her fault."

"I'm in shock Jasper but why did Matthew get involved"

"He's your friend too isn't he"

"I'm so confused right now" I sighed

Right then the doctor walked in with my parents behind him I know they were giving me and Jasper some time alone .. "hello Amelia it's wonderful to see you awake, I'm doctor Sanders, your father said that your having really bad pains with your eyes and head is that correct"

"Yeah is everything okay doctor"

"Yeah you have some bleeding on the brain but we fixed that.. I will give you some pain killers to help with the pain and we will keep you in for the week to make sure your recovering properly."

My parents thanked the doctor and spoke to him outside my room.. I had tears pouring out of my eyes.. I hate Christian so much for doing this to me.

"Can you get Emma in here and alone please so I can speak to her,"

"Yeah sure baby be right back" he kissed my head and went and got Emma.

Emma came walking into my room shaking slightly.. I started crying seeing the current state she was in it made my heart ache so much I hate when my friends are suffering or anyone close to me for that matter.

"Amelia, I'm so so sorry this happened to you this is all my fault I shouldn't have called you the other night"

"Don't you dare blame yourself Emma this ( pointing to my head) isn't your fault it's Christians fault. So stop all this I love you girl.. now I want my happy going bestie back"

How'd I get such an amazing best friend" she cried.

"It happens " I winked at her.

"How are you feeling "

"My head and eyes hurt really bad .. I just can't believe he done this I know I caused this by slapping but I just couldn't stand there and let him say they things .. I just can't believe it all that's all" I cried.

Me and Emma cuddled for about half and hour or so before Lilly, Jensen and Matthew and Elliot walked into the room. Lilly walked straight up to my bed and gave us both a tight group hug.

How are you feeling"

" A little bit better since the meds are kicking in now ."

We all sat talking for a while, Jasper was sitting on the bed next to me cuddling into me .. Emma was sitting on Jensen's legs cuddling into him, Lilly was at the end of the bed lying facing up at celling texting someone and Matthew and Elliot were sitting in a chair at the window.

I kept catching Matthew glancing over in My direction while he was talking to Elliot and at first I thought he was looking at me until Lilly sat up with smiling and texting someone again and Matthews jaw tightened slightly.

"Who has got you to smile like that Lilly" Emma asked.

"Ohh no one special" she beamed.

After another hour everyone decide to leave to give me a rest and spend some alone time with Jasper.

"I'm sorry we missed our first date"

"Don't worry about it , we can have a first date anytime." He replied while kissing me on the head.

"Will you stay with me tonitht" I don't want to be alone and I love your cuddles"

"Of course baby, let's go to sleep".

"Yeah I'm so tired it's been such a long day today, I love you jasper"

"I love you to baby girl"

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