The Gilmore brothers

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Restaurant troubles

A week later the doctor discharged me. He gave me a special pair of glasses to adjust to the different types of lightings because my eyes were still sensitive to really bright ones.

One I got home all I wanted to do is sleep so I went straight to my room and lat down. Jasper was coming by after work, he started his new job a few days ago at the local security company.

I think I slept most of the day because when I woke up it was dark. I turned my lamp on then turned round and got such a fright thought my heart jumped out my skin. I screamed with the fright I got and Jasper fell out the bed with my screaming probably got a fright himself right so the only thing I done next was laughed.

"What the fuck Amelia "

"Well you could've woke me up when you came in and I would've known you were lying beside me dumbass "

"Sorry baby, it's just you looked so beautiful and peaceful when your were sleeping and clearly needed the rest"

"It's okay babe just got a fright that's all" I said quietly.

"What's wrong baby" he sounded worried.

"Its just that I feel tired all the time and I'm just worried that there's something else wrong with me and I'm so terrified to go back to school."

"He's not there anymore baby, remember he's sitting in the county jail until trial."

The bare mentioned of the trial has me in a state. Can't believe he is claiming innocence considering all the evidence against him and after what he did obviously a crazy person or something to attack me like that.

I still had a few weeks until I seen my doctor again and I hope I gain my sight back to normal but luckily Emma has being so great bringing me all my course work home so I didn't fall behind not that I would I always have my work down well before it's due it would take me months to fall behind.i was glad she knew me so well that I liked to be ahead.

The next few weeks went by so quickly today was the dreaded doctors appointment with the osteopathic doctor to see if my vision will return to normal. I was a nervous wreck constantly shaking .

We are driving to the appointment with my parents, they are probably as nervous as me if not more about the outcome even though they both keep smiling whenever I'm around. I can see through they're smiles and heard them crying and whispering but the keep saying to stay positive.

We arrived at the doctor's office, sitting in the waiting room waiting to be called. Well the nurse will need to take me on my own first for tests before I can see the doctor's on the results.

"Miss Jones, room 282" the receptionist called.

I walked along the long white corridor to room 282. I knocked lightly on the door and opened it.

"Please come in miss Jones, take a seat. Well we will need to do a few tests on your eyes today so can I put these eye droplets in your eyes for the test"

"Yes ma'am"

"Thankyou, these will only take a few minutes to start taking affect.. do you have anyone with you today because you won't be able to drive for the rest of the day."

"Yes my parents and boyfriend."

"Great, let's get started, it should only take 10 minutes altogether.

Once the nurse was finished with testing my eyes for the doctor. I headed back out to with my parents and Jasper in the waiting room until the doctor called for me.

The doctor call me to his office half an hour later. While I was walking down to the doctor's office I had silent tears fall down my cheeks while Jasper held my hand.

"Please come in and sit down"

"Well what did the test say" My dad asked worriedly.

"Well.. your eyes are looking much better than your last tests and I can tell you your eyes will return to normal but it maybe take a month or two. I also want to stop all eye medication and eye drops"

" Will my head and eyes not hurt like before if I stop all the meds."

"No because the medication aren’t helping you at all as your as your eyes are back to 80% normality."

"Ohh my god.. Thankyou dr fields" I cried while cuddling into Jasper's side.

My parents shaked hands with the doctor while thanking him in helping me with my condition.. we all walked to the car after leaving the doctor's office. The thing is I didn't know how to feel about the news. My parents and Jasper all had big smiles on theyre faces since they got the news they wanted this all this happened.

I was happy with the result of my eyes are going to go back to normal but somehow that is bashed with the unsettling feeling I get every day that something will go terribly wrong.

Once we got in the car my mom suggested we go to out for a family meal to celebrate my good news even I didn't feel like doing that I wanted to go to sleep like I do most days it's my new normal.. I know myself I was just existing but I just didn't feel I had much to get excited for anymore.

Later that day my parent, Sarah, the brothers and elliot, Emma, Lilly and Matt went to a big fancy restaurant just on the outskirts of town. We arrived at the restaurant and showed to our table and given menus. I was in a world of my own that I wasn't really listening to what anyone that I didn't even noticed my mom was speaking to me.

"Amelia honey, you okay"

"Yeah mom" I sighed silently and smile at her.

I sat in silence while everyone was talking and laughing away, I excused myself to the bathroom.. Emma and Lilly offered to come with me and I told them "I'm fine". When I was walking to the bathroom I saw Christian sitting eating with his family and some girl I didn't recognize.

I instantly felt nauseated running into the bathroom once I reached the cubicle I heaved until I had nothing left. I slid down the cubicle wall sitting with my head in my hand crying. How did he get out after what he did to me and to make matters worse I had to testify against him.

I heard someone or people come in the bathroom I instantly became quiet so no one knew I was in here.

" Did you see all them laughing over at their table well I tell you something they won't be laughing for long for putting my son into county jail and ruin his life, they haven't seen anything yet and what I can drag up about her parent" she laughed.

I kept quiet until they had left the bathroom. I stood up and went to the sink to wash my face to get away my puffy eyes. I walked back to the table my family and friends were sitting at.

"Baby you were gone quite a while are you okay" Jasper asked when I sat in my seat.

"Yeah I'm fine" I said quietly but snappily.

"Well remember you can tell me anything I will be here day or night.. now let's eat".

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