The Gilmore brothers

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Changing minds

A month went by so fast but today I was going back to school since my sight has been back to normal for about a week or so and I no longer get headaches.

I was sitting on my bed with my bag at my feet rattled with nerves when I didn't even realise my mom had came into my room and sat next to me on my bed with a worried expression on her face.

"Honey, you know if your not ready to go back today then you don't have to."

"Mom it's not just that I want to go back but I'm scared and also when we went to that restaurant for dinner after my doctor's appointment and when I went to the bathtoom.. well when I was walking to the bathroom I saw Christian and his family have dinner so I quickly ran to the toilet to be sick and cried. Then the door of the bathroom opened and it seemed like Christian mom and some girl who was at the table with them were talking about us"

"Like what.. I hate that family so much darling".

"Like she could drag stuff up about you and dad and we haven't seen anything yet since we charged and put her son in to county jail and ruined his life".

"Amelia whatever she drags up we will speak and deal with it as family but please don't worry yourself sick."

"Sorry mom this is all my fault , I shouldn't have slapped him and maybe none of this wouldn't have happened. I mean what if I just drop the charges as I'm fine now."

"It's not that simple the courts still need to have a hearing because it was a serious assault but if you don't want to testify then you don't have to"

"Mom I don't want to testify or go to court I just want this to be all over and move on with my life."

"Okay honey, go down stairs and get some breakfast and then go to school with Emma and Elliot."

"Okay mom, love you"

I headed down stairs to the kitchen to make some toast and a glass of oj since it was light and I didn't want to eat anything too heavy since I felt nauseous with nerves. I sat at the kitchen table with everyone.

I stayed quiet since I didn't feel like talking.. I finished my toast and oj and told Emma and Elliot to hurry and that I would wait for them out at the car. I picked up my school bag and headed out to the car. I got into my car knowing they would take a while I was glad to be alone for a bit.

I was sitting in my car thoughts running through my head that I didn't even notice Jasper had gotten into the front passenger seat staring at me looking worried. I turned around and got a fright jumping in my seat.

"Why are you here babe shouldn't you be leaving to go to work."

"Nah not the now.. I don't start till later backshift." But you do know that you can talk to me baby I just want to be able to help you.. I just feel so useless."

"I know babe I'm sorry it's just hard to talk that's all but I do have to tell you something but I'm not sure if your going to like what I have to say." I sighed.

" What is it Amelia your starting to worry me."

"Firstly it's nothing to worry about but well... See when we went to dinner at that fancy restaurant the other week and I excused myself to go to the bathroom.. well when I was about to leave the bathroom cubicle to wash my hand I heard the door opened and then heard Christians mom and whoever the girl she was with talking about me and my family that for charging Christian that's she was going to drag up stuff about my parents so I told my mom this morning that I don't want to testify."

He stayed silent for a while.. "please say something" I said with tears falling.

"Is that what you really want baby"

"Yeah I just want this to be over with and maybe soon enough I will be able to be happy again and I know I haven't been the Amelia everyone remembers."

"Okay if you really want to not testify then don't, you know I will support you no matter what."

I undid my seatbelt and jumped on top of him kissing him with every bit of emotion and love I was feeling for him. I hadn't kissed him since all this happened and today I felt a bit better I have been in 4 months.

" I love you so much Jasper"

"I love you more babygirl, but I got to go and help my mom.. I just wanted to see you before you headed to school. "You have a good day and any problems please call me".

"Okay, will I see you after school.. we have a lot of kissing to make up for the last 4 months."

"Of course baby" he said with a wink.

I gave him one last kissed and got off him and buckled myself back into my seat. He leaned over and gave me another kiss and went home to help his mom.

I started hitting my horn like a mad woman for Emma and Elliot to move before we are late. Emma, Jensen and Elliot walked out of my house then I wondered how Jensen was walking out my house and not his own as I was pretty sure he wasn't there when I was eating my breakfast half an hour ago.

They all got into my car and I turned to Jensen. "When did you go into my house"

"When you were daydreaming in your car that you didn't even notice me or Jasper walking up and me waving at you" he rolled his eyes

"Sorry just had a lot on my mind" I turn around and drove us to school the thing is that the closer I was getting to school the more nervous I became. I knew people would stare at me and whisper which I wasn't ready for and scares the hell out of me.

We got to the school carpark and I parked my car.

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