The Gilmore brothers

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Back to school

I headed to the school entrance stopping at the doors and sighing before walking in. I walked through the main doors hearing whispers and gasps.

I kept my head down while trying to get toy the principals to see what classes etc I have. I sat in the waiting room waiting to be called. About ten minutes later the principal opened his office door and called me into his office.

"Good to see you back miss jone, how are you doing"

" I'm doing okay well as much as I can be"

"Well the reason I wanted to speak with you in my office is I have been notified that Christian stone will be returning to school as of next week.. how do you feel about that"

"WHAT! WHY! I cried"

"Well I don't have a choice Amelia, with the charges being dropped and that there is only a few more months of school but there is a restraining order in place which your parents requested this morning which will mean he can come five feet near you and yous won't be in the same classes as each other either"

I suddenly felt dizzy with all the information that the principal has just told me. I started shaking really badly while looking at the principal with tears in my eyes and finding it hard to breathe and then suddenly everything goes black.

I woke up to be in the nurses medical room, I sat up stretching my arms and rubbing my eyes. I waited about five minutes then the nurse came in.

"Hi Amelia I'm glad to see you awake, how are you feeling."

"I'm okay, I think, what happened."

" Well you were in the principal office and took a panic attack."

" Your blood sugar was very low, does this happen a lot to you."

" No but I was really nervous this morning coming back to school."

" Have you had anything to a sugar boost"

" Yeah I had a can of pop this morning."

" Okay, I don't need to give you this shot but I'm calling your parents as I don't think you have enough sugar in your system to last the rest of the day, also I think you should visit your doctor for blood tests for diabetes it might be the reason for the low sugars in your blood."

"Thankyou nurse.. but could you possibly get me a small drink of water please of it's not too much trouble."

"Yes of course honey, rest up to one of your parents come for you."

Half an hour later Sarah walks into the room and I looked at her confused.

" Your mom is at work today and so is your dad since your can at school.. your mom called me and asked me to pick you up and take you home to mines until she gets off work and is home." She smiles.

" Okay, can you help me down I still feel really dizzy."

" Yeah darling, so what happened if you don't mind me asking .. and when we get to mines you can go upto jaspers bed and rest and I will bring you soup and jaspers at work so a big bed to yourself ." She laughed.

"Ohh just the principal told me Christian stone is coming back to school as of next week and I had a panic attack. And thankyou Sarah your the best"

" It's nothing honey.. we both know you will be my daughter in-law in a few years " she winked at me and I just laughed.

I message Emma to tell her what was going on considering I had a few messages and call when I looked at my phone when I got into Sarah's car. I told her my bag and car keys are at the office since I never reached my locker and asked if she could take them home for me since she lives with me now.

We got to jaspers house and Sarah helped me out of the car, I noticed jaspers car in the driveway.

"I thought Jasper was still at work " I looked at Sarah really confused.

Ohh shit I forgot he comes home for lunch because he hates the food at work and the places nearby."


She helped me on to the couch and ran off somewhere quickly I look at the direction she went strangely while Jasper came into the living room and rushed over to me.

"Amelia, you okay, you don't look so good, why aren't you at school."

"Well I had a panic attack and collapsed in the principals office bacuse he told me Christian stone is coming back to school and the school nurse told me my blood sugar was low and that I should see a doctor about it as it could be diabetes. Also my parents didn't tell me this and put a restraining order in place but after he told me that I collapsed.

"WHAT THE FUCK" He roared.

"Calm down Jasper, I don't know if I can go back to school, Jasper there's something I need to tell you" I said with tears falling down my cheeks.. the thing I didn't want to tell anyone.

"What is it babygirl.. please don't cry" he begged. I sniffled.

"Well ever since he attacked me I have been having nightmare about it but in my nightmares he killed me, what if this time of he attacks me again he does kill me Jasper " I said as I broke down but what I didn't realise Sarah was standing behind me listening.

" He won't come near you again I promise babygirl, we will speak to your parents tonight to see if your can take the rest of your classes online for the last few months you have left until your exams and graduation."

" Do you think that's possible".

"Yeah course it is .. probably loads of people have done it before."

"Okay Jasper, thankyou ."

" No problem, come on you can lay in my bed and rest while I go back to work and if you need anything you can shout on my mom and she will bring you up some soup and something to drink."

" Okay, thankyou both .. I love you so much Jasper."

" I love you too babygirl." He leaned in and gave the most softest and passionate kiss and headed to work while I went to sleep in his bed.

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