Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

Leah sits in the chair across from me with a bare plate, silently sipping on her glass of water.

She takes small sips, holding her glass with both hands as if it will go away if she doesn’t hold it close. She keeps tipping the glass back, taking every drop of water from the glass before setting it down and looking up at me.

She sits back in alarm when she sees me watching her, “You can have another glass,” I tell her. I’m afraid to watch her because I know it will break my heart.

I know I was right when I see the uncertainty in her eyes. “Are... are you sure, Master?” She asks me with wide eyes.

“Yes, Darling,” I say just sitting and watching her.

Why would she think she couldn’t have more water?

“I’m sure,” I reaffirm before taking her glass and filling it up myself. I place it down in front of her again. She looks at me with an expression of bewilderment and gratitude.

“Thank you, Master,” she says, still looking thrown off as she looks from me to the glass again. She picks up the water without further prompting and begins to sip on it once again.

“Eat some food too, okay?” I tell her leaving her to drink and eat at her own pace.

“Are you sure there will be enough for you, Master?” She asks me.

I chuckle at her question. I eat a lot, but damn not that much, “Yes, Darling. I’m sure,” I say with a soft smile. She thanks me again before grabbing one of the smaller sandwiches. She snacks happily, keeping to herself as I finish my meal. “You’re such a good girl, Leah,” I praise her, watching as she finishes her small sandwich.

I place the last sandwich on her plate and sit back to watch her scarf it down. She does so quickly before looking up at me bashfully. I lean forward and wipe the pesto off her chin.

“Sorry, Master,” she apologizes softly, looking up at me with a nervous smile.

I chuckle and kiss her forehead before grabbing some of the plates off the table. “It’s okay, Darling”, I assure. Looking over at the clock I see it is one o’clock. “So yesterday I told you how the Sergeant gave me two weeks off to fill out paper work and get you settled,” I say, looking over at Leah.

She stands behind me with open hands, awaiting the dirt dishes in my own. I hand her one and take my own to the sink where I pile it amongst all the others.

I tried to keep a clean house, but it just didn’t happen.

“Anyways,” I continue, “I have to go into the station and fill out paper work for a bit so we can go out and do stuff,” I tell her. “I’m gonna go get dressed and then head out. Feel free to do whatever, but just don’t leave the house or open the door for anyone, okay?” I ask her.

She nods her head and sets her plate beside my own. Her eyes linger on the dirty dishes and I stoke her cheek to get her attention. “Yes, Master.” She replies, finally looking at me.

“Okay,” I say. Leaving her in the kitchen. I walk down the hallway to go change before I am distracted by the playroom.

I smile, peaking inside at the nicely kept room. It is the only organized and pristine room in the whole house.

Never having been used before, it has stayed just as perfect as when I first put it together when it turned 20.

Being able to finally put the room to use had seemed a dream a few days ago, but now that I have Leah, it is real.

I know she isn’t ready for anything intimate yet, but I know Leah has been so good lately and I need to reward her.

Stepping away from the playroom door, I head to our room so I can get dressed.

I throw on my uniform because I am going into the office and grab my keys and wallet off the kitchen counter before I leave.

“Be good,” I say to Leah as I grab my things. She’s standing by the door waiting for me sending excitment through me.

I could defienlty get used to this.

She stands at perfect attention with her head bowed, waiting for me. I lift her chin and kiss her forehead before bidding her a goodbye.

I know she will behave, but the dominant part of me that has to remind her to be good.

“Rylan, glad you could make it,” Sergeant Brant says as I walk into his office.

I close the door behind me before sitting down in an open seat. “Sorry. I would have been in earlier, but we slept in late this morning,” I apologize none to sincerely.

Sergeant Brant chuckles, leaning back in his chair before there is a knock on his door and Carrie walks in with a male and another female.

“Sorry Brant, I forgot my sub got off of work early today and I had to pick him up,” Carrie apologizes.

“Oh it’s quite alright,” Sergeant Brant assures Carrie, he says something to his sub who comes and sits on his lap, “I know how pesky submissives can be,” he jokes playfully as he pulls his sub into his chest.

“Do you mind?” Carrie asks Sergeant Brant politely, as she takes the seat next to me.

“Of course not,” Sergeant Brant says gesturing to the seat next to Carrie. Carrie’s submissive takes the seat and thanks Sergeant Brant, “I don’t believe I have met you submissive before, Carrie.”

“This is Louis,” Carrie says, smiling at her submissive and taking his hand in hers. He kisses her hand and she laughs, rolling her eyes at him.

“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I assume your Mistress informed you we will be doing lots of boring paper work,” Sergeant Brant says patting his submissive's side. Louis nods and Sergeant Brant continues, “Then for confidentiality and your own sanity, I’m gonna send you and my lovely sub out to do something. You don’t mind, Carrie, do you,” Sergeant asks her.

“Not at all.” Carrie replies. Louis stands and kisses his Mistress and she whispers instructions to him before he leaves. Sergeant Brant's sub whispers something in his ear with a seductive smirk before bounding out of the room.

I chuckle and he sends me a scowl. By the look on Sergeant Brant's blushing face, his submissive is quite the minx.

“Good, shall we start then?” Sergeant Brant asks, readjusting himself in his seat.

“Of course,” I reply, scooting my seat forward.

After almost an hour of listening to the minor details about our situation, Carrie finally wraps up our talk and pulls out the final paper work.

“So I’m sure you are aware a temporary dom has many more rules to follow and much less grace than a permanent dominant, yes?” Carries asks me as she pushes her glasses on her faces.

“Yes,” I reply, so she can continue.

“I’m gonna cover everything as if you didn’t though, so you at least have been reminded of all the responsibilities and rules,” Carrie says, pushing over to me a written up version of everything she is about to say.

“Until Leah turns 20 you will have custody of her given to you by the State. Meaning, if we find that she is under fed, severely dehydrated, or abused under any circumstances we have the right to immediately revoke your position as her temporary dom,” she says, “You will be required to take her to weekly checkups for the first month and then monthly check ups for her first year with you. When she turns 20 you have first dibs on her and you will get to decide if you want to keep her-”

“I do,” I say, interrupting her. Just one night with her made me realize she is the submissive for me.

At my interruption, Carrie smiles at me and continues,“Because she is underage the charges against you will be double if found that she has been abused in anyway,” Carrie says and I nod along, knowing that won’t be a problem, “because of her past, I am pre-assigning a psychologist who she will need to see at least twice a week. Due to the circumstances of you graciously taking her into your home,” Carrie says gesturing to me, “the doctors appointments and psychologist appointments will be paid for in full with no out of pocket costs.”

I sigh in relief at this. I could probably afford all of that stuff, but I could afford nice things for Leah if I didn’t have to pay for those extra things.

“Although sexual relations and punishments aren’t illegal. If her psychologist or doctor finds that any of that sort of activity is detrimental to her mental or emotional stability, she could be removed from your home and leave you with sexual assault charges,” Carrie warns me.

"I understand."

“Good. Anything else you would like to add Sergeant Brant?” Carrie asks as I pick up a pen to sign.

“No I don’t think so,” he says, smiling at me.

“Okay then,” Carrie says, signing under my name and taking the paper work to be processed, “Have a nice day gentleman.”

We both watch Carrie leave and wait for the door to shut behind her. Sergeant Brant looks over at me with a smirk, “So how’s Miss Leah?” He asks sitting up in his chair and taking a sip of water.

“She is good,” I say, looking over at the clock.


"She must be all you hoped for and more if you are so adamant she is gonna be your full time sub when she’s of age," he says. “But what can I say? I pick them good.”

I laugh at this and nod, remembering he is the person I should thank for having Leah. After all, he was the one who put up the suggestion for her being my temporary sub.

“Speaking of Leah, I should probably be heading home now,” I say, standing up.

“Of course. Say hi to her for me,” Sergeant Brant says, shaking my hand.

“Will do, Sir,” I say before closing his office door and heading to my car.

As I get into my car, the only thing I can think about is her. Dirty images of her tied up and screaming my name come to my head as I remember I need to reward her, but I also remember she is fragile and needs love more than sexual attention. So I guess that fun will have to wait and I can pleasure her some other day.

I wonder if Leah has been thinking about me?

Does she fantasize about me dominating her just like I do?

She’s probably too young, but she also has much more “experience” than most submissives her age. So maybe she does.

Or maybe she doesn’t like being restrained or that kind of play.

She has been with her old Master for so long, it is possible this lifestyle has become more of a burden than a blessing to her.

It saddens me to think this could be ruined for her. I as a dominant, don’t understand the thrill of being restrained or dominated, but I do know many subs who live for it.

I only wish Leah hasn’t been broken to far that we can’t partake in play together.

I don’t know what I will do if she can’t.

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