Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

As the garage door closes after Master, I look around at the disarranged rooms. In the kitchen, there is barely any clean counter space because of the masses of dirty dishes stored on the counter top. The living room is a mess as well, littered with beer and soda cans, pizza boxes and paper plates.

As I pick up a beer can, I can't help but shiver at the though that Master might be an alcoholic just like my old master.

Memories of all the drunken beatings I have received flood my memory causing me to shudder.

Quickly discarding the can on the table, I move to observe the bathroom and Master’s bedroom.

I walk down the hallway and peak into the playroom. It looks less scary than my old Master's, but maybe that’s because Master hasn’t used it yet.

A part of me is drawn to the room, but another part of me pushes me away.

To my relief, the playroom looks pretty clean, so I decide it doesn’t need to be cleaned at all and move on.

The bathroom is relatively clean. I will only need to scrub the mirrors, sink and toilet a little. Master’s bedroom and bathroom require a little more work though.

Master’s uniform along with wet towels and shoes are sprawled everywhere. It doesn’t look like anyone has scrubbed the shower in a while.

I don’t know when Master will return, so I decide to start with the kitchen and living room. That way, Master can enjoy a nice clean kitchen and meal when he comes home.

The mess is almost over whelming, but I know I need to go through in fazes.

My first sweep through the kitchen consists of throwing away all trash and paper products. I walk around the kitchen and living room picking up all the trash left around.

Then after I have picked up all the trash, I decide to put away all the things which look out of place. In the living room, I fluff up the couch pillows and fold the throw blanket.

In the kitchen, I wash the dishes before hand drying them and setting them in the correct cabinet. I wipe down all the dirty surfaces and quickly vacuuming the kitchen, living room and hallway before mopping the kitchen floor tile.

My leg hurts a lot, but I really want to show Master I’m a good girl. He says I am, but I haven’t really been all that good for him.

I use a rag to dust, but I eventually just turn on the vacuum and use it instead due to the mounds of dust on just about everything.

I smile at my progress and hope Master will be pleased with my actions. Perhaps so happy, he will let me sleep with him again. I know he told me I will sleep with him every night, but I feel a little skeptical that I would be allowed to always sleep in a bed.

Memories of last night flood into my head. I blush as a girlish grin spreads across my face. I know I shouldn't be embarrassed, but I am just so smitten with my Master. I loved when Master ran his fingers through my hair and tucked me into bed next to him.

I finally snap myself out of the memory remembering to get back to work. I want Master to be comfortable when he come home, so I decide to clear all the clothing off the floor and start a load of laundry.

I set aside Master’s uniform to be hand washed and put all of Master’s other clothing on gentle. When picking up Master’s uniform I make sure his gun and taser aren’t on it because he told me to never touch them.

They aren’t to my relief, so I easily move them, wash them, and hang them to dry before moving back to Master’s bedroom. Master’s police belt is on the floor with his flogger and handcuffs still attached. I grab a broom and use the handle to pick it up and hang it in the closet, having no desire to get close.

Now that the laundry is started and Master’s clothes are dry, I make the bed for him and tidy the night stand.

I lightly dusk his book shelf and only allow myself to read the title of a few of the books he has. Many are written by someone named Charles Dickens and I wonder if he is a good writer.

I don’t have time to find out though because I have a bathroom to clean too. So I leave the books behind and move to the bathroom where I scrub the mirror and shower.

The towels look dirty, so I change them out with the ones in he linen closet, throwing the old ones in the laundry room to be washed.

Once every load is folded, I put them away as nicely as I can. The only thing not done is the hand washed items which hang in the laundry room drying.

Just as I am about to start on the other bathroom, I hear the garage door opening and rush to the door to await Master.

I get down on my knees a few feet away from the door and try not to whimper at the shooting pain from my wound. Settling into the submissive position, I bow my head and fold my hands in my lap.

Just as I settle, the door swings open and Master walks in, “Leah, I’m hom-” Master yells before seeing me waiting for him.

He immediately crouches beside me and lifts my chin. His face is full of concern and it sets me on edge as soon as I recognize it, “Did you wait like this for me the whole time?” He asks me.

“No, Master,” I reply hesitantly. He looks concerned. As is he was afraid I had, but maybe he just doesn’t want to punish me and is afraid I’ll give him the wrong answer.

“I’m sorry, Master. Did you want me to wait here for you? I didn’t know, so I just cleaned,” I say, looking up at him.

“No. I’m glad you didn’t wait the whole time.” He says, his eyes drifting to my knees. I struggle to stand, ignoring the pain in my leg, eager to show him what I accomplished, “your poor knees,” Master commets, brushing his hand over the light bruises.

“They’re alright, Master," I assure him as I try to lead him into the kitchen.

“So what did you do while I was gone, Darling?” Master asks me as he shrugs off his uniform. I take the jacket from his hand and run it into the laundry room, setting it aside to wash later.

“Woah. Did you wash my uniforms for me?” Master asks, peaking his head into the laundry room.

I nod happily and he brings me into a hug, “Thank you,” he breathes out, kissing my head. At the gesture, I can feel myself shaking with happiness.

My old Master never said thank you, or rewarded me with kisses and hugs when I was good.

My heart flutters at his appreciation and I grab his hand pulling him into the kitchen. “Look what else I did, Master,” I say happily. My excitement comes to a dead stop though when I remember what I had forgotten to do.

Stupid, Leah!

You can’t do anything right, Leah!

My excitement fades and I feel so disappointed in myself for forgetting to make Master dinner.

Master doesn’t seem to notice my disappointment and shame as he walks around the kitchen and living room. “Leah, this looks amazing, Darling,” Master says, coming back over to me. “Leah, what’s wrong?” He asks, coming over to me.

“I’m so sorry, Master. I completely forgot about dinner,” I admit, bowing my head and waiting for his punishment.

“Leah, you cleaned the kitchen and living room along with washed my uniforms,” Master says, pulling me into a tight hug, “I’m so proud and thankful to be able to have you as my submissive, Leah.” He brushes the hair from my face gently.

The gesture reveals my tear stained cheeks and I can’t hold my sobs back anymore at his words. Even with my old Master he never made me feel wanted and useful like my new Master does.

“Thank you, Master,” I say, hugging him tightly.

I can’t even count all the times Master has shown me mercy today after I have messed up.

Master picks me up in his arms and I wrap myself around his strong body as he takes us into his bedroom. I tense up knowing I’m going to be punished.

You were bad and need to be punished.

I know I deserve it, but I still fear his punishments. Master has not had to punish me yet and I am absolutely terrified of how he may chose to punish me.

I cling onto Master tighter, trying to stop my shaking form. Memories of my old punishments fly through my head.

I know what happens in Master’s bed when I’m a bad girl and I don’t want him touching me like that.

I don’t have a choice though. I was bad and I need to be disciplined.

“Look at everything you did, Baby,” Master says rubbing my back. The action calms me a little, but I’m still so afraid, “You are such a good girl!” He praises before setting me on the bed.

I am confused why Master keeps praising me. I was bad and he’s about to punish me.

Is he playing a mind game with me to make me mess up or break a rule?

Master pulls back the comforter and sheets before picking me up again and tucking me in comfortably. I go ridged though unable to relax. My leg hurts very badly when Master picks me up and I wonder if this is part of my punishment.

I bite my lip really hard, so I don’t cry out from the movement. Master must already think I am such a cry baby and I don’t want him to think I’m a complainer too.

After adjusting the pillows under my head, Master sits himself on the edge of the bed, “You’re such a good girl, Leah,” Master praises again, wiping away the last of my tears.

I’m still shaking as he sits down next to me.

When will he start correcting my behavior?

“Once I have gotten to know you better I’ll be able to give you rewards myself, but for now I don’t know what kind of stuff you like,” Master says.

Absolute confusion runs through me now. He seems so sincere. He doesn’t look or sound deviant or like he is trying to trick me.

It sounds like he truly thinks I was a good girl. “Will you give me ideas for how I can reward you for cleaning up the house?”

Reward me?

“I don’t need to be rewarded for that, Master. It’s a slaves job to serve,” I say sitting up.

I enjoy cleaning up for Master anyways, he always gives me kisses and lets me sleep in his bed.

Master gives me that pity smile again, “I believe submissives deserve to be rewarded for their hard work,” Master explains, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “I think you and me should also have a talk about roles too,” Master says after a short silence.

I nod my head nervously and stare down at my hands. I thought he said I was a good girl? Is this where he starts to punish me?

“It’s not a bad talk,” he reassures me, caressing the back of my hand. I nod and refocus my gaze on our joined hands. Master’s large engulf mine completely.

I chew on the inside of my mouth a little preparing myself for whatever Master has to say. “Firstly, I wanted to let you know that your placement here with me is permanent,” He tells me.

My brows raise in surprise, a mixture of relief but also nervousness filling me. I hope with my whole heart that he isn’t punishing me right now. “You are an amazing girl and an amazing submissive. I hope you accept my offer as your dominant when you are of age.” He tells me sincerely.

I nod my head, still trying to find words. Of course I would accept his offer. A home? Food?

“I know with your old dominant, it was an expectation that you called him Master and that is fine,” Master says, “However, I want you to know that I don’t care about titles like that. I want you to know it’s okay to call me by my name. Of course, in playtime it’s a little different, but in everyday life and when or if we get intimate, you can use my name,” Master explains to me, sending another million questions through my head.

“So I can call you... Officer Rylan?” I ask Master.

He continues to caress my hand and I watch his thumb make small circles.

Master chuckles, “I mean you could, Darling. I was more referring to my name though, Rylan,” he says, squeezing my hand in a reassuring manner. “It’s pretty hot though when you call me Sir or Master, but I like Rylan too.”

I don’t quite know what to think because this is a weird conversation.

My cheeks fill with heat when Master says he likes me calling him Master. “Do you prefer me to address you as Master? I do not mind. As your inferior, I understand and respect your position,” I assure him.

He chuckles again and scoots closer to me, “I don’t prefer any title actually. I just want to remind you that you are also my equal. My life partner.”

Life partner?

“I’m not your submissive?” I ask quietly.

I don’t want him to change his mind. However, I’m not quite sure he knows I’m his submissive.

I’m just suppose to serve him.

“Of course you're my submissive, Leah.” Master says, leaning in closer to me. “I want you as my submissive and life partner. When I said I wanted to keep you, that's what I meant,” Master says making me flush.

Dirt images of him standing over me with a riding crop flutter through my mind.

I look back down at our hands, smiling as I wait for him to continue. I try to erase the dirty images, but it does work. “You’re mine, Leah,” he says in a whisper as he tilts my chin up.

I nod unable to focus. His face is centimetres from mine and for the first time in my whole life, I have the desire to kiss someone.

I lean forward about to kiss him before I stop myself. He said I was his life partner, but I’m also his sub. If he wants to kiss me he will do it himself.

I’m about to pull away and apologize, but Master stops me by pressing his lips into mine. His body is on top of mine in seconds and my back is pressed against the headboard.

Master’s hands cup the back of my neck as he moves his soft lips against mine. His lips against mine and his gentle hands in my hair feel like a breath of fresh air.

As he nips my bottom lip, a moan leaves my mouth. I blush profusely when he pulls away, leaving us both panting.

I want him to kiss me again. His kisses are unlike any I have felt before. They are gentle and patient compared to the rough and rushed kisses I am use to.

My body is so relaxed underneath Master’s strong one. With Master Rylan, his dominance isn’t suffocating, it is protective, and makes me feel safe.

Master closes his eyes and rests his forehead on mine. “You’re with me, Leah,” he reiterates, pulling my head to his lips as he pecks my forehead.

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