Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

I smile at her, kissing her forehead one last time before I get up. “I’m gonna go make us dinner. You think of ways I can reward you.”

“Wait, Master! I can do it,” she says, staring to get out of bed behind me.

“I got it. You rest,” I tell her, pushing her back into bed and pulling the blankets back over her.

“Yes, Sir... Thank you,” her soft voice replies as I walk out the door.

She’s so precious.

I think our talk went well and I’m really getting through to her. I know there will be things she will be stuck in, like calling me Master, but I can hope one day she will feel comfortable enough to call me Rylan.

“Here you go, Darling,” I say, setting a bowl of pasta in her lap. She smiles brightly and thanks me as I hand it to her. “Here is some water too.”

She thanks me profusely, taking the water from me too. She practically inhales her food and water once she settles down. I swear she finishes before I have even raised my fork .

“Master...” Leah asks hesitantly as she finishes her food and water.

“What’s up, Darling?” I ask her. She scrunched her face in an adorable manner and I can’t help but chuckle.

“Do I have your permission to speak freely?” She asks wringing her hands. I nod my head and she continues. “Why do you call me Darling?” She asks, looking down at the bed cover, bowing her head.

“It’s a term of endearment,” I explain to her, taking a bite. “Do you not want me to call you that because if you don’t-”

“No, I don’t mind it at all, Sir,” she’s says, blushing down at her empty bowl. She glances up at me through her lashes and I restrain myself from pulling her over my lap and giving her a pleasurable spanking before I take her to bed.

She is not ready.

She couldn’t take it.

I eat in silence for a few more minutes trying to figure out a way we could play, but so it wouldn’t be too intense.

So no sex tonight, but maybe she would be okay with me pleasuring her.

No, she barley knows me and she needs to rest.

But I have never gotten to use the playroom.

She won’t be able to handle it.

“Have you thought about any rewards, Leah?” I ask, she shifts around resuming her kneeling position again.

“Mmmm, maybe just one or two,” she says, looking down at her hands in her lap in a shy manner.

“What are they?” I question, brushing her long hair over her shoulders.

I’m kinda excited to hear what she has come up with because I want to reward her for being so good.

She blushes and glances up at me chewing on her lip, “Well, I really liked cuddling last night and when you kissed me, or played with my hair,” she says in one long breath.

She glances up at me again through her lashes and I lift her head and she blushes. “So for a reward you want me to...”

“Cuddle?” She finishes hesitantly, “Just for a little bit maybe, I know your busy and probably don’t have time-”

“Leah,” I say, snapping her out of her rambling, “I’d love to cuddle with you, but cuddling and kisses, those aren’t really rewards,” I explain, “I’ll always give you those. I kiss you and cuddle you because I care about you. You don’t have to earn my love.”

“You love me?” She asks.

“Well... yeah,” I say simply. I know love for her is different than most people, which is why it is important she knows I love her. “What’s not to love?” I tease, pulling her into my lap.

She just smiles and hugs me back. “How else can I reward you? Is there something special I could buy you?” I ask her.

Maybe she wants a special collar.

Or like an expensive perfume.

“Underwear might be nice if it’s not too much to ask,” Leah says blushing up at me.

“No that’s not too much to ask. I’m gonna get you new clothes tomorrow when we go out anyway.” I tell her, “You have a doctors appointment and a visit with a psychologist tomorrow too.”

“Oh you don’t have to waste money on me, Master,” Leah says, looking down at her hands again.

I lift her chin, “Spending money on you isn’t a waste.” I tell her sternly as we sit face to face.

“Yes, Master,” she whispers.

“What else?” I ask.

“I would be grateful for anything my Master might give me,” She says looking down at her knees.

“How about I give you a nice massage?” I finally say.

“You want to give me a massage?” She asks. I nod and head into the bathroom and find the ointment for her back which the EMT’s gave me. “Are you sure, Master?” She asks me quietly, “You really don’t have too.”

“I’m sure, Leah.” I assure her, pushing her down on the bed lightly. “I want to reapply the ointment to your back too,” I say.

She stiffens under me, but I quickly comfort her, “Remember it didn’t hurt. It’s the same one from last night.”

She nods and I pull up the baggy shirt I gave her and toss it on the bed somewhere. “Just relax. It should feel good. Same rules apply as last night. If it hurts too much tell me and I’ll stop, okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” she says.

“Good girl.” I gently kneed the soft skin around her neck and shoulders where there aren’t any welts I can irritate.

Her back looks much better from the ointment. The welts and cuts have healed significantly only leaving light bruising and irritated red marks. “Pain level?” I ask her after rubbing the ointment on a few of her bruises and cuts.

“... two, Master,” she says.

“You’re doing so good, Darling,” I praise softly into her ear, kissing her exposed neck.

At the contact of my lips, her whole body shudders under mine giving me an instant boner.


I adjust myself quickly, so I’m not pressed up against her at all. I continue to apply the ointment to all of her back. After I have finished the painful part, I move to her obliques and massage out the taught muscle.

For such a small and skinny person, she sure has a lot of knots.

Maybe I can book her an appointment to see a masseuse when she’s comfortable with other people.

When I work my way down to her hips, an audible sigh leaves her lips and I feel her tension dissolve. “Does that feel good?” I ask, rolling my palms over the back of her hips again.

A breathy whine is the only response I get making me chuckle. I kiss her back making her arch away from my wet lips. I know I should keep things friendly, but when she arches into the bed, I can’t resist licking up her whole spine.

Her body shakes under mine and she is panting hard, “Are you okay?” I ask her, quickly making sure she isn’t gonna have a panic attack.

I completely forgot she might not be okay to be intimate or anything yet.

As soon as I see her face though my panic dissipates. “Yes, Master”, she says blushing, “It just felt really good.”

It felt good.

Okay, I like that.

I smile down at her and peck her lips, getting back on top of her.

I don’t want to over load her or push her too far, so I move on from the thought of licking every inch of her and move to massage her thighs.

“How’s your leg?” I ask her, spreading her thighs. I go to grab her leg and examine the wound in her upper thigh when my hand meets the pile of wetness between her thighs.

I freeze for a moment and try to calm myself. “Sorry.” She apologizes bashfully, hiding her face in the mattress.

“Well, I’m glad to know I have that effect on you,” I say cheekily, trying to smooth over the awkwardness as I look at the stitches is in her leg. My mood immediately falls as I see the irritated red skin there and dried blood.

“How does it feel?” I ask again.

“It....hurts,” she admits, flipping over so her body is on full display. If I thought her bottom was distracting, her breasts most certainly are.

I gulp and try to keep my gaze on her eyes. “I think no more cleaning until your leg is better. You need to rest. I want it to heal good.”

I look down at the wound again and try not to get distracted by her dripping wet sex which is clearly on display as I try to examine her wound.

I clear my thought and set her legs back down. I guess it’s my fault though for not buying her any clothes.

She’s still blushing like a tomato when I look up at her and I guess she could see my struggle. Her eyes glance down at my “issue” before she looks up at me.

“Do you want help, Sir?” She asks softly.

“It’s okay, this is for you.” I assure her, bringing my lips to her soft ones. She moans into the kiss as I nibble on her lip. I push her into the mattress and cup the back of her neck deepening the kiss.

I flick my tongue against her bottom lip and she opened her mouth. She lets me explore her mouth while keeping her hands rested on my chest.

I finally pull away, leaving us both panting hard. She closes her eyes and rests on the bed beneath me. “Thank you, Sir,” Leah says leaning up and kissing my check.

“Always, Little One. It’s bed time though,” I say pulling the sheets up and over her. She pouts a little and I kiss her head.

I doubt she knows how badly I want to take her right now.

“But I haven’t helped you yet. I need to take care of you,” she says grabbing my arm.

Her eyes and lips taunt me and I want to take her up on her offer, but I know I can’t.

“It’s okay, Darling. I want to wait a little bit before we do stuff,” I say stroking her cheek. “We will eventually if you want to, but I think it’s best if we wait.”

I don’t know if she will understand, but she seems to because she nods and rests back into the bed, “You know best, Master.”

Her reply makes me feel much better.

Pride swells in my chest as I lay down beside her.

I wake up to darkness and the feeling of unease. I sit up and look around trying to figure out what woke me.


The house is quite, but I can feel something is wrong.

Leah still lays on my chest and I quickly check to make sure she is okay. Her breath comes out evenly against my neck, so I know she’s okay.

Her legs are sprawled out over me and that’s when I realize my lower body feels... wet?

I reach down and sure enough my hand is wet.

What the hell?

It feels sticky.

Did she start her period?

I flick on the bedside lamp and gently remove her from my body. I groan and rub my eyes.

I look down and see enough the sheets are covered in blood along with me. I’m about to wake her up when I realize the blood is coming from her leg.

Blood oozes from her leg and I fumble with the phone, quickly dialing Carrie’s number as I try to cover Leah’s legs with the sheets.

It rings twice when Louis picks up.

“Hello?” He asks in a sleepy tone.

“Louis, this is Officer Rylan I need to speak to Carrie. It’s an emergency.”

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