Saving Leah

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Dr. Harvey

Leah’s POV

I don’t want to go over to the doctor like he tells me too, but I know I don’t get to make that decision.

I look up at Master for permission to go to Doctor Harvey as he has asked me to. Master nods his head and gently pushes me off the examination table.

I step towards Doctor Harvey hesitantly and he smiles gently at me, “Come on over. I don’t bite,” he promises, waving me over.

I go over to Doctor Harvey like instructed. “Can I take this off?” He asks, motioning to the shirt Master let me borrow. I look over at Master and he smiles and nods his head.

I look back over at Doctor Harvey, who awaits my answer and I nod looking away. Doctor Harvey grabs the edge of the shirt and lifts it up over my head, leaving me in my bra and underwear.

His hands are cold as he lightly pushes on the bruises on my neck and back. “Does it hurt a lot when I do this?” He asks me, running his hands over the bruises on my neck.

It does hurt, but good girls don’t complain, especially in front of company.

“No, Sir,” I tell him, glancing over at Master.

“Okay good,” Doctor Harvey says before he starts to push on my ribs. I don’t like him touching me like that though and start to back away from him.

His cold touch reminds me of my old master’s hands and how they would always seem to linger too long.

Cold hands ran down my neck between my breast to in between my legs. Master’s hand comes down hard on my swollen clit which has already been whipped harshly.

I bite my lip to stop my crying but I can’t help it much.

Master doesn’t seem to notice or care because his cold fingers invade me suddenly making me sob.

I shiver trying to shake the memory. I relax once I feel the warm hands I have learned to love. “Shh, Leah, it’s okay,” Master says, hugging me from behind, “It’s okay. You’re doing so good, Leah. He’s almost done and once he’s done, he won’t touch you anymore, okay?” Master tells me.

I nod my head and look back over at Doctor Harvey who smiles apologetically at me. “I didn’t mean to scare you, Miss Leah. I’ll tell you next time I’m gonna touch you, okay?” he says as Master pushes me towards him more.

I feel safer as Master’s chest presses against my back, “I’m gonna check your ribs, stomach, heart, lungs, leg, and knees and then I’m not gonna touch you anymore unless your Master wants me to check anything else okay?” Doctor Harvey says.

I count all the things he’s gonna check and nod my okay. “Okay?” he says. He feels my ribs again and this time I don’t back away. Master holds my waist in his hands and I lean up against him.

“Can you have her lay down on the examination table, so I can check everything else?” Doctor Harvey asks Master.

He nods and hoists me onto the table. “Lay down, Leah,” Master commands, patting my thigh. I obey and force my hands to my sides even though I want to cover myself.

I let my fingers tap aggressively on the table as I nervously watch Doctor Harvey come over to me. “I’m just gonna feel around on your stomach,” he warns me, putting his cold hands on my stomach again.

He feels around, pressing his chilled fingers into my stomach. I don’t like it, but it’s what Master wants, so I try to not pay attention to what he’s doing.

Instead, I focus on Master. He leans up against the wall next to me, so I can see him. Master looks deep in thought though, his right hand rests on his upper lip and his eye are focused on the ground somewhere.

“You’re pretty skinny, Miss Leah?” Doctor Harvey comments. I don’t know if he want me to say anything or not. He said it like a question, but I don’t know what he’s asking.

When I don’t answer he elaborates, “Do you not like to eat?” He asks me.

I look over at Master and see he is watching me. “Umm. No, Sir, I like eating.” I tell him, confused as to why he was asking.

“You like eating? That’s good. Are you just a picky eater?” He asks me.

I look up at Master, hoping he will answer, but he just watches the interaction. “No, I’m grateful for whatever Master decides to give me,” I tell him honestly.

At my answer I can see Doctor Harvey’s expression darken a little and I wonder what I said wrong, “Does your Master not feed you often?”

He sounds accusing, but I don’t know what I did wrong, “Well, yes... wait no. My old master didn’t, but my new Master, he does.” I tell Doctor Harvey trying to go over to Master.

Master’s hands wrap around my shoulder and push me towards Doctor Harvey, “It’s okay, Leah,” Master assures me.

I look back at Doctor Harvey and he just scribbles things down. Master takes a seat behind me and runs his hand over his face.

“I’m sorry, Master,” I apologize again as we head to the car. Master has been very frustrated today and I know it’s because of me.

Something with what I said to Doctor Harvey.

I’m not quite sure what upset him though, so I guess next time I just won’t talk to Doctor Harvey.

Master runs his hand over his face again and opens the car door for me, “Just get in, Leah,” he says and I stop trying to apologize.

We sit in silence for the rest of the car ride and I hide my tears from Master by looking out the side window the whole ride.

I don’t mean to be such a screw up.

We don’t drive for long before we pull into another parking lot. Master gets out of the car, but commands me to stay.

I just nod and let my tears fall now that Master can’t see them. I think Master is going into the building we pulled up into, but instead he comes and opens the door for me.

I try to quickly wipe my tears away, so he doesn’t see them, but he grabs my hands and pulls them away from my face. I pull away from him, ashamed and embarrassed he caught me crying over something so stupid as him being frustrated at me. “I know I upset you, Leah,” Master says, sitting down on the edge of my seat and pulling me into his lap.

I try to tell him it’s not his fault, but he just hushes me. “I didn’t mean to take out my frustration on you. It’s no excuse, but I just don’t want anyone finding a reason to take you away from me,” Master says.

“Take me away?” I ask.

He nods and pulls my head to his chest, “Yes, a lot of people care about you, Leah. More than you know, and everyone wants to make sure you are taken care of,” Master says.

“But you take care of me, so why would they take me away from you?” I ask.

He sighs. “Just a lot of factors don’t look good,” he says, patting my waist.

“Like... like what?”

“Like your stitches coming out the first day I have you. You being scared of other people, your absolute obedience towards me,” he says sighing.

“I’m sorry,” I apologize again. I really don’t mean to be such a burden.

“None of that stuff is for you to apologize for, Darling,“Master says, rubbing circles on my back.

“What can I do to be better?” I ask Master.

He sighs and looks up at the ceiling, “You don’t need to change, Leah. You’re perfect.”

Master lets me hold his hand as we walk into Mr. Hue’s office. It’s kind of dark inside and it scares me a little.

The blinds are half shut, so only lamp light brightens the room. I don’t want to be here, but Master says I have to if I want to stay with him, so I obviously don’t fight him on it anymore and go with him. Not that I would ever really fight Master on anything.

He squeezes my hand in reassurance and sits me down on a sofa next to him, “I’m Mr. Hue,” the older phycologist introduces himself. “You are Officer Rylan,” he says, looking at Master, “which means you must be, Leah,” he concludes, turning to me.

I nod and scoot closer to Master, and I feel Mr. Hue’s eyes follow the action. “If you don’t mind, Officer Rylan, I would like to speak to Leah privately.” Mr Hue says.

I look up at Master and he just kisses my head and pries my hands from his shirt. I want to fight him and beg him to stay, but I know that would make me a bad girl. Mr. Hue just scares me though. “Should I wait outside or should you be a while?” Master asks politely as he takes the throw blanket and wraps it around me.

“We might be a while. Approximately two hours. If you have any errands to run, that might be best,” Mr. Hue says, not bothering to look up at Master.

It bugs me a little how he is so dismissive of Master, but it’s not my place to say anything.

“Okay. I’m gonna go shopping then and pick up a few things. Call me if you need anything, okay?” Master says cupping my chin.

I nod and watch him nervously as he shows himself out of Mr. Hue’s office. “Make yourself comfortable, Leah. You and I will be talking for awhile,“he says looking up at me.

I shift a little, so I’m closer to where Master was sitting, but I don’t make any other movement to go anywhere else. “So, Leah, it is my understanding you were recently transferred into Officer Rylan’s care. Do you know why?”

“Um well I ... I don’t remember. Master might have told me, but I think I forgot,” I admit looking down at the floor.

The blanket is soft in my hands and I pet it to calm myself. “Can you give me a guess as to why you are here today?” Mr. Hue asks me as he jots notes down on a note book.

I think for a moment and remember what Master and Carrie were talking about last night. “...Because I can’t take care of myself?” I say, feeling the scorch of embarrassment reach my cheeks.

“Why don’t you think you can take care of yourself?” Mr. Hue asks me as he takes a sip of his coffee.

“That’s what Master and Miss Carrie said,” I admit before remembering how Master had told me about people trying to take me away from him and me needing to be careful of what I say. “I mean, he didn’t mean for me to hear him say that... but I did,“I say quietly, remembering me eavesdropping.

He hums and I can’t tell if it’s a good or a bad thing. “So do you miss your old dominant? Do you wish you could go back with him?” Mr. Hue asks me.

Do I miss my old Master?

I’m not quite sure.

I don’t think I have ever missed someone before, so I’m not sure what it would feel like.

It would hurt right? I would want to see them?

Being with Officer Rylan now, I never think about my old Master.

I feel like a bad submissive for admitting it, but I don’t miss my old Master at all, “No.”

“Mmm. Do you like your new dominant?” He asks me.

I blush and look back down at the floor.
I’m not quite sure if I have to respond, I’m pretty sure my blush says it all but I should answer just in case, “Yeah.”

Mr. Hue smirks, and looks back up at my red cheeks, “What do you like about him?”

“He’s... gentle,” I say, remembering all the times Master caressed my cheek or held my hand. “He’s nice,” I say, thankful for all the times Master let me make mistakes without punishment, “He calls me darling a lot and lets me sleep with him, and he lets me cuddle too. He alway kisses my head when he knows I’m upset and he lets me eat every meal with him. He like to give me water and rewards like nice massages.” I say, not realizing I’m ranting about him, “He doesn’t hit me for looking him in the eye either and he said that he loves me too. He said I was the best thing that ever happened to him.”

I look up and Mr. Hue is looking at me with an unreadable expression, “So you think highly of your dominant?”

I nod, “Master is very good to me,” I admit curling up into the blanket Master laid around me.

I wish it smelt of him. The blankets on his bed does and I have been so spoiled to sleep completely surround by his scent.

“Do you always call your dominant, Master?” Mr. Hue asks me. I nod again and look around at the dimly lit office again. “Why is that?”

I shrug. I’ve never really thought about it.

“Well, that’s what he is to me.” I tell him slightly confused. “He’s my Master. My owner,” I explain to him, subconscious running my hands over my throat where my old master use to collar me.

My mood darkens a little as I remember about my collar and how Master would probably be getting one soon, “You don’t like collars much?” Mr. Hue asks me sitting up in his chair more.

I drop my hand quickly.

How did he know that?

I don’t really know how to answer him. If I tell him I don’t like them, I don’t want him to tell Master. I don’t want Master to have to punish me, however, lying is bad and ignoring him is rude.

“Umm no not really,” I reply, subconscious moving into a kneeling position on the couch.

Mr. Hue continues to make notes. The more he writes the more self conscious I feel.

“So I heard about what you do like about your Master, can you tell me what you don’t?” Mr. Hue asks me.

What I don’t like?

“Master is perfect,” I reply without thought.

It’s not my place to criticize my Master.

“This isn’t a trick question, Leah. I’m asking this so your Master can grow as a better dom.... Is there anything you don’t like about your house?”

“It’s all perfect,” I defend adamantly.

Mr. Hue sighs and continues to write things down. “Leah, it’s okay for your Master or his leadership to be flawed. He’s human just like you, and can make mistakes. Is there anything which he could do or do better to make you living in his house better?”

I’m about to say no again because I don’t want Master to be angry that I said anything bad about him, but then I do remember one thing.

“Well,” I say, hesitating. I’m about to stop myself and forget it, but Mr. Hue raises a scary eye brow at me and I fold, “it would be nice if he gave me rules,” I admit.

“Rules?” He asks and I nod, “Does he punish you a lot without telling you any rules?”

“No! No master hasn’t punished me at all,” I say quickly, smiling when I remember how Master said I was a good girl. “I old Master had lots of rules and it made it easier knowing what the rules were, so I would know I was safe because I was following the rules. Master is nice and protects me and takes care of me, but I know he can’t always and will have to punish me sometimes,” I admit looking down at my hands.

“Does that scare you?” Mr. Hues asks, “That your dominant will punish you one day?”

I nod and feel my throats closing. Anxiety rushes through me and I begin to wring my hands.

He has been so gentle and loving, but I know it can’t last much longer. I’ll mess up one time and he won’t be able to forgive me.

My throats burns and tears begin to flow down my cheeks and I concave into myself. I try to get my breathing under control and stop the tears.

Knock it off Leah! This is unacceptable!

Mr. Hue gets up and I feel him sit beside me. He hands me a tissue and I blow my nose, looking up at him with red eyes.

“I think when Officer Rylan gets back we should talk about some of your concerns and fears—”

“No, please” I beg, “Please don’t tell him.”

“Shhh, Leah, listen,” He says, interrupting my pleading. “I think it is in your best interest to address some of your fears and concerns with your Master, so he can better understand and care for you,” Mr. Hue says, handing me another tissue. “It’s gonna be okay,” he says patting my back.

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