Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

I pull the keys out of my car and sigh, looking at the mall entrance. I figured going shopping for Leah would be a good idea, so she would have clothes. Now looking at the mall though, I realize I don’t know how to shop for a girl.

Getting out of the car, I head inside to look around for things she might like. Finding a nice store that isn’t outrageously expensive, I go inside.

Leah doesn’t strike me as a picky person, so I hope what I pick out for her will be fine. I find some short little summer dresses, a few leggings and two sweaters and hope she will like them.

Mr. Hue said they would need two hours which sounded like a long time to shop, but with commuters traffic, I really only have like one hour.

Next, I head into a lingerie store. I’m not looking for lingerie really, but I know they have underwear and bras from having to take my sister shopping. I’ve never really gone inside before, so this will be a first. I try to find some non-sensual underwear or bra that she might like.

I don’t know if non-sensual bras are actually a thing, but I think she would appreciate me trying to give her space. One of the sales ladies helps me shop around getting the, “essentials”, and I buy them and leave as quickly as possible.

I have some time left as I walk past the pet shop. I wonder if I could just take a peek...

I would love to take Leah to get a collar and some other things for play, but I don’t think she would be okay with that.

I’ll just go by myself.

Inside are all the kinds of things any dom or submissive might need. I don’t allow myself to look at anything beside the collars though because I know Leah isn’t ready for anything else.

They have a large display of collars ranging from everyday to luxurious ones. Collars are very important in my opinion, so I decide to not go cheep.

I find a nice cream colored collar made of soft thin leather. It looks more like a choker than a collar and I like that. I don’t like the thick metal adornments on the other collars making them resemble a collar one might give a dog.

I buy the plain collar and have the store attendant wrap it up, so it can be a present for Leah.

Looking at my watch, I see I really don’t have time to look for shoes, so I head straight to the car with all of Leah’s new things.

I know I shouldn’t be nervous because Leah is always very polite and I know she will like what I got her, but I can’t help but worry she won’t.

It’s been two hours and five minutes by the time I return and I book it to the receptionist’s desk to see if I can go in.

“Mr. Hue said he is ready for you,” she says politely, and I head down the hall to his office. I knock on the door once, before pushing it in and finding a puffy eyed Leah.

“Officer Rylan, please join us,” Mr. Hue says.

Leah is still wrapped up in the blanket I laid around when I walk over. She has a few tears running down her face and I quickly wipe them away and pull her into my lap, “Oh, Leah. You have been such a good girl,” I praise softly, kissing her head. “It’s okay.”

“We had a very... eventful and progressive session. I’m very pleased with how it went,” Mr. Hue says making me scowl at him.

How could he be pleased with how it went when my sub was left in tears?

“We have decided,” he says, gesturing to himself and Leah. “That there are a few things we all should talk about though,“he says.

I look down at Leah and she cries even more into my chest. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” She sobs. I can feel her shaking and I know it’s not from the cold, but I still wrap the blanket around her more.

I don’t know what she’s apologizing for, but I’m sure it has to do with what Mr. Hue wants to talk with me about.

Does Leah not like it with me?

Does Mr. Hue think she isn’t a good fit for me?

“One of those things we should discuss, is how punishments are going to go,” He says.


“Leah hasn’t done anything wrong,” I say, angered at his suggestion.

What is he getting at?

Leah is my sub and I will punish her if I see fit.

“Of course not, but in the future she will make mistakes or—” Mr. Hue says, ignoring my obvious position on this discussion.

I stroke Leah’s head and rub her back, still trying to calm we down,“And I fully expect mistakes to be made and I will deal with them accordingly,” I snap.

Who is he to say anything about how I deal with my submissive?

“Officer Rylan,” Mr. Hue says with a sigh, “I’m not trying to tell you how to deal with your submissive. I’m trying to help your submissive, Leah, with her irrational fear of punishment,” he says.

Irrational fear of punishment.

I look down at Leah and she sobs, continuing to apologize. I stroke her back and stay quiet for a minute, not quite sure how to respond.

Punishment is a natural and everyday occurrence in our society and lifestyle.

Why would she be so afraid?

My mind flickers back to this morning and the scars on her body.

“Leah, Darling. You don’t have to be afraid of punishments,” I promise her while petting her head, “not with me.”

I pull her back, so I can look at her face. She has pure terror hidden in her innocent eyes. I kiss her head and have her rest her head on my chest. “What do you suggest?” I ask Mr. Hue.

I think he might be right. From what I have observed, she is obviously very fearful of discipline.

He taps his pen on his note pad looking at Leah, “I don’t have tons of experience with patients with this kind of fear. However, I have had a few who’s doms have found it beneficial to increase their strictness or leniency, so punishments become a more occurring thing that their subs can get use to,” he says and Leah sobs even harder. “Leah of course has been through much different circumstances, so her fear more than likely comes from experience verses the unknown factor, which I have dealt with in the past.” he says.

I contemplate his words.

He wants me to be strict with Leah, so I punish her more, so she gets use to punishment. “No, please, Master. I’ll be good. I promise,” Leah sobs into my side.

“You want me to punish her because she is scared of punishment?” I clarify with Mr. Hue.

“Well, yes. Nothing severe, very gentle and light handed. You just need to show her she has nothing to fear,” He says. “If you try it and it doesn’t go well, scrap the idea completely and we will try something else. You’re the dom of course, so you have the final say in how this is handled.”

I nod, still trying to process everything. Poor Leah cries into me and all I can do it hold her until she eventually lets her sobs turn into hiccups.

I don’t think this suggested method is gonna work. I know I’m a Dominant and punishment is a normal thing for me to administer, but I can’t do that to her. She needs love and affection not discipline.

Mr. Hue must see my answer evident on my face, “Trust exercise might help too,” he suggests and I nod my head, deciding that was a much better idea.

“Me and Leah also talked about rules. It kinda goes with the punishment thing, but she thinks rules would be nice,” He says and I nod, kissing Leah’s head as she hiccups again.

“Of course,” I say, pressing Leah’s tear stained face into my chest.

“Well then, I will see you soon for her next appointment?” Mr. Hue says, standing and walking towards the door.

I don’t even give Leah the option to walk. I simply pick her up in my arms and carry her out with me. “Yes, of course. Thank you.”

I glance over at Leah as she silently stares out the window. Tears still role down her cheeks and her hands tremble in her lap as she wrings her fingers nervously.

I set my hand on her thigh and she flinches away just like when I first met her.

We had come so far in the two days!

“Shh. It’s okay, Darling,” I assure her, rubbing the inside of her thigh lightly. She nods her head, but doesn’t look convinced.

I debate whether or not to take her into the playroom when I go over the new rules.

It will help her relax because it will put her into sub space, but I also worry it might trigger something with her.

She’s seen the room before and was fine though, so after debating for a while I decide we could try it.

“When we get home, I want you to change into some of the clothes I bought you and meet me in the playroom,” I instruct, watching as she nods and wipes the last of her tears away.

“Yes, Sir...Thank you,” she says, her voice breaking a little.

When we pull into the garage, I turn off the car and get the bags out of the back, “Come, Darling.” I command, making her follow me inside. When we are in our room, I take out what I bought and show her.

A soft smile graces her lips and she looks in aw at the pretty sun dresses I bought her, “Do you like them?” I ask her, hoping her trauma from today is long forgotten.

She looks up at me before engulfing me in a big hug. She pulls back quickly and bows her head, “I love them, Master. Thank you,” Leah says, running her hands over the soft material.

I contemplate giving her new collar to her, but I decide to save it for later. I pull out the underwear, bras and other clothes I bought for her instead, letting her dawn over them as well.

Once I have shown her everything but the collar, I grab a set of matching cream colored undergarments and tell her to go change into them. She does as I ask and strips immediately.

I have to force myself to look away and not violate her privacy although it is very tempting to look.

Once she is changed, she comes over to me and stands at attention, “Go to the playroom, Darling. I’ll be there in a minute,” I tell her.

She doesn’t have to be told twice and obeys immediately.

I can tell that she is beyond nervous. I don’t blame her though. She hasn’t been in the playroom before with me, so she doesn’t know what to expect.

After quickly putting everything into our closet, I head down to where Leah awaits me.

I pause at the door, taking in the sight of her kneeling. She has nice posture with her head down and hands behind her back. Usually her submissive position s makes me feel awkward, but in this room it feels right.

I worry about her bruised knees and injured leg though, “Leah, kneel up on the bed,” I instruct, coming in to join her.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you,” she says, quietly obeying. I watch as she does as I say. I can’t help, but smile at the absolute perfection she displays as he holds the submissive position. She’s just so perfect.

I walk over to her and I can see her eyes follow my shoes. I come up to the edge of the bed where she kneels. She stiffens noticeably as I move closer to her.

“So gorgeous,” I whisper in her ear, gently nibbling on the soft cartilage there.

Her breath catches in her throat at the actions and I can’t help but grip her thin cream colored waist to pull her up against me.

The movement is soft, not rough or demanding. I hug her, softly rubbing her back for a minute until I feel like she has relinquished most of the tension she was holding.

I don’t want to scare her, but I know I should at least give all of Mr. Hue’s methods a chance.

“I’m gonna go over some new rules and I’m gonna have you repeat them back to me. If you forget one I’m gonna spank you, remind you of the rule you missed, and then you’re gonna tell it back to me. Does that make sense?” I ask her, telling her plain and simple.

“Yes, Master,” she breathes out in a shaky voice. I kisses her cheek and rub her back one last time before pulling away from her.

It’s a simple game, one I don’t know if it will be hard or easy for her. Either way, I suppose it will help maybe?

“Rule one: No talking back,” I say before giving her a moment to commit it to memory, “Rule two: Always do as I say. My direct order always over rules other rules... Rule three: Don’t lie to me. If I ask you something, it’s because I want to know the truthful answer. Rule four: be respectful to not just me or other doms, but also other submissives. Rule five: No touching yourself. Rule six: No cumming with out permission, and when you cum I want you to thank me the whole time, yes?” I ask, lightly lifting her chin.

“Yes, Master,” she says with a slightly confused expression.

“And the most important rule, Leah. Rule seven: Take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask me for anything, or notify me of your needs. If there is something that bugs you, or scares you, or makes you uncomfortable, let me know.” I say, sitting on the bed in front of her.

She nods and I stroke her cheek gently.

Such a good girl.

“Okay, tell me the rules,” I say.

She nods nervously and bites her lip. “R-rule one,” she says slowly, “Don’t talk back,” she says before glancing up at me for approval. I nod signaling her to keep going. “Rule two... Always do as you say. Rule three-”

“No what else goes with rule two,” I say, interrupting her. She startles a little at my interruption and it takes her a moment to think.

I see her beginning to panic and start to wonder if this was a good idea at all, “...Y-your direct order is more important than a rule?” she says, sounding very insecure with her answer.

I nod my head, “Yea, good girl. Keep going,” I tell her and she nods and relaxes a little.

“Rule three, don’t touch myself,” she says with a slight blush.

“No, that’s not rule three. You missed one,” I say. Is this when I should follow through with my threat of a spanking?

I don’t want to, but maybe it will help her to see it won’t be that bad. “Come lay across my lap, Leah,” I say, pulling her over to me.

She is shaking and looks like she wants to cry. “Wait, Master. Please.” She begs as I pull her across my lap.

I listen and wait for her to say what she wants. I rub her bottom gently, getting the blood to the surface. I always want to warm her up, so it won’t hurt as much.

I’m not gonna hit her as hard as I can or anything, but I definitely want to do everything to make sure she is okay. I want to make sure it’s a punishment she can look back on and see it wasn’t bad.

“What, Leah?” I ask patiently, pulling her hair from her face.

She’s hiding her face in her hands, but I can still hear her muffled voice, “Please, Master, give me one more chance,” she begs me.

I sigh. Was only one chance really fair?

“Do you remember rule three now?” I ask her and she nods frantically. “Tell it to me.”

“Don’t lie. If you’re asking me a question, you want the truth,” she breathes out.

“Okay, what’s rule four?”

“Be respectful to everyone,” she says.

“Rule five?”

“Umm no touching myself,” she says.

“Rule six?”

“No cumming without permission, and... and... and,” she says, trailing off. She swallows hard and looks up at me with large scared eyes.

“Rule six: no cumming without my permission and when I do let you cum, I want you to thank me the whole time,” remind her.

She nods and tears up again, waiting for me to continue. We both know I have to hold up my end of the deal now, “I’m gonna spank you ten times and then I want you to repeat the rule back to me. Do you want me to repeat the rule back to you again?” I asks her.

“No, Master. I’m sorry,” she says, shaking like a leaf.

“It’s okay, Darling. It’s only ten. How about you count for me?” I ask.

She nods and grips the comforter, her knuckles already turning white as she prepares herself. I raise my hand and contemplate if I’m really doing the right thing?”

Will punishing her really get her over her fear of punishment?

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