Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

“Rule six?“Master asks as I lie across his lap. I tremble, awaiting his hand to come down harshly on me. It seems he has forgiven me though for my forgetfulness because he just continues to rub my bottom.

I try remember rule six. It had to do with cumming. I’m not sure what that is, but it’s one of Master’s rules, so I should probably ask him later when I’m not in the position of being punished.

“No cumming without permission, and... and... and,” I says hesitantly, unsure of what rule six truly is. I don’t remember the second part, but I hope Master doesn’t think it is important.

He tisks under his breath for a moment and I know he remembers.

Stupid, Leah.

Of course Master would remember.

Come on! Remember, remember, remember!

I can’t remember.

“Rule six: no cumming without my permission and when I do let you cum, I want you to thank me the whole time,” Master reminds me.

I look up at him with wide eyes. He won’t punish me, right? He won’t do it...

I let out a sigh of relief for a second, thinking Master will move on without spanking me. He doesn’t sound angry or mad, he sounds calm and relaxing.

My relaxation period is quickly gone though as Master speaks again, “I’m gonna spank you ten times and then I want you to repeat the rule back to me. Do you want me to repeat the rule back to you again before I start?” Master asks me.

My heart drops in my chest and more tears fill my eyes.

“No, Master. I’m sorry,” I apologize, trying to stop my body from shaking.

“It’s okay, Darling. It’s only ten. How about you count for me?” He asks, making it would like it wasn’t a big deal. I nod anyways and grip the comforter.

Master’s hands leaves my bottom, stopping their gentle massaging. I bite into the comforter, trying to muffle myself as Master prepares to strike me.

He doesn’t hit me though for a moment and I almost think he is second guessing himself, but then I jolt as I hear and feel it.

It’s stings, bad. “One, Master. Thank you!” I say loudly, bringing my head up only far enough from the blankets so that he can hear me.

The pain isn’t as bad as from when my old Master would spank me, but it still burns badly.

Master must be holding himself back for the first one.

Master’s hand comes down on my bottom again, but he simply rubs his hand gently over the area he struck.

Is he done?

Will he not hit me anymore?

His hand feel cold, but soothing. I don’t know if he means for it to feel good, but I don’t interrupt him because his touch is nice.

He removes his hand and my heart drops again. He isn’t done.

He brings his hand down again and I jump at the contact, curling into his legs. “Two! Thank you, Master,” I cry out, tears cascading down my face.

Master’s next three come down a little harder, but in consecutive order. I’m not sure if I should count each one separately or together, but Master was kind and only said ten, so I’ll could them as one.

“Three. Thank you, Master,” I say hesitantly. My bottom burns terribly and the tingling unnerves me.

“Are you sure that is only three?” Master asks me, pulling the hair away from my face. I don’t know how to respond, so I just nod my head. “I think that was five.” He says, running his hand over my burning bottom.

“Yes, Master. Thank you,” I say gratefully, relaxing into him a little as he soothes the discomfort with his hand. It hurts badly, but his hand is helping.

He spanks me one more time before pulling my hips back into him. “You’re running away from me,” he says with a chuckle.

“I’m sorry. Six Master, thank you,” He just rubs the inside of my thigh lightly before holding my lower back down to his legs.

His palm on my back unnerves me a little, causing me to try to hide in the sheets more. “Relax, Leah,” Master says releasing my back. He makes me take deep breaths as he plays with my hair.

I try to do as I’m told and relax. It doesn’t work as well though because it really is an uncomfortable position and my body hurts. “You’re almost done, Darling. You are being so good,” He praises, running his fingers through my hair.

That action soothes me enough to relax. I take inventory of my body and realize the pain isn’t really as horrible as I hack it up in my head to be.

He is very nice during punishments too, so that doesn’t make it as bad either. His praises makes me smile.

He kisses my forehead when I give him a soft smile. The pads of his thumbs gently wipe my tears away and I sniffle and curl into him more. “What’s you pain level?” Master asks me.

Pain level. I don’t know what to tell him, it hurts badly, but I deserve it. “About a five, Master,” I reply, readjusting myself in his lap.

He pets my hair one last, “I’m gonna keep going, but I’m only gonna give you eight instead of ten because you’re being so good,” Master says, surprising me.

I look back at him and he smiles at me kindly. I see a chuckle on his lips, “Yeah,” he says, grabbing me and tickling me. “You have been so good, I’m not even gonna finish your punishment,” Master says before setting me down.

Once he sets me down again I burrow into the blankets, “Two more,” he promises, “I’ll count them for you and then you’re all done.”

He finishes quickly, counting for me. “Such a good girl, Leah,” he praises, sitting me up in his lap.

My bottom is in pain, but I don’t dare complain because I’ve never had a punishment so gentle. When he pulls me into his lap, I lean into Master and enjoy his presence.

My old Master never stayed around after giving me my punishment, so I just sit and enjoy Master’s presence even if he will just stay for a little while.

“Do you remember the rule you forgot?” He whispers to me, kissing above my ear.

“I’m not allowed to cum without permission and when you give me permission, I have to thank you the whole time,” I tell him, laying my head on his chest. Every movement burns, but I don’t want to get punished for getting up without permission.

“Such a good girl,” He praises again, making me smile. “Do you remember the last and most important rule?”

I hesitate for a moment trying to remember. It had something to do with me. It’s hard to concentrate through the pain, but I really don’t want another spanking.

“Always take care of myself?” I ask hesitantly. And he nods. “Always ask you if I need something and also tell you if something scares me,” I say, trying to hold back the water works.

I look at Master for affirmation and he quickly gives it, kissing all over my face, “So smart, Leah!” Master praises.

“Smart?” I ask Master, the words slipping out.

No one has ever said I was smart before.

“Yes, Leah. You’re so smart,” Master praises again. He doesn’t notice my confusion at all as he continues to kiss me. I don’t mind though. I love his attention and affection. “You were so good and took your punishment so well,” Master says sitting me on the bed and going over to get something.

I hope it is something fun. I sincerely hope he won’t keep punishing me.

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