Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

I know her bottom might hurt a little. I made sure not to hit anywhere near her stitches or spank her too hard. After all, it was to show her she didn’t have to fear punishment like she does, so I had to make sure it wasn’t terrible.

“Soothing cream?” Leah asks me pulling away from our hug.

“Yeah it’s for your bottom,” I explain. She blushes deeply and bites her lip. Her hands which usually remain in her lap, fumble with the lace of her underwear. “It will feel good,” I promise, pulling her over my lap as I sit back down with her.

I struggle to try and not mentally undress her in such clothing, but am unsuccessful. I grind my teeth silently as I feel an erection forming against my will.

The cream lace of her underwear compliments her skin so perfectly, too perfectly. I try to shift, so she isn’t directly on my erection, but her hips press into me no matter how she is laying over my lap.

I think the worst is over, when she drops the weight of her hips down on me adding slight friction to the equation.

She doesn’t mean to, but the slight action of her resting on me drives me crazy. It doesn’t take even a second for her to turn a shade of crimson after she feels me pressed against her hips.

She moves her hips, trying to adjust herself. All she ends up doing though is grinding her hips into me. I place my hand on her lower back pausing her actions.

She gets the message and just buries her face into the sheets. I grab the cream sitting in a drawer on the night stand and pop open the can.

Especially, because Leah was so afraid of punishment, it is important I give her good aftercare. “It might sting a little,” I warn her as I pull down her panties. I try not think about her naked behind as I begin to coat her bottom in the soothing cream.

Her soft skin is warm to the touch and it makes me feel a little guilty. Leah flinches at my touch at first, however, she quickly relaxes. I coat her bottom generously in the cream.

Once I’m done, I quickly pull her underwear back up and sit her up next to me. She has the brightest smile on her face as she gets back on her knees into her submissive holding position.

I chuckle at her, “We are all done, Leah.”

She looks up at me with a frown, “What about playtime?” She asks. She looks confused and disappointed.

“We played that game with the rules remember?” I say, moving to the back of the bed where I lay down. I pat my chest and she obeys quietly.

I pet her head and kiss her cheek. I can tell she is disappointed, but I just don’t know how far she can go. “I know today wasn’t the most fun day, but I’m so proud of you,” I praise, kissing her forehead this time. “I want you to pick a reward,” I say.

I don’t expect her to ask for a real reward even though I want her too. After how last time went when I let her choose her rewards, I don’t have high hopes.

She thinks for a moment, “Can we have playtime tomorrow too?” She ask hesitantly.

“Playtime?” I ask, thrown off slightly by her request. She nods and hides in my chest. I sigh and think about it looking up at the ceiling. “You want more?”

Why would she want playtime?

I know she was disappointed we didn’t play much today, but I don’t think she could handle it.

“Why do you want to have playtime?” I ask her softly. I don’t understand her request mainly because today was not fun for her.

“You always take care of me, but I never get to take care of you. If we have playtime I could help you with your... needs,” she says glancing down at my erection.

I purse my lips, realizing she didn’t actually want to play.

“Rewards are about you, Leah. Not me. And you take care of me by simply being with me. Your presence is enough,” I assure her, hugging her even tighter to me.

“Yes, Master,” she says quietly. I wait for her to combat my reply, but it never comes. She simply lays on my chest in silence.

Is she really gonna drop her request because I said no?

My answer became apparent after three more minutes of silence.

I hadn’t meant to end our discussion. After all, that is what it was.

I was expecting her to counter and say it would be fun for her too, but nothing besides her submission came after I said no.

Was that because I had said no, or because she didn’t think playtime could be pleasurable for her too?

I run my fingers over her back and she looks up at me before curling back into my chest. I can see her eyes are heavy and she is fighting to stay awake.

I brush her long hair from her face, “Sleep well, Leah. I love you,” I promise, pulling her out of the playroom bed and taking her into our room.

I lay her down and strip to my undergarments too. By the time I get in bed with her she is already out. She snores softly as I wrap my arms around her waist. I bury my head into her hair and inhale deeply, peace filling me.


The phone rings as I flip over the pancakes for Leah and I. I fumble to answer it quickly as to not wake a sleeping Leah.

“Rylan!” My mother’s voice says sharply through the phone. I can tell she is angry. I haven’t dropped off my laundry at my parent’s house recently, she must know I have a submissive. I set the spatula down, I know my mother is mad I haven’t told her about Leah.

I don’t know how she found out, but she did.

“Mom-” I try to greet.

“When were you gonna tell me and your father that you found your sub?” She scolds. “Were you waiting till she got pregnant?” she reprimands sarcastically.

“No, Mom. I’m sorry. I just haven’t had the time to tell you. It’s kinda been crazy,” I say, flipping over the sausage too.

“Well, you’re driving your sorry ass over here tonight for dinner,” she says factually.

I know there is no room to negotiate with her statement.

“Yes, Ma,” I say respectfully, pulling the food off the stove. The floor creaks and I turn around to see Leah peaking around the hallway corner. “I got to go. We will see you tonight,” I say, interrupting whatever she was saying.

Leah regresses behind the wall a little as we make eye contact. I hang up the phone and set it down on the receiver. “How is my gorgeous girl?” I ask, smiling at Leah as she hides.

She comes out hesitantly and walks over to me slowly as I pull our food off the stove. I see her eyes linger on all the dirty dishes. Leah lets me push her away from the dishes and into a chair though. I bring over two plates again and she gets up to fill two glasses.

I start to eat and watch her, she is always so careful in the morning, like she is walking on egg shells.

She sits down gingerly and glances up at me through her lashes. When we link eyes, she looks away at the food in front of her. She eats quietly, keeping to herself.

After taking a few bites, she looks up at me as if to make sure she was suppose to be eating. She is still very careful with her water. She cradles the glass in her delicate hands as she drinks as if it will evaporate if dealt with too roughly.

We eat in silence for a little bit as I try to figure out why she is so timid in the mornings. I thought we had made so much progress yesterday, but she is back to her quite and timid self.

Maybe she isn’t a morning person?

Leah clears her throat, casting away my other thoughts, “Umm, Master?” she asks, setting down her fork. “I know it’s not my place to ask....but, who... who were you talking to?”

“Oh that was my mother,” I say, smiling at her. I’m surprised she asked, she usually doesn’t speak unless spoken to, which is a good submissive quality for playtime, not ideal for everyday life though.

I don’t miss the way she stiffens in her seat a little. “We are going over to my parent’s house tonight for dinner,” I inform her, setting down my own fork and looking over at her.

“We,” Leah says absentmindedly as she continues to eat. I nod a little, confused. I’m not sure if it’s a question or if she’s just processing information, so I respond.

“Yeah. We will have a little bit of a drive. It will take us about an hour,” I says and she nods, eating the last bit of food. She glances at my plate before looking around the kitchen. “Are you still hungry?” I ask her.

“Umm uh no, Master. I’m okay,” she says. She doesn’t convince me though and she is a bad liar.

“Are you lying to me?” I question half jokingly. “Are you breaking a rule?”

She shoots up and backs away from me, knocking over her chair. I don’t expect such a extreme reaction. The bang of the wooden chair on the floor makes a bang and we both jump. “I’m sorry, Master. I didn’t mean to,” she says with wide eyes.

Her pupils are expanded with fear and she keeps walking backwards until she has cornered herself against the kitchen wall. “Woah, I’m just joking. It’s fine. Shh calm down,” I instruct, slowly walking toward her. Her body vibrates as adrenaline rushes through her, a fear I hadn’t expected taking over her.

I approach her slowly as to not scare her even more. I can tell she’s on the verge of running. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry please don’t punish me,” she begs.

The closer I get to her, the more her legs shake. Once I’m arms length away, her knees give out and I lunge to grab her, hold her up against me.

Don’t pass out!

Don’t pass out!

I didn’t mean to scare her so much, I only meant to tease her. I though after last night she would not be afraid of punishment anymore.

“It’s okay,” I promise her, letting both of us sink to the floor. I pull her crying form in my lap and hold her against my chest. I rock her in my arms. “Don’t cry, Darling. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

I run my fingers through her long hair and gently caress her neck. She cries softly, the stress of the situation leaving her in the form of tears. “You’re safe. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

It takes her a few minutes to get her tears out, so that she can begin to calm down.

I look down at her and see her nuzzling into my chest. I kiss her head and keep caressing her neck.

“You okay now, Darling?” I ask, pulling back from her. She nods and hides back into my chest.

“I’m sorry, Master,” she apologizes softly.

I kiss her head again, knowing no other way to make her see my forgiveness.

“It’s okay, Darling. I didn’t know I would scare you so badly,” I say standing up with her wrapped around me. She clings tight to me and I move us onto the couch.

I set her down, so I can lay on the couch and she can be on top of me. As soon as I turn around ready for her to come snuggle me though, she is kneeling next to me with her head bowed. “Leah?” I question.

I came over here to calm her down and snuggle with her. When I say her name and sit up, her shoulders shrug into her ears in a cringe.

A cringe?

It takes me a moment to realize she though I was going to strike her. I sigh with frustration and simply pull her up into my lap without a word. She is still shaky, but much better than before.

She squirms on my lap and I remember her bottom might be a little sore. “Lay across my lap,” I instruct softly. I can see more tears well up in her eyes, but she complies. “Good girl,” I praise.

She sniffles quietly and I kiss her bare spine making her shiver. Everything is okay, Love.

I place a couch pillow under her head, so she is more comfortable as I speak to her. “I’m just making sure your bottom is okay.”

I examine her bottom, trying to figure out what is causing her discomfort or pain. She isn’t red or bruised at all. I was careful with her and even put on soothing cream.

I press on her bottom and she flinches hard.

I freeze my movements and look down at Leah. I thought I had been super gentle with her last night, but if it still hurts, then I definitely wasn’t as gentle as I thought I had been.

I swear I had asked her, her pain level last night, specially so I didn’t hit her too hard. The punishment after all was to show her she didn’t have to fear punishment. It wasn’t suppose to hurt her.

“Leah, what’s you pain level?” I ask her, placing my hands on her back.

“Five Master?” She says quietly. I don’t miss the questioning tone though.

“How about now?” I ask pushing on the tender skin of her bottom.

“Six master,” She says, her voice hitching.


"Shhh. I’m sorry, Leah,” I apologize. I didn’t mean to hurt her. “Baby, I didn’t mean for this punishment to hurt so bad,” I tell her. “How much does it really hurt?”

“A lot Master,” she says sniffling as I pull her into my lap. I’m much more conscious of her bottom and don’t let her sit on it as I press her into my chest.

I feel like such a dick.

She trusted me with her body and I hurt her. I know it was for punishment, but I would never punished her for such a small infraction, or even played that stupid game, if I knew I would hurt her.

“Leah,” I whine. She should have told me it hurt so badly.

“I’m sorry, Master. I thought you wanted to hurt me,” she says shrinking into my chest. I hug her tightly and just shake my head. How could I ever want to hurt her?

Her poor bottom looks fine, but I can tell she is obviously in pain. I run a stressed out hand over my face.

Why does it hurt so much if there isn’t any marks?

How am I gonna make up for this?

“No, Leah. I punished you so that you could see punishment wasn’t super painful,” I try to explain.

“But it was super painful,” she says in confusion, as she wipes away some tears.

She looks up at me with such innocent eyes and I feel my heart shatter a little.

“I know, Leah. I messed up, it wasn’t suppose to be though,” I explain. “You should have felt a little tingling, but that’s it.”

“It burns a lot, Master.” She says quietly. I nod and she does too, but more adamantly.

I can’t help but smile, she is just so precious. I brush a strand of hair out of her face before examining her bottom again.

I don’t dare touch it in fear of hurting her more than I already have. “How do your stitches feel?” I ask her worriedly.

“They feel fine, Master,” she says hugging me. I hug her back gently, making sure I don’t irritate her bottom.

“Do you promise?” I ask her, pulling back so I can see her face.

Her face blossoms into a beautiful smile, “I promise, Master,” she whispers, hugging me again. I rock her back and forth for awhile, try to soothe her and decide what I’m gonna do about her bottom.

“I’m gonna put some more soothing cream on you, okay?” I tell her as I set her aside and go to get the cream. She nods and lays down on the floor and I give her a stern look. “On the sofa,” I command and she obeys wordlessly.

Once I return with the cream, she is waiting for me and sits across my lap again. I run my hand from the back of her ankle up to her creamy thighs. She shutters hard at the action and I smile at her as she glances up at me.

I mix the bottom balm with some pain cream I have and apply it even more generously than last night. “Leah, do you have a high pain tolerance?” I finally ask.

I have taken several classes to make sure I knew what was too much with a submissive and I was so careful last night as to not hurt her. I have begun to question why she is in so much pain.

Could it just be her pain tolerance?

“I don’t think so, Master,” she admits, looking up at me. I sigh and wipe my hands clean before running my hands through her hair. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“How about we establish what your pain scale looks like?” I suggest. I run my my hands up and between her legs, enjoying the creamy texture. I don’t go too high, but I know I’m being a terrible tease. “Can you describe to me where the colors fall on your scale, so I can better understand where you are at. To me a one to a four is like discomfort and that’s like a yellow, but I think that’s different for you,” I reason with her.

“What do you mean by color?” She asks me.

“Like green is good. Yellow is ehhh. And red is stop,” I say.

Leah nods and fiddles with the sofa pillow. “Well a one-two is like uncomfortable but still green, three to five is painful but still okay. Yellow and everything above is really painful, so it’s like a red,” she explains.

I take in her order and explanation, it defiantly wasn’t what I was thinking. “So when you told me your spanking last night was like a five it was pretty bad?” I clarify. She nods and plays with the pillow in front of her.

“It’s suppose to be pretty painful though, Master. If you’re not brutal, I won’t learn.”

I sigh and kiss her back and shoulders which look much better today. “Next time we play, I’m giving you a safe word so you can color out if you need to,” I tell her.

“Yes, Master”, she replies as I lay down behind her, spooning her. For a moment we are quite, but to my surprise Leah asks me, “Master, may I ask you something?”

I nod, “Master, what is a safe word?”

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