Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

Master doesn’t respond to me at first. “Well, it’s... one form is like the colors I just told you... You don’t know what a safeword is?” He asks me in confusion.

I shake my head no and turn around in his arms so we are nose to nose. “Is that bad?” I ask in a whisper.

He hesitates for a moment, “Umm well... no,” he says, wrapping his arms around my back. He pulls me to him more and I smile. “It’s just something really common,” he explains.

“Oh,” I say resting my hands alongside his face. It is a little scratchy, but I don’t mind it too much.

For a second, I pull away, realizing I’m getting too comfortable. I shouldn’t be touching Master without permission, but he doesn’t seem to notice my touching him. Maybe it is okay to touch him when I want... I put my hands back on his scratchy face, looking for a reaction.

He doesn’t give me a reaction, just continuing to explain to me about the safeword. “It’s for playtime, so if things get too intense we can take a break. I’m gonna be blindfolding you and restraining you—if your comfortable with that, and it might get to a point where it’s not enjoyable anymore or it is too intense”, he explains. “Safewords are a form of communication. It’s how you tell me where you are at. Green is good. Yellow is okay. Red is stop.”

“Why doesn’t stop mean stop?” I ask him a little confused.

Why wouldn’t I just tell him how I feel?

“Well, it’s like when someone tickles you. When you tell them to stop, it’s a different kind of stop from when a punishment becomes too much and you need things to stop,” he says.

I don’t quite understand how it helps.

“Does that make sense?” he asks petting my face.

I shake my head no. “Why would you need a secret word to know when I want you to stop? I’ll probably just beg you to,” I say.

He sighs. “I know punishment and playtime were different with your old Master, Leah, but that’s not what it was suppose to be. Playtime is suppose to be fun, for the both of us, and punishment is suppose to be good for you, not fun, but good. Your old Master’s punishments weren’t either, good or safe, but a safeword makes sure punishments don’t turn into that,” He explains.

So a safeword is to keep me... safe.

Well that makes sense.

“So I would use my safeword in punishment if it was really bad?” I ask Master.

“Yes, anything that is too much. It shouldn’t be excruciating and it shouldn’t be permanent,” Master explains. I nod and curl into him.

He is such a good Master.

“So, Leah.” Master says and I look up at him, “Tonight we are going over to my parent’s house, but it is kinda far away, would you be interested in staying the night there?” He asks me.

“Whatever you would like, Master,” I reply, snuggling into him again.

His chest is so strong and warm. It makes the perfect pillow.

“Okay,” he says rubbing my back. “Well, I guess we will be staying the night then.”

I shuffle through the new clothes in the closet again. I’m so nervous about what to pack. I want to look nice for him when he introduces me to his parents, but I just don’t know how to dress myself.

I hold up two sundresses and try to decide which one to bring. They both are very beautiful, but it is cold and I don’t want Master to think I’m trying to show off my body to other people.

Maybe a dress isn’t a good idea.

I hang both dresses back up again and step back to look at all of the clothes again. I wring my hands nervously before I hug myself.

Why can’t I just decide?

I wish Master would just tell me what to wear. I have never had to pick out an outfit before and it is so stressful.

I appreciate the freedom he is giving me by letting me chose my clothes. I have never been allowed choice before, but it is all so stressful.

I want to pull my hair out. I hold up a sweater. It’s soft and has nice colors, but I don’t know if the soft material will look like I’m a lazy submissive. The last thing I want to do is embarrass Master.

I set the sweater back on the rack and run my hand over my face, whining quietly. I turn around to go see what Master is packing, but I run right into his chest.

I jump back and look up at him, “I’m so sorry, Master,” I apologize, immediately dropping to my knees. He is leaning against the door frame, looking down at me with concern.

“Do you not like your clothes?” He asks, “We can go buy new ones,” he assures me, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me up to stand beside him.

“No, No, Master, I love them. I... I just... I don’t want to embarrass you or anything. I haven’t ever dressed myself before and-” I trail off looking down at Master’s feet.

He has nice grey socks on, they look very comfy.

When I look back up at him he is deep in thought. “You’re not going to embarrass me, Darling,” Master finally says before he walks past me.

I move to the side and he shuffles through the clothes he bought me. I walk up beside him and kneel and he looks down at me.

He hasn’t said anything and he isn’t smiling like usual. It kind of scares me. I start to fidget, but it doesn’t go unnoticed. “You’re fine,” Master says, pulling me to his side again.

I relax against his muscular legs. I let my head rest on his thigh and my hands play with his shoes. He doesn’t seem to mind though.

Master pulls a dress down and hands it to me, “Go change into this and I’ll pack for the both of us,” Master says pulling down a sweater and another sun dress.

“Yes, Master. Thank you,” I say, standing and beginning to change into the dress he gave me. I’m still wearing the bra and underwear from last night. I don’t know if I’m allowed to wear them still, so I just change out of them and slip the dress on over my naked frame.

I put the undergarments in the hamper and look up at Master. He is looking at me with great intensity and I feel my cheeks heat up.

Our eyes meet for a second and he quickly averts his eyes back to my new wardrobe. He clears his throat and I see the growing issue in his pants. “Sorry.” I apologize quietly, kneeling down next to him again.

He looks down at me and chuckles when he sees my deep blush. “I didn’t mind the show,” Master replies quietly, looking down at me.

It’s my turn to look away now. I want to run away and hide, but I want to see what Master is having me wear.

“What shoes do you want me to wear, Master?” I ask him, trying to start a new conversation.

“Oh... I didn’t buy you any shoes yet,” Master says looking down at my bare feet. “I guess I will be carrying you.”

“That’s okay, Master. I can walk,” I assure him. He is so nice, I don’t want him to tire himself out helping me.

“I know, Love. I want to carry you,” he says, ending all arguments from me. “Especially if your not gonna wear anything under that dress,” Master adds smirking at me.

I squeal and run into our bedroom. I don’t mean to start a chase, but it most certainly does.

I hear the clothing hangers hit the ground and Master’s heavy foot steps running after me.

I don’t make it very far. I don’t even get into bed before Master has his arms around me. At first I panic a little. I have never left a room without my Master’s permission, was he chasing me because it was wrong?

I go slack against his grip and he throws me on the bed. He’s gentle when he does so though, so he must not be really angry. When I see the grin on Master’s face, I immediately relax.

The smile he wears seems to be genuine and playful, it is unlike the sinister grin my old Master use to give me. I try to relax.

Master won’t hurt me.

He’s not mad.

Master mounts my body and begins to tickle me. I screech out at the sudden attack, wriggling under him. Even in the discomfort of his attack, a smile graces my lips.

Master is playing with me I realize.

I haven’t ever gotten to play before, but it feels nice. Master’s hands assault my sides and his lips, my neck and face. I don’t mind though, the position fells natural and relaxing.

For the first time in my life, I find myself begging for something I don’t need. Usually it is for food or water, but this time it is playful. “Master, please- please!” I beg, trying to get out of Master’s grasps. My breath is running out from laughing so much and my sides ache from all the laughter.

I don’t want him to stop playing with me, but I want a breather too.

At my pleads, Master finally stops tickling me and just lays on top of me. I’m panting really hard now, trying to catch my breath.

I yawn when my breath catches up with me, a smile gracing my lips still. I look up at Master as he leans down over me. My heart flutters as I realize what he is doing. His lips press to mine and I kiss him back readily.

His lips are sweet and passionate. Master’s hand wraps around the back of my neck as he leans over me. I relish his touch, reciprocating the delicateness of his touch by caressing his chest.

I usually would never touch my Master without permission, but something about this moment tells me I don’t need permission right now.

Master kisses me passionately and I enjoy his dominance over me. He tugs on my bottom lip and I open obediently for him.

He doesn’t thrust his tongue in my mouth at first, he simply kisses me deeper. After a moment though, I can feel his tongue against mine.

When he pulls away from me, a content sigh leaves my lips. I wish he would kiss me like that all the time. I let my hands still on Master’s chest.

I don’t know if I’m still aloud to touch him right now.

Master still doesn’t seem to mind the fact I’m touching him. He looks down and sees my hands before picking them up and kissing them.

He smiles at me and I return the gesture, so happy my Master lets me touch him.

Master kisses my head and lets his lips linger. His hands are up my dress completely, but I don’t mine. His hands are soft and uncalloused. He rubs my hips for a second before he pulls away and sits us both up.

I’m not sure what to do now. This is my first experience with true passion before.

Master pulls my dress off my hips, fixing it so I’m covered now. He eyes me up and down for a moment before he kisses my cheek and gets up. “I’m gonna finish packing and then we can go,” he says.

“Yes, Master,” I say as evenly as I can, still a little breathless from our kiss. I go over and kneel next to the suitcase Master has set out on the bed. I love his kisses so much and hope he will give me more.

Master is only out of my sight for a second. He reappears quickly with the clothes he had left on the floor in hand. When he sees me kneeling, he smiles and I scoot closer to the edge of the bed to get even closer to him.

Master kisses my head again before he folds up some clothes and puts them in the suitcase. “Such a good girl.” Master praises, wrapping an arm around me so I’m pressed against his chest.

My heart flutters and I look up at Master, blushing. His face has so much pride, it makes me smile. He caresses my cheek and I lay my head into his palm.

“Before we go, I need you to put these on as well,” Master says, throwing me a white set of undergarments. “If you stay like that, I won’t be able to keep my hands out from under your dress,” He says quieter to himself as he zips up the suitcase.

I blush at his last comment and giggle quietly. He looks up at me and chuckles realizing I heard him. I know Master is trying to not look, but as I take off my dress I can feel his eyes on me.

I look at him and he is frozen, watching me put on my underwear and bra. I would usually feel really embarrassed and ashamed, but his gaze is warm and the smile on his face comforts me.

As soon as I am dressed, I get down and crawl after him. He walks really fast and it is hard too keep up. “You can walk, Leah,” Master says from in front of me, taking out bags to the car.

“Thank you, Master,” I say gratefully before getting to my feet. I kind of miss crawling a little, but my dress isn’t nearly long enough to cover me when I crawl, and my knees are kind of aching.

It is kind of weird Master wants me to walk in his presence though. My old Master would always get so angry if I tried to walk with him in the room.

I follow Master obediently and try to catch up so he doesn’t have to wait for me.

Master waits patiently for me at the garage door and holds it open for me. I thank him and blush deeply. No one has really ever held a door open for me before.

He situates me in the car before he walks around and throws our suite case in the trunk. He slams the trunk closed after him before he climbs in next to me.

He offers me his hand and I squeeze it tightly. I’m so nervous. I have never gone on a trip before and on top of that I will be meeting Master’s parents.

What will they be like?

Will they like me?

Master starts the car and it roars to life making me jump. “Shh... it’s okay.” Master soothes, rubbing up and down my thigh.

I nod and try to relax obediently. It doesn’t work very well though.

I know Master said he didn’t mean to hurt me so much last night with my punishment, but if that was Master not trying to hurt me, what did him trying to hurt me feel like?

The thought made me shiver and I look over at Master who has his focus on the road ahead.

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