Saving Leah

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Gina and George

Rylan’s POV

I look over at Leah again as I anxiously tap my fingers against my steering wheel. I know my parents will love her, but I am still nervous to introduce her to them.

Memories of the night we met floods back into my mind and I remember how she isn’t such a big fan of new people.

Perhaps, she will be more comfortable because my mom is the dominant in my parent’s relationship.

Leah seems to not like men as much.

I wonder if I should talk to her about how she should behave. I haven’t really ever taken her out. She doesn’t misbehave at home or talk back, but what if she stresses out and begins to snap at me? She freaked out the night we meant and wasn’t listening very well.

I don’t want to have to punish her and I don’t want my parents to think I can’t handle my submissive.

I look over at Leah, the sun set a few minutes ago, so I can’t really see her face now. Poor Leah has been staring out the side window for the last forty-five minutes. At least she stopped wringing her hands nervously though. “Leah,” I call.

She doesn’t seem to hear me. She is probably deep in her own thoughts. “Leah,” I call again a little sharper, trying to snap her out of her thoughts.

She doesn’t respond still.

How can she not hear me?

She must be ignoring me.

“Leah!” I snap, placing my hand on her thigh.

As soon as she reacts I regret my tone and lack of patience.

She jolts forward and gasps loudly, grasping at her chest. “I’m sorry, Master. I’m sorry,” she gasps.

Stupid, Rylan.

"It okay. No, no, no, it’s okay,” I say. We had come so far today and I just had to screw it up. “I’m sorry, Darling. I didn’t know you were sleeping,” I explain, trying to calm her down and drive at the same time.

We drive past a pull off road and I take it.

What a dumb ass, she was sleeping.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” She repeats starting to cry. She looks absolutely terrified and I think I woke her from a nightmare.

I didn’t know she was sleeping when I snapped at her.

I park the car. “It’s okay. You’re okay,Leah,” I unbuckle myself and try to reach for her, but she just keeps pushing into the side door.

For a moment I worry she is gonna run, but then I remember this is my sweet obedient Leah.

She sits and cries in absolute terror, apologizing for reasons I don’t know. I don’t know what made me snap at her. I’m usually a good dominant and I always keep my cool. I guess I am the one that needs to worry about keeping it together under stress. “Leah, come here,” I say as softly as I can.

I can tell she doesn’t want to, but she obeys.She crawls over the center consul and places herself in my lap like I instructed. “You’re such a good girl,” I praise kissing her hair. She shakes in my arms and I hug her tightly.

Oh Leah. What happened?

“I didn’t mean to upset you, Master,” she says, hugging herself tightly under my own arms.

“You didn’t upset me at all. That was my fault. I didn’t know you were sleeping,” I tell her, rubbing her back.

She just sniffles and wipes her tears away. “I’m sorry I should have asked permission. I didn’t think you’d mind, Sir. I’m sorry,” she says.

I sigh, frustrated I lead her to think I was mad she was sleeping. “No, Darling, it’s okay. You don’t have to ask permission,” I assure her, rubbing large circles around her back. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I was just trying to get your attention.”

She nods and sucks in a heavy breath, her bottom lip quivering. I rub her waists and she quickly wraps her arms around me neck. She straddles me body and crys into my neck. “I... I was having a dream... and-and thought,” she explains between her upset hiccups, “I thought... it was in my dream.”

I rub her back as she tells me this and I kiss her cheek. “What were you dreaming about?” I ask her.

“I was being bad and you had to punish me,” She says, squeezing me even tighter. “And then I woke up and you were upset,” she explains before she hiccups.

“Oh, Leah baby,” I say stroking her hair. Her small frame jumps in my arms with each hiccup and I hold her tightly. With every upset hiccup I loath my self even more. “I wasn’t upset with anything you did wrong,” I tell her rubbing my hands over her bottom.

I don’t realize the action at first, but once I do I stop and she pulls away from me. She has tears on her face still, so I wipe them away gently and she closes her eyes.

Leah is my sweet girl. She is my good girl. I don’t know why I ever doubted her behavior.

“Leah, how about we finish up our drive. Yeah?” I ask her. She nods and goes to give me a hug. She stops herself though, and goes to sit in her seat.

I grab her arms though, “You can hug me, Leah,” I assure her. She looks at me and nods before engulfing me in a hug. I hug her back and she kisses my cheek before scrambling off my lap.

She wears a deep blush now and look up at me through her lashes from across the car. I start up the car with a smile on my face and pull around to head towards my parent’s house.

“Master?” Leah asks me.

“What’s up?” I ask her, resting my hand on her thigh. She is still blushing, but not as deeply.

“Umm. How should I behave at your parent’s house?” She asks me while she wrings her hands. “I don’t want to embarrass you or anything, Master.”

“You’re not gonna embarrass me, Leah. You are a good girl. Just be good like you always are, Darling,” I tell her.

“Yes, Master,” she replies. After a minute of silence, she speaks again, “Do our house rules apply here, Master, or would you like me to be more formal?” She asks me.

“Of course our house rules apply here, Leah, they always apply.”

“Of course, Master. I’m sorry,” she apologizes, leaving our conversation at that. I didn’t mean to shut her up.

“What do you mean by more formal?” I ask her.

“Umm oh,” she says looking down at her hands. “Well, you gave me permission to walk around our house instead of crawl and you let me touch you sometimes without permission. You have me like eat at the table with you too. I didn’t know if it was still okay,” she says looking over at me quickly before looking down at her hands.

“Of course it’s okay. I’ll let you know if I want anything different,” I tell her, squeezing her thigh.

She nods, “How should I address your parents, Master?”

“Well my mom’s name is Gina and my Dad’s name is George,” I say. “They would probably both want you to call them mom and dad, but you can call them by name if you’re uncomfortable with that,” I tell her.

“So I should call your dad Mr. George and your mom Miss Gina?” She asks hesitantly.

I chuckle. “No you don’t have to use a title,” I tell her.

She looks skeptical, but agrees anyway. “Everything will be just fine.” I assure her. I smile at her softly and squeeze her thigh again one last time before we pull into my parent’s driveway. “You can always call me by my name too, Leah,” I remind her hopefully as I kiss her cheek and unbuckle myself. “Stay there. I’ll come get you,” I say getting out of the car.

The front door of my house opens and my mom waves at us. I wave back as I walk around the car, needing to get Leah out before I go see my Mom. I open the door for Leah and unbuckle her before pulling her into my arms.

“Oh good you made it!” My mom says as I walk up with Leah wrapped around my waist and a suitcase in one hand.

“Hey, Mom,” I greet as I step inside. I let go of our suitcase and give my mom a side hug. When she pulls away, she eyes up Leah curiously.

I set Leah down even though I can feel her tight grasp on my shirt. When I go to place her on the floor she doesn’t fight me, but I can tell she really doesn’t want to be here.

Leah backs into me slightly and I wrap my arms around her waist. “Mom, this is my submissive, Leah,” I introduce proudly, slight nerves running through me. I know Leah is not the most talkative or open person, but I hope my Mom can see how nice she is.

“It is so nice to meet you, Leah,” my Mom greets, slightly bending down to meet Leah’s gaze.

Looking down at Leah, I can see she is absolutely petrified. “It’s okay, Leah. You can say hi,” I tell her. I rub her shoulders to comfort her, but it doesn’t help much.

“It’s nice to meet you too,” Leah greets quietly, looking up at me for approval. I smile and rub her back sympathetically, the poor thing looks like a dear in headlights.

“Where is Dad?” I ask my Mom. Leah takes the opportunity of my distraction and tries to hide in my chest. I take the hint and pick her up again. She grasps tightly onto my shirt again, seeking the security my arms provide. “Such a good girl,” I praise softly, kissing her cheek.

“Oh. He’s doing his thing,” my Mom says, waving her hand dismissivly, meaning he’s in the garage playing with his car. “You guys go say hi and I’ll put your suitcase in your room, Rylan,” my Mom says glancing at Leah.

I give her a grateful smile and she nods. “Come on, Leah. Let’s go say hello to my Dad,” I say cheerfully. Leah just nods and hugs me tighter. “You’re doing so good, Darling. Keep being so good and I’ll have a nice reward for you tonight,” I promise.

That perks her up and she nods and sits up in my arms a little more. I don’t know how I should reward her, maybe another massage after her bath? Or maybe a manicure or pedicure. I’m sure my mom has some polish we can use.

As we walk down the hallway to the garage, we are greeted with old 80′s music. “My Dad is very nice,” I explain to Leah. “As far back as I can remember, he has always loved to work on his cars,” I say, opening up the garage door.

My Dad is tinkering in the hood of one of his newer cars. He likes to buy old beat up car and refurbish them. It’s a passion of his. “Dad!” I call, setting Leah down on one of the old doormats in the garage.

“Rylan!” He yells, dropping his tools and giving me a big hug. “My boy!” He says fondly, patting my back. “Oh and who is this?” He asks rhetorically, walking over towards Leah.

I thought she would be more frightened, but she looks okay. Her eyes are fixated though on the collar around my dad’s neck. I think that might be a contributing factor to the situation.

“Leah, this is my dad,” I introduce, grabbing her hand. The floor is clean of anything that might hurt her feet, so I lead her over towards my dad.

She still stays close to my side, but she doesn’t look as nervous. “Hello,” she greets softly.

“Aren’t you just the cutest thing?” My Dad says, quickly pulling her into a large hug. She doesn’t hug him back, but he doesn’t seem to notice.

He pulls away and examines her again, “You got one pretty submissive,” my Father says,“just like your mother.”

Me and my father laugh, but Leah doesn’t get the joke. “I got a very humble submissive too if you couldn’t tell,” my Mother chimes in from behind us.

Leah looks between my two parents and the nature of their relationship seems to click. “Well of course, Mistress,” my Father says, kissing her cheek.

My Mother scrunches her face and pushes his grease and oiled covered self away. “I just finished dinner. How about you two go settle in while your Father goes and cleans himself up,” my Mom suggests.

“Sounds good.” I say grabbing Leah’s hand. I tug her arm she follows behind me as I lead her to my room.

Surprisingly, it hasn’t changed much since I moved out. The walls were never painted again to cover the horrid blue I insisted my room to be, and the football posters still line my walls.

I close my bedroom door behind us and look over at Leah. She is examining all the pictures and posters hanging on my wall and I leave her be and unpack our suitcase.

After I unzip our suitcase, I feel the bed dip next to me. I look up and Leah is smiling at me softly. I stroke her cheek and she settles into a familiar position on her knees.

She looks a little stressed out and I want to reduce that stress, so I grab the back of her thighs and pull her to me. She comes willingly and rests her arms on my chest.

Her eyes are wild with excitement now that our lips are so close. Just like the many times before that I have kissed her, she doesn’t initiate the contact even though I know she wants too.

I rub up the back of her thighs and pull her to me even more. I tease her with a quick peck and she is reluctant to pull away when I do. She does though obediently and waits for me. “Such a patient little thing,” I praise before I finally give her what she wants.

I kiss her deeply, unable to keep myself from indulging in her soft lips. She moans contently once I begin to kneed her thighs, making me want her even more.

I get up on the bed with her and lay her down, so she is flat on the bed. I kiss up her neck and I feel her arms wrap around my head. Her usually delicate fingers, grasp my hair firmly as she arches into me when I trail my kisses down her chest.

I keep it strictly pg-13 and don’t kiss anywhere crazy before I return back to her lips. She nips the bottom of my lip a little and I let out a dominate growl causing her to shutter under me. I smirk into our kiss before pulling away.

We are both panting by now both lost in our own passion. I let myself rest on her chest as I regain my breath. It is nice to hear her breath run as rapid as my own because it means she feels the same way as I do about her. I rub my hands along her soft and creamy legs and sigh.

She is definitely getting a reward tonight.

“We should head to dinner,” I say reluctantly, unmoving from the comfortable position on her chest.

“Yes, Master,” she replies, gently stroking my head once. It feels so good. I wish she would do that more often.

I finally sit up, so she can do the same. I smooth down her hair and stoke her cheek lovingly one last time before I take us both down the hall to the dinning room.

“Oh perfect!” My mom says cheerfully when she sees us, “I was right about to send your father to get you two.”

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