Saving Leah

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Family Dinner

Leah’s POV

George, Gina’s submissive, comes into the dinning room clapping his hands together loudly. I jump at the noise and Master pulls me to his side again.

It is kind of weird to me that Master’s Mother is the dominant in the relationship. I mean, I know not all girls are submissive, but besides Miss Carrie, I have never met a female dominant.

“Dinner smells so delicious,” George says, kissing his Mistress. She smiles and returns the gesture before sitting down at the table.

George scoots in her chair and kisses her one last time before taking the seat next to her.

Master pulls out a chair, but I’m not sure if it is for me. When he doesn’t make a move to sit in it, I hesitantly sit there.

He doesn’t make any movement to remove me, so I think he wants me to sit here. Master takes the seat next to me and drinks from a large cup of water.

Gina and George have already served themselves, but I feel weird about just grabbing food.

Master hasn’t invited me to eat yet even though he said in the car I was allowed to eat at the table with him, so I just examine the pretty table cloth quietly and wait for instructions.

“Here, Leah,” Master says with concern. I look up and he is trying to hand me a dish of lasagna. I take it from him and set it on the table. I thank him quietly, not wanted to be rude or disrupt anyone’s dinner. I also don’t want to assume that meant he wanted me to have some. His arms could have been tired and he wanted me to put it somewhere.

“Have some,” he says, reaching over and serving me. I go to help him, so he doesn’t have to, but he just does it himself. He gives me a lot more than I usually eat and I hope he won’t make me eat it all.

“Just eat what you can,” he encourages.

“Yes, Master. Thank you,” I say picking up my fork. I look up and both of Master’s parents are looking at me. I train my gaze down again towards my plate.

“So how is work Rylan?” his mom finally asks.

Master sets down his fork and wipes his face with his napkin. “Oh it’s good. I have two weeks off to help settle in Leah,” he says smiling over at me.

I smile back softly and continue to eat in silence. “Oh that’s great,” Master’s mother replies. “Leah, what do you do for a living?” She suddenly asks me.

I pause, food still on my fork. I twirl the utensil in my hand before setting it down and looking over at Master, unsure of what he wants me to say. I don’t want to say I don’t do anything because then I will look like a lazy submissive, but if I say I do anything then I would be lying.

“Leah doesn’t have a job right now,” Master says before I have to respond. He pats my lap and I smile gratefully at him.

“Oh. What field do you work in?” She asks me. I know these aren’t hard questions for most people to answer, but I don’t know how to respond.

“Mom,” Master says sharply and I jump in my seat. His soft hands squeeze mine and I just focus on the floor or walls or table cloth, anything but Master’s parents.

I don’t think I’m doing very well with the visit.

“Oh.” Master’s mother says softly, dropping the conversation. Master pats my legs, but I don’t dare look up for the rest of dinner.

Stupid, Leah.

Why can’t you ever do anything right?

Master talks with his parents about his sister, his job and Troy.

Pretty much anything that doesn’t involve me.

In a way it kind of hurts to know Master had so much before me.

As they talk about old friends of his and old high school memories, I grow slightly envious of what he had.

I always wish my old Master would have let me keep going to school. I love reading and playing, but I had to grow up and learn how to take care of Master, so I never completed fifth grade.

I wish I could have friends like Master does, I have never had anyone close before.

I wish I had a family to laugh and joke around with.

Sitting here with Master at dinner, is the first time I truly realized everything I have never gotten before.

In a way though I also realize everything he has given me.

Master brought me here to meet his parent’s house. He even told me I could call them mom and dad like him, so in a way he wanted to share them with me.

He also introduced me to his friends, Troy and his submissive Melissa, so that I could have friends too.

He could never give me fun childhood memories, but he most definitely can replace my bad ones with new and happy memories with him.

So with a new comfort, I patiently and quietly waited for dinner to be over.

“Thanks mom that was delicious,” Master says standing up, taking my plate.

“Anytime. We are so happy you both could join us,” Gina says, standing up too.

“Oh leave the dishes. I have got them,” George tells his son. Master obediently leaves the dishes and takes us back up to his room.

I can tell Master is stressed about something. I hope he will let me help him. I follow after him closely and rub his arm gently. He looks down and gives me a tight smile and I frown.

You’re useless, Leah.

I sigh and and let go of him, letting him close the door behind us. I stand by the bed, waiting for instructions. I don’t know how to help him, but I know my old Master would always love when I rubbed his feet.

Getting onto my knees, I untie Master’s shoes and carefully set them next the bed when he sits down. I can hear Master moving on the bed and I look up to see him looking down at me sorrowfully. “What’cha doing, Pumpkin?” Master asks me softly.

You’re such a screw-up, Leah!

“You seemed stressed,” I say dumbly, pausing slightly before pulling off his other shoe. “I... I just wanted to help,” I explain, stopping my actions completely.

Master doesn’t seem very pleased and I just keep screwing up, so I might as well stop before I anger him.

His fingers lift my chin making me look up at him. He doesn’t say anything. He just smiles softly and pets my head.

He seems a little bit happier to my surprise, so I guess I might be doing something right.

He scoots back on his bed, so his feet no longer hang off the edge. “Come up here then. I don’t want your knees all bruised,” Master says patting the bed.

I oblige gleefully and sit next to Master’s feet. I carefully massage the tender spots on the back of his ankles and ball of his feet. He seems to be enjoying it because he just reclines back with his eyes closed, humming every so often.

It feels good to be able to do something right for once. After a little while, Master pats the bed beside him. I obediently lay down against his side and let him pull me into his arms.

Master kisses my head, “Such a good girl,” he praises while he runs his fingers through my hair. “You look much happier now,” he comments.

“I like making you happy, Master.” I respond truthfully, turning around so we are face to face.

“Is that so?” He asks playfully. I nod and he smirks, “Well, you always make me happy, Leah,” Master compliments and I blush.

“Thank you, Master,” I say bashfully. I always love getting Master’s praise.

He just chuckles and rubs his thumb along my cheek. “You look tired,” Master comments.

“I’m okay, Master,” I say. I’m a little tired, but I slept good in the car. He just nods and keeps rubbing my cheek softly.

“You should really take a bath,” Master says, before softly kissing my forehead.

“With you?” I ask hopefully. Master turns around and smirks at me.

“Only if you ask nicely, Pet”, Master says seductively. A rush of heat crushes my abdomen and I flush bright red at the new nickname.

Nonetheless, I follow through with his demands. Crawling off the bed, I go over and kneel before him. I don’t usually touch him without permission, but he has said I don’t need to ask, so I push myself up against his legs. “Will you please come take a bath with me, Master?” I ask sincerely.

Master’s eyes darken and he runs his hands over his face. “Fuck, Leah,” he curses, picking me up. “You drive me crazy,” he says nipping my ear.

More heat rushes to my core and I try not to moan at his teasing. He kisses my cheek and grabs two clean towels before bringing us into a nice bathroom across the hall from here where we are staying.

It is a nice redone bathroom with pretty tile and dark cabinets. It is a little smaller than Master’s bathroom, but it is a little nicer.

Master places me and the towels down on the counter and begins to fill up the bathtub. “Mom, I’m gonna bathe Leah,” Master calls down the stairs.

“Okay,” she calls back and Master closes the bathroom door and locks it. He comes over and digs in the cabinet under my feet, pulling out some bubble bath.

He pours a lot in and bubbles begin to fill the tub. I itch to go play with them, but Master set me here, so I stay.

“Okay,” Master finally says turning off the running facet, “This is your last chance to take a lonely bath.”

I giggle and shake my head.

He smile and pulls me off the counter. His hands find the bottom of my dress and I lift my hands up so he can take it off. He hesitates, but then pulls it off me.

I’m left in my undergarments now which Master hesitates taking off too. “So beautiful,” he says unhooking my bra and pulling it off.

He doesn’t touch me like my old Master use to. I’m a little disappointed, but also a little thankful. Master pulls off my underwear too before beginning to take off his own clothes.

I stop him though, “May I?” I ask him politely. He thinks for a moment then nods. I take off his belt first and sit it on the counter before unbuttoning his pants.

He has a boner, but it doesn’t bug me. I wouldn’t mind taking care of it for him, even though I know he would never let me.

I take off his shirt next, unsure if I’m really ready to see him naked yet. I know I will eventually, but I want to bide my time a little.

After seeing him in only his underwear I come to a conclusion.

“You are very attractive, Master,” I compliment with a blush.

He chuckles and stokes my cheek, amused with me.

I go to take off his boxers, but his hands stop me for a moment. I look up and he kisses my forehead, nose and then mouth. His hands hold mine and he rubs them softly before he lets them drop.

He doesn’t make any other move to stop me, so I take that as my permission. Pulling down his boxers, his hard member is freed and he is now as bare as I am.

I look up at Master and he is smiling down at me lovingly. He kisses me passionately. My bare chest presses up against him and his hard-on sticking against my lower stomach.

It feels good though, natural. “Should we get in?” Master finally asks, breaking the silence. I nod and he smiles.

He gets in first and lays down beneath the warm water. The bubbles hide his intimate region from my eyes and I am thankful that now I don’t have a distraction. “Come on, Leah,” Master encourages patting his chest.

I sink down into the warm water carefully and lie on Master’s firm chest. The steamy water relaxes my body and I let out a soft moan.

One of Master’s hands finds my hair and he gently twirls strands of my hair around his fingers. The other traces up and down my side making me shiver when his hand brushes across my bottom.

My body is only half covered by the water, so my breasts and thighs are completely exposed. Master doesn’t seem to mind though and neither do I. The warm water radiates heat and keeps me warm.

Every so often, Master’s hand wanders over my thigh more than usual or creeps closer to my breasts. He doesn’t ever go to touch me like that though, he only gets close enough to tease me.

Master seems to be doing that a lot lately, teasing me I mean. I don’t think he notices how worked up he gets my body, but has been leaving me on edge lately.

After a while of his teasing, he lets his hands rest on the top of my thighs. With how his hand is positioned, if he moves his hand even just a centimeter up, he would brush against my core.

I know better than to move to cause that though. Master is in charge and will give me pleasure if he sees fit.

My old Master never pleasured me, but Rylan— Master, always does things my old Master didn’t.

Rylan, the idea of my Master being anything to me besides simply that seems foreign to me.

Even when Master told me to address him by his name, I just couldn’t. It just was too different, he is my Master.

Melissa, Troy’s submissive, calls him by name though... What is so different between me and Master’s relationships that I can’t do the same? Master gave me permission to.

“Are you okay, Leah?” Master asks interrupting my thoughts.

I clear my throat, “Yes, Master. Thank you,” I reply, trying to figure out the whole thing.

“You sure?” He asks rubbing up and down my thigh.

“Yes, thank... you, Master.” I say trying to not focus on his hand.

Master starts to sit up with me in his lap. Consequently, his hand brushes against my core and I can’t stop myself for arching into his touch, “Lea-” Master starts to scold before he freezes.

My cheeks burn with mortification. I didn’t mean to arch against him, but it was just natural. “Sorry,” I apologize, covering my face with my hands. I know it’s natural, but I still want to hide.

I have gotten a lot more comfortable with Master lately, but he doesn’t want to have sex or anything.

“Did you like that?” Master suddenly asks, squeezing my thigh tightly. A new rush of heat flows to my core. Inadvertently, a whine leaves my lips and I cover my mouth looking up at Master.

He doesn’t seem mad. He looks amused. “Would you like me to pleasure you?” Master asks, beginning to palm me.

Another whine leaves my lips and I want to cry out. I have never felt anything like this before. It feels so good.

My body trembles in his arms as he begins to spread my legs. I don’t fight him at all.

I want Master to touch me, it feels so good and he seems to like it.

I want to tell Master I do want him to pleasure me, but I also know it’s my job to pleasure him, not the other way around.

“Mmm? Do you want me to pleasure you, Pet?” Master asks, drawing out a moan from me as he palms me a little harder.

“Yes. Yes, please, Master”. I whine, tilting my hips up a little more, so I am pressed into his palm harder.

“Good girl. Do you remember what you’re suppose to do before you cum?” Master asks me.

Cum? I don’t know what that is, but I know what I’m supposed to do.

“Ask permission,” I respond, trying to hump his hand. My legs shake from the sexual tension and my core aches in need. Oh please, Master!

I don’t know what cumming is, but I feel like I should know if I have to ask for it. “What... is cumming?” I pant.

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