Saving Leah

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All About Leah

Rylan’s POV

I was so excited when Leah told me she wanted me to pleasure her. It has been so hard not to touch her. My ears ache to hear her moaning in pleasure.

My actions were halted though after she interrupts a scene I was starting with her, “What... is cumming?” she asks me through breathy moans.

She grind her hips against my hand as best she can. It has never occurred to me before that she may not understand what I’m doing.

I rest my hand on her hip, unsure if I should continue. She is unaware of what we are doing or what it means. If she doesn’t know what cumming means, then she probably doesn’t know my intent behind intimate actions like pleasuring her.

Her body shakes in my hands and I suddenly feel guilty for teasing her, especially, if she hasn’t cum before. “I’ll explain it later. Don’t worry about that rule, just relax,” I tell her, continuing to pleasure her.

When my hand makes contact with her core again she lets out a pleasureful scream and throws her head back to my chest. Her arousal coats my fingers and I caress her clit, giving her the friction she desires.

The view is amazing. Watching her squirm against my hand trying to get herself off. I feel her quivering against me, so I quicken up my pace. She shudders under me shortly after and I let her ride out her orgasm.

She pants heavily on my chest and I play with her hair as her eyes droop. We remain in a peaceful silence and she begins to fall asleep, snoring softly on my chest, hair stuck to her barely parted lips.

The water is getting kind of cold, so I quickly wash her off before taking her out of the tub.

She is sound asleep by the time I tuck her into my small bed. It is a good thing we like to snuggle because we most certainly would have to in my small bed.

After tucking her in, I kiss her head and go downstairs. I had gotten so caught up in Leah that I totally forgot my parents were in the same house as me.


As soon as I walk into the living room, I know my parents heard us. My Mother peers at me from over the edge of her book and my Father smirks at me. He is cuddled up with her legs beside her.

I scratch the back of my neck in embarrassment and take a seat on the couch. I don’t need them to tell me we need to talk.

My Mother sets her book down and consequently my father fills the empty space in her lap now by placing his head there.

She runs her fingers through his hair lovingly before looking up at me for an explanation. “I put Leah to bed,” I say and my Mother nods.

“She looks young, Rylan,” she says open endedly, her question unasked.

“I know, Mom. She is 17,” I say making her jaw tick. She gives me a stern look making me sit up straighter. My father rubs her legs to calm her and she keeps stroking his head. “I already got all the paper work signed and everything,” I continue to explain.

“So you can return her at 20 when you notice she isn’t the submissive for you then,” my Mother says factually.

“I’m not returning her.” I say adamantly.

“Rylan, she’s... six years younger than you?” My Father cuts in. He’s much more softer about his delivery, but it still hurts.

“Rylan, she’s just a child. Why would you choose her out of all the good subs out there? You probably paid a ton to buy her from her parents until she’s twenty assuming you didn’t get her from a facility . She is not driven at all, she doesn’t have a job and probably isn’t even thinking about a job. And you know how I feel about stay at home submissives,” my mother says exasperatedly.

“She’s almost an adult. No she isn’t of age, but she’s almost eighteen. You know I’ve been looking for a submissive for a while and she just kind of... fell into my lap..,” I say sighing. “She is the sweetest and so caring,” I say.

“Rylan, many bratty and entitled subs are nice to their dominants at first-”

“She isn’t bratty or entitled-”

“She has no drive,” my Mother argues.

“She doesn’t know anything else beyond being a stay-at-home submissive and I honestly have no issue with that,” I say, making my Mother purse her lips. “I know you think stay-at-home submissives are not driven and are taking advantage of their dominants, but it’s not like that,” I say.

“So many young dominants chain yourselves to pretty girls like her completely waste your life being unhappy because what you bring home is never good enough,” my Mother tells me.

“Mom- I hear you, but she doesn’t have a job because she just came out of a really bad situation. I don’t know. I’ve only had her for a few days. Maybe she does want to get a job. Perhaps she wants to stay home and clean the house and take care of kids-”

“You don’t have kids yet and if you did I would be more understanding-”

“Mom,” I say sharply stopping her. “I know this isn’t what you had in mind, but I just really need you to be supportive right now.” I say.

My Mother grinds her jaw and nods, dropping the conversation. She sighs heavily with disapproval. I know she is just looking out for her baby boy. I remember how much she freaked out when my sister brought home her dominant.

I was nothing short of terrified for him.

“I’m just trying to figure out what is happening, Rylan.” She finally. “You get a nice job, move away, we don’t talk for a month and then I find out you have a submissive... Rylan, this just isn’t you,” she says her anger melting into concern. “How did you even meet her?” She asks me, her tone becoming more and more filled with raw emotion.

My Father sits up and pulls my Mother into his lap. She readily accepts him, cuddling into him. “Work-“I say starting to elaborate.

My mother beats me to it, “Rylan, I swear to God. If you brought a juvenile delinquent into my house-” my mother starts to yell.

I shush her frantically so she doesn’t wake Leah. She calms down giving me a death glare. “It’s not like that- well... I got a call three days ago. It was a traffic stop gone bad, the guy pulled a gun on Leah and was threatening to kill her. I got on scene with the medics. The guy she was with had her illegally, she didn’t even know. Anyway he shot her, so I was helping take care of her.” I explain.

“We found out she was under age and it was obvious she had been severely beaten and sexually assaulted, so we wanted her to go to a boarding home or something. They didn’t have any spots, so they were gonna give her to a pet shop,” I say rubbing my hands over my face in frustration remembering how mad I was that they were gonna just throw her away. “I told them I would take her in and they let me,” I explain.

My parents don’t say anything, “She is so sweet and obedient,” I tell them. “She is in therapy to help her transition and I am trying to ease her into her new life,” I explain.

My Mother just looks at the floor and my Father rubs her arms. I can tell by the guilty looks on their faces they regret speaking ill of her.

When my Mother looks up I see the tears in her eyes, “Oh, Rylan, I’m sorry. We had no idea and were so worried about you,” she says pulling me into a hug.

I hug her back and relax, so glad I have her approval. My Father gets up and gives me a big hug too. “M..master?” A soft voice calls from the hallway.

I look up to see an exhausted Leah in the doorway. “What’s up, Darling?” I ask Leah softly, picking her up into my arms. She is wrapped up in the fuzzy blanket I left her in.

“I just woke up and you weren’t there,” she pouts in a quiet whisper as she lays her head on my shoulder. As soon as she does though, she is already asleep and I smile softly at her.

“Is she okay?” My Mother asks worriedly, brushing a piece of hair from Leah’s sleeping face. I squat down a little, so my Mother can fully see her relaxed and peaceful face.

“Yeah, she’s just sleeping.” I assure her as she checks Leah’s temperature. “I should probably go to bed,” I tell my Mom. She nods and I kiss my them before heading upstairs.

I set Leah down next to me before I carefully transfer my weight to lay on top of her. I make sure I’m not too heavy and block her from breathing before I let myself rest on her chest.

I can feel her precious heart beating in her chest and her body rising and falling with each breath. “Good night, Leah,” I say kissing her head.

She stirs a little, “Night, Master,” she says before falling back asleep.

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