Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

I sigh for what seems like the millionth time this morning , closing my eyes to try and sleep again. I’d get up, but Master is on top of me, so I can’t get up and make him breakfast or anything.

The bedroom door creeks and light foot steps enter the room. Rylan’s Mom shuffles in quietly picking up our dirty clothes which litter the floor.

She isn’t as scary as she was yesterday. His parents seem very friendly and loving.

I don’t think she expects me to be awake because she seems startled when we make eye contact. “Good morning,” she greets kindly in a whisper. I smile in reply, not willing to wake my Master.

Master stirs, pushing me under his body a little more. It’s slightly suffocating because I am on my stomach with him on my back, but it also is nice and toasty. “Are you stuck?” Gina asks me with slight amusement.

I look up at my slumbering Master and try to push myself up, so I can get out from beneath him. My efforts are in vain though and I smile at Gina. I don’t mind it too much.

“Rylan,” Gina says beginning to shake Master. I want to tell her not to and that it is okay, but she sees very driven to wake him.

Master wakes up and groans, “Mmmm what?” He asks before looking down and seeing me under him. He realizes our position and I think he is going to let me up. Instead though he adjusts us so I am under him even more. I giggle softly and he pats my head, laying his head down on my back again before he tries to go back to sleep.

“No, Rylan. Leah needs to get up. She is gonna help me make breakfast,” Master groans and rolls us so I am pulled to his chest and his back is now to his mother. “Rylan!” Gina scolds.

“Five more minutes,” he pleads nuzzling into my neck.

“No, Rylan. Now,” Gina says, yanking a blanket off of him.

He groans and leans up before rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He begins laying kisses all over my face and neck. I giggle and Master seems to like that.

He sits up with he in his arms before he sets me on the floor next to his bed. He kisses me one last time before he pulls the blankets back over him and lays down.

I climb back on the bed and tuck him in before following after Gina who is waiting in the hall. Master hasn’t let me cook for him yet, so I am so excited to get to cook for him.

“You just have to wake that boy if he smothers you,” Gina says, smiling kindly at me. I try to take our dirty clothes from her, but she does let me. “It’s alright. Me and George have been doing Rylan’s laundry since he was born,” Gina says, depositing our clothes on George’s lap when we enter the kitchen.

“Morning, Leah,” he greets kindly. I smile back bashfully, still fascinated with how he is the sub. George gets up from the kitchen table and takes our laundry somewhere before coming back.

“This is Rylan’s absolute favorite breakfast,” Gina informs me, pointing to a delicious picture of an omelet. “Do you want to help me make him some?” She asks me.

“Oh yes please, Miss. I’d love to,” I respond. I hope Master is still in bed once we are done cooking it. I want to give Master a nice breakfast in bed and maybe a thank you for last night.

I have never had anyone pleasure me before and I most certainly appreciated Master taking care of me like that.

“Mistress, how about you let me cook?” George suggests, interrupting us. He kisses her neck and she looks at him, “Go relax and put your feet up. I’ll bring you a nice breakfast as soon as we finish cooking it,” he says.

Gina smiles and kisses him before going off somewhere leaving me and George to cook. George rubs his hands together and smiles at me. “Lets get cooking shall we?”

I carefully remove Master’s meal from the pan putting the finishing touches on breakfast.

Master hasn’t come down yet, so I hope he is still asleep. I want so badly to provide him with a nice meal in bed.

Once his coffee is done, I transfer the coffee straight into a coffee mug and take it upstairs with his meal.

I contemplate knocking, but decide I would rather wake him with kisses or snuggles. Master hasn’t ever seemed to mind when I touch him, so I think me waking him like that won’t be a problem.

Setting Master’s meals on the nightstand, I crawl into bed next to Master. He stirs a little bit with all the movement on the bed, but doesn’t move besides that.

I kiss his lips lightly and that seems to be much more efficient. I gently straddle him and continue to kiss his neck and chest. He groans and his runs his hands over his face.

Master slowly wakes up, allowing me to continue to kiss his, putting his hands behind his head as he watches me kiss all over his body. “Thank you, Master,” I say sincerely, sitting up before I go back to kissing all over him.

“Thank you for what, Darling?” Master asks me, running his fingers through my hair.

“For pleasuring me last night, Master,” I say with a blush as I remember how I was jumping his hand like a whore.

He chuckles and smooths down my hair, “You don’t have to thank me for that, I thoroughly enjoyed it,” he says looking down at me.

“May I please return the favor, Master?” I ask him hopefully, playing with the band of his boxers. At my question his semi-hard member stiffens considerably.

“You don’t have to, Leah. I meant it when I said I enjoyed it,” he says.

“I know Master. I want to”, I assure him as he sits up. I rub my hands up and down his chest and then up and down his thigh.

He seems to contemplate my offer for a moment, “Okay,” he finally relents and my eyes light up. I smile and kiss him gently before beginning to kiss down his chest.

I always hated sucking off my old Master, but with Rylan I am so exited to pleasure him.

When my hands make contact with Master’s boxers, I look up at him. He doesn’t make any move to stop me, so I pull down his underwear, exposing his hard member.

I stroke it a few times before I lay between Master’s feet. I lick the top of his head and he lets out a loud groan. Taking that as I good sign, I pull him into my mouth.

I try to take him all into my mouth, but it doesn’t go very well. Master is very very big and I just end up gagging, “Oh Fuck, Leah,” Master says, wrapping my hair in his hands.

I let my jaw go slack, so he can just use me like he wants. Master doesn’t move at all though after placing his hand in my hair. I continue to try and deep throat him. but I am not successful. If his grunts are any indication though, I think my gagging noises arouse him.

After a little while, I get better and am able to take almost all of him in my mouth. Every so often, Master will hold my head down for a second, making me gag before letting me up.

I try to go back down on him, but Master keeps my hair up. “Breathe for a second, Pet,” Master commands.

I nod and obey, waiting for him to releases my hair, so I can go back to pleasuring him. “Thank you, Master.” With every bob of my head, I know I am drawing him closer and closer and it it thrilling.

Master’s hips occasionally thrust into my mouth making me gag, but surprisingly I don’t mind it at all. It has never been a fun or pleasurable experience, but having Master thrusting into my mouth while he groans with pleasure is definitely enjoyable for me.

I massage Master’s balls gently in my hand. I don’t know if he is super tender there or not, so I play it safe.

I know Master is on the edge of his orgasm, so I deep throat him one last time. He groans out and thrusts into my mouth as he releases his climax into me.

I don’t come off of Master until I’m sure he is done. I want to make sure he knows I’m a good girl.

I hold his cum in my mouth and wait for his permission to swallow. I open my mouth to show him I kept it and chuckles before giving me permission to swallow.

Master still has a tight grip on my hair, so I let my head rest on his hip next to his member. If he wants me to suck him off again, I won’t be far.

Soon Master’s tight grip in my hair turns into soft strokes. He pulls me up higher on him and fixes me, so my chest is pressed into his.

“That felt amazing, Leah,” Master whispers in my ear. He kisses my forehead and lips before he lets his hand travel up my dress from last night. Master never put underwear back on me, so I am left completely exposed to him.

I blush deeply when he feels my dripping wet folds. “Mmmm. Someone else enjoyed that too?” Master teases, nipping my hear.

I want so badly to have a repeat from last night, but I know better than to initiate things.

Master removes his hand anyways without stimulating me anymore and I try to hide my disappointment. “Do you remember last night?” Master asks me, rubbing up my thigh.

I nod and try to not think about the tingles he is sending over my skin. “That was called an orgasm,” he explains. I kind of already knew that, but I just didn’t know what cumming was. “You orgasmed or as I called it in our rules, came,” he says.


“So I wanted to get you off last night because I kind of teased you, but next time I let you cum, the rules still apply and I expect you to ask for permission,” Master explains.

I guess we won’t be playing now.

“Yes, Master,” I reply solemnly. I don’t mean to let my disappoint show. I shouldn’t be sad Master doesn’t want to pleasure me know.

This was a thank you, not a doorway for my own pleasure.

Master seems to notice my disappointment, but I don’t want him to feel bad. Instead I just grab him his coffee and breakfast and present it to him cheerfully, changing the mood completely.

“Here, Master.” I show him his favorite breakfast omelet. He is looking at me weird and I hope I didn’t mess up our morning.

You always mess up everything!

I’m kinda nervous he is gonna punish me, but he explained he didn’t mean to hurt me so bad when he did last time. The idea of having a safeword made the idea of punishment way less terrifying.

“Have you tried it yet, Pet?” The nickname sets me off and I immediately feel another rush of heat to my core.

Master doesn’t use that nickname unless he wants to play. “Your breakfast, Master?” I ask a little confused. I set the tray and his coffee back on the night stand. I made it for him.

“Oh no, Pet. I have my breakfast right here,” Master says, suddenly flipping me onto my back. I squeal and Master pulls up my dress exposing my lower half to him.

I try to sit up, “Oh no, Master, that’s okay-”

“Who’s pussy is this, Pet?” Master asks me seriously, slapping my folds causing me to shut up.

“It... it’s yours, Master,” I answer a little bit confused. I belong to him. He knows that.

“That’s right, Pet, and I’ll use it as I see fit,” Master says before thrusting a finger inside me.

I arch against his finger and whine like mad. My old Master had done this before we had sex, but it was always so painful. When Master does it now, I only feel pleasure. “Who owns this pussy?” He asks, bending over me and thrusting in another finger.

“You do, Master. You do!” I wrap my arms around his neck. He continues to thrust his fingers into my core while he kisses my neck.

He all to soon slips away though. I’m not disappointed though because Master looks at me with a devious look in his eye.

I try to sit up, but he pushes me down again. His face is close to my core, but I don’t know what he is doing. Wait is he gonna-

Master removes his fingers before he takes a long lick up my core. I scream out in pleasure and rock my hips against his tongue.

He chuckles before latching his mouth onto the top of my clit before continuing to thrust two fingers into me.

It feels so good. A familiar feeling comes back to me and I remember what Master said. “Master, may I please cum?” I beg.

He shakes his head no and I throw my head back into the bed. The tightening feeling grows more and more and more. “Master, please!” I beg and he just shakes his head, “Please, Master please!” He continues to shake his head and thrust his fingers into me more.

I keep begging and begging untill finally, “Master, please!”

“Cum,” he demands, latching back onto my clit and sucking hard. I can’t hold back anymore and I climax against his mouth and fingers.

“Thank you, Master!” I continue to cry out. I have never felt anything like this before. It is so much more intense than last night.

After a few seconds of pleasure, Master removes his lips from my core and begins to kiss me. It is a weird kind of taste, but I don’t mind it.

Master doesn’t remove any of his digits until my body has completely stopped spasming. He kisses my face and neck before pulling back and smirking at me. “So how was that, Pet?”

The only way I can think to respond is with my gratitude, “Thank you,Master.”

He smiles at me and pulls me into his lap, “Anytime, my Love,” he says kissing me again. Master pulls over the tray of food. It is now cold, but he doesn’t care.

Master takes a bite of omelet and nods his head in approval before feeding me a bite from his own plate. I just slouch against him, super exhausted. “You will get use to cumming like that,” Master says chuckling, “I’ll make sure of it.”

I smile at his comment and peak under his chin. Master feeds me another bite before taking a sip of coffee. “Would you like some coffee?” He offers, handing me his mug.

It smells funny, “That’s okay, Master. Thank you though.” I don’t hand him his cup back though, I just wait till he wants it, so I can hand it to him.

“Okay then,” he says, alternating between feeding myself and him. I hand him his cup every so often. Master smiles at me from over the rim of his glass and butterflies fill my stomach.

Master is so handsome.

Once all the omelet is gone, Master takes the cup of coffee from me and pats my side. “How about you get dressed for the day, Darling?”

“Of course, Master.” Our suitcase is on the floor by the foot of the bed, so I lean over the side and try to pull out what Master picked out for me to wear.

It looks like he picked out another dress. I know he packed me undergarments, so I look for those as well.

I can’t find them though, so I turn around and am about to as Master when I see him resting against the headboard with his coffee in hand wearing a smug look.

“What?” I ask softly.

He just smirks,“Nothing, Darling. Just keep looking,” he says with a smile.

I turn back to our suitcase and frown. Maybe did he not pack me undergarments?

I’m about to just ask him when I feel the bed dip and Master behind me. I go to sit back and his now covered member presses against my exposed core.

Oh, that’s what he was looking at. I blush deeply at the thought of me completely exposing my rear end to Master. I suppose he has seen it all by now anyways.

His arms wrap around my waist as he leans over me and into our suitcase. He flips the lid closed and unzips a pouch on the front and pulls out matching undergarments.

He throws them behind us on the bed before he reaches down and lightly spanks my exposed clit.

I jump which each tap which causes me to grind against him. “You’re such a little tease sometimes,” Master says, releasing me and kisses my neck.

Master reaches down and pulls my dress up over the top of my head. His left hand gropes my breast as his other reaches for the bra he just pulled out.

He squeezes my breast lightly, not enough to hurt, but enough to remind me it is his.

I moan softly and he chuckles releasing my breast and rubbing them lightly. “You’re so beautiful, Leah,” Master says, handing me my bra to put on.

I do so and Master pushes me back on the bed and lifts my legs in the air to slide on my panties. He pulls me up into his lap for a quick kiss before sliding a new dress over my head.

I wrap my arms around his neck and he stands. Before leaving the room, Master takes our breakfast plate and his coffee mug.

As we walk down stairs, Master’s parents are sitting at the kitchen table waiting for us. Master doesn’t seem to notice though because he leisurely sips his coffee while I cling to his stomach like a koala.

I giggle and Master smiles down at me and places his hand on my bottom. I don’t think he does that for support though, his hand just caresses my bottom under my dress.

“Morning,” Master greets his parent. I can’t believe it is 9:30. I have never gotten up so early while living with Master.

I snuggle into his neck and let out a content sigh. He is always so warm. “So what have you two love birds been doing?” Gina asks.

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