Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

Leah clings to my chest tightly as we walk downstairs. My spirits are high today. I received a wonderful blowjob from my gorgeous submissive, she let me eat her out, and I got my favorite breakfast after a great night of rest. It was the best morning I have ever had until my Mother had to ask me, “So what have you two lovebirds been doing?”

I almost choke on my coffee and spit up over Leah. My Mother notices and smiles knowingly.

She knows exactly what me and Leah have been doing, “Oh nothing much. Just enjoying breakfast together,” I say as leisurely as I can.

I pat Leah’s bottom and she snuggles into me more. Her hot breath tickles my neck and I get hard at just the thought of where those lips have been.

“I bet,” my Mother says with a smile. “Well, we have been discussing what you guys might want to do today. We were thinking the beach might be nice.”

I sit down at the kitchen table with them and let Leah straddle my lap. I pull her hair to the side and kiss her forehead. “Beach sounds fun. What do you think, Leah?”

“Whatever you please, Master,” Leah whispers shyly before hiding back in my neck.

“Well, have you ever been to a beach before?” I ask her, pulling her away from my neck, so I can see her face.

“I don’t think so, Master,” she says absentmindedly, rubbing her hands up and down my arms.

She does that sometimes and I wonder if she is trying to feel my muscle or if it is just a thing she does. “The beach sounds great,” I decide.

“Oh good. Then we should all go get our bathing suits on and we can go to the dock for lunch too,” my Mother says, clapping her hands together.

Oh bathing suits, right.

I look down at Leah and she is rested against my chest and looking up at me with a smile. “We might have to stop at a store to buy Leah a bathing suit,” I say, playing with her hair.

“Oh, did you not bring her one?”

“I haven’t bought her one yet. Let me go get dressed and then we can go,“I kiss Leah’s head and set her on the kitchen chair before I head up stairs to get ready, “Stay,” I tell Leah and she nods obediently.

When I return, my parents are in the kitchen dressed for the beach. Leah is still sitting exactly where I told her to stay. When she sees me, she looks like she wants to jump up an tackle me in a hug.

She stays in her seat though and doesn’t get up when I walk over. I smile at her gently, realizing my own foolishness. I should have know Leah would take me seriously when I told her to “stay”.

“You’re such a good girl, Leah,” I praise her as I scoop her into my arms. She giggles and wraps her arms around me. “Should we go?” I ask my parents.

“Yeah let’s go,” my Mom says.

My Father drives while my Mother sits in the passenger seat. Me and Leah sit next to each other in the back. I thought she would want to sit in my lap, but surprisingly she wanted to sit next to the window.

Usually I am driving, so I can’t pay attention to her, but now I can watch how she sits on the edge of her seat the whole time and watches as the world flies past us.

“Is there something interesting out there?” I ask her, leaning over and trying to see what she is looking at.

She nods her head and points out at the scenery. “Isn’t it pretty, Master?” She asks me laying her head down next to the glass.

“Not a pretty as you, Pet,” She looks over at me and blushes deeply. She focuses back on the scenery and I just keep running my hands through her soft hair.

“Where do you want to go looking for swim suits?” My dad asks.

“Mmm. I don’t know. Does the mall have any nice ones?” I ask my dad. He knows what I mean. I don’t want really revealing swimsuits.

“Yeah, they have a few nice stores I think,” my Mom chimes in.

My Dad catches my eye in the rear view mirror and shakes his head no. I chuckle and my Mom smacks his arm.

“Yeah, they have a few nice ones,” he finally agrees.

“Okay then, that will due.” I look over at Leah watching her as she stares out the window.

I don’t know what she finds so amazing outside, but I guess she has had a lot of stuff happen to her that I still don’t know about.

When we get out of the car, I grab Leah’s hand in my own. She doesn’t have much outdoors experience with me and it is pretty crowded.

I know she is an adult, but I know she would freak if we got separated. “Leah, stay by me. Okay?” I ask.

“Of course, Master,” Leah says, gripping onto my hand tightly.

We go to two stores for swimsuits and I immediately veto them. Most of them are very tiny bikinis.

We are about to leave the third store when I turn around and Leah is looking at an olive green one piece. “Hey, Leah-” When she see me looking at her, she steps away and bows her head shamefully, as if she was in trouble.

“Sorry, Master,” she apologizes, coming over to my side. I wrap my arm around her and walk her back to the swimsuit she was looking at.

It is more revealing then I wanted, but it isn’t that bad. The stomach is a made up of cross crossed and tied rope and it is completely backless and would dip down to Leah’s lower back. I don’t want Leah to feel like I don’t take her wishes into account though. “This is pretty.”

She shuffles her feet and doesn’t make eye contact with me. I rub her back reassuringly, “You should try this on,” I tell her, petting her head.

“Really?” It isn’t the modest type of swimsuit I was hoping for, but the smile on her face alone makes it worth it to me.

“Of course.” I hand it to her and push her towards the dressing rooms. My Mom catches my eyes and nods in approval.

I sit outside and wait for Leah to come out and show me. My Mom went in with her to make sure she could get it on alright.

Leah is such a puzzle to me sometimes. One second she is so comfortable and she snuggles and is intimate with me and then just like, that she can become so timid again.

The dressing room door swings open and I stand to go see what Leah looks like. She peaks her head out and I walk over.

When I come to the door, she steps back and I can see her now. The olive color compliments her creamy skin tone and the high cut of the top makes her legs look so long.

“A really hottie huh?” My mom say, teasing me. I just nod and gesture for Leah to come closer. She obeys and stands in front of me. She is fidgeting with her fingers again and watches for my reaction carefully.

“You look gorgeous,” I say spinning her around. Just like I thought, the back cuts down just above her bottom showing off the curve of her hips and ass perfectly. The patterned front, covers her stomach more than I thought, but not as much as I would like though.

“Do you like it?” Leah asks in a quiet voice. My mother steps out and I sigh. I don’t want other men looking at her like I get to. I know other men will look at her, but I don’t want to take away the only thing she picks out and probably the only thing she has ever gotten to pick out. “It’s okay,” Leah say after I don’t answer. She turns around to start undressing and I grab her arm to stop her.

“No, Leah,” I try to interrupt her.

“No, Master. It’s okay, really,” she falsely assures me.

“Do you want to get it?” I ask her, facing her towards me.

She sighs and looks down at the floor between us, “It’s not about what I want, Master. It’s about what you want,” she says defeatedly, letting her shoulders droop.

I lift her chin so her eyes meet mine. I stroke her cheek and her gaze drops again. I pull her into a hug and brush her hair. “You don’t really believe that, Leah?” I ask her.

I hope she doesn’t. That’s not how it is or how it should be. I realize now all the passive comments like that have been drilled into her head. “Not everything is about what I want, Leah. Our relationship, how you feel and what you want is so much more important to me,” I tell her, wrapping her legs around my chest.

She hides into my neck again and I rub her back. Quiet tears fall down her cheeks and I just rock her in my arms to try and calm her. “It’s okay, Darling. Everything is gonna be okay.” I promise her.

After a minute or two, Leah pulls back and wipes away her remaining tears, looking at me. I have to admit, I do love this bathing suit and the way it fits on her body. “Damn, this does look amazing on you,” I say with a groan.

Leah burst into a beautiful laugh and I set her down. “I love the way it looks, Darling, it just takes a moment for me to get over my possessiveness over you,” I joke.

“It will be fine as long as you remember who you belong to though, Pet,” I tease, pulling her into me and tickling her.

She squeals and drops to the floor, trying to get away. “I’ll go pay, put your regular clothes over that, so we can change quickly at the beach.”

I close the door behind me and my Mom and Dad wait outside the dressing room, talking with one another.

My Mother raises an eye brow and I nod. “Yeah. She is getting dressed and I’m gonna go pay.”

“Good man,” my Father says, patting my back. “They all have us whipped anyway,” he says to me quietly, looking over his shoulder at Mom.

I laugh and he pats my back again.

It is only a fifteen minute drive and my dad parks alongside the road. Cars rush past our car and I unbuckle Leah and hold her in my arms. I’m not taking any chances with Leah on the highway.

When I pick Leah up, she doesn’t fight at all, but instead just leans up against my chest.

I cradle her precious body against my own and follow my parents down the stone path towards the beach. My body relaxes now that we are away from all the fast moving traffic. The beach today is fairly quiet, but some families run around playing.

We lay stake close enough to the water that I could let Leah dip her feet in, but still be sitting and talking with my parents.

I don’t think Leah knows how to swim, but I’m not taking any chances. I set her down on the sand and she cringed when it gets between her toes.

“Welcome to the beach,” I tease her while she tries to shake the sand off her feet. “You’re not gonna get all the sand off now, Pumpkin,” I say. “I’ll clean you off later,” I promise, setting up a chair for her and I.

Just like I expect, as soon as I sit down, Leah kneels in front of me. I’m about to tell her she can sit in a chair, but she crawls between my legs and rests her head against my thigh, looking out over the ocean. “Do you like the view, Pet?” I ask her, petting her head.

She looks up at me with a cute smiling before looking back over the ocean, “Yes, Master. It is very beautiful,” she says, taking a deep breath of fresh air.

I kiss her head and she nuzzles against my thigh. My Dad has set up the umbrella, so we are shaded, but I want to make sure Leah doesn’t get sunburned at all while we are here.

I take out some sunscreen and squirt some into my hand. I’m about to put it on an unsuspecting Leah, but then I remember her thing with me putting stuff on her. She always freaks out when I try to put lotion or cream on her back and I want to warn her.

I completely forgot about the open lacerations on her back too. They look healed, but I don’t want to assume. “Leah,” I call softly. I want to pet her head, but my hands have some sun screen on them.

She looks back at me with concern.

I show her the sunscreen on my hands, “I need to put some of this in you so you don’t burn,” I say.

“Burn?” She asks in alarm.

“Yeah, sunburn.“Has she never heard of a sunburn?

“I didn’t mean to be bad,” she whispers with a frown.

“You weren’t bad, Darling. It’s not a punishment. Sunburns are from the sun. When we spend too much time outside unprotected, we get burnt. This is sunscreen, it protects you from the sun.”

“So you don’t burn?” Leah asks.

“Yeah exactly. You’re so smart, Leah,” I praise, elbowing her lightly. “I’m gonna put this on you, okay?” I ask her. She hesitates but nods. “You’re such a good girl.”

I thickly coat her arms and bare legs before having her take off her regular clothes. I sticking my hand in the front of her suite. She blushes when I brush against her breasts, but is otherwise fine. “How is your back feeling, Darling?” I ask, examining the healing flesh.

“It feels good, Master,” she replies as I run my hand over her back. I press in certain places to see if she is tender, but she doesn’t flinch at all.

“Okay then. I’m gonna put some on and if it hurts at all, even a little bit you have to tell me, okay?”

“Yes, Master,” She responds, turning around for me. I go slow on the top of her back. She looks and feels relaxed, so I keep going.

I am able to cover her whole back with no issues. “You’re all done!”

I wipe my hands off and Leah lays her head down on my thigh again. I run my fingers threw her hair, watching her face. I go to put the sunscreen back into our beach bag, when I hear Leah’s quiet voice.

I don’t know if she meant for me to actually hear her, but it puts a smile on my face. “Thank you, Rylan.” She say glancing over at me. I pet her head and kiss her pulling her up into my lap.

She blushes deeply, but I don’t care. I love it when she calls me by name. “Always, Pet.”

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