Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

I smile gently against Master’s thigh as he continues to pet my head. I can’t believe I finally said his name to him. I mean, I didn’t really mean for him to hear it, but he did. He wasn’t mad either!

I squeeze his leg against my chest and nuzzle into his hard thighs. Something about his solid muscle calms me. I know he could hurt me badly with such strength, but something about him tells me he won’t.

I watch as big waves crash up against the shore in a never ending pattern. I want to go run in them, but I don’t know if Master will let me.

Master talks with his parents and I wait patiently to ask Master for permission to go play. “How can you have not gone out on a date yet?” Master’s mother chides in disbelief.

“I don’t know! We have been really busy.” Master defends.

His mother gives him a stern look and George chuckles. “I raised you better than that Rylan.”

“What? Mom this is not my fault!” I giggle as he flushes red. Master smiles down at me and I place my head on his crouch.

He stiffens, but continue petting me. “Look. She loves being with me,” Rylan says softly, glancing up at his mom.

“Yeah, well lucky you, because after twenty three years, I’m done doing your laundry.” Gina says, rolling her eyes.

George pats her hand and looks over at Rylan, “I think me and your mother are gonna go on a walk.” Gina and George get up and take off down the beach, walking on the shore line.

Once they are gone, Master lets his hand trail down to my shoulder, making small circles on my back.

I want to ask Master if I can go play. The kids on the beach run around in the waves not to far from us and their laughter makes me want to get up and run to join them.

I want to ask Master if he will come and play in the waves with me also, but he is probably very tired and won’t have the energy.

I won’t ask even though I really want to because I don’t want to be a bad girl.

“What’s up, Leah?” Master tilts my face up making me glancing away shyly. Sometimes his gaze is so intense, I just can’t keep eye contact.

“Nothing, Master. Is there anything I can do for you though, Master?” He looks so relaxed, but I want to do everything I can for him.

I want to make Master happy.

To my dismay, Master frowns. I frown too. I didn’t mean to be bad. I bite my lip and look down at my hands which rest in my lap.

“You can’t lie to me, Leah.” Master says softly. Fear spikes through me, but Master quickly kisses my head and lifts my gaze.

His face is calm, holding no trace of anger. “I know you better than you think.” Master rubs his thumb across my lip.

“I’m sorry, Master.” I apologize breathlessly. He shakes off my apology though.

“What were you thinking about? You always get this look when you’re can’t trick me.” Master reminds me with a smirk. It’s a nice smirk though. It makes my insides go fuzzy.

I look down at the sand around me. When Master first put me in it, it irritated me, but it is actually really nice and warm.

I trace a shape in the sand and try to formulate an answer. I don’t want to be rude or ungrateful for Master bringing me here. I don’t want to make Master feel like he has to come play with me.

“I don’t want to be bad.” I explain quietly. I look up at Master and he has a confused look on his face.

“You’re not being bad, Leah. I just want to know what’s on your mind.” Master squats down, so we are on the same level.

It is so nice that he does that. My old Master would never do something to put me on his level.

Master places a stray strand of hair behind my ear and I can’t help, but smile. “I...was thinking about asking you to come play with me... like in the water.”

I knew Master was nice and would not be rude about his rejection, but I never thought he would actually say yes. “Oh Baby, I’d love to. Let’s go.” Master says, standing up and extending a hand down to help me up as well.

I take his hand happily and cling to his side, “Wait, Master!” I say, pulling him back into the shade. He looks confused, but I pull out the bottle of sunscreen he had used on me earlier. “You don’t want to get burned.”

Master smiles before he pulls off his shirt. I avert my eyes from his gloriously toned chest.

Images from last night flood my mind and I feel myself getting wet. Blushing deeply, I concentrate on opening the sunscreen and pouring some out.

“You get my chest and my back and I’ll get my legs and arms.” Master says, taking the bottle from me. I comply and spread the lotion over his toned back as he bends over and coats his legs. I take much more time massaging in the lotion in his back though because he is very tense and I want to make him feel good.

Master reclines his head back and groans as I kneed a knot in his back. I press harder to try and dissolve the tough muscle, but it doesn’t really work.

Master doesn’t seem to mind though because he groans in pleasure every so often. After a few more minutes, I kiss his back before getting more lotion for his chest.

I hope Master is pleased with his massage. I will gladly continue if he asks me to, but I also really want to go play in the waves.

I’m kind of afraid I’ll drown, but I know Master will save me if I start sinking.

I walk around to face Master, blushing deeply when I see his handsome smile. He lifts my gaze, saying nothing. He drops his hands to my hips and lets me cover his chest in sunscreen.

I don’t let my hands wander or idle on his chest though. His gaze makes me nervous. When I’m rubbing in the last of the sunscreen, Master lifts my head again before pulling me into his chest, running his fingers through my hair, “I love you, Leah.” Master says, kissing my head.

I look up at him in complete shock. I don’t know what to say. He has said those words before, but they feel different this time. They feel genuine, not like he said it out of pity, “I love you too, Master.” I slip my small hand into his large ones. His eyes light up and he tugs my hand, leading me to the ocean.

As we get closer, I sink farther into Master’s sides. The waves are much larger up close and the water rushing up the beach gives me some anxiety.

“It’s okay, Leah. I’m right here.” Master pushes me in front of him to my dismay and water slouches over my feet and ankles. I squeal loudly at the cold water.

Master’s chest presses against my back and keeps me in place. His hands hold my hips firmly as I try to run away from the cold water. “Let’s go deeper.“, Master encourages, pushing me forward with a warm chuckle.

I shake my head no, but Master doesn’t listen. Another wave breaks and the freezing water rushes up to my calves. Master lets me get use to the depth of the water before taking us even further out.

The water is high on my thighs now and I cling to Master, shivering. The large waves scare me, but Master holds me to him firmly.

I shiver against him with one of the biggest smiles ever. As waves crash around us, Master finally picks me up and holds me against his chest as water rushes around us. “You still having fun, Leah?”

I nod my head and press my face into Master’s neck. I shiver against his warm chest for a while before he takes us back up to shore. He carries me the whole way, even when we hit the warm sand.

Master’s parents are back and wave at us as we walk up from the shore. “How was the water?” Gina asks.

“It was cold, but I had a very nice jacket to keep me warm.” Master teases, patting my wet bottom. Even though we didn’t go very deep, my swimsuit is wet from water crashing against me.

I smile and squeeze my arms around Master’s neck so I am closer to him. He wraps me in a towel as I cling to his chest, not letting me go.

I giggle and he kisses my head before reclining on the soft sand. “How was your walk?”

“Good. Did you two have fun?” Gina asks us. Master looks down at me and I nod before hiding into his chest.

He brushes his sandy fingers through my hair. “I’m pretty hungry. Should we head to lunch?” Master asks, running his hands up the back of my calf.

I nod and try not to visibly shudder at his touch. “Sounds good,” Gina says. We pack up quickly and me and Gina stay at the beach, waiting for Master and George to put the things back in the car.

It’s a little awkward between myself and Gina, but the background noise of children playing in the water makes it bearable. Master had me put my sundress back over my swimsuit for lunch and it makes me a little sad that I can’t still see my swimsuit.

My feet are still sandy, but it doesn’t bug me as much anymore. Odd how you can get use to something in such a short time-

I’m snapped out of my thoughts when hands grab my sides. I scream in surprise and try to yank away only to see it is Master.

He laughs playfully and pulls me into his chest and I try to relax. “Did I scare you, Leah?” Master asks, picking me up and setting me on his waist. I nod and let out a shaky breath. “Sorry, Darling. I didn’t think I would scare you that much.” He says he is sorry, but the smile on his face doesn’t help his case.

Gina gives Master an angry glare and I giggle as he backs away defensively. I try to get out of Master’s arms as we walk, but he won’t let me. “I’m carrying you to lunch. I don’t want you to get hit by a car.” Master pats my bottom and I stop struggling.

Master kisses my head, “Good girl.” He praises softly, rubbing my back. I know I am getting his dry clothing wet, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

At the restaurant, we are seated outside at a table by the ocean. Master places me down on my feet and sits in a chair. I sink to my knees next to him, looking out over the ocean waves.

The view is so pretty and reminds me of all the fun Master and I had. I wonder if Master will ever take me back to the ocean again some time,“Leah.” Master strokes my head as I lay it on his lap. I look up at him and see his concerned face.

My happiness dissolves quickly. What did I do wrong? I didn’t mean to disappoint Master. He stands up and I back away a little, so I’m not in his way. “Come sit in a chair.” Master pats the seat next to him.

I see George is sitting next to his Mistress, but it feels weird to sit with my Master in public.

I obey though, hesitantly looking around, too worried someone might scold me for sitting with Master.

His warm hands grip my waist and pull me into the seat beside him. He smiles at me, settling some of my sudden anxiety.

Master brushes off some of the deck wood and dirt off of my knees before resting his hand on my upper thigh. The vicinity of his hand makes me sit up a little taller.

A blush runs to my cheeks as the morning’s events run through my head again. “So Leah...” Gina starts. My smile falls a little remembering her questioning last night. “How are you liking it with Rylan?”

Okay well that’s an easily answered question. “I love it.” I reply, shivering as an ocean breeze brushes over my arms. Master’s hand runs over my leg, distracting me from Gina’s next question.

I look up barely catching the last few words of her question. “I’m sorry.” I apologize, looking down, embarrassed I had gotten distracted.

“Are you all settled in?” She repeats, taking a sip of the water. I nod and look at Master for permission to have some water.

He smiles at me and I take that as a yes.

“Good, then maybe you could help him redecorate his house?” Gina teases lightly.

“My house is prefect!” Master proclaims. “Tell her, Leah. My house is fine.”

“Master’s house is fine.” I repeat obediently. Gina gives Rylan a look and I look out over the ocean for a moment.

“I’ll have to take you out shopping soon, so we can add a little feminine touch to the place.” Gina says, scowling over at Rylan.

I lean on him protectively, a little upset she is scolding Master. “Master’s house is very nice.” I defend quietly. Gina doesn’t hear me, but I think Master does. He pats my side and kisses my head.

“So since you two are staying for dinner, I invited Jena and Mason over,” Gina says, looking at Master.

I don’t know who they are, but Master knows them because his face breaks into a grin. “That’s great. Are they bringing the little one?”

“I assume they would. So, Leah, do you like children?” Gina asks me.


I have never really seen other children before.

“Mom,” Master says defensively, winding his arm around my waist.

Gina lifts her hands in defense.

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