Saving Leah

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Jena, Mason, Ivy

Rylan’s POV

Leah sits quietly on the edge of my bed; back straight, hands folded, and head bowed. She bites her lip like always and stares off into nothing as I walk into my room.

She doesn’t look afraid, but her submissive positioning has me worried she has done something bad. “Pet?”

Her head snaps up and her brows furrow in slight confusion. “Is everything alright?”

She moves to her knees, “Um yeah, but—I’m sorry. I meant yes, Master, but so your sister, Jena, is a submissive?” She asks, folding her hands on her lap again.

“Yeah and her dominant, Mason, is an old friend from high school,” I explain, cupping her chin in my hand. She is already looking at me, but I love having an excuse to touch her.

She nods and lets her eyes wander over my chest and lower to where my towel starts. “How do you want me to act?” She fiddles with her hands.

“Good,” I laugh.

She nods obediently looking back up at my chest and towel, “Yes, Master.”

Her eyes flick up to mine and I know what she is gonna ask next. “Can I pleasure you again, Master?”

She has requested several times to pleasure me, but I worry that even though she is asking she doesn’t really want to.

She was probably trained her whole life to always ask.

I worry a little bit every time I think about this morning. I loved every moment of it so much, her mouth was amazing and her gagging noises were so hot, but I don’t know how she really felt about it.

I’m worried I took things too far with her. I had wanted to take things really slow, so that I would treat her right, but she just makes it so hard with her begging eyes.

“It’s okay.” I gently remove her hands from my chest. She frowns slightly, and I can tell I have hurt her feelings.

I wish I could just take a nap with her, but I know Jena and Mason are gonna be here soon. I kiss Leah’s head and rub her back gently. “We should get ready.”

Leah nods obediently, but I don’t miss the disappointed look which flashes across her face.

I pat her bottom and she backs up on the bed, so I can sit. “Are you ready for dinner?” She nods and gets out of bed like I told her to.

She blushes heavily and I look down, realizing the towel I had been wearing was coming off and exposing me a little. “Would you like me to get you some clothes for dinner, Master?”

I smile and rest back onto the edge of the bed, “I would like that. Thank you.”

Leah digs in our suitcase before she pulls out some of the nicer clothes I packed in case we went out for dinner.

Leah brings me the clothes and lays them out before kneeling in front of me. She bites her lip and glances up at me before grabbing a pair of boxers.

I won’t make her put my underwear on for me, so when I stand up, I try not to accidentally bump her with my erection.

She blushes heavily and ducks her head as I pull on my boxers and pants. “Belt?” I ask, brushing her face with the back of my hand.

Leah nods and crawls over to our suitcases. I follow her so she won’t have to crawl back. She doesn’t have to dig far to find my belt.

Until I see her pull it out, I forget how afraid of belts she was. I go to stop her, but the damage is already done. Poor Leah looks nervous and scared.

I grab the belt from her and pat her head gently, trying to comfort her without making a big deal out of her fear.

Pulling the belt around my waist and through my pants, I go to fasten it, but Leah beats me to it. Her soft hands fumble with the buckle.

She struggles with it at first. I don’t think she knows how to make it fasten. Her hands begin to shake and I cup her hands in mine and lead her hands, showing her how the buckle works.

A soft, “Thank you, Master,” leaves her lips and she glances up at me. The scared look on her face makes me think that she thought I would have been angry.

“My shirt?” I ask gently, trying not to spook her fragile form. She gets up quickly and helps me into my top.

Her nimble fingers button it, her nervous glances moving from the buttons to my face. I roll up the sleeves of my shirt a little, giving the formal look a little more relaxed vibe.

Once she is done with the buttons, she doesn’t wait for my command getting the tie from our luggage.

Gentle hands fix the collar of my shirt as she knots the tie around my neck. She hesitates when tightening my tie, before she leaves it really lose and I wonder what that is about.

We haven’t talked a lot about the queer habits she has. I suspect they are due to her old master. I want to ask, but I also don’t want to stress her out more than I already am.

She gets my feet into warm socks before slipping on my dress shoes. She ties them quickly, finally stilling, kneeling at my feet.

She rests her hands in her lap and bows her head. I can’t see her face, but I don’t need to in order to know she is nervous.

I squat down in front of her and she shys away. I lift her chin to meet my gaze. For a second she won’t, but then she relents. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, Master,” she lies.

Does she know she is a terrible liar?

“Were you uncomfortable?” I ask, causing her to shake her head.

“I’m... I’m fine, Master,” she pleads, resting her hands on my arms which are now cupping her face.

“Are you worried?” I press. I know she is stressed, but she won’t talk to me about it.

“No, I’m— well, yes... yes. I’m a little stresse—but I’m okay, Master, really,” she falsely promises me.

I want to call her on lying to me, but I remember how she freaked out last time. “Leah, there is nothing to be worried about—didn’t you have a fun day today? We had fun right?”

She nods at both of my questions, “I did and I’m so grateful that you took me with you. I...I...I... I’m just nervous,” she says finally in a whisper.

“What are you nervous about?” I question softly. I can tell she is breaking down. Her breathing is getting deeper and I can see the tears in her eyes.

“I...I...I don’t know. I’m sorry. I don’t know why. I just am.” Tears begin to cascade down her bubbly cheeks.

“No shhh.” I try to comfort pulling her to me. “Don’t cry, it’s okay.” The door bell goes off and Leah then begins to shake and sob much more.

“Pet. Pet, listen to me,” I reason, brushing her long hair from her face, “You don’t have to be nervous. Nothing is gonna happen. I’m right here to protect you. No one is gonna hurt you. It’s okay to be nervous, Pet, but everything is gonna be okay.”

She cries softly into my once wrinkless shirt, but I don’t care. I bury my head into her neck and let out a deep breath.

It’s so hard sometimes when you always have to comfort your sub after a breakdown.

I love having her, but she is defiantly more work than I thought she would be. Maybe I should ask Dr. Harvey about a depressant, so she can relax a little.

She is always so high strung. “We should go downstairs and I’ll introduce you to my sister and my brother-in-law. You’re gonna love them. Jena is so sweet and Mason is a good dom too.”

She lets me pull us to our feet and she release her death grip on my arms as she steps away. Her frail arms wrap around herself protectively and she cries and she walks to our door.

I catch her in my arms before she goes down the hallway. I can’t have my family see her like this, they will be so angry and disappointed, thinking I hurt her.

“We have to calm down though first,” I whisper, rubbing her arms and pulling her into a hug. She nods, taking deep breathes, making her sobs turn into hiccups.

I brush her tears away and clutch her to my chest. “There we go. You’re such a good girl”, I praise, kissing her head.

At my praise, she visibly relaxes and begins to dry her eyes. The skin around her eyes are red and puffy and I worry about how it will look to my parents.

I don’t want to say anything though, because I might upset Leah more. I brush more tears away before pulling her head into my chest one last time. “You’re doing so good working with me, Darling.”

She smiles at the pet name and straightens her collar, smoothing down her dress. “What if... what if I mess up again?”

“What do you mean again?” I ask in confusion.

“Last night... I was bad at dinner,” she says sadly, twisting her hands into knots.

“No you weren’t, you were fine.”

“I couldn’t answer anything Miss Gina asked... or or or listen in the car yesterday.”

“Shhh listen, Leah.” I rub her shoulders as I pull her in between my legs, sitting on the bed. “Yesterday in the car was my fault. That was my bad. At dinner you were fine. You were respectful and that’s all I can ask of you.”

She nods and lets out a deep breath. I brush a strand of hair behind her ear, “They are gonna love you,” I promise softly, running my thumb over the back of her hand.

A knock meets our door and Leah jumps a little. “Rylan, your sister is here. Come down for dinner,” my Mom says.

I grab Leah’s hand and open the door to be met with my Mom’s smirk. Her face falls though once she sees Leah’s swollen and red eyes.

My Mother glares at me accusingly and I pull Leah around my waist and kiss her head. I can hear Jena and Mason downstairs talking with my dad. Leah must be able to as well because she tenses immediately.

I push her down the stairs in front of me, making her walk. She tries to push back a little once we reach the landing and I catch her before she can scurry upstairs. “You’re fine,” I assure her, turning her back around.

“Rylan!” My sister greets, running towards me with a baby in one arm. Leah steps away, letting Jena give me a big hug.

“Oh my Lord! Ivy has gotten so big,” I say, snatching away my little niece into my arms. Ivy giggles and claps her hands as I brush me and Ivy’s noses together.

Jena smiles and runs back into Mason’s arms.

I lower Ivy back into my arms securely and gesture for Leah to come to my side.

She obeys of course and I wrap an arm around her. “This is my submissive, Leah,” I introduce.

“You are so perfect!” Jena says excitedly, jumping at Leah before I can respond.

Leah tenses away from the hug, not returning the action, but Jena.

Pulling away, Jena squeals. “You two look so gorgeous together. Don’t they Mason?”

“Yes, Love,” Mason agrees, patting the side of his submissive. I hand him his child and he smiles gratefully. “I think your mother wanted to start dinner.” Mason says before pushing Jena into the dinning room as she continue to go on about me and Leah.

Poor Leah stays plastered to my side. I push her along, much to her dismay, into the dinning room.

The first thing I do when I get into the dinning room is gag. “Oh my God. Jena, please put that away,” I say as my sister starts breastfeeding Ivy.

“I don’t think your big brother wants to see his little sister exposed,” Mason says, fixing a napkin to cover up her breasts.

I pull out a chair for Leah, pushing her into it before sitting beside her. She is visibly shaking in her chair, so I scoot closer to her. “You’re doing so good, Darling,” I praise, my hand griping her thigh.

She just nods at my words, watching Jena breastfeed.

I wonder if she wants kids? And if so, how many? When?

“And dinner is served,” my Father declares proudly, placing a very delicious looking bowl of chicken fried rice on the table.

We all serve ourselves save for Leah and Jena. Mason gets her some because she is busy with the baby, but Leah just stares at Jena with a confused look.

I want to ask, but not now. “Here, Leah.” I take her plate, filling it up and placing it back in front of her.

“T-thank you, Master.” I smile softly, trying to calm her down. She is still really stiff. It kinda works, but she still keeps glancing and Jena.

Jena and my Mother go back and forth, talking about the baby and Mason says something every once in a while too.

I mainly watch Leah though. Her nervous ticks scare me a little, but she doesn’t look like crying. She eats her food, but doesn’t drink her water at all.

“You need to drink too,” I remind her, nudging her water glass. She obey immediately, and downs the whole glass in a couple gulps. I feel guilty because I forgot to make sure she had enough water today.

“So how long have you two been together?” Mason asks us as my parents clear away the dishes.

Poor Leah tenses and I rub her thigh,“Three days,” I say, looking over at Leah. I smile softly and she returns the gesture, but I can see the nervousness in it.

“Oh my,” Mason says, “How long have you known each other?” I hesitate to answer and Mason realizes that, “Or was she from a facility?”

“Well we met through my work,” I say as I pat Leah’s leg. I think she misunderstands my gesture because she sits up even taller and stiffer than before. She glances at me with worry and grips the tablecloth in her lap.

I pry the cloth from her hand discreetly, and replace it with my hand. “Oh that’s lovely.” My sister cuts in before Mason can ask anything else. “Have you talked about children yet at all?” Jena wriggles her eyebrows at me from across the table.

My cheeks flush as my little sister teases me. “Not yet,” I say, squeezing Leah’s hand in reassurance. Her grip on me tightens even more than I thought was possible and I try to pull my hand away to let the blood rush back to it. She doesn’t loosen her grip at all, forcing me to use my other hand to not so subtly disconnect ours.

“You still have lots of time to have kids,” Mason reassures me with a smile.

“Should we watch a family movie?” My Mom chimes as she walks in from the kitchen.

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