Saving Leah

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Where Babies Come From

Rylan’s POV

“Do I know how babies are made?” Leah repeats softly, glancing up at me. I nod and she bites her lip.

“Well, umm my old Master told me one time, but I don’t really remember.” She takes off the blanket on herself and lays it over me. “He said something about babies being made when people want to make copies of themselves.”

“But do you know like how they are made?” Please tell me she knows.

She’s not even a virgin and she doesn’t know how sex works.

Hell, she gave me a blowjob and she doesn’t even know how sex works.

She just shakes her head at my question, “No, I just know people buy them.”

Buy them?

After I don’t reply she looks up at me hesitantly, “Right?”

“Buy babies?” I ask her.

How can she not know?

She shrugs and looks away at Ivy who is in my Mother’s arms. “That’s not how it really is Master, is it?” She asks me softly. I shake my head. And she nods in agreement. “Stupid.” She says to herself quietly.

“You’re not stupid. No one has ever told you how it works. What else are you suppose to think?” She nods and frowns at my words. I run my thumb over her cheek before tucking the blanket around her more.

She looks over at Ivy again and I wonder if she wants to try holding her. She said she doesn’t know how, so maybe I can show her.

I really want kids, like bad, so maybe she will want them to if she is familiar with children.

“Sit up, I’ll show you how to hold a baby,” I command softly, pushing myself off the couch. Leah sits up and pulls the blanket around herself more.

My mother smiles gently and hands off Ivy to me wordlessly. I take Ivy in my hands, careful to support her neck.

Leah watches anxiously. She fidgets and leans forward, so she can see Ivy when I sit down next to her.

Leah stares at her curiously and Ivy bursts into laughter. Ivy extends her hands out, aimlessly searching for something to grab onto.

I’m about to let her have one of my fingers, but Leah hesitantly offers her own. I nod my head giving her permission and Leah lets Ivy take her finger.

Ivy giggles loudly and begins to suck on Leah’s finger. “She is teething right now, so you might want to watch your fingers.”

“Yes, Master,” Leah replies subconsciously. I don’t think she heard or is paying attention to anything I am saying as she stares down in wonder and curiosity at Ivy.

Ivy spits out Leah’s finger and continues to grip it tightly in her little fists. Leah leans against my side, looking over my shoulder at the baby.

“Do you like children, Master?” Leah rests her hand on my bicep as she lays her chin on my shoulder, leaning over my back.

“Could you tell?” I tease, leaning my head against hers. She sighs and stares down at Ivy. “Sit back”, I command, positioning a pillow under Leah’s arm.

“Babies are very fragile. Her neck isn’t strong enough yet, so you have to support it,” I explain. “Hold your hands like mine and keep her close to your chest,” I command, easing Ivy into Leah’s arms.

Leah recoils a little bit, but lets me put Ivy in her arms. She looks lost, but eventually relaxes and fixes Ivy, so she is cuddled into her chest instead of resting on top.

“You’re very good with children, Master,” Leah observes, glancing up at me before looking back down at Ivy.

I chuckle lightly and sit next to her. “Thank you. With practice you will be good with them too,” I assure her.

She looks up at me quickly and I catch a glimpse of an unreadable expression. I don’t mean to make her feel awkward or pressured, but I have baby-fever bad. I want to collar her, have a baby, start a family.

Leah is young though.

She doesn’t need anymore of her childhood taken away.

I clear my through and take Ivy away from Leah.

I shouldn’t have forced her to hold Ivy.

I shouldn’t be worrying her with long term commitments like children.

I should be working to make her feel safe, comfortable, instead of pushing her to like kids.

She isn’t ready and probably won’t be for a while.

“Here, I’ll take her,” Mason says, taking Ivy from me gently. “Jena is tired, so we are just gonna go to bed. It was good meeting you, Leah.” Mason says before heading upstairs.

“I’m sorry,” Leah apologizes quietly as I sit down next to her. I look over at her in confusion.

What is she apologizing for?

“I didn’t mean to hold the baby wrong,” she elaborates, tucking her legs into her.

“You didn’t hold her wrong. You did great. It’s just late and we should go to bed.” I stand up, grabbing the two glasses from the coffee table, “Take your water and head upstairs. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Yes, Master.” She takes the glass from me and quickly scurries up the steps.

I place my glass on the counter and sigh deeply, running a hand down my face. “Long day?” My dad asks from behind me.

I turn around and see him smiling sympathetically as he leans against the far kitchen counter.

“Yeah, you could say that,” I admit, sitting down on one of the bar stools. “It seems my days are much longer now that I have a submissive.”

I feel guilty for saying it, but it is true. My father hums gently and there is a silence between us two. “Do you regret it?” My father asks me suddenly.

“Picking her?” He nods. “Of course not. She’s amazing. Sometimes it’s just difficult, it’s not her fault, but it still is hard.”

He nods thoughtfully, “Just make sure she knows...knows you don’t regret her. Being a submissive myself, I know there are always times we doubt being wanted.”

I nod silently, listening to my Father, “Life gets tough too and days get long, they always will. You just have to be able to keep that to yourself sometimes... but you also have to know how to share that burden,” he says, sitting down next to me.

“I know she has probably been through a lot. More than you or I could ever know, but remember, she is still alive because she is strong. She’s your submissive, but she is also gonna be your wife. Sometimes you have to let her take care of you or have tough conversations.” He comes and sits with me.

I nod and hug him. He pats my back, “I don’t know what happened with Leah, or what’s really going on with you two, but I know you will do what’s right for her and for yourself.”

“Thanks,” I say, hugging him one last time before I head back upstairs.

When I walk into our room, Leah is kneeling by the door, waiting. I internally sigh and remember what my Dad said.

“Come on, Leah.” I loosen my tie and throw it into our open suitcase.

Leah crawls behind me and I sit down on the bed looking down at her.

She kneels between my legs and we sit in silence for a while. She eventually begins to play with the ends of my shoes laces.

A smile reaches my face as I watch her mindlessly play with the string. I run my hand over my face again and rest my head against my palm as I lean against my knee.

The motion catches Leah’s attention and she stops with her distraction. “Is... is everything alright, Master?” She whispers, crawling in between my legs more.

She rests her hands on my thighs and tilts her head to the side so innocently. I run my hand over her soft facial features and she leans into my touch. “It has just been a long day,” I admit, pulling her head against my thigh. “It was fun, but exhausting.”

She nods and I think she has dropped the conversation when she speaks up. “Is everything else alright? Do you need to punish me or something? It’s okay if you do,” she assures me quickly.

“No, nothing like that. I just... I worry sometimes about the things we do and how you feel about it.” I don’t want to tell her I regret having intimate contact. Deep down I know I don’t, but it feels so wrong to know we did sexual things and she doesn’t even know about sex.

“Oh” She frowns. She processes my words for a moment before responding, “What do you mean? Is this about where babies come from?”

“Yeah. Very much so-”

“I didn’t mean to give you a stupid answer, Master,” she says apologetically. “I won’t say stupid things like that anymore.”

“It isn’t about that... well it kinda is. Just listen.” I can’t believe I have to teach my submissive about sex.

It feels awkward and wrong to talk about. I suddenly feel like a seventh grade boy again, learning about how kids are made.

“Babies are made through sex. You carry eggs and when those eggs get fertilized that is how babies are made.” There is no easy or nice way to say it. “Once you’re pregnant, it will be nine months and then we will get a baby,” I say, shortening up the process.

She pales and I start to freak a little.

What did I say wrong?

Does she really not want kids that bad.

“This happens every time you have sex? How do you know if I’m pregnant?” She gasps looking up at me with horror.

“You’re fine. We haven’t had sex, so you won’t be pregnant and there are method of protection, so you won’t even if we do have sex.”

She shakes her head no, “But my old Master...” she begins to say. Her hands begin to shake and her lips tremble, “I didn’t want to... I don’t know... I could be.”

“Shhh,” I try to calm her. My blood boils hearing her. I can’t believe that monster ever touched her, my Leah, my precious Leah. “You aren’t, you’re fine.”

A new fear rises in me though.

What if she is pregnant with that bastards baby? Would she keep it? Would she want to? Would I let her?

“You would give me back to him,” she says, horror stricken.

“No I wouldn’t,” I promise, hugging her shaking body into mine. She isn’t crying and I am thankful, but she still is scared. “I will never ever give you back, not to him, not ever.”

“What would I do?” Her voice breaks and pull her on the bed with me.

“You don’t worry about those things one bit,” I tell her as I brush her hair from her face.

“Where would I go?”

“Why would you go anywhere? You’re mine, Leah. You belong to me,” I remind her sternly.

“You’d keep me?” She asks looking for confirmation.

“Of course I would. I was telling the truth when I told you that you were the best thing that has ever happened to me”

“I love you, Master.”

“I love you too, Leah.”

I pull Leah into my lap and kiss her passionately. She lets me thrust my tongue into her mouth and push her down into the mattress.

I rest my forehead against hears for a while and just think, “Do you want to go on a walk with me?”

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