Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

I slipped on Gina’s flip flops and quickly scurry after Master as he walks out the front door.

The night air is a chilly, but I am warm in Master’s sweatshirt. He pulls me to his side and I sigh contently.

“I’m not sure how else to go about finding this stuff out, so I’m just gonna ask you,” Master says after we are a few houses away from his parent’s house. “I need you to be one hundred percent honest with me though. I don’t want you to try to please me, or guess what I want to hear, because I just want to hear the truth.” Master sits down at a bench under a lamp light.

It is dark out side, but I feel safe with him.

I nod in understanding and face him, ready to listen intently. “,” He sighs and tries again, “Do you like being a submissive?”

My face scrunched in confusion. Do I like being a submissive?

“I don’t really know. It’s all I have ever been.” We sit in silence for a second. “There have been times when I wish I wasn’t, but I like being your submissive. You take care of me.”

I shiver for a second as a cold breeze brushes over my shoulder. “I know you like pleasure like in general. It is natural to, but do you feel okay with me touching you?” He looks so uncomfortable with the conversation, it pulls a smile on my face.

I try to hide it, so he doesn’t think I’m being disrespectful. “Touching me how?” I know he is talking about sexually, but I want to make sure we are being clear with one another.

“Sexually. Like did it make you uncomfortable when I was fingering and groping you?” Master looks out at the night sky.

It is so pretty and I wish I could see the bright stars more.

“It was different, but a good different, Master. I trust you to take care and use my body.”

He is always so gentle and careful with me I... trust him. Well, at least with touching me for like pleasure and stuff.

I’m not sure where I stand with him on punishment. I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me badly, but he is so strong.

“So you are fine if we do more sexual stuff?” I nod and bite my lip nervously looking over at him.

It’s a weird conversation to have, no one has ever really wanted to talk about how I felt.

“So when we get back, you wouldn’t mind me doing a scene with you?” He asks.

I shake my head and a nervous excitement rushes through me. “I won’t take it as far as sex, but I definitely want to reward you.” Reward me?

I nod and cross my legs as I feel myself to getting wet.

“Okay,” he says calmly, looking out in front of him into the darkness. He nods to himself and I see he is thinking.


When we get home, Master tells me to get ready for bed. I’m so anxious, I can’t help my shaking hands as I try to brush my hair.

A soft knock disrupts me from my racing thoughts.

I turn around quickly, thinking it’s Master. I am surprised when I see it’s Jena. She doesn’t have Ivy with her and she looks more calmed down than the last time I saw her. “Hey,” she says shyly.

“Hey,” I reply back quietly. She looks around the bathroom and I take a step back awkwardly. “ you need the bathroom?” I ask a little confused as to why she is here.

“Oh uh no. I just wanted to apologize... really apologize,” she says, resting on the door frame, ” I shouldn’t have said what I did,” she elaborates.

I stare at her for a second. It is weird having people apologize. “It’s alright.” I say, nervously tapping my fingers on the counter. “I’m sorry too,” I apologize, not knowing what else to do. I should probably know how to hold a baby anyway. It was my fault that she was upset really. “I hope your Master didn’t punish you.”

She said some mean things about me, but I don’t hate her. I would never wish pain upon her.

A confused look crosses her face, “Mason?” She questions and I nod. I forget she calls her Master by name too. “Oh no. He didn’t.” She assures me, twirling a strand of hair between her fingers. “So what are you doing?”

“Um oh,” I say, realizing I am probably making Master wait.

I’m debating leaving now, but realize I never finished getting ready for bed.

“I’m just getting ready for bed,” I quickly turn around and comb the rest of my hair.

“Oh you mean getting ready for Rylan?” She questions with a playful smirk.

Heat flares through my cheeks. “Yeah, I...I guess so.” This is so embarrassing.

My heart flutters though at the thought of Master.

I can’t believe I’m making him wait though.

“Leah, is everything alrig—” Master pauses, standing in the doorway.

His gaze switches between me and Jena, his eyes narrowing.

Jena just stands confidently and smirks at him. “Slow down tiger, she is finishing up.”

Rylan scowls at her in a way I think only siblings would, before looking at me for an explanation. I bite my lip and avoid his gaze by examining the floor as I grab my toothbrush and begin to brush my teeth.

Our gaze meets and I can read his expression.

Are you alright?

I smile and nod biting my lip again and switching my gaze back to the floor.

Jena and Rylan continue to stare each other down. Master leans against the door frame with a quirked eye brow and a smirk while Jena stands next to me at the counter with her arms crossed.

Mason finally appears behind Master as I wash the toothpaste down the sink and wet a washcloth to clean my face.

“There you are,” Mason says, suspiciously looking between me, Jena and Rylan. “I have been looking for you.” Jena defeatedly drops her arms and accepts Ivy.

“Mason is looking for you,” Rylan finally says to Jena as she brushes by him.

“Thanks, asshole,” she mutters under her breath causing Mason to burst into laughter.

I look up in the mirror and see Master still leaning on the door frame, watching me. I dry my hands and turn around to face him.

“Sorry I made you wait,” I apologize quietly. He shrugs his shoulders and continues to watch me.

I lean back against the counter as he eyes my every move. I can feel his eyes trace my every curve before he finally pushes off the door frame.

He walks out of the bathroom and I run to the doorway just to see him enter our room. I don’t know if I should follow him or not.

He could be mad that I made him wait and he may want time, but he also could have wanted me to follow him, so he could punish me now.

He could also not care.

Master appears at the door of our room again. “You coming?” He questions with a raised brow.

“Yes, Master. ” I run after him.

The first thing I notice, is the blindfold on the bed.

“On the bed. Face the wall,” Master instructs, opening a few drawers in his old dresser.

I obey, waiting anxiously for his next command. I feel him standing behind me. The bed dips as he places a knee on the bed and begins to undress me.

“Hands behind your back.” I hear the chuckle in his voice and I smile.

I place my hands behind my back and hold onto my wrists, but Master pulls them apart before clicking on a pair of arm restraints.

I want to look back at him, but I know I’m not suppose to. It’s playtime right now and all the rules my old Master taught me apply.

His hands run up and down my side and I can feel the goosebumps beginning to form. He leans forward and the bed dips while he grabs the blindfold from in front of me.

He brings the fabric over my eyes and ties it around my head. My breath shallows out as he brushes the hair from my shoulder. His lips meet my neck and my breath hitches.

His lips are warm. It drives me insane how he drags them across my skin, taking his kisses further down my back.

His hands find the hook of my bra and he unattached it easily. He un-clips the arm restraints for a second and helps me out of my bra before bounding my arms once more.

My nipples begin to harden as the cold air caresses my skin. Master’s touch leaves me completely for a second and I am left confused.

I almost jump out of my skin once his hand begins to pinch my nipples. He chuckles softly behind me as he does this.

The bed dips and creeks as he moves around me. He flicks my hardened nipples and I flinch. He begins to tug on them and I whine, it becoming uncomfortable. He palms my nipples firmly, subduing the soreness.

His lips are suddenly on my own and I savor the kiss. His arms wrap around me and pull me up on my knees and into his body.

I go to run my fingers through my hair and find my self tugging against the restraints making them jingle as I try to touch him.

I yank harder, trying to get to him as he deepens the kiss. I want so badly to touch him. He laughs into our kiss before he breaks it apart, “Are you gonna break my cuffs?” Master asks me, pushing my body over his lap as he looks over at my cuffed wrists.

My face is in his crotch and I turn my head sideways, so his erection isn’t right in my face.

Master’s hands checks the cuffs for a second before coming down on my bottom.

It tingles a little, but is actually... pleasurable. It turns me on as he tsks at me, slapping my bottom again. “I just got you here and you are already trying to run away.”

“I’m sorry, Master,” I apologize, tilting my head so my mouth isn’t on his cock. The action doesn’t go unnoticed.

“You don’t need to keep moving your head, Darling. You will be apologizing to me more sincerely in a minute,” Master says, slapping my ass a couple more times.

I wish I could say sorry sincerely, but I am enjoying this way too much. I moan as Master rubs my wet core. “So wet for me,” he comments, pushing my body back up to a kneeling position.

“What’s your color?” He asks, beginning to play with my breasts again.

“Green, Sir.”

“Good girl,” he praises. I feel Master moving around and the bed raises to its normal height.

I hear him open a drawer and a new wave of excitement rushes through me. What could he be getting?

I jump back a little when something runs down my collarbone and between the valley of my breasts.

I don’t know what he is using, but he is teasing me by running it around my breasts and down my stomach. He begins to tap it on my breast and I recognize the familiar feeling.

He is using a riding crop.

With that thought, my body stiffens a little. Did I really upset Master? I didn’t mean to and he didn’t say anything about punishment.

Master doesn’t have to tell you if he is gonna punish you.

The leather of the riding crop comes down lightly on my breast a few times before I hear Master speak again. “Color?”

I don’t know how to respond. I’m scared he is gonna punishing me, but I know that’s not a reason to color.

But he wants to know if your comfortable.

“Leah?” Master asks me, the bed dipping.

I panic a little. “Um Green.”

Master unites the blindfold and I see his concerned expression. “Was I hurting you?” He comes closer and rubbing my breast gently to get rid of the tingling.

“I’m okay, Master.” I’m not sure if he is mad or not. He sounds calm, but he almost always sounds calm.

I wish I just knew if I was being punished.

Master looks up at me suspicious, still rubbing my pink tinted breasts, “You sure? I don’t mind stimulating you some way else.”

I nod my head, “Yes, I’m okay, Sir. Thank you. I just... “I say, not finishing my statement. He gives me a questioning look, “Oh um I just wasn’t sure if I was being punished. I didn’t know if I was allowed to enjoy it.”

It sounds stupid, I know.

“You’re perfectly fine, Leah. You are doing great. Would you like me to chill on the crop for a little bit, or move away from your breast?”

I shake me head no. “You’re fine, Sir. I was just nervous that I had upset you.”

“I’m just playing with you about being late,” Master says as he reties the blindfold on me.

I nod in understanding, relaxing a bit. “I’m not punishing you, but I’m disciplining you for being late after I am done with this.” He brings the leather of the crop down on me again.

I feel much better knowing my Master is not mad. I’m not sure what he means by discipline instead of punish, but for now I’m okay.

The tapping of leather on my sensitive flesh keeping me alert, but also for some reason it makes me wetter.

“You’re so gorgeous with pink breasts,” Master compliments, caressing my face. I blush at his comment, but also swell with pride.

I’m not good with pain, but I’m glad Master is happy with how well I took a little bit of his cropping.

His hands meet my breast again and they suddenly feel cold. “So warm,” he comments, suddenly his mouth engulf one of my nipples.

I squeal out and curl my toes as he licks the sensitive skin. It hurts, but feels good at the same time, confusing me so much.

He lightly slaps the other and palms me, taking away the discomfort. He moves his head to the other nipple and I let out a low whine as he latched on.

I bite my lip, trying to keep out whatever sound may try to escape. Good or bad I don’t know.

Master chuckles and pulls away from me. My heart thunders as I wait for what else is to come.

I want so badly to see Master. I’m not use to being blindfolded and I am anxious to see Master’s face.

His tone never really gives much away, but I can almost always read his face.

I hear Master unzip his pants and take them off before the bed dips as he comes back.

My heartbeat quickens and I wonder what he is going to do. I’m slightly nervous knowing I’m completely at his mercy, but if he hadn’t cared about me, he would have never had the conversation we did on the our walk.

“Open,” he commands.

I hope he doesn’t have a spit fetish. I hated it when my old Master would spit on me.

I’m pleasantly surprised when my lips meet Master’s... fingers. “Suck.”

I’m confused why he is having me suck his fingers, but I obey hesitantly.

A harsh slap reaches my breast and I jump away slightly, “Leah... we both know you can suck better than that.” I swear I hear the humor in his voice and I can I visualize the smile he is wearing.

I try to apologize, but Master pushes his fingers down my throat a little further. I gag and pull back coughing.

“Oh sorry, Darling,” I feel his hands on the sides of my head as I cough. “Didn’t mean to trigger your gag reflex. My bad,” he explains to me unnecessarily.

His hands unhooks the restrains and he leads my hand to where he wants them. “I think you’re ready to give me a sincere apology.“, Master says rhetorically, pushing my body downward.

I relax and let him lead me to where he wants me, my lips meet something hard, which I can only imagine to be his member. My breath is much harsher now, but it’s not fear, it’s excitement.

Master doesn’t usually let me pleasure him and now he is letting me do it twice in one day.

He brings himself to my lips before pushing himself inside my mouth. “Oh God,” Master says as he pushes himself all the way down. I gag slightly on him, but he holds my head in place.

I relax my throat and breath through my nose as best I can. Master isn’t blocking my nose or anything, so I can still breath if I relax a little.

He brings to thrust into my mouth, careful not to make me choke too much. My hands find his thighs and I let my them rest there, clinging to him.

He moans loudly and I smile as I suck him off. Master leans over me more which pushes him further into my mouth. My nose touches his stomach as he fills my throats and mouth.

His hand rubs my core a few times before he pushes a finger and then two, into my dripping wet core.

I pull away to breath for a second and Master keeps pushing his fingers in and out of my pussy.

His pace is slow and I feel a tightness starting to build. I go back down on Master, swirling my tongue around his shaft.

His cock twitches and he curses before he pushes me down on him all the way again. Master plunges his fingers into me even deeper as he cums. “Oh God. Good Girl.” Master praises as he pulls out of my mouth.

He takes the blindfold off and I see his smiling face. “Swallow,” he instructs and I obey.

Master pushes my head to the mattress and adjusts my hips, so my bottom is in the air. “You have such a pretty pussy, Pet,” Master says, licking up my slit.

I arch my back away from the mattress and Master chuckles, settling between my legs. He rubs his fingers through the folds of my soaking clit before he plunges a finger into me.

I whine loudly and squirm against his hand, hoping he will add another finger. He pumps his finger in and out of me slowly.

I rock back on his finger, trying to push more inside me, but Master only slaps my bottom. I jump from the sudden slap, and look back at Master who smirks at me.

Why is he teasing me?

Master leans down and kisses my lower back and I loose my breath as I watch him caress the skin there with his tongue. Just as my breath hitches from watching him, he thrusts another finger inside me.

I moan out loudly and Master smiles. He starts to pick up pace and my breathing gets more ragged. I try to push up, so my face isn’t in the mattress and I’m in all fours, but Master quickly shoves me back down.

His roughness gets me even closer to my climax and I whine about to start begging. His hand holds my neck to the mattress, so I won’t get up and it sends every nerve ending to heaven and back.

“Don’t you dare cum,” Master commands sternly, plunging his fingers into me. I’m about to reply, but then he adds a third digit. Half scream and half whine leaves my lips instead and I glance back to see Master with the biggest grin.

He picks up pace and I know I can’t hold it for much longer. “Master, may I please cum?” I beg as politely as I can.

“Mmm. You can hold it longer.” He smirks at me. I whine in frustration.

I want to cum badly. I am working so hard to hold back my orgasm, that my core keeps cramping. “Mmmmm,” I moan again as Master keeps slamming his fingers inside my dripping core.

“Cum,” Master finally commands, sending me over the edge completely. His fingers thrust relentlessly into me as I climax on his hand. Master doesn’t seem to care though because he doesn’t stop thrusting his fingers inside me.

I try to pull away as the released tension begins to build again, but Master grips my hair and pulls me up on all fours as he continues to deeply finger me. I whine and moan getting completely lost in the unrelenting pleasure he is delivering to me.

My climax builds fast and I’m at the edge again. “May I please cum?” I beg making Master pull my hair back harder.

It’s such a turn on.

“But I just let you cum?” Master teases. His voice is full of amusement. I curl my toes trying to be good. “I guess I’ll let you cum again.”

This time when I cum, he lets me crawl away from him and rest on the pile of pillows at the head of the bed. My legs are spasming, my whole body shaking in pleasure and exhaustion.

I feel so tired, but also satisfied as I collapse on the pillows. I want to pull a blanket over myself, but I’m too lazy, so I just shiver.

Master sits on the foot of the bed, watching me proudly before he too crawls over to me.

I try to pull away, worried he will try to pleasure me more, but he just flops on top of me and warms me up. “You did so good, Leah,” Master praises, making a faint smile cast over my face. “You’re such a good girl.”

I nod along with his words as my eyes become more heavy. I try not to sleep yet, but my body feels so heavy, “Sleep, Darling.” And with that I slip into darkness.

I wake up under Master again. His head is on my chest and his breath is fanning across my neck. He lets out a big sigh before he groans.

He starts to stretch out a little before he flips back over onto his other side, facing away from me. I smile happily about to try and get up, but then Master groans and flips back over, so he is on top of me again.

“Morning, Pet,” Master teases, making my core dripping wet.

“Good morning, Master,“, I greet back, biting my lip. Master rubs his hands up and down my naked side and I shiver at his warm touch.

“How did you sleep, Pet?” Master questions, placing kisses on my back before he pushes me to lie on my back.

“Good, Master. Thank you. How abou–” Master spreads my legs apart before taking a long lick up the center of my folds.

“I slept good too. Thank you.” Master replies with a smirk before he nestles between my legs and begins to suck and lick my sex. “I love how you are always so ready for me, Pet.”

I let out a low moan and my eyes fluttered shut. Master licks me expertly, taking me to higher and higher before he suddenly slaps my thighs and sits up, preceding to get ready. “We should really head home,” he says in a slightly distracted manner.

I sit up, confused and still wanting. It is a weird feeling to be left unsatisfied.

Had I angered Master? Did he not like something I had done?

Master had never done that to me before.

I knew better than to complain though. Getting out of bed too, I begin to get dressed. I eye Master hesitantly as he gets ready.

I don’t want to annoy him, but I’m pretty sure he wants to choose what I wear. I also didn’t want to seem like I wasn’t listening.

“Leah, com–... are you alright?” I nod my head and clutch my fingers into the sheets as I lean against the bed.

Master eyes me suspiciously. “Do you need me to finish you off?” He asks in a softer tone. I shake my head no.

Master shouldn’t feel any obligation to pleasure me. I should be grateful for Master even wanting to pleasure me at all.

I bit my lip as he watched me. I lowered my gaze to the floor. It fells weird to be naked in front of him.

“Come get dressed,” Master finally says, extending some clothes for me to wear. I nod and obey, quickly trying to get my mind off of release.

The feeling of tightness and familiarity of pleasure is going away and it is becoming easier to not think about it.

Master zips up our suitcases silently before he tells me to go downstairs and get some breakfast.

I do as I’m told and sit patiently in the kitchen for him once I’m done eating. Master finished putting our suitcases in the car a few minuets ago, but I’m still waiting for him to come back inside.

I wring my hands nervously, not prepared for Master’s sudden change of mood.

He seemed to have enjoy last night. He said he had slept good. I don’t think I broke any rules.

I don’t understand what had caused his sudden change in demeanor. A hand presses onto my shoulder and I jump up, whirling around to see a very confused and shocked Master.

“Sorry,” I apologize quickly, sitting back down again.

He doesn’t look mad, but I can’t help but feel like he is. He is never curt with me like this. He is always so kind and gentle.

Maybe he is done being nice?

Master lets out a distressed and frustrated sigh.

Trying to figure out my Master along with coping with my sexual frustration is pushing me over the edge.

Tears begin to build up and I bit my lip to hold them back.

I’m not going to cry.

Master’s arms descend around me in a hug and he pulls me against the back of the chair towards his chest. He releases me and moves around the chair, so he can pick me up.

I reach for him with out stretched arms. I don’t care about anything else, I just need him to comfort me.

“It’s okay, Leah. I’m not mad,” Master assures me as he holds me in his arms. I nod along, listening to him.

I don’t like the cold version of Master, I like this warm and cuddly one.

“Did you eat breakfast?” I nod, still unable to speak in fear that my tears will escape.

Master kisses my head and stands up with me in his arms still. I cling to his chest tightly, not wanting to relinquish my hold on him. He doesn’t make me and I am grateful. “Let’s say goodbye and then head out, yeah?”

Master takes us into the living room where Gina and George are. George is curled up with his Mistress happily and it makes me cling to Master more. I want to lie on the couch and snuggle with Master again too.

“You two heading out?” Gina asks, looking up from her book. George looks up too and gives me a reassuring smile.

“Yeah,” Master says, setting me down. I let go of him and hold my hands to my chest, missing his warmth.

Gina and George get up and Master gives out hugs. “Are Mason and Jena still in bed?” Master asks.

“Oh yes. They probably will be there for a while,” Gina says, looking over at me smiling, “We thought you two would be in bed late too after last night.”

Master laughs, “Oh sorry. Did we keep you up?” I blush deeply at the though that his parents and everyone else could hear us.

“Not at all,” Gina says.

“Okay well, we should be going”, Master says, pulling me to his side.

“Of course,” George says as Master’s parents begin to walk us to the door. “Oh Rylan, can I speak to you before you leave?” George asks suddenly.

Master looks surprised. “Umm yeah,” he says, looking down at me. “Go get in the car. I’ll be there in a minute,” Master says, handing me the keys.

I nod and rush out the front door. My feet are bare and it’s so cold out side. I shiver as I unlock the car and slip into the passenger seat.

I wonder what Master and his dad were talking about? Was it about me? Maybe Master was mad because I was too loud last night?

I play with my fingers for a while as I anxiously await Master’s return. My stomach fells sick. I want Master to come back, but I also don’t because he might be mad again.

The front door opens and Master walks out. He hugs his parents one last time before he coming over to the car. “Hey, Leah,” Master greets hesitantly sitting down in the driver seat.

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