Saving Leah

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Little's Boutique

Rylan’s POV

“What did you want to talk about?” I ask my Dad as I follow him into the kitchen once again.

“Is Leah alright?” I frown at his concern. She is fine?

“Yeah, she’s fine.” I mean she has been weird this morning, but she is okay.

Maybe she didn’t like me leaving her unsatisfied?

In my defense it wasn’t my intent to, when I saw the time I realize we really should be going home.

I did ask if she wanted me to finish her off though once I realized I was leaving her all flustered. She had said she was fine though.

All I wanted was alone time with her and I’m sure my parents would be seeing lots of Leah once I start work again. I really don’t think her lack of satisfaction brought any problems.

My Dad eyes me suspiciously and my Mom walks into the kitchen to join the conversation. “What happened with you and Leah?” She asks, rubbing my shoulder.

“Nothing did,” I answer truthfully. “She has just been weird today.”

My Mom and Dad give me a look. “She has been weird today?” She doesn’t sound amusement.

My eye brows scrunch together. “Yeah, I don’t know.”

“How has she been ‘weird’?” She asks.

“Well, when I touched her shoulder, she like flipped out.” I know she day dreams sometimes, but I didn’t really sneak up on her. “She has been super quiet too.” The last couple of days we have really made progress on communication with one another.

“Do you think her change of behavior could be caused by your change of behavior?”

My change of behavior?

“Did you punish her yesterday or this morning?” My Mom asks. I shake my head no.

“No. Things between us have truly been fine. Great even. Why would you think I punished her?”

“She seems scared,” my Dad says matter-of-factly. “Could she maybe have mistaken something you did for punishment?”

I was about to say no before I realized the answer was yes.

“Yes,” I say with a groan. I hadn’t meant to scare or even tease her at all when I left her unsatisfied.

I should of thought about my actions more because now I’m giving her mixed signals. She probably thought I was using orgasm denial to punish her. “Yeah, I know what I did,” I say in defeat.

My Mom quirks a brow and I shake my head. “You don’t want to know.” She laughs and walks me to the front door.

I hug both of my parents and rush out the door to go see Leah. I fell so stupid. I was so caught up in my head about heading home, I forgot me and her aren’t always on the same page.

“Hey, Leah.” She looks over at me already nervously wringing her hands.

I wince a little as I try to find the right words to clear up this morning to her.

Should I offer to release any sexual frustration she might have first? Or explain what this morning was about? Should I apologize first?

I open my mouth to speak, but I just can’t find and words. I lean over and unbuckle her seat before pulling her small frame into my lap.

She hugs onto me for dear life and I just sit and pat her back. “I’m sorry I left you hanging this morning. I didn’t mean to get you all flustered and then leave you unsatisfied,” I apologize.

“It’s alright, Master,” she says quietly into my neck. I pat her back gently, “I’m sorry if I was too loud last night.”

I sigh and rub my face, “I’m not mad at you at all. Like I said, this morning wasn’t suppose to be a punishment or anything. And I’m sorry if I didn’t pay as much attention to you as I should have.”

“It’s alright, Master,” Leah yawns into my neck, slumping down onto my chest, nestling into me.

I feel like shit as I realize I should have let her sleep longer too. I know submissives need more rest.

I don’t want to tell her not to sleep, but I also want to head home. “Leah, Love,” I say, brushing her hair gently. She startles awake a little.

“When we get back into town, I’m gonna stop off at a store and get some things for a reward, but I need you to sit in your seat while I drive back, okay?” Leah nods and begins to crawl out of my lap. “You’re such a good girl,” I praise as I buckle her back in. “You sleep, okay?” She nods, letting herself drift to sleep.

I know I have her collar waiting at home for her, but I also want to get some girly things to pamper her with.

I pull up into a parking spot right in front of the store. A Sub’s Boutique, shines above the door in bright.

I turn off the car and Leah stirs in the seat beside me. I smile slightly as I watch her slowly awake.

Leah’s eyes flutter open and she stretches and looks around. Our eyes meet and a blush spreads across her face.

“Do you wanna come inside?”

“Yes please, Master.” She waits for me patiently as I walk around the car to pick her up.

“How did you sleep?” I ask as we walk in.

Leah nods and hugs me tightly, “Mmm good,” She yawns, opening her eyes wildly to try and get the sleep out. I chuckle and set her down.

“Hello, Sir. How can I help you?” A small submissive girl asks as she walks up one of the aisles towards us. The shop is very quiet and it appeares to be only us.

“I’m looking for a few thing for rewards”. I look around for Leah, relaxing when I see she is just exploring the store. I smile to myself at her adorable expression.

“Of course. Is there anything specific I can help you find, Sir?” She asks.

“Umm. I think I’ll just look around.” I say, half distracted with watching as Leah begins to wander around.

I wonder if she notices she is wondering around, she has never really left my side without permission before. I’m not mad of course, but it surprises me a little.

“Please let me know if I can help you find anything, Sir.” I nod distractedly and she leaves.

I turn around looking for Leah, she is currently touching some fuzzy socks hung up by the door.

I walk over behind her and watch as she runs her fingers over the fluffy material. “Do you like those?” I ask stroking the same pair of socks she is.

Leah jumps at first, but then calms when she sees it’s me. “I’m sorry, Master.” She turns around and stares down at the floor in shame.

I simply kiss her head and pull her into my arms. “Which one do you like the most?” I like picking things out for her, but I remember how she loved that she got to pick out her bathing suit.

“Oh. It’s okay, Master,” Leah assures me as she tries to walk away.

“Leah, pick one,” I say more firmly, holding her in place. She bites her lip hesitantly and plays with her fingers. “Pick one or I will. We are here for a reward, remember?”

Leah looks up at me one last time for reassurance before she does as I say. “Thank you, Master,” she says quietly.

I keep my hand on her lower back as I walk us around the store.

We walk past all kinds of girly things, make-up, and waxing kits. “Leah, do you have a hair brush?”

“Umm uh. I have just been borrowing yours. I’m sorry I meant to ask permission...” She admits, not meeting my gaze. “I don’t need one, Master,” Leah says quickly as she sees me picking one out.

I roll my eyes and grab one. “Master, you really don’t have to buy anything for me.” Leah says, grabbing onto my arm.

“I know, but I like to. It’s your reward for being so good lately anyway.” I kissing her head and she beams at me.

“But, Master,” she says a little quieter as I continue to walk around. I turn around and quirk a brow, “You... you know I’d listen and obey happily even without a reward... right?” She asks me nervously.

Leah, always my good girl, “Well of course.” I start to walk around again as she follows, “You’re my good girl.”

Leah blushes at my words and follows behind me closely now. She continues to look around and gently touch everything as we pass.

I crouch down by the shampoo and conditioner, looking for a more feminine scent that my own. I didn’t mind her smelling like me, but girls liked the fufu smelling stuff.

Sugar cookies are good

“I’m so sorry. I was out and left my submissive running the store,” says a tall man as he walks toward us.

“Oh it is no problem at all, she was very friendly and helpful,” I assure him, briefly glancing at his nervous looking submissive who is following behind him.

“Thank you. Can I get you a basket?” The fellow dominant asks, holding out one for me.

“Yes, thank you.” I dump the items into the basket and the dominant and his sub leave.

What else do girls like?

Nail polish maybe? There were so many colors to chose from though. Maybe she would like it if I tried to d0 her nails tonight? Jena always loved that when I did it for her as a kid.

“Leah.” I snap her out of her head. She looked up at me scared for a moment.

“I’m sorry, Master. I’m listening now, Sir.”

“Come pick out a nail polish. I’m doing your nails tonight,” I tell her as I gesture for her to come over.

Her face lights up and I smile with pride that she liked what I had suggested.

Leah looked over all the colors, running her hands along one, “What is your favorite color, Master?”

I chuckle at her, “I like Blue, but I want you to pick out your favorite color.”

She looks hesitant, but nods. “How about this one”. She asks timidly after much deliberation.

“Perfect.” I pull her into my side and she clutches onto my shirt tightly.

Shampoo, conditioner, nail polish, socks... what else?

I looked around the small boutique looking for something else Leah may like.

Of course, all rewards wouldn’t be like this, but it was only last night that I realized that she had nothing besides a few pieces of clothing. I think she would appreciate a few things that were for her.

I wish I could ask Leah what she might like, but Leah isn’t the best at picking out rewards for herself. Maybe if I just let her look around, she will find something she likes and I can buy it?

“Leah, go look around for a bit,” I instruct, patting her back to get her attention. She looks confused for a moment, but then begins to move as I lightly push her down an aisle.

I walk up to the cash register where the submissive and her dominant are talking. “Sorry to interrupt, but can I leave these here?” I ask, setting the basket onto the counter.

“Of course, let us know if you need any help.”

I smile thankfully and am about to turn away when I realize they might be able to help. “Also, sorry, but do you have any ideas for like a gift?”

“For your submissive?” The man asks, looking over at Leah who has wondered around a bit. I nod, “Mmm I don’t know. What would be good?” he asks, turning to his own submissive.

“She looks like the likes the stuffed animals,” the girl say. I turn around and see Leah is in fact admiring the plush toys.

“Thank you.” I nod to the both of them as I make my way over to Leah. “You found the stuffed animals I see.”

Leah nods hesitantly and steps away from them. “That cat is pretty cute,” I encourage, picking up the one she had been looking at. “Is this Lucifer, the cat from Cinderella?”

She looks at me with confusion. “Where is Cinderella?” She gently takes the stuffed cat from me. She hugs it to herself tightly and pets the fur mildly.

“Cinderella? Like the movie.” Does she not know what that is?

“Oh,” She looks down at the floor awkwardly. She have no idea about Cinderella.

“Have you never seen it?” Leah shakes her head and blushes in embarrassment. “That’s okay. We can watch it tonight.” That will be something special for her.

Leah nods and hides in my side, clutching her new cat. “Oh I see you found Lucifer,” the young submissive says to Leah. Leah simply hides into my side and I chuckle. “That will be $59.50,” she says taking my card.

I brush my hands along Leah’s back and lead her out of the store. I pick her up and carry her to the car. I set the bag of goodies by her feet as I buckle her into her seat.

Kissing her forehead before I close the door, I think about my plans for tonight.

I know for sure I want to watch Cinderella with her, paint her nails, get her fed, play with her hair, and then cuddle with maybe a little play time depending on how tired she is.

One thing is for sure though. We have a long and exciting night together alone.

Per her own request, Leah sits on the floor by my feet as we watch Cinderella together. I brush my fingers through her newly washed hair, smiling at the soft scent of vanilla and sugar cookies.

“Oh Cinderella,” the TV says as the movie plays on.

Leah hides between my legs, clutching her stuffy to her tightly. She let out a gasp as Cinderella’s mean step mother tears apart Cinderella’s ball gown.

I chuckle lightly at Leah, she’s completely infatuated by the movie. I lean down and kiss her head affectionately and she just leans closer into me.

I would be lying if I said I don’t enjoy the position. Having Leah on the floor at my feet is... comforting? It’s not that I don’t think she is my equal, I just enjoy the position?

I pick Leah up from the floor and she tenses just as a cat would. I set her on my lap and adjust us, so we are both comfortable on the couch. I pull a blanket over both of us and Leah lays her head on my shoulder, petting her stuffed cat gently.

After a while, I kiss the side of Leah’s head and set her back on the floor. I get up and make sure not to disturb her as I go and get the things to do her nails.

Coming back with lotion and nail polish, I pick Leah up and set her back on the couch. This time when I join her, I lay her down comfortably on one side of the couch before going to the other and settling down with her feet on my lap.

This catches her attention and she looks at me warily. I pick up her bare foot and kiss the top, putting some lotion into my hand and beginning to rub her feet.

She flinches away from the cold lotion when I grab her foot, but then lets me continue after a second. She watches me carefully, tensely, as I run her feet. “Watch the movie princess”, I say nodding my head to the movie.

Leah squeezes Lucifer and hesitantly goes back to watching the movie. She glances back at me every so often and I smile reassuringly.

I carefully massage the arch of her foot and the balls of her feet, working my way up to rubbing her calves. She is much more calm now I think, she has stopped checking on me every so often and has resorted to just watching Cinderella.

Once I’m done rubbing her feet, I set her feet on the floor. I have her sit up before I sit on the floor, so I can paint her toes.

“What are you doing?” Leah panics as I get down on the floor. She tries to scrabble off the couch, but I simply push her back on.

“I’m just gonna paint your nails. Calm down.” I murmur, putting her feet into my lap.

“It’s okay, Master... I’ll... I’ll sit on the floor.” She doesn’t give up easy does she? I sigh and push her back up.

“I’m fine. Stay.” I sternly point at her. She nods, but doesn’t look happy about it. “No frowny faces either.” I say, grabbing her face assertively, pecking her lips. Leah nods in understanding and I let her face go.

She sits back and continues to watch me as I unscrew the nail polish. I sigh again and set the bottle on the coffee table. “I’m fine,” I assure her more softly, leaning over her, so we are eye to eye.

“Yes, Sir,” She says, hugging Lucifer.

“Good girl, watch your movie.” Leah obeys and lets me finish her toes with out a problem.

Once her toes are dry, I move on to her hands. The paint job isn’t that bad and when everything is dry, the movie is almost over, I don’t feel like getting up. I throw Leah’s legs over my shoulders and recline my head back, so it rests between her knees.

Leah looks uncomfortable with the position, but I actually enjoy it quite a lot. I run my hands up her legs in a comforting manner and she calms down a little.

The movie finishes shortly after and I decide to stop torturing her with the position. I part her thighs and rest both her legs on one shoulder before I get up and pull Leah into a kiss.

I guess I caught her by surprise with the kiss because she gasps into it at first before kissing me back affectionately.

I chuckle and pull away as she knots her hands into my hair. She blushes and removes her hands from me bashfully. “Sorry, Master.“I shake my head at her apology. I quirk a finger at her, havin her follow me down the hall.

“Are you still awake, Pet?” I ask, starting to think of all the things I want to do to her. Maybe I could use some more heavy restraints today?

Leah’s face lights up in a smile. She nods frantically and drops to her knees immediately. “No not here.” I laugh, trying to pull her into the playroom.

Leah smiles happily and crawls behind me, refusing to walk. I don’t mind though as I watch in appreciation as Leah’s body sways back and forth as she crawls behind me. “We will play in a minute. I want to talk about last night.”

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