Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

“Did I do something wrong?” I ask, a little alarmed as I crawl behind Master. I was too loud wasn’t I?

Stupid, Leah.

“Of course not, Pet. I just want to talk about what you liked and didn’t.” Master acts as if it is the most ridiculous thing, me getting in trouble? Master pets my head as we walk into the playroom.

What do we have to talk about? Master can do what ever he wants with me.

Master sits down on the bed and I crawl in between his legs. I want to lay my head in his lap, but I havn’t been given permission and I certainly don’t want to anger Master before playtime.

Master smiles and I rock forward on my knees in excitement. Shivers run down my sides in anticipation. “So tell me what your favorite part of last night was.” He leans down on his elbows. I blush and look down at the floor as his face becomes inches away from mine.

What was my favorite part? I loved every second of it. I loved sucking off Master and getting fingered, and even when he spanked me. My blush becomes much more furious as I recall all the events of last night

“I don’t know,” I admit bashfully as I play with my fingers in my lap.

Master chuckles and leans back. “Well maybe tell me something you didn’t like.”

What didn’t I like? I didn’t like the restraints when he was kissing me because I wanted to touch him, but I also love being restrained as well.

Uggg. These questions are so hard.

“I liked it all Master.” I felt stupid not being able to come up with a favorite part or something I didn’t like, but last night was one of the best experiences in my entire life.

Play time had never been fun or pleasurable and it was with Master.

Master chuckles at me. “Can you give me any feed back at all? How did you feel about impact play? Did you like that kind of spanking?”

I nod vigorously. “Not too rough?” He asks with concern and I shake my head. I never knew I could enjoy a spanking. “How about being restrained? Was that okay?” I nod and he keeps going, “Did you like your orgasms?” He teases and I blush and look away. “I think so,” he says, pulling me onto the bed with him. “The problem I have with you, Leah... is that there are so many ways I can get you screaming in pleasure, but I can never decide which way I want.” My heart skips a beat and I watch on as Master undresses me.




Master leaves me in just my bra and underwear before getting up. “Stay,” he commands.

He moves to the other side of the room and lights a few candles. I wonder if the candles are for play, or just for a more romantic atmosphere.

Master rummages through a drawer. I watch attentively as he comes back to me and unravels a black leash.

I tense a little and contemplate what I should do. I don’t like collars. Actually no, I hate collars. I don’t like feeling like a dog. I don’t mind sitting on the floor or even eating there, but I absolutely hate leashes.

Master doesn’t seems to notice my discomfort until he goes to clip a collar on me. “What’s wrong?” He pauses. I hesitate and he keeps talking, “This is just for play time. I won’t make you wear this collar outside of here.” Master clips it onto me.

I nod and swallow, not able to do anything else. I don’t think I like play time any more. A collar is all it takes for it to not fun or enjoyable anymore. I want to scratch at it and rip it off, but I know I will get punished if I do.

My old Master would always punish me if I tried to take my collar off. I have spent too many nights in pain because of the collars I hated so much.

I hate everything about collars, the rough material scratching my skin, the chocking band which can restrict ones breath... all of it.

“I just... I don’t like collars.” As soon as the words leave my mouth, I’m sure I’m gonna get hit. As soon as Master’s hand is gently brushing my check though, I remember this is my Master. The nice one. The one that takes care of me and snuggles.

“Why don’t you like them?” He sits down on the bed. I cringe a little as I try to wipe the memories of my past away. “Is it because of these scars?” He ask, brushing his fingers on my neck. I nod and he frowns.

“What are you afraid I’m gonna do?” Master asks, playing with my hair. It’s comforting it distracts me from the painful memories for a moment.

Images of my old Master come to mind. “Choke me.” Choking is my primary concern.

“And you don’t like the idea of me choking you?” Master teases, pulling me into his lap. He plays with the leash in his hand and I watch him. “You seemed to enjoy it quite a bit last night.” He muses softly, making me crack a small smile.

He watches me for a moment and I shrug at his comment. I guess he is right. I still don’t like the collar though, I still feel like a dog.

He does call me pet though, and pets wear collars. “Do you feel comfortable if we try to play with it on for a little bit? I won’t yank on it or drag you around.” I don’t want to acquiesces, but if this is what Master wants for play time, then I will obey.

I agree and Master smiles and kisses my check, “You look so beautiful in a collar too,” he compliments, standing up and leaving me on the bed again.

He leaves the lead in his hand before gently tugging it. I take the hint and crawl off the bed. “Good girl,” Master praises as he begins to walk around the room. I crawl after him and he walks around backwards, so he can watch me.

Master thankfully leaves a lot of slack on the leash, so I won’t be choked, not that he put the collar on too tight. He smirks at me, tugging the leash as he crouches down. He is amused and I am happy to be his amusement. Master eliminates the slack between me and him until he has the entire leash in his hand. He grasps only the clasp between the collar and the leash now.

“Color?” He asks, kissing my forehead and petting my head.

“Green, Master,” I whisper, enjoying his affectionate petting. I’m not super comfortable in the collar, but it isn’t something I can’t handle. Master is being gentle and he seems to enjoy it anyway.

Master pats my head before he stands. He walks back towards the bed and I happily I follow him. he checks behind him once to see if I’m coming.

As if I wouldn’t follow him

I giggle, sometimes Master is so funny. He has me tied to him anyway, where else would I go?

Master stops and waits by the bed for me to come to him. I follow and lay down on his feet like a good girl.

His hand brushes my face and I look up at him. He smiles before his expression changes to a devious grin. Reaching over, he snaps the band of my underwear making me jump. Master simply chuckles and reclines against the bed. “Have you ever played with candles before?” I sit up in a kneeling position in front of him.

So he does want to play with the candles.

I keep my gaze down on his shoes, showing him my good training. “Yes, Master.” My old Master didn’t use candles much, mainly because it wasn’t as painful as other punishments I think, but I did have a little experience with them. I honestly don’t remember much about them, but that probably only means they weren’t that bad.

It makes me a little nervous that Master wants to use them, but everything makes me nervous really.

“What did you think about them?” Master asks, crossing his arms over his chest. I feel myself getting even wetter at that action. Having him looming over me looking so relaxed... ugh.

“They are okay, Master.” I am a little unsure with my own words. I know I shouldn’t be afraid for my own body. He could hurt me if he wanted to. I belong to Master, it is just so hard to accept that sometimes.

I look up, forgetting I probably am not suppose to. Master nods, looking down at me. I look away quickly and wait for punishment. Master simply chuckles though. “Hold this pet.” He leans down and sticks the end of my leash into my mouth.

I blush and wait patiently for Master. He walks deposits the burning candles onto the night stand, moving them from their location across the room.

Master takes his time. I can tell he is testing my patience. I make sure not to move from the kneeling position I am in as I wait for him. After making a few trips, Master comes back over. His fingers touch my shoulder gently before his hand comes to my mouth. I release the leash into his hand and he chuckles again.

He tucks the leash gently, “Up,” he commands. I jump onto the bed watching as he opens a bottle of something. He puts a knee up on the bed. “This is just some oil, so the wax won’t stick to your skin as much.” I put my hands up above my head and Master smiles at my willingness.

He pecks my lips before pulling away, teasing me. He comes back and lets me kiss him a little bit longer before he removes my bra.

“So gorgeous,” he murmurs, leaning down and taking my lips again. I feel his hand lightly pulling on the leash, pulling me into him and deepening our kiss. I kiss him back excitedly. He lets me enjoy his lips until we both absolutely both have to separate for a breath.

I pant as he pulls away, watching him as he leaves my leash in his hands and begins to coat my stomach and breasts in the oil. His hands are firm, but not groping.

After Master is satisfied, he puts the bottle back onto the nightstand before grabbing a candle. I get a little scared again as I watch him pick it up. “Are you nervous?” Master asks me in a friendly manner.

“Yes,” I admit begrudgingly. I breath out a stressed breath and he just smiles wider.

“Well..” he says, leaning over the bed again. “You don’t have to be.” Master lifts the candle and drips the wax of the candle onto his own hand.

What is he doing?

My face must have shown my confusion because Master answers my unspoken question, “I have to make sure the wax isn’t too hot.”

“So you test it on yourself?” I ask quietly. Didn’t it hurt? I didn’t have lots of experience, but I know it didn’t feel good. Why would he care enough to inflict pain on himself?

“Of course I test it on myself. If I tested it on you and it was too hot, then it would be too late.”

I relax slightly. It is weird that he would test it out before using it in me. My old Master would never had done that, but I guess Rylan did a lot of things my old Master didn’t.

Master opens up a drawer and pulls out a pair of soft cuffs. He takes my hands and fastens each wrist to the corner of the bed before examining his work. “I think you’re ready.” Master runs his fingers from the bottom of my foot up to my shoulder as he walks by.

He picks up a candle and lifts it up high abound my body. “You ready?” He places a hand down on my arm. I nod and he tilts the candle, sending wax dripping onto my stomach.


It burns for a moment, but then it stops. My insides tingle, awakening.

He only lets a few drops fall before he stops. “Color?”

“Green.” It really doesn’t hurt that bad, well actually, it doesn’t hurt at all. It is a new and weird feeling, but it doesn’t hurt. The heat is unusual and a little uncomfortable, but it doesn’t hurt.

“Does it hurt at all?” Master asks, looking at the tag of the candle.

I shake my head no and he nods. “Is it suppose to?” Suddenly concerned something was wrong with me.

Master shakes his head and chuckles. “No, but it’s just good to know I need to get a different set of candles if I want to use them for punishment.”

“Oh.” I look away. Did he see me needing a lot of correction in the future?

“Every submissive needs to be disciplined, Leah,” Master says, rubbing my arm. “There is no shame in it.” I nod and look back over at him. “Punishment is different with me anyways. You know that.”

He is right, punishment with him is nothing compared to my old Master. Sure, my last punishment hurt a lot, but Master said he hadn’t meant for it to be that bad.

Master lifts the candle before he begins to drop the candle wax onto me again. A small smile quirks onto his face as he does it. I look down at my chest to see he is making a shape. “Stay still.” Master commands softly, grabbing another candle. He tests it on himself before continuing on with his art work.

Master goes through two more candles before he finally stops and steps back to examine his work. He pulls out a mirror and shows me the reflection of my chest.

His design dips between my breasts before they run around my mounds in a curve and then the lines meet at my navel creating a heart.

He smiles proudly at me and I can’t help, but smile at him too. He looks so proud of himself, I can’t help it.

Master sets down the mirror before throwing something over my head half hazardously. It’s not a big deal and I could easily get it off if my hands hadn’t been restricted.

I hear Master chuckle at me as I try to reach the object from different angles. I finally give up and let out a sigh. “Oh I’m sorry. Let me get that,” Master teases, removing it from my head after he threw somethings between my legs.

I move my legs to see if I can feel what he threw there, but Master stops me and slaps my thigh hard.

I jump and scrunch my face in discomfort, biting my lip in pain as Master looks at me like I’m crazy. “What do you think you doing?” He exasperatingly throws my legs apart again.

I can’t help, but smile as he shakes his head at me and grumbles under his breath about how women are so impatient.

I giggle and Master finally cracks a smile too. He rubs my thigh where he had slapped it and the stinging subsides.

I’m still curious to see what he is hiding though. “Be patient, Pet”. Master tampers with what ever he has hidden between my legs.

I want to lift my head to see, but I know Master is trying to surprise me. I don’t want to betray his trust either and make is so he has to blindfold me. I like being able to see him.

“Pleasurable things come to those who wait,” Master finally says, switching on something and pressing it to my core. My hips lift into the vibrator as he holds it up to me.

Master smiles above me and sits on the bed next to me. “I owe you an orgasm from this morning, you may cum when you want, but after that we are doing something different.”

I nod and pant, pressing my hips up. I am super close now and I continue to rock against the vibrator intensifying the pleasure. I’m about to cum and Master must senses it because he holds my hips down and keeps my legs spread apart with his as I climax. He lets me ride it out before switching the vibrator off and throwing it aside.

I pant heavily and rest against the bed as I try to regain my breath. Master lays on top of me and I feel his erection again. “You’re such a Good girl.” Master kisses my chin, jaw and then lips. My playful Master is back and he sits up smirking, firmly tapping my clit. I whine and try to close my legs as the pleasure begins to build up again.

“I want to work on orgasm denial.” A slight frown reaches my face and he continues to explain. “I love pleasuring you, but I want to make sure you can hold it for as long as I ask you too.”

I nod and fumble with the cuffs on my hands. “I’m gonna edge you a lot tonight, but if you’re good—which I know you can be... then I’ll let you cum. But you’re gonna have to work hard for me tonight. I don’t want to pull out a bag of ice, but I will if I need to,” Master threatens. I nod in understanding.

Nervousness fills me again now and he picks up the vibrator again. He switches it on and presses it against me, making me arch against it again. I bite my lip, trying not to enjoy it.

If Master wanted me to enjoy this, then he would want me to cum. I have to wait till he says I’ve earned the right to enjoy it first.

It becomes harder and harder to hold it and I continue to increase the pressure of my bite as the pleasure builds. I don’t know how much longer I can hold it, before I am pushed over, Master suddenly removes the vibrator and switches it off.

I pant, finally breathing and trying to calm myself.

I don’t think I like this.

I move my legs around a little bit to distract myself from the annoying feeling of a denied orgasm.

This is so much worse than this morning.

By the fourth time Master has denied me, I just stare up at the ceiling and pray Master will end it soon. My legs were shaking and my core is starting to cramp painfully.

Master rubbed my leg gently, “You doing okay?” I nod and bite my lip.

Master switches the vibrator back on and presses my hips into the mattress again. I squirm away, trying to cover my core which has not yet recovered from a minute ago. Master hushes me and ignores me as I clench my fist to try and hold it. My whole lower half is in knots as I can’t do it anymore. I cum despite my efforts and Master removes the vibrator away immediately.

It is too late though. I let out a whine and tears slip down my cheeks in frustration and annoyance. I had tried so hard to be good, but it just wasn’t enough.

“Shhh hush,” Master says, leaning over me. I look up at him expecting him to be disappointed, but I just see him smiling, “You did so good,” he praises, wiping away my tears. “Don’t be upset. We are both still learning, Pet. You, how to hold an orgasm and me, how far I can push you.”

I let him wipe my tears away and nod. “Are you going to punish me?” I ask quietly.

“Well, I let you have only half an orgasm really and I can’t imagine that feeling super great,” Master says with a light chuckle.

“I didn’t mean to enjoy it,” I tell him apologetically.

Master looks at me weird, “Leah, I want you to enjoy it. I’m edging you, so your orgasm will feel better,” he says, kissing my stomach.

My bottom lip quivers as I give him a small smile. Master sits up and moves down between my legs again. “Are you good for me to start edging you again?” I nod and he flips the vibrator on again. I feel better knowing I’m allowed to enjoy it, it hurt, but it was hard to not enjoy some of it. “I’m gonna edge you two more times and then I’ll let you cum.”

I nod and thank him breathlessly. Master finishes quickly and lets me cum after the two times as he promised.

He leans over me and undoes the restraints. “You did so fantastic, Love,” Master praises, pulling me into a bone breaking hug. He rocks us both in the hug before releasing me. Master unclips the collar and leash from me and I smile proudly. “I have a surprise for you. A present.”

I grin and blush uncontrollably, getting up on my knees for him.

Master has given me so much already. I don’t know what else he could possibly give me.

“I hope you like it. This was my favorite one and I thought it would look amazing on you” Master hands me a small box. “I know you don’t like collars, but I was hoping you will at least keep it for when or if you feel okay about them.”

I look at him for permission to open it and he nods, leaning on the edge of the bed.

I don’t know how I feel. I hate collars, truly, but the beautiful piece inside the jewelry box wasn’t that. I just shake my head and try to put words together, “It’s beautiful. T-thank you, Master,” I say, still trying to cope with my emotions.

I feel guilty because a part of me, large part of me, doesn’t want it. “It’s very nice. I am very grateful,” I half-lie.

Master smiles happily, not picking up on the fact that I’m a little upset. His face all of a sudden becomes more serious. “Would you... could you tell me about the scars on your neck. You told me it was from a collar?”

I take a deep breath and recall my history with collars, “My old Master always made me wear a collar to bed and I hated collars, so I would always tug on them to try and get them off. After a while he bought collars with things on the inside, so it would hurt when I tried to get it off,” I explain, looking up at him though my lashes. “I shouldn’t have tugged on it. The scars are my fault really.”

“Knock it off now,” Master scolds, tugging on my collar as I try desperately to crawl down the stairs. Tears run down my face as I pull at the collar, hoping to get some air. “Try to take that collar off one more time and I swear...”

Master cups my face in his hands and draws me back to reality. He suddenly gets up and walks out of the playroom without a word and I begin to panic.

I try to beg him to come back, but incoherent words spew out. I don’t know what to say or if he even want me talking to him.

Is Master angry I don’t like collars?

I clutch the sheets roughly in my hands and curse myself for fearing something so stupid as a collar. My body begins to ache, but I don’t care. I deserve it. The wax that is stuck to my skin crumbles off a little, but still stays on relatively well.

“Shh here, Darling.” Master appears in the door.

He came back?

Master didn’t leave me?

He dries my eyes and places a very warm and fuzzy blanket around me which I recognize comes from our room.

He lays down on the bed I sit on and pulls me to lay with him. I don’t resist, cuddling into him, happy I’m not alone.

“So you don’t like collars?” Master states suddenly after we lie in silence for a little bit. I nod my head and he sighs. Something about the way he does it though makes me know I’m not the one he’s mad at.

“Well, kinda.” He looks down at me to explain. “I didn’t like them when I was younger either. They always made me feel like... a dog,” I admit shamefully.

He doesn’t say anything for a moment just brushes his fingers through my hair, “Collars aren’t just for dogs they are to show ownership too.”

“Yes, Master.”

I know not to argue with my Master.

“No I don’t want a ‘yes, Master’ if you don’t mean it. If I collar you, will you feel like a dog?” I looks down for a moment and nod.

“If at some point, the collar didn’t feel demeaning to you, would you feel comfortable wearing one?” I shake my head no, “Even if it was a collar I gave you?” He asks hopefully.

I pause for a second. Why would it matter if he gave it to me?

Master sighs again, “Okay, no collar.” I don’t respond. I feel bad for being such a poor submissive. Master may not understand sometimes, but at least he tries to listen.

“It’s... alright. You can collar me. It’s your choice anyways, Master. Not mine.”

“Well, I’m not gonna collar you if it makes you embarrassed, or ashamed, and if you really were okay with me collaring you, then you would not have hesitated.“I appreciate him trying to understand, but his words kind of hurt me.

“I... I just thought...” I trail off.

“Thought what?” Master shifts under me.

“You asked if it would make a difference if you gave me a collar...” I say and he nods moving a strand of hair from my face. “Why would you ask that?”

He look surprised at my question at first, but then he sits up and grabs the collar he had bought me. “Well, look at the collar I bought you and try to visualize the old collar you had.”

I take the collar from him gingerly, still hesitant to hold it. It’s much softer than my old collar and has no metal adornments which make it feel like it’s made for a pet.

I like that Master calls me pet, but I don’t want to feel like an animal.

His collar is also much thinner than most collars and has a clip which is easily removed compared to the lock my old one did. “Collars speak volumes to how dominates view their submissives, Leah. I tried to find a really soft collar that would fit my delicate and beautiful submissive along with compliment her flawless complexion.”

He gently touches the collar in my hands, “I also want us to be able to have a fun and beautiful relationship, so I tried to chose a collar that wouldn’t feel like a heavy burden. I hate collars that remind me of pet collars, they simply mean different things.” Master says still looking at his collar. “The collar I picked for you isn’t one of ownership even though it can symbolize that, but it’s a promise to you of my protection and care for you.”

I don’t know what to say, so I don’t say anything. Master moves a strand of hair behind my ear and just smiles softly at me. “You don’t have to wear my promise, but just keep it for me, yeah?” Master asks, laying down beside me.

I nod and look down at the collar once again, and for the first time in my life I don’t see a shameful object which brings me pain, but a precious gift given to my unworthy self.

I can’t stop myself and I don’t want to. I throw my arms around Master’s neck and just hug him as tight as I can. “I want to wear it, Master.” I shove the collar into his hands.

He looks confused at first. “No, Leah. I didn’t say that to guilt you into wearing it-”

“You didn’t. I want to wear your collar.” I bring his hands which hold my collar to my neck.

He looks at me for me a moment, “Turn around,” he finally instructs. I obey immediately and pull my hair away from my neck.

Master’s lips meet my neck once, before he places the soft leather around my throat.

I remember all the times my old Master would collar me, but it feels nothing like this.

Whereas my old collars were heavy with burden and pain, this one sets me free.

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