Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

“Please, Master. Please make me cum,” Leah begs, clutching me to her chest. Her hands grip my hair, but I don’t mind.

I at first had been hesitant to wake her up like this, but hearing her moan and begging so early in the morning is just so pleasurable.

Her hands are soft as she strokes her fingers through my scalp. It feels really good, so I reward her by rubbing over her folds with more aggression, creating more friction for her. “Please, please!” Her thighs clamping around my arm. “May I please cum?”

“Oh, now we beg,” I tease, lifting my head and nuzzling into her neck. She gasps loudly and clutches onto my back. I know she is close, but I think she can hold it a little longer.

“Master, please!”

“Wait.” Her body bows at my command.

I continue rubbing my hand over her clit and finally she can’t hold it anymore. “Cum.” She obeys, shuttering under me at my command.

“Good girl,” I kiss her belly. “Come here, Pet. It’s my turn”, I command mildly, pulling down my underwear. Leah’s eyes light up and she gets kneels down on the floor.

I’m already hard, but I want to taunt her. I stroke myself a few times and watch as Leah’s tongue caresses her bottom lip.

I grab the ring on Leah’s collar and pull her to me. “Lick,” I command, moving my hand to grasp her hair.

Leah eagerly sticks out her tongue and licks against my hard member before trying to take me into her mouth.

I grab Leah’s jaw before she can put me into her mouth though. “Did I say you could put my dick in your mouth?”

Leah’s eyes go wide at my crude wording and she shakes her head, “No, Master.”

“Lick.” I give her a stern loo, daring her to disobey. Leah listens this time and continues to lick up and down my shaft. Her soft tongue brushes my sensitive tip and I moan loudly..

Her hands come up from the floor and begin to touch my aching member. “Did I tell you that you could touch?” I chasten lightly.

Leah’s smile turns into a frown and she shakes her head no. I raise a brow and she gets back to work. “You can suck now,” I permit, smoothing her hair down before gripping it again. I moan and press her head farther down as her mouth engulfs me.

Leah hums and I silently curse myself as I feel my climax coming. I’m not ready for it to end yet though, so I carefully pull Leah up by her hair. She whines, but not because it hurts her.

I switch our positions, so she is resting on the edge of the bed. I stroke myself as I kiss her, placing myself on the lips of her core and she sucks in a harsh breath. “I’m just gonna rub myself against you,” I explain, kissing her face hungrily. “You will enjoy it,” I promise, spreading her lips and slipping my member between her folds. I thrust myself upwards and my tip brushes against her clit, making her moan out lowly.

I give a few good thrusts against her clit and we are both ready to cum. “Go ahead,” I permit and I feel Leah crumble against me as we both cum. I groan at my own release and hold onto her.

My climax leaves me breathless and satisfied. I kiss her passionately one last time before I lay my head between her breasts.

Leah’s breath is harsh, but it is evening out quickly. I grip onto Leah’s back tightly, not wanting to relinquish my hold on her ever again. Leah yawns and I kissed her breast before smiling up at her. “Did I tire my girl out?”

Leah nods her head and I smile rolling to the side and getting off of her. Her small hand reaches out and catches mine as I try to go get a bath going.

I stop, pulling away to let her hold my hand, but she drops it and pulls it to herself. “Sorry, Sir.”

“For what? Touching me?” She nods and I grab her chin, lightly lifting her gaze to meet mine. “Is it because I had you wait for permission when you were sucking me?” She nods, hesitantly lower her gaze again.

I sigh and sit on the bed in front of her, “You can always touch me outside of playtime,” I tell her, “In playtime too unless I tell you differently. As a standing rule though, let’s say when you’re sucking me off, I don’t want you to take any liberties.”

Leah nods, but I can tell she doesn’t understand. “When you giving me a blowjob, I want you to take my commands literally. So when I say ‘suck’, I mean only suck." Leah blushes deeply and I chuckle. “Maybe we should practice that later,” I tease and I see a small smile reach Leah’s lips.

“I’m not one for restricting my subs control completely, but I do like having absolute control sometimes,” I admit standing up.

“I... I can give that to you, Master.” Leah crawls to the edge of the bed,

So eager to please.

“I don’t want absolute control all the time, Leah. And you have lived under that kind of monarchy your whole life. It’s better the way we have it.” Leah nods a little dejectedly. “Do you need me to take more control?” I ask her a little hopeful.

I love our relationship the way we have it, but I most certainly have hopes of a more strict relationship.

“I like having rules and everything. I like when you have high expectations,” Leah admits, looking up at me bashfully.

“How about we get you bathed and we will talk about it?” I ask, trying to hide my excitement. I watch as Leah nods and obediently crawls off the bed and on the floor behind me. If she liked me having high expectations perhaps I should add more rituals or protocol for us?

Was the crawling thing something she wanted me to enforce? I hated it at first, but I kind of liked it now.

And what kinks did she exactly have? Did she want to be treated as a pet instead of a slave?

I start the bath and pour some bubble bath into the tub. The bathroom becomes foggy and steamy as I look down at Leah. She sits at my feet, hugging my legs. I run a hand through her hair and she looks up at me, pressing her body against my legs even more.

I smile, trying to comfort her as my mind swirls in turmoil. How am I gonna make her happy? Can she take me being more dominant? I know she said she liked rules and stuff, but does she know what she wants?

Leah doesn’t have any clothing on anymore and neither do I, so when the tub is full enough, I get in and sink down. Leah waits for me and I beckon her over to the side of the tub.

She kneels patiently and I unhook her collar and rub her neck to try to sooth and discomfort the collar may have created. When I give her permission to join me, she comes in too and lays on my chest.

I cup my hands full of warm water and start pouring little handfuls of water along her back. Leah shivers as I do this and I rub the warm water into her smooth skin.

Leah nuzzles into my chest while I rub warm water on her.

“Master?” I hum, looking down at her and she bites her lip, “... Are you okay?” Leah asks in a gentle whisper.

“Yeah. I’m just thinking,” I admit, pulling her against me. “We should talk more specifically about your kinks and what you want to be treated like.... do you want me to treat you like a pet, or a slave or?”

“What do you want me to be Master?” She ask sitting up in my lap. I look at her and sigh.

She always thinks everything is about me, which feels amazing to know she just wants to please, but I wish she knew that what she wanted was important as well.

“Leah, I’m happy if you’re happy. I don’t care if you want to be a Little.”

“I like being both really,” she says looking up at me through her lashes, “I like being treated like a pet and a slave sometimes,” she says, leaning onto my shoulders.

I can see when Leah gets distracted because she suddenly traces the muscles on my arms and shoulders. I let her be in her own world for a second.

Leah snaps back to reality and looks up at me smiling proudly at me. “How are you dealing with the rules I have you already?” I ask her, petting her bare back.

“Good, Master.” She seems happy.

“So do you feel comfortable with me adding some rituals or protocol?” Leah blushes and nods looking down at my chest. I caress her face gently and continue talking, “Would you want to be a pet at home and like a slave in playtime or...”

Leah looks at me confused and I realize she isn’t use to making decisions like these. “I just want you to treat me however you feel I deserve to be treated.”

I pat her back, “I think you deserve to be treated like a princess, but I don’t think that is what you really want.” Leah giggles softly as I tickle her along her side. “So you like pet play, but you don’t like collars?” I ask rhetorically and Leah blushes deeply.

“How about we start slow and then add on, yeah? Starting now, when we are in the playroom or the bedroom, you are no longer allowed to walk without my explicit permission. If you’re home alone you can walk, but if I’m home you better be crawling,” I decide, knowing she will be fine with that rule.

Leah smiles brightly and stuffs her nose into my neck. I smile and shake my head at her antics. “I know this might be a little bit of a struggle for you, but from now on whenever you leave the house, I want you wearing your collar. It means a lot to me that you wear it.”

Three wasn’t too many rules to add right? I don’t think so.

“When I go back to work, if you don’t have chores and I’m in the office, you are coming and keeping me company,” I say, patting her back.

“Yes, Sir.” I feel her smile spread along her face as she breathes into my neck.

“Can we talk about last night?” I ask, a little hesitant to know what she really thought about it.

I know the collar and leash thing was pushing her limits a little, but she has no reason to be afraid.

Leah nods, “Of course, Master. Whatever pleases you.” I run my hands over her goose bumped legs.

“How did you like it?”

“Last night Sir? It was fine.” She is much less enthusiastic than the first time we played.

“What made it fine?” Leah doesn’t respond to me at first. I rub her back until she glances up at me and I can see the turmoil running through her. “You can be honest with me. I know you didn’t like the collar and leash thing, but what else made it kind of ehhh.”

“I...I”. Leah starts before she pauses, “I don’t hate the collar and leash”, she says quietly, before glancing up at me before looking away quickly.

That surprises me, I rub her neck again. Her pale throats has light scars, but still looks absolutely delectable. I lower my lips to her throat and kiss it, creating a decent sized hicky, as she attempts to keep speaking. “I wou-ldn’t mind if we... ke-pt playing with them,” Leah finally gets out and I smirk at the effort she had to exhort in order to concentrate. “I just wasn’t a fa-fan of-” Leah moans and I cup her sex, “of the orgasm denial.”

I stop teasing her and pull away. Leah lets out a breath of relief and keeps talking, “I know I don’t deserve to be pleasured at all and that playtime isn’t about me, but I really didn’t like that.” I press my lips into hers firmly.

How could she still believe things like that?

Have I not made it clear that our relationship is suppose to be for the both of us?

“Leah, if playtime wasn’t about you, then I would not ask you for your opinion on it. And don’t, for even a second think you don’t deserve anything I give you. Punishment or pleasure, you are fully deserving.”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you,” Leah whispers. I know she doesn’t believe me, but I think that will come in time.

Hugging Leah one last time, I pull her out of the bath and set her on the mat.

She shuttered and stands there dripping wet as she waits for a command. “Get a towel, Darling.” I step out of the bath too and unplug the tub.

Leah quickly grabs a towel and comes back over. I was foolish to not explain it was for her. She drops to her knees and starts to dry me off even though the towel was supposed to be for her.

I’m about to scold her and realize she is just taking care of me. I let her dry off my legs and feet as I lean over and take another dry towel off the rack. I set it on her back and wrap her in it as best I can. With the way she is kneeling, the towel doesn’t stay good, but Leah doesn’t seem to care because she just moves on to dry me off completely.

Leah gets up on her knees and tries to reach my upper body with the towel. For a second I forget about the new crawling rule and wonder what she is doing. “You may stand,” I permit, and Leah gets off her knees and finishes quickly.

I grab her towel from the floor and wrap her in it once again. I run the soft towel over her small frame and watch as Leah clings to my body as best she can. Her wet hair falls on my back and I get the sudden urge to pull it, but I don’t. She probably wouldn’t enjoy the hair pulling with out any other stimulation.

“Knees,” I command once I am done brushing out her hair. She drops down gracefully onto all fours and I pat her head. “You have another doctors and psychologist appointment later today.”

“Yes, Master.” I can hear the disappointment in her voice even though she tries to hide it.

“It will be fine.”

“I know, Master.”


“My dear Leah!” Doctor Harvey exclaims, coming into the examination room. “How are you doing today?” He looks down at Leah, who is trying to hide between my legs.

Leah glances up at me and burrows further between my legs. “She’s feeling a little shy today,” I say with a chuckle as we both examine my very adorable, but nervous submissive. “Leah, come.” I stand and she begrudgingly follows, crawling and still hiding behind my legs. I make sure I don’t step on her at all even though she is literally, right under my feet.

I pick her up and Leah clings to me. I sit down on the table with her in my lap with her pressed against my chest as she tries to get away.

“You don’t have to be nervous, my dear. Today is just a check up, no shots, no blood work, nothing painful.” Dr. Harvey tries to sooth.

I rub her side and place my chin over her head. Leah nuzzles comfortably there and I relax as she settles down.

“So, Miss Leah, have you done anything fun with Officer Rylan yet?” Dr. Harvey asks, checking her eyes, ears and nose.

Doctor Harvey takes out his stethoscope and attempts to place it on Leah’s chest, but she just retreats further away. “Umm well...we... we went to the beach,” Leah squeaks out. I hold her still and a small whimper leaves her as Dr. Harvey places the cool metal on her skin.

I smile proudly hearing I did something my submissive liked. Some subs weren’t as easy to please as Leah.

“You went to the beach?” Dr. Harvey says with a faint tone of shock. “That sounds so fun. I bet my wife will be so jealous when I tell her you got to have fun at the beach.”

Leah nods, panicked on my lap as Dr. Harvey goes and grabs a popsicle stick.

“He is just gonna look in your throat. He did it last time remember?” I try to soothe her. I’m not as good at calming her down at I hope to be.

“Open,” he says to Leah. We both look down and wait patiently, but Leah just shakes her head no and claws at my arms.

“You’re fine,” I calmly flipping her back around toward Dr. Harvey. She shakes her head and I grab he face, stopping her movement. “The quicker you listen, the quicker it will be over. Open,” I command and she obeys immediately.

Tears slick down her cheeks quietly as Dr, Harvey checks her throat. I notice Dr. Harvey’s attention is drawn to the collar placed around Leah’s neck.

He throws the popsicle stick away and I let Leah fall into the chest and hide. He comes back and pulls Leah to sit in front of him. She doesn’t like it, but she listens to his unspoken command.

His hands go to Leah’s neck and she cringed away. I pull her hair away from her neck, so he can look at whatever he needs to.

“This is new,” Dr. Harvey comments, running his hands around her collar. I nod and smile. He tests the tightness of the collar by slipping two fingers underneath. He seems satisfied when he sees there is still more room even with two fingers inside the band.

His hands go to the latch to take it off, but Leah’s quickly block his and she pulls away. “Mine,” She states boldly, backing into my chest.

Dr. Harvey looks just as shocked as I do. I don’t think Leah has ever been this forward with someone.

Well I guess she likes being collared.

“I’m just gonna take it off to look at your neck. You can have it back after,” he states softly after he recovers from both of our shocks. She looks at me for permission and I unlatch her collar.

Dr. Harvey checks for rashes or marks, but only finds old scars from her old Master. “Do you have any irritation here?” He presses on the skin around her neck.

Leah shakes her head and he nods, letting me slip her collar back on. “I’m gonna leave the room to let you change, but then I’m going to need to examine you to make sure your back and stitches are good, and just look at any irritation or possible injuries you might have.”

He leaves and I gently push Leah onto the floor in front of me. I undress her quietly and she complies before bringing me into a tight embrace once I am done dressing her in the hospital gown.

I’m not sure if I should comment about her bold behavior. She wasn’t exactly disrespectful, but for her, this behavior is off. She is usually quick to comply, but I guess that is only with me really.

I brush her hair from her face and let her keep hugging me. Dr. Harvey knocks on the door before he comes in again with his clip board. “Okay.”

He looks over her and I look too, trying to find anything that he could report as abuse. Her skin looks clear though and there aren’t any visible injuries or irritations.

“Have you two had sex yet?” At the question she stiffens and looks back at me.

“Kind of,” she says hesitantly and a smile grows on my face. She is so adorable.

“Kind of?” Doctor Harvey asks with a chuckle. Leah blushes and I pat her back. “Do you want me to check for abrasions or irritations—actually never mind I’m gonna do it anyway.”

Leah gets a little nervous with that and I rub her side soothingly. “Is anything bothering you?” Dr. Harvey asks her as he starts to undo the back of the gown.

Leah’s hand clutches onto mine with a death grip and I feel like my bones are breaking. “It’s alright.” I attempt to pry my hand from hers, but she doesn’t relent. She stands between my legs while Doctor Harvey is checking her back.

Leah leans onto my chest and I rest my chin on her shoulder.

I haven’t checked her back lately, but it looks healed. Dr. Harvey writes down a few things and I wrap my arms around Leah. She lets out a shaky breath and I kiss her cheek.

“I don’t think I like the doctor’s office.” I can’t hold in my laughter anymore. A deep chuckle rumbles through my chest and I hold onto Leah tightly.

“I love you, Leah,” I say kissing her neck. She blushes deeply and hugs me back.

“I love you too, Master.” I look up and see Dr. Harvey is done writing and is waiting.

“I’m gonna need to check her leg and then her genitals,” Dr. Harvey explains.

I nod in understanding and Leah looks up at me a little panicky. “It’s gonna be okay. Hold still.” I settle her down in between my legs.

Leah listens and stays still as Dr. Harvey spreads her legs and examines her stitches. “They gave her disintegrating ones, so they should just fall out in a week or two.” He brushes a finger over her wound. She finches and I hold her still. “It looks good. No irritation...” He looks up at me and I get the hint.

“Okay Leah. I need you to lay down and be a good girl for me.” I tell her firmly as I stand up.

I push her down and she grabs my hand tightly, “What is he doing?” She asks as I push her legs down flat.

“He is gonna make sure your vagina and breasts are healthy.” She lurches, trying to sit up. I hold her shoulders down though. “You’re fine. I’m gonna be right here. He isn’t gonna do anything–”

“No, Master. Please... I’ll be good,” Leah says, starting to cry.

I hush her gently and try to cuddle her soothingly. “You’re not in trouble, Darling. He just has to check to make sure everything is alright.”

“I’m alright. Nothing hurts,” she says adamantly.

“I know, but once he is done, we only have one more thing to do and then we can go home and snuggle on the couch and watch a movie.”

“Cinderella?” Leah asks with a sniffle.

“You want to watch Cinderella again? We can watch Cinderella. We can choose another princess movie if you want?”

“Promise?” She ask in a whisper.

“I promise,” kissing her head. “Would it make you feel better if I sat with you and you had your head in my lap?”

She nods and I sit down with her head secured in my lap. I play with her hair with one hand as the other holds her hand.

I look up at Dr. Harvey and he smiles sadly. “How about we start at the top?”

I reach under Leah and she sits up slightly to allow me to undo the ties on her gown. She lets me take the top part of the gown off to reveal her breasts before she lays down on my lap. Her large doe eyes meet mine and I give her a reassuring smile.

Her breasts are clear as well and Dr. Harvey only examines them for a moment before he lets me cover her back up. “What kind of snack should we get for our movie?” I distract her, pulling up her gown, so he can examine her lady bits.

Leah hesitates as she watches what Doctor Harvey is doing. “Umm I... I really liked the food you gave me last night... I don’t remember its name though.” She jumps a little when Dr. Harvey moves her legs, so they are bent and spread apart.

“Tacos? We can have tacos again. Those are easy to make. We can have a fun snack though with our movie too if you want we can have chocolate and popcorn or–”

“What are you doing?” Leah interrupts, looking at Dr. Harvey sternly. I pull her back down.

“He is just looking.”

“Well, actually I might be touching soon because it seems someone was ‘kind of’ sexually active this morning,” he states looking up at us unimpressed.

Leah gasps and blushes heavily causing me and him to chuckle. “She is swollen which is fine if it was recent, but if this is from like last night of further back–”

“No, that was from this morning.” He shakes his head.

“You kids,” he grumbles jokingly and I chuckle. Leah doesn’t look as amused though, she sits completely mortified by the situation.

He continues to examine her and she jumps every time he touches her. He finishes quickly and lets me cover her once again.

“Do you have any questions for me?” I shake my head before remembering I actually did.

“Leah is very sensitive to pain and I’m worried it might be something with nerve damage,” I admit.

“Nerve damage Is this a new sensitivity?” He asks Leah.

Leah shakes her head and looks at me, trying to snuggle into my arms.

“Well, I mean I can’t really test to see if it is nerve damage, but extreme sensitivity is definitely a symptom.” He sets down his clip board. “How did you come across this sensitivity?”

“Spanking. It was a punishment. Her psychologist had recommend punishing her, so she could see it wasn’t all bad and I thought I had been super light handed, but it was painful for her, more than it should have been,” I explain, realizing how bad this looks. He nods and sits down on his stool, “I made sure not to hit her thighs, or even close to her sit spot. I made sure to warm her up and only did it on her bottom.”

“It very well could be nerve damage. I’m not fully aware of the situation you and Miss Leah are in, however, I’m sure your custody speaks to her previous living conditions. I can’t say for sure if it is, but I can warn you to be careful. I suspect it could just be over active nerves, so be careful with orgasm denial because that can be tougher and more painful than normal. Besides that there isn’t really much, this is a tough life style to live with that kind of pain because it’s hard to tell when pain is from punishment or over active nerves that need a break.”

Dr. Harvey looks at Leah, “This just means you need to make sure you communicate your physical state to your Master,” he says in a serious tone. Leah nods and glance at me, “When stuff hurts a lot, it is because your body is try to talk to you and say you need to stop. To an extent that is good for punishment because we can learn from pain, but pain isn’t the only way we learn and if you’re in too much pain, it means something is wrong.”

Leah nods, looking down at her hands as I rub her thigh. The orgasm denial fact was a good thing to bring up because I hadn’t even thought that her nerves down there might be over active or damaged as well.

“On another and completely unrelated note. Have you started your period yet?” Dr. Harvey finally asks when he is right about to leave.

“No,” Leah says quietly.

Dr. Harvey looks up at me and nods, “I hope you are ready for that Officer Rylan.” I suddenly realize I’m completely unprepared for Leah’s menstrual cycle.

I nod in appreciation and the look on my face must tell Doctor Harvey that he just saved my life. He chuckles and leaves, “See you soon, Miss Leah.”

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