Saving Leah

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Dinner Date

Leah’s POV

I hold onto Master tightly as he carries me in to see Mr. Hue. I haven’t decided what I am going to do about my appointment with him again.

Last time when I talked to Mr. Hue, he convinced Master that he needed to punish me.

“Officer Rylan, Leah. You’re back.” Mr. Hue stands up to greet us. He shakes hands with Master this time and I smile at the respect Master is receiving.

Last time we were here Mr. Hue had been quiet curt with Master and I hadn’t liked it. Master deserved to be treated with respect.

“I just received an update of Leah’s medical records from Dr. Harvey,” Mr. Hue states as he sits down.

“I wasn’t aware you had access to those,” Master doesn’t sound mad, but rather a little surprised.

“Yes, well I need to stay informed on my patient’s physical health as well,” Mr. Hue says cantankerously, pulling out the same pad of paper from last time. “Will you be able to stay with us for this session, Officer Rylan?”

“Of course,” Master says, wrapping an arm around me. Mr. Hue nods and looks up at us. He analyzes the way we sit.

I don’t know what he is looking for, but if it is good posture, I don’t want my it to reflect on Master. “So, how has this week been? Last time we met, we talked about implementing punishments.” My face turns into a frown at his reminder.

I don’t like punishment at all and now Master thinks I may have nerve damage on top of everything else he has to worry about.

“It didn’t go very well honestly. Leah did very good though,” Master praises, rubbing my side. I smile and blush down at the carpet. “I was pretty light handed I thought, but she was in a lot of pain afterward. I talked to the Doctor Harvey and he said there was a possibility of—”

“Nerve damage,” Mr. Hue interrupts, finishing Master’s sentence.

“Yes”. I sink into the sofa next to Master. I don’t like them talking like that, I’m perfectly fine. Master shouldn’t worry about me.

“It sounds like you might need to go a different route with punishments then,” Mr. Hue notes, all but glaring at Master over his note pad.

I cuddle into Master and he rubs my arm to warm me up. I don’t like Master and Mr. Hue talking about punishments.

Master kisses my head and a shiver runs down my sides. “Yes, for sure. I am planning on holding back on physical punishments.”

“Good,” Mr. Hue says, looking over at me. His eyes are hard like usual and I feel myself shrinking back. “I got a note from Dr. Harvey that you two have ‘kind of’ gotten intimate with one another. How has that been?” He looks at me expectancy.

I squirm a little under his gaze, feeling uncomfortable. I look at Master and he just raises a brow at me. “It’s been fine,” I say quietly. I have enjoyed playing with Master, but it is a little embarrassing talking about it with others.

“Just fine? Has there been anything you didn’t like or enjoy that might be good for Officer Rylan to hear?”

I shake my head and look up at Master who gives me a small smile. I return the gesture, happy that Master is okay, I wouldn’t want to upset him.

“Me and Leah have already talked a little bit about the two sessions we have had,” Master notes absentmindedly, distracted with brushing my hair down my back.

“What was discussed?” Mr. Hue starts scribbling things down on his note pad.

“Well...“I bite my lip and cringe knowing what Master will bring up. “One thing she wasn’t comfortable with, but we are gonna start implementing more is the use of a collar.”

“Yes, I can see you have collared her”, Mr. Hue states unenthusiastically. “That must be exciting for you, Leah.”

“Yes,” I say in a small voice.

“I also tried some orgasm denial with her—which she took very well,” Master praises again, “But she didn’t like it to much and when discussing it with Dr. Harvey we decided it might be too painful, so we are gonna slow down on that too. We have only had two sessions so far, but we have also done stuff outside on those.”

Mr. Hue nods looking unimpressed before stating quite flatly, “Have you done any bonding with Leah besides sex or is that it?”

Master’s smile quickly fades and I lean away a little as I see his expression darken. “We went to the beach,” I squeak out before Master can reply.

Mr. Hue’s piercing gaze shifts from Master to me and I slumped back. “You went to the beach?” Mr. Hue asks in a skeptical, but gentler tone. I nod wring my hands.

“We... we went to Master’s parent’s house... and... and we all went to the beach,” I elaborate, looking up at Master. Master seems angry still, but he nods and brushes his lips against my forehead.

His actions comfort me a little, but I am still nervous. Master is still tense beside me and Mr. Hue still isn’t very respectful to Master anymore.

Mr. Hue nods and raises a brow as if to ask if that was all, “We went shopping too, and... we had lunch on the beach... and Master’s sister came over for dinner too with her Master and their baby and...and,” I try to think of everything we have done so far, it wasn’t much, but I loved everything Master has done for me.

“That’s alright if you can’t remember everything,” Mr. Hue states after writing down something. I shrink back into the sofa feeling dejected.

Master rubs my back and brings me into his lap. I lay my head on his chest and he runs his fingers through my hair.

“Did you have fun shopping?” Mr. Hue asks softly, seeing he upset me. I nod, glancing at him for a moment, “What did you get?”

“A bathing suit.” My voice is soft as Master rubs the back of my ears. His hands are gentle and his touch makes me shiver into him. Master smirks down at me and keeps rubbing the sensitive area before going back to playing with my hair.

“Oh that’s fun. Did your Master pick it out for you?“I shake my head more enthusiastically at his question.

Master was so nice to let me pick out my own bathing suit. I have never been able to pick out anything before. “I picked it out.”

“You did?” He looks to Master in surprise. “That must have been a really nice reward?”

“He got me Lucifer too,” I say, clutching onto Master. Master chuckles and gently mushes my face in his hand before bringing my squished face to his lips.

I giggle as he kisses me and he just chuckles even more and lets my face go. “Lucifer?” Mr. Hue asks.

Master nods and shrugs nonchalantly, chuckling again, “It’s the cat from Cinderella. It’s a stuffed animal.”

Mr. Hue cracks a small smile. “We watched the movie too and... and Master said we can watch another one when we get home,” I say with great excitement.

“Which one?” Mr. Hue asks making me look at Master. Master just makes a weird face as he shrugs, not responding.

“I don’t know any princess movies.”

“Oh have you never watched any before, Leah?” I shake my head and lay back down on Masters chest.

“I’m sure your Master will let you watch more of them,” Mr. Hue says giving Master a pointed look. Master doesn’t look amused, but he nods in agreement nevertheless. “Last session we also talked about adding rules. Which ones did you add?”

“Just some basic ones. Leah, do you remember them?” Master suddenly asks me. I pale a little, looking at Master.

I don’t think I can remember them all.

Master sees my panic and begins to comfort me. “It’s all right if you don’t remember them all. Do you remember some of them?”

I nod my head and try to remember, “Always address you as Master?” I ask hesitantly.

Master makes a face and sits up. “That’s not one my rules.”

“Sorry. I’m sorry Master.”

Stupid, Leah.

I can remember the new ones Master added, but not the ones from a couple days ago. “Always take care of myself.” I say and Master relaxes and nods.

Okay good, well at least I got one of them, “No cumming without permission,” Master nods again and rubs my thigh, “No talking back, always tell the truth, no eating without permission.”

“That’s not my rule either,” Master interrupts. I shake my head in frustration and wish I had better memory.

“Listen to you, be respectful to you and other Masters and...”

“No touching yourself,” Master replies, nodding along with me. “Do you remember the rules we added from today?” Master asks hesitantly, drawing circles on my hip.

“No taking my collar off without your permission, no walking in our bedroom or the playroom without permission and when you go back to work and I don’t have chores, I’m allowed to come with you to work,” I say, relieved that I remember all of Master’s rules from today.

Master nods approvingly. “Who gave you those other rules if your Master didn’t?” Mr. Hue asks glaring at Master again.

“My other Master did.” My voice shakes a little as I sit up and defend my Master. Master rubs my side gently and I calm down again.

Mr. Hue’s eyebrows rise in surprise, “Do you follow your old Master’s rules too.”

“Sometimes,” I admit quietly as I wring my hands. I know I shouldn’t follow my other Master’s rules, but I just follow my old habits built with my old Master.

Master looks down at me again and he doesn’t look pleased. I cringe away a little, not liking Master’s stern look.

He doesn’t rub my back anymore, but he still lets me sit on his lap. “I... I don’t mean to, Master... I... I—”

“It’s alright, Darling.” Master goes back to rubbing my back. He moves the hair around my neck and kisses me.

I nod and Master pulls me to him tightly. I relax, seeing Master is not mad at me. “Is it hard to remember which rules you don’t have to follow? You have probably built a lot of habits haven’t you?” Mr Hue says.

“Whine again and see what is gonna happen,” Master says angrily, yanking me off the living room floor. “I don’t want to hear you’re hungry or tired. I don’t care. If I want to feed you I will. If I want you to sleep I’ll let you.”

“Master, please,” I cry out in exhaustion. Master’s hand comes down on my cheek and Master drops me on the floor. I cry out and he growls.

“Why are you looking at me with your disgusting eyes?” Master growls, slapping me again when I look up at him. I cower away, shaking in fear.

Master’s warm hands are on either side of my face and he is kissing my forehead and holding me to his chest when I come back to reality.

I don’t mean to listen to anyone but my Master, however, even though Master owns me, sometimes it feels like my old Master still controls my actions.

“It’s okay. Nothing is gonna happen. You’re safe, Leah. It’s gonna be okay,” Master says in my ear. I cling onto him and he lets out a heavy sigh seeing I’m back.

I tremble in his arms, suddenly am now afraid Mr. Hue may take me away from Master and send me back seeing me have a panic attack. “I don’t want to go back,” I begin to cry. “Please don’t send me back.”

Mr. Hue may think that I am afraid of Master, but I’m not. Master has been good to me.

“I’m not gonna send you anywhere, Darling,” Master promises, standing up with me tightly against his chest. “You’re not going anywhere.”

I sob louder, realizing even Master doesn’t get to decide if I get to stay with him. Mr. Hue or Dr. Harvey could take me away from him and he couldn’t do anything.

“Does she have panic attacks often?” Mr. Hue’s voice is filled with concern.

I cry quietly and dig my hands into Master’s clothing. “She’s had one before. She’ll calm down after a minute. Some things just trigger her,” Master explains, clutching me to his chest.

My cries subside, leaving me with hiccups and Master rewards me with kisses on my neck and cheek.

“Does she want some water?” Mr. Hue asks quietly from behind Master.

“Do you want some water, Love?” I shake my head vehemently.

I just want my Master.

“I think she is okay,” Master says quietly, letting me calm down completely. Tears begin to sting my eyes as Master tries to pull away a little.

I don’t let him, pulling his muscular form to my frail one. “Shhhh. It’s okay,” Master says, working his hands between us, so he can pull us apart a little.

I reach and grab at him, wanting to rest my cheek against his chest again. “Are you alright?” I nod and keep grabbing at him. Master sighs and lets me reconnect myself to him.

Master’s hands run through my hair and my hiccups are the only sound in the room for a while. My eyes become heavy in his embrace and I let myself relax.

Master caresses my face and I sigh in content. He adjusts to cradle me like a baby. I don’t mind it, it is warm and comfortable.

Mr. Hue hands Master a tissue and Master uses his finger and then tissue to wipe the tears from my face. “I don’t want to go away.” I sit up in Master’s arms, looking at Mr. Hue.

“Why did you think you were going away?” Mr. Hue asks me. I swallow hard, not wanting to tell him.

Master looks at me, waiting for an answer and I finally cave, “You don’t like Master and saw me crying. You want to send me back to my old Master, but I don’t want to go back to my old Master or any other. I like this Master,” I blubber honestly.

Mr. Hue sets down his clip board and reclines in his chair. Master holds me in his arms, “Does it upset you that I don’t like your Master?”

“Yes.” I say, my voice cracking.

Mr. Hue smiles at me and I hiccup again, blushing. “To tell you the truth, Leah. I don’t like or dislike your Master. My job isn’t to like or dislike him, my job is to make sure submissives like yourself are in a healthy and loving relationship with your dominant. It’s nothing against him. I just don’t like many other dominants. I have found in my career that many abuse their submissives and that makes it hard to like other dominants,” Mr. Hue explains.

I nod along, “But Master is good to me.”

“Good to you compared to how you were treated before, or in general?” Mr. Hue asks softly with a sad expression.

“Master is a good owner.” I cling onto Master’s hand tightly.

Mr. Hue sighs and looks behind me at Master. “Leah, how many dominants have you met before?”

“Lots,” I state a little confused.

“What about submissives?” Mr. Hue asks.

“I met Master’s friend’s submissive, Melissa, and Master’s sister.”

“Do you have any friends?” I frown and shake my head at Mr. Hue’s question. I wish I had friends like Master does, but I just never have.

“This week I want you and Leah to spend time with other couples, so she can see the interactions between other couples,” Mr. Hue says.

Master nods and strokes my back making me look up at him. Master isn’t looking at me though, he is watching Mr. Hue. “Of course. Do you just want us to spend that time with people I know or strangers?”

Mr. Hues eyebrows furrow realizing something, I’m not sure, but he looks deep in thought. “It can be people you know and next time we meet, we can talk and see next week. I just want her to be able to compare a health dom and sub relationship to yours—”

“So she can see they are the same,” Masters says, leaning forward and adjusting me on his lap.

“Yeah,” Mr. Hue agrees curtly. His eyes meet mine and fall on my deep frown. Mr. Hue sighs and drops the subject.

“Should I see if we could stay with a friend of mine and his submissive for a whole day so she can see what a whole day looks like, or...”

“The most time, the better. I don’t know how open your friends are, but if she could see a scene, that would be the best, so she can see what intimate sessions should look like.”

“Perfect.” Master says.

I adjust the baggy sweater, trying to look more presentable. I clutch Lucifer to my chest as Master drives us over to Troy and Melissa’s house.

I had been nervous to ask Master if I could take Lucifer with us to stay the night at his friends house, but Master hadn’t seemed to care at all. “You look fine,” Master comforts, patting my thigh.

“Thank you, Sir,” I say, looking down at Lucifer.

“Rylan,” Master says, looking over at me.

“R-rylan?” I repeat hesitantly.

“Yeah. Rylan,” he smiles. It is still weird to me that he wants me to address him by his birth name. I know now that most subs do that, but still, Master will always be my owner and should be addressed respectfully.

“Are you nervous?” Master asks looking over at me again.

“A little bit, Master.”

“You don’t have to be nervous. I talked to Troy and Melissa and they are very excited that you are coming over for dinner. I also talked to Troy to see if he was comfortable letting us watch a scene and he said he was fine with it and that he just had to check with Melissa.”

“Oh.” I hope they don’t do it in front of us. It is already embarrassing thinking about watching other people get intimate. “We aren’t going to join in, right?”

Master looks over at me and smiles, “Only if you want to,” I shake my head vehemently and he chuckles. “We will see what you think about my offer later.”

“You won’t let them touch me, right, Master?” I don’t want anyone else touching me. It was hard enough at first to let Master touch me intimately. I don’t want anyone else touching me.

“Of course not,” Master grabs my hand. He looks concerned at my question. “I wouldn’t ever. I don’t like sharing,” Master says quietly.

I nod and relax a little. Master pulls in front of a house and takes out his keys. He leans to my side of the car and kisses my cheek.

I smile and Master gets out, coming around and helping me out of the car and into his arms. I cling to Master and hold Lucifer in my arms tightly.

I don’t want to drop him and get him all dirty. Master let me take Lucifer to bed with us last night and I know if Lucifer got dirty, he wouldn’t want me to bring him with me.

Master pops the trunk and pulls out our suitcase and rolls it behind us as he rings the doorbell. Melissa opens the door and smiles widely at us.

“Come in,” Melissa welcomes. “Master Rylan, it is good to see you. Hello, Leah,” She giving me a small wave before giving Master a side hug.

“Melissa, please. You know it’s just Rylan.” Master sets me down next to him. I lean on him and pet Lucifer.

Heavy foot steps come from up the stairs and I look up to see Troy. “Rylan, Leah. You made it.” He shakes hands with Master. “Sorry, I was upstairs getting the playroom ready.”

I blush, knowing me and Master will be watching later tonight. “We just got here,” Master says, gesturing to our bags. He and Officer Troy keep talking.

“Who is that?” Melissa asks, gesturing to my kitty.

I look down, “Lucifer, Miss,” I say quietly, unsure how I should address her. She is a submissive like myself, but one of Master’s rules is that I have to respect everyone and I don’t want to be disrespectful and miss address anyone.

Melissa lets out a pleasant laugh and pulls me by the arm into the living room. “You don’t have to address me like that,” She lets me go and takes a seat on the sofa.

Master and Officer Troy come in laughing. “Dinner?” Troy asks and Melissa smiles and gets up off the sofa.

“It smells amazing,” Master compliments as he pushes me in front of him. His hands rest on my waist as we walk through the doorway.

“Thank you,” Melissa sits next to her Master. Dinner has already been placed on the table and I sit next to Master once he sits down.

“Oh. I’ll go put Lucifer with our stuff.” Master says standing up from the table. I reach to take him back for a second, but stop myself and let Master take him away. “He will be waiting in our room. I promise.” Master kisses my forehead and I nod obediently. I look around the room, wringing my hands.

“So how do you like living with Rylan?” Troy asks, beginning to serve Melissa and himself.

I clear my throat and sit up. “I like it. He is very nice.” I stare at my trembling hands. I’m not scared, just nervous and that makes me shake.

“Are you sad Rylan will have to go to work in a week?” Officer Troy asks.

I nod. I know I will miss Master during the day when he goes to work, but Master did say I would come to work with him sometimes, “Master said I could come with him to work when he works in the office.”

“You want to go and sit in the office with him?” Melissa teases lightheartedly.

“Some submissives are actually very grateful and love spending time with their dominants Mel”, Troy tease Melissa.

“Shut up,” Melissa teases, elbowing her Master. He chuckles and tickles her side. She screeches and Master comes back in and takes his seat next to me.

Officer Troy pulls Melissa into his lap and continues to tickle her, “Did you just tell me to shut up? Would you like me to spank your ass purple?” He asks rhetorically, tickling her sides.

It would terrify me if my Master ever threatened that, but she doesn’t look scared. Melissa shrieks with laughter across Officer Troy’s lap.

“No,” she says out of breath from laughing, “No, Sir.”

“Save it for the playroom,” Master jokes, serving me and him, “Some of us are trying to eat. Geez.”

Officer Troy sits Melissa back down and she giggles and fixes her dress. “Have you ever watched a scene before Leah?” Officer Troy asks me.

I blush, setting my fork down. “No, Sir,” I say a little uncomfortable.

“What kind of stuff do you enjoy?” Melissa asks. “Play wise,” she elaborates.

I look up at Master and he chuckles.

“You like pet play,” I nod and blush, pushing my food around to distract myself.

“Oh I like pet play too. We only do it when I have been really good though,” Melissa says, leaning on Officer Troy.

“You are a high demanding pet,” Officer Troy defends nonchalantly, “You like a pampered pet play.” Master chuckles, “What? I don’t have enough energy or money to keep up pet play all the time.”

“What else?” Melissa asks me. She looks at Rylan, knowing he will answer for me. “We have done a little impact play, some waxing nothing much. We have really only done some vanilla stuff.”

Melissa laughs and so does Officer Troy, “Yeah, we don’t do vanilla in this house,” Troy says.

Melissa leans across the table and whispers to me, “I like it better when he takes me over a table,” she says with a winks and I sit in shock at her words.

Too much information?

I guess we will probably watching them have sex tonight anyway. It is not like sex is a taboo topic for everyone. Master chuckles and rubs my back, shaking me out of my shock. “Don’t mind Melissa, she is just super excited,” Officer Troy says kindly.

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