Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

I follow Master as he goes into Officer Troy and Melissa’s playroom. Remembering my new rule, I drop down onto all fours and crawl after Master.

Officer Troy stands between Melissa’s legs as he whispers something into her ear. Melissa nods and smiles. She looks relaxed against her Master’s chest as he peppers kisses along her head and face. Officer Troy massages Melissa’s sides firmly as they keep talking.

It surprises me how at peace Melissa is with Officer Troy. I like Master, but I would never be so relaxed in his playroom with him.

“Leah,” Master says, chuckling as I hurry to crawl after him. Master takes a seat in a chair set out close to the bed, but not in the way.

I crawl up to him and he picks me up from under my arms and sets me on one leg. My legs fall across his lap and Master kisses my lips, making me hum in appreciation. His fingers trail along my back and I arch away from his cold fingers.

Master pulls away and caresses my thigh as he looks at the couple. Officer Troy now has Melissa bent over the bed and is tying her hands behind her back. She already has a spread bar holding her legs into position.

Masters hands run over my legs, back and forth, to tease me.

“Pull,” Officer Troy commands mildly, having her tests his knot, he seems satisfied when the binding holds. Officer Troy delivers a hard slap to Melissa’s bottom. She lets out a squeal and I jump.

“She’s okay,” Master whispers softly.

Office Troy stands behind Melissa and looks over at Rylan shaking his head disapprovingly. Rylan lets out a low chuckle and Officer Troy slap Melissa’s bottom even harder.

“I’m sorry, Sir. Thank you,” Melissa says, rocking back and forth on the balls of her feet.

He slaps her bottom again and waits for a second to reprimand her, “People address me as sir all day. I want to hear ‘Thank you, Master’.” Officer Troy says, groping her red bottom.

I shiver in mixture of anticipation, excitement and a little worry. Officer Troy seems very nice to Melissa, but he is being very harsh and heavy handed.

Officer Troy continues to spank Melissa and I wince hearing the sound of skin on skin contact.

“Melissa what’s you color?” Master asks after Officer Troy stops spanking her.

“Green, Master Rylan,” Melissa says as Officer Troy starts to toy with her lower region. Melissa lets out a loud moan and lets her head fall into the sheets of the bed.

Melissa’s bottom looks really red and irritated, but she doesn’t seem to mind at all. She looks like she has a high pain tolerance, something I only wish I could have.

Master’s hand suddenly gets very close to my core. He doesn’t touch me at all there, but he lets his hand brush circle dangerously close. I feel myself starting to get wet and I look over at Master in embarrassment.

Master’s eyes meet mine and he breaks a small smile. “Do you want to cum, Melissa?” Officer Troy asks, bringing me back to their scene. Officer Troy is thrusting two fingers in and out of her with one hand, while the other hand is yanking her hair back so she looking up at the ceiling.

“Yes please, Master. Please!” He suddenly stops, pulling his finger out of her.

“No, you have not earned it,” Officer Troy states factually, forcing her down over his bed again. She lets out a moan as he slaps her bottom again and I furrow my brows in confusion.

“Melissa is a masochist,” Master whispers in my ear as he trails a hand up my back. “She likes rough impact play,” Master explains and I nod.

I don’t mind some light spankings, but rough impact play didn’t sound fun.

Officer Troy walks over to a table and picks up a small blue vibratory. “Can I borrow one of those actually?” Master asks, making my eyes widen.

“Of course,” Officer Troy says with a smirk as he tosses Master the vibrator. Master smirks at me and pushes my legs apart.

Melissa, who can’t see what is going on, moves against her bonds to see what Officer Troy grabbed, “Be patient,” he instructs to her and she stills.

He waits for a second before using his hand to collect some of Melissa’s wetness and coat the vibrator in it. I can tell she knows what he is doing now because she lets out a groan making Officer Troy chuckle.

“You have to earn an orgasm, Love,” he teases before pushing the vibrator into her.

Master rubs my clit a little and I suddenly jump, having completely forgot he had a vibrator. Master smiles at me teasingly before pulling part of my underwear to the side. “Always so wet for me,” Master whispers in my ear as his fingers graze my folds.

I blush and glance over a the couple who aren’t paying the slightest attention to us. It feels wrong to do stuff in front of them, but also thrilling.

Master pushes a finger and then two into me. He slowly works them in and out of me, bringing me higher and higher. Suddenly, he brings his fingers to his mouth and tastes me. “Delightful,” he comments, glancing at me.

I duck my eyes and try to look away as Master licks me off his fingers. “I think you are ready,” Master comments, pushing the toy to my entrance. I stiffen a little, not use to something besides my Master’s fingers or my old Master’s cock inside me.

He slides the vibrator in effortlessly and I shift a little, unsure about if I like internal vibrators. Master suddenly switches it on and I jump in his lap. It is on really low making it so I can’t cum, but I do get a lot more wet and sexually frustrated.

“Don’t you dare cum,” Officer Troy orders sternly, Melissa only replies with a moan. He hovers over her upper body on the bed, pulling her hair to the side and lowering his head to lick her lower back. Melissa lets out a squeal and bites her lip. “Hold it,” he commands, slapping her bottom.

He roughly rubs his hands up and down the back of her legs and she jumps with his touch. “Master, please!” She begs again.

I can feel my own tension building as Master begins to rub my clit too, but I’m not so close to cumming. “No, I think you need to wait for Leah,” Officer Troy says, looking over at Master.

I look up at Master with a deep blush as I remember that even though Melissa can’t see us, Officer Troy can. Master smiles and palms me a little harder, keeping his slow pace. I can tell he is taking his time working me up to an orgasm.

“Oh God. Master, please!” Melissa all but screams as Office Troy turns up her toy for a second. He switches it back down a second later as she struggles to obey.

“No, you have to wait for Leah,” he says and I shrink it Master. “You may ask Master Rylan if he would be kind enough to turn up her vibrator, so you don’t have to wait as long, he might be in a nice mood,” Officer Troy offers with a smirk looking over at Master.

Master chuckles, “Master Rylan, please—oh my gosh... please turn up Leah’s vibrator!” Melissa manages to squeal out.

Officer Troy smirks and kisses down her back and sides, running his hands down her collared neck. I feel my own vibrator increase in intensity making me sit up more.

Master kisses my neck and I let out my first moan. I try to swallow the sound, but it is useless. My moans are drowned out by Melissa anyway as she continues to beg.

Her legs shake as she fights to obey her Master. “Are you close?” Master asks in my ear. I nod and moan as he picks up the pace of his rubbing significantly.

“Master, may I please cum?” Master looks at Troy who then looks at Melissa and holds up a finger for us to wait.

“Mmmh. Master, may I please cum!” she yells out.

“Just you?” He asks, slapping her red bottom.

“We. May we please cum, Master!” She begs frantically and even I can tell she can’t hold it for much longer.

“Ask Master Rylan,” Troy commands, getting behind Melissa.

“Master Rylan, may we please cum?” Melissa begs.

Troy nods to Master and he responds,“Yes, cum.” Master removes the vibrator quickly from me and replaces it with his fingers.

I cry out and ride his hand hungrily, releasing the pent up tension in my core. We both profusely thank our Master’s as they help us orgasm.

Melissa scream out in pleasure and Officer Troy rubs her clit, prolonging her pleasure. We are both left shaking when our Master’s pull away. Officer Troy smiles triumph as he lets Melissa rest down on the bed, panting.

He gently runs his hands along Melissa’s sides and continues to kiss her back.

Master pulls me into his chest tightly as I recover my breathing. “Thank you, Master.” I pant, out of breath.

“Of course, Pet,” he all but purrs into my ear. A shiver runs down my spine and I cling onto him tightly as I come down. He kisses my neck and then my lips.

His mouth is warm and soft. His lips move with my own and his hand wander up to my breasts and then neck. His warm hands cup my face and he deepens the kiss with me. His kisses become more hungry and demanding and I rub his shoulders as I move to straddle him.

Master lets me move to straddle him and his hands move to my waist. He pulls away leaving us both panting. I rest my head against his should, out of breath from our passionate kissing.

Master’s arms wrap around my waist and I groan as I relax onto his chest. “You can’t rest yet, Darling.” Master says in a whisper. I nod obediently and kiss his neck once before sitting up. “We just started.” He strokes my cheek. “Are you enjoying this?”

I open my mouth and then close it again. This is a new atmosphere and a new activity. It is thrilling, but also kind of uncomfortable. “I think so.”

Melissa yelps in the background and I see Officer Troy has untied Melissa and has begun beating her feet with a ridding crop. I jump a little as she lets out a screech.

Master grabs my chin and moves my eye to meet his. “What is your color?” Master asks me, not letting go of my face.

“Yellow—wait no, green.”

Master raises a brow, “I need an honest answer, Leah,” Master says more sternly than before.

“That was honest, Master. I promise”

I liked what Master was doing and the fact that Melissa was seeming to enjoy herself.

“Do you want to take a break?” Master asks me beginning to get up, but I shake my head no.

“I’m okay. I just get... anxious and embarrassed,” I tell him I a whisper, so we don’t interrupt Officer Troy and Melissa.

Melissa lets out a groans/scream and yanks on her arms which I notice have been tied to the headboard. “That was a good one wasn’t that?” Officer Troy taunts, slapping Melissa’s arch again.

She yanks her foot away and he tuts, grabbing her leg and roughly holding it down as he continues to crop her bare feet.

“Ow!” Melissa whines and Officer Troy pauses and looks up at Melissa laughing. He rubs her feet gently and she settles down. He rubs her feet a little more before he sets down his riding crop and gets a cane.

“Leah?” Master brings me back to our conversation. I blush deeply and apologize, “You weren’t listening were you?”

“I’m sorry, Master. Please forgive me,” I say timidly, trying to focus of Master.

Master simply chuckles and pulls my hip closer to him. For the first time, I notice his raging hard on. I blush crimson and he laughs again. “I was saying that if you wanted, we could go join them. Troy wouldn’t touch you at all with hands, or toys, or anything. We talked before hand and he understands.”

I look back over at the couple. Melissa moans as Officer Troy climbs over her and begins to kiss her. “Can I just watch you please Master?”

I feel as if Master is itching to join, but I know I can’t handle playing as rough as Melissa and Officer Troy are. Master is always gentle with me, but he seemed infatuated with impact play.

Master smiles, “Of course,” he says, picking me up. I panic for a second.

No. I didn’t want to join.

“Sit,” Master commands, setting me on the edge of the bed by one of Melissa’s bound wrists. “Stay,” he commands as I try to leave.

I obey, staying where he put me. I didn’t want to join them. I only wanted Master to at least be able to enjoy himself. “Come to join us?” Tory asks, looking at me and I shake my head no. Master’s back is turned towards us and I panic.

“She is just watching,” Master says, coming back with a flogger.

“Oh, good choice. Guess you are gonna get your wish,” Officer Troy says to Melissa. Master smirks at me and comes over to where I’m kneeled up on the bed.

Master runs the flogger over my legs and arms making me jump back a little. The flogger he has looks painful with its many individual strips of leather. Master smiles at me, “This is just for sensation play. No need to get nervous.” He steps back and lightly slaps my side with it.

I lean away a little, but can’t help but smile when Master was right about it not hurting. After seeing my smile, Master brings the hilt of the flogger to my chin and lifted it, so he can peck my lips.

Master pulls away quickly though. He adjusts the flogger and tests the sting of it on his own hand first. Officer Troy finishes massaging Melissa’s chest and stomach, so the flogger wouldn’t do any harm to her.

Officer Troy nods to Master who smiles devilishly before bringing the flogger down on Melissa. His excitement for pain should scare me, but he doesn’t look angry and Melissa isn’t crying in pain.

In fact, once the flogger hits her skin she hisses a little, but arches into it.

Master pulls away waiting for something patiently. “Please. More,” she moans out and Master looks at Officer Troy who shrugs and smiles.

Master gives Melissa a few good and harsh stroke. I jump every time the leather hits her stomach. She jumps a little, but doesn’t cry out.

Master begins to use more heavy stokes on her and her stomach becomes littered with red stripes. I scoot back a little, watching as Master brings the flogger down on Melissa over and over again.

Master pauses for a second and steps back to take a look at his work. “Nice stokes,” Officer Troy compliments, running a hand down his sub’s tummy.

“Color?” Master asks Melissa.

I wonder if she is going to color out, but she answers, “Green,” with no hesitation.

Her stomach looks painful, but she doesn’t seem to notice. Her owner runs his hand over her stomach and I’m sure it feels nice. His cold hands are probably a nice relief to the hot flesh of her stomach.

Master’s hands wrap around me, make me jump. His eyes are filled with concern, “Are you okay?” He strokes my cheek.

I nod and he doesn’t look convinced. “Am I scaring you?” He asks, cupping my face. “Melissa is fine, Darling. I promise.”

My eyes drift to Melissa’s red striped stomach. Master fixes my gaze, so we looking eye to eye, “Is this too much? You can color out at anytime if you need me to take you out.”

“It’s alright.” I hug him. Master nods and hugs me back tightly. I peek over his shoulder to see Officer Troy has began to flog Melissa again. He has moved on to her lower region and only delivers blows to her crotch and thighs.

His blows are also lighter and more calculated than Master’s. Officer Troy seems to be more concerned with where his blows land. “I’m sorry, Leah, I... I forgot that you were watching that... I didn’t mean to upset you or trigger anything,” Master says worriedly. I try to tell him it’s okay and that I’m fine, but he just kept talking, “I’d never be as rough with you, Darling. I have done scenes with them before and I know Melissa enjoys impact play. I know you don’t, so I would never hit you that hard.”

“Master, it’s okay, really.” He examines my face for a lie. I nod reassuringly and he sits and pulls me on his lap for a minute to watch Officer Troy and Melissa.

Officer Troy eventually puts away the flogger and comes back over to Melissa. He crawls up between her spread legs and leans down to kiss her. She kisses back immediately.

Officer Troy leans back and admires her body with complete adoration. “Such a good little slave,” he says, kissing her forehead. She blushes at the compliment and grins gleefully.

I shiver and Master glances down at me smiling. Officer Troy sits up and reaches to undo his belt. I know I shouldn’t worry, but I tense up a little.

Master notices and pulls me back against his chest. “He’s not gonna touch you, but you can color out if you ever feel unsafe,” Master promises.

True to Master’s words, Officer Troy doesn’t even spare me a glance as he slips off his belt and pants, leaving him in his underwear. Melissa stares longingly at Officer Troy and I recognize the eagerness to please him. I often wear the same expression when I want to pleasure Master.

Officer Troy motions to Master and Master undoes Melissa restraints. Officer Troy comes up and rests on Melissa’s chest, so she can suck him off. She can still breath, but in this position, she couldn’t pull back if she wanted to.

“Hands,” he commands and Melissa gives her Master her hands without question. He pins them together and holds them to his chest, slightly pulling Melissa up, so she can reach his manhood. “Suck.”

She takes him in all at once and he lets out a loud groan. He pushes his hips downward, and Melissa begins to gag. He pulls out and saliva drops from his cock down onto her face.

He holds her arms tightly to his chest before moving his grip onto her hands, so they are clasped together, holding hands together. I smile at the cute and loving gesture.

Melissa coughs a little and Officer Troy lets her catch her breath, “Open,” he commands again once she is fine. She deep throats him again, bobbing her head as best as she can. Officer Troy moans and curses pulling out of Melissa’s mouth. He strokes himself and moves from Melissa’s chest down, so he can enter her. “Cum when you want,” he tells her, hiking her legs up in the air.

She smiles in excitement. Officer Troy tests her entrance and Melissa tenses a little.

He pulls back and stretches her with his fingers for a minute before trying again. At first, I’m confused what he is doing, because when I have had sex that has never happened, but then I remember that things my old Master did wasn’t always right or normal.

When people usually had sex, did the Master usually stretch out the sub?

This time, he pushes into her and she lets out a silent moan. Officer Troy groans out loud and lays down on top of her. He whispers stuff in her ear and she just moans out in reply.

He doesn’t move at all and I stare up at Master, “What... what is he doing?”

Master’s brows furrow, “He is just letting her get use to him”, he says nonchalantly, “some girls are tighter than most. He doesn’t want it to be painful for her.”

That is nice of him.

Officer Troy begins to move and Melissa digs her fingernails into his back, releasing a loud screaming moan. “It’s time to go,” Master says, standing up off the bed.

I nod and he carries us out, softly closing the door in the playroom.

Master carries me back to our room. My mind swirls with past memories of sex and what I just watched. There were so many differences between what my past Master had done and what Officer Troy had done during sex.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Master would be as gentle or carrying as Officer Troy had been.

Is that what Melissa had meant when she said Master would make our first time special?

I sure hoped she did, because I wanted that even if just once.

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