Saving Leah

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Before It's Too Late

Rylan’s POV

I set Leah down on the bed. Her soft snores fill the room the second her head hits the pillow. I smile to myself as I tuck her in and place her stuffed animal by her side.

I wet my lips, hearing Troy and Mel still going at it. One day that will be me and Leah. I sit next to Leah and let out a deep sigh as I strip my clothing off and climb under the covers with her.

I smile as Leah’s hands reach out in her sleep searching for me. I quickly pull her to my chest and she stills as I wrap myself around her, encasing her in my warmth.

I had no intentions of staying while Mel and Troy had sex, after all it is a little weird watching your two good friends have sex, but after hearing Leah’s and Melissa’s talk about our first time, I wanted to show Leah that sex wasn’t just painful or all about me.

Troy and I were very much on the same page about how round one needs to be for both for our subs. It breaks my heart that Leah didn’t understand why Troy wasn’t just plowing down into Melissa as soon as he entered her. I guess her old Master hadn’t let her adjust to him, which angered me greatly.

I hope Leah will trust me enough soon and will want to want to take our relationship to the next level. I will wait as long as she needs, but it has been hard to not have sex.

I snuggle into Leah’s hair and she lets out a small, almost inaudible sigh. I smile and kiss her. “I love you, Leah.”


Half conscious, I reach over and try to pull Leah back into my body. The sun filters through the windows, but I don’t want to get up yet. My hands wander aimlessly and I crack an eye open to see our bed is empty.

I sit up in confusion and look around the room. It looks nearly mid-day outside and I wonder how long ago Leah got up.

I trudge downstairs to try and find Leah. Soft giggles come from the Kitchen.

“Stop it!” I hear Melissa cry in frustration.

I walk in to see Troy trying to eat out of the pot Melissa cook in. His long arms wrap around her to try and snatch the food and Melissa elbows him.

“It’s not ready, Troy.” She whines and he just laughs and takes a sausage before retreating as Melissa tries to smack him with her spatula.

Leah stands beside Melissa cooking eggs continuing to laugh at Melissa and Troy’s banter.

I come up behind Leah and wrap my arms around her waist. She jumps in my arms before relaxing. “Oh! Good morning, Master.”

I smile and kiss up and down her neck, causing her to shiver. I run my hands over the smooth skin of her arms as she continues to cook.

I look over at Melissa and Troy, laughing as I see Melissa still chasing Troy who continues to eat his sausage happily. “I won’t take any more!” Troy defends as Melissa corners him.

I lean over and snag a sausage from the unattended pot as well when I know Melissa is preoccupied. Leah sees me, but doesn’t comment. I see a small smile fall on her face though as she turns off the burner and scrapes the eggs from the pan.

“How did you sleep, Master?” Leah asks me, wiping her hands on her apron as she places breakfast on the table.

“Very well. Thank you, Darling.” I taking a seat, expecting Leah to sit too, but instead she takes my plate and begins to fill it for me.

Leah hands my food to me and I sit in pleasant surprise by her actions. “Thank you.”

“You always fill my plate. I thought it would only be fair if I returned the favor,” she explains bashfully, finally sitting next to me.

I watch her in awe, such a beautiful and thoughtful creature. “If you had just waited for breakfast, then there would be more sausage,” Melissa scolds as Troy and her come over.

Troy sits down and after the table is set, Melissa finally does the same. Troy fills Melissa’s plate first before filling his own.

“So how did you like the scene?” Troy finally asks. His gaze falls on Leah and we can all see the obvious smirk on his face.

Leah blushes and plays with her fork, “Oh umm it was good.” An endearing blush falls on her face.

I start to chuckle and Melissa shoots me a sinister look. I rub Leah’s back, going back to eating.

Did Leah and Melissa already talk about it? Did Leah not like it?

I glance over at Leah and see she plays with her food absentmindedly, taking a bite every so often.

Did I upset her?

After breakfast, Leah and Melissa clear the table. “Leah, can I talk to you?” Leah looks nervous as she nods and obediently follows me.

I place my palm on her back and let her go up the stairs first. “Is everything alright?” I ask her as I close the door behind us.

Leah wrings her hands nervously and nods, “Yes, Sir.” She paces around the room, avoiding my eyes. I know something is up.

“Leah, come here,” I say firmly. Her head immediately snaps towards me and I see her hesitation. She shuffles over to me and moves on to play with her clothing.

I lift her chin so we are eye to eye, “Talk to me,” I order mildly. She nods and sniffles, trying to hold back her tears.

I pull her into my arms and hold her tightly as she begins to cry. She doesn’t say anything, and I don’t prompt her while she is upset. “Was it something I said?”

I hate making her cry and I always feel so guilty. She shakes her head, “No, Master.” She sniffles, “It’s not you.”

She wipes her tears with the side of her hand and I cup her face. I push her onto the edge of the bed and her feet kick lightly between my standing legs.

I lean down and capture her soft lips. Her arms slowly move from my chest, to my neck, and then into my hair.

I cup her face and straddle her body, deepening our kiss. I break our kiss, letting her breathe. She just pants, leaving her forehead to rest against my own.

I stroke her face and her eyes open to meet mine, “When are we going to have sex?”

Is this what she was upset about?

My brows furrow, “I mean, I don’t have it on my calendar or anything,” I say, pulling away a little. I run a hand through my hair, “Do you want to have sex?”

She looks away and then up at me, “I don’t know,” she says in a whisper.

Her brows furrow and her lips purse in distress.

My eyebrows furrow too. If she doesn’t know if she wants us to have sex, then we obviously shouldn’t. “Leah, if you don’t know, Love, then we should wait until you are sure.”

“I... I’m not a virgin, so it’s not something special or anything. I just want to have one special time and if we wait too long then— then you might get impatient and then it will be normal and... and I just want it to be special even if just for once.... so I think we should just do it, so I don’t make you wait too long and then want to just get it over with,” she says in a rush. She hugs herself protectively and new tears run down her face. “You are gonna get tired of waiting.”

I cup her precious face and make her look at me, “Leah, Darling.” I bring her into my arms.

I want to tell her that I plan to cherish and love her every time we have sex and that I’m always gonna make it special, but I just can’t seem to speak.

My mouth doesn’t form words, so I stick to just hugging her in hopes that she will understand my love. “Oh, Leah.” She nuzzles into my chest. “I will wait a thousand life times if that is what it takes for you to be comfortable with sex. No matter how long it takes, our first time is going to be amazing and you are gonna enjoy every moment of it.”

“Promise?” She asks in a whisper, looking up at me.

I pull away and kiss her head, “I promise.”

Leah sniffles and her hands play with her collar. I move to fix it, so it is center on her throat. She watches me, letting me fix it and laying her head into my palm.

“My precious, Darling girl,” I say gently against her hair before I move down to capture her lips again.

I wrap my arms around her and hoist her into my lap. I support her neck as I hungrily kiss. As always, when I ask for entry she immediately grants it to me. I brush her hair back and she lets out a small moan.

I pull back, her gentle smile puts me at ease. I push her hair back again as it falls forward. I want to comfort her with words too, but I want to kiss her more.

I grip her chin between my fingers and smash her lips into mine with much more passion. Her delicate hips rock forward against me and I immediately grab her hips, stopping her motion.

I pull away again and see a playful smirk on her face. “You little vixen.” I flip her on her back under me, peppering kisses all over her body and tickle her delicate frame.


“Yes, Darling?” Laying directly above her.

She sighs contently, “Thank you,” she says, reaching over and grabbing Lucifer.

I smile and nod leaning back, so I straddle her. She pulls the stuffed animal to her and pets it gently.

I let out a sigh as my phone bings. I reach over a sleeping Leah to grab it off the table.

We got home from Melissa and Troy’s house a few hours ago and Leah wanted to watch another movie. She fell asleep during the beginning credits, so I changed the show and let her sleep.

Sergeant: Hey, one of the boys called in sick. Do you think you could come in for a little bit tomorrow? It will be office work, so you can bring Leah.

I run my hand over my face and look down. Leah sighs in her sleep and wraps her body around my torso. I run a hand through her hair and she lets out another sigh.

I love having all day to spend with Leah, but my work needs me and I don’t have any real reason to decline.

After texting the Sergeant that we would be coming in at eight, I set my phone down and turn the television off.

I hoisted Leah into my arms and she stirs slightly. “Go back to sleep,” I say quietly and she nods off quickly.

I carry her into our room and tuck her in. It’s chilly tonight, so I get extra fuzzy blankets from the closet and come back to cocoon her.

After tucking her in, I slide in behind her and pull her to my chest. The sweet smell of lavender reaches my nose and I smile in comfort.

Leah’s body is warm and smooth to the touch as I hold her hips tight. I lay my head against hers and close my eyes, trying to go to sleep.

I feel like I am forgetting something. I roll onto my back and rack my brain for it.


Getting out of bed quietly, I pad over to the living room and grab a lonely Lucifer from the couch, bringing it back to our room.

Leah’s tired eyes peek over the blankets at me as I crawl in bed next to her again. “I forgot Lucifer,” I explain and she nods and rests against my chest.

I tuck her arms around her cat and she smiles at me, leaning up and kissing my check.

“I love you,” she says quietly.

“I love you too.”

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