Saving Leah

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Long Day At The Office

Leah’s POV

I blink my eyes awake as Master’s alarm clock goes off. I groan and try to sit up before Master’s arms pull me back down on top of him.

I smile as he rolls over with me under him, the clock still going off. I try to reach through his arms to turn it off, but I’m too far away. “Master, let me get the alarm.” I run my hands on his back and he shivers.

My mind drifts a little and I forget my request once my hand mets solid muscle. “We need to get up,” Master says finally.

I want to ask what we need to get up for, but I also don’t want to bug Master, who already seems like he is not happy to be getting up.

Perhaps he would like breakfast in bed, so he doesn’t have to get up now?” Yes, Master. What time would you like to leave?”

“Seven thirty,” Master grumbles against my neck. I nod and run my fingers through his hair, earning a groan from him.

“May I please make us breakfast then, Sir?”

Master’s arms tighten around me and I wait for the impending no, but Master suddenly sighs. “That would be amazing,” he says defeatedly and kisses my neck and then face.

He lets me sit up and I lean over him to turn the alarm clock off. My bottom is across his lap and he takes the opportunity to caress it.

I want to go start breakfast, but Master seems happy rubbing my behind. “Master, am I dismissed?”

He groans and leans over to kiss my head, “Yes.” I crawl off our bed, pulling the blankets up around him. By the time I get on my knees to crawl out of the bedroom, he is already asleep again.

I smile when I reach the door way and get to walk the rest of the journey to the kitchen. I like crawling, but when I get to walk, it is even more of a privilege because in some places I have to crawl now.

I try to remain as quiet as possible as I pull out ingredients for breakfast. I cook up some sausage, eggs and toast before placing them on a tray for Master.

I’m about to go give it to him when I realize I forgot coffee. I quickly go cook up a pot of coffee for him before going back to our room.

I look at the tray in my hand and wonder how I am gonna crawl with it. I don’t want to make a mess of anything, so I decide just to walk.

I don’t think Master will mind, he is a reasonable owner and would understand that I didn’t want to make a mess.

I set the tray of food on the night stand and crawl into bed again with him. I snuggle up into his chest and run my hands along his body.

Master stirs immediately and his eyes crack open and a smile blossoms on his face. “I have breakfast for you, Master.” I rest my head against his chest and he holds my to his chest as he sits up. I let my head sink down to his lap and I watch him look over his breakfast.

“This looks amazing, Pet.” My heart leaps and I can’t help but smile. “Did you eat already?” I shake my head no. He gives me a stern look and shakes his head,“Did you at least make yourself something to eat?”

I nod my head at this, I did make a little extra for myself. “Go get it.” He sets his fork down, signaling he wouldn’t eat until I did.

I obey immediately, crawling out of the room and running back in with my small plate. Master doesn’t comment on not crawling back in, so I think my assumption that he would understand is true.

Master leans against the headboard and eats his breakfast as his eyes rake over my form. I squirm a little under his gaze and I watch as his eyes become hooded with lust.

I look down at my clothes and see I’m not really in anything sexy. I’m not in lingerie or even my undergarments. Master let me borrow his sweatshirt, so I am in his overly large clothing.

Master doesn’t seem to care though. He simply eats his breakfast with a pleasant smirk on his face and a coffee cup in hand.

Perhaps, it would make him happy if I tried to help his little problem?

“Master, would you like me to pleasure you?” His eyes switch up to meet mine and his smirk turning into a smile.

He takes another sip of his coffee and shakes his head. “That is alright, Darling. We should get ready for the day.” I’m not sure what we are getting ready for today, but I obey regardless.

I take his empty coffee cup and dishes to the kitchen before scurrying back to him. As I run into our too, Master catches me in his arms and hugs me to himself tightly.

He leans down and sniffs my neck and I squeal. “Did someone forget her new rules?” He remarks, picking me up bridge style.

I blush deeply and try to apologize as Master carries me into the bathroom, fastening my hair up into a bun. He switches the shower on and pulls his shirt off. He ignores my apologies and simply continues on.

I watch him undress in the mirror and our eyes meet, making me blush in embarrassment. I hadn’t meant to be caught staring. “Are you sneaking a peak?” He teases, walking over to me in two short strides.

I’m not sure how to respond and he suddenly has me bent over the bathroom counter.

My upper body is on the counter and when I look up in the mirror, Master’s face is watching mine in the reflection.

“You forgot a rule this morning, Pet.” He pulls up his sweatshirt to reveal my bottom. My underwear is on full view and he smiles devilishly at me.

I look away shamefully, knowing I’m being punished for forgetting to crawl after I put our dishes away. The smile on his face is playful and not too stern. I am still nervous though, but I broke a rule and punishment makes me anxious.

My body shivers slightly, anticipating his hands to come down roughly on me. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, Master.” He nods and his smile becomes wider. I know I shouldn’t be afraid, and that he wouldn’t hurt me beyond what I could take, but I am still scared.

“I’m going to give you five swats before our shower,” he explains, caressing my bottom, “They aren’t meant to be super painful, a little sting, a few tears. If it gets beyond that, Leah. Tell me.”

I nod and he raises a brow as he starts to grope me, “Yes, Sir.” I respond, placing my mouth on top of my hands.

Watching him in the mirror is like watching a train wreak, I just can’t look away.

As he raises his hand, I see his muscles flex and I squeal as his hand makes contact with me. I jump a little and rock up onto my toes.

“Only four more,” he promises, leaning down and kissing my back. I nod and anticipate his next strike.

His hand comes down again on my other cheek and tears sting my eyes a little. The pain isn’t that bad, it is actually much less severe than my last spanking.

His hand comes down two more times before he caresses me again. “Almost done. You have been such a good girl,” Master praises, whispering in my ear.

I feel his boner against my bottom and my heart seizes. He pulls away before delivering another blow to my pink tush.

Master’s hand rubs the sting away and I melt into him as he picks me up. He places kisses all over me and I turn around to throw myself in his arms.

To be honest, I didn’t mind that punishment all that much. The worst part was knowing I had upset Master enough to where he punished me. Or perhaps I hadn’t upset him, he hugged and kissed me without reserve.

“I’m sorry, Master—” I try to apologize for my infractions.

Me hushes me and pulls me into him tightly. “You have been punished and now all is forgiven and we move on.” I nod obediently and clutch onto him.

I love Master’s hands circling my waist as he pulls me into the shower. The warm water runs down us and I moan as Master massages my hips and then ass.

His hands slip forward and quickly find themselves circling my clit. I press against him and he pulls his hand away a little bit, so he can slap my clit.

I jump at the impact and he just laughs. “I’ll play with you later. We are going into the office today.” Master grabs the soap, washing us off.

My brows raise. I thought he didn’t have to work for a little while. He doesn’t say anything else and I drop it.

After our shower, we dress quickly and Master buckles me in before driving to his work. I have never been to Master’s work before and I can’t help but be nervous. I know Master is a policeman, but I don’t know much else besides that.

Once we arrive, Master comes around and effortlessly hoists me up and into his arms. I pick up my legs high, so I don’t accidentally touch Master’s gun or taser or whip.

I cling to his uniform as we walk in. Once inside, Master sets me down and I grab onto his hand, hiding behind him as the lady behind a large desk stands up.

“Marge.” Master greets. She stays behind the large counter and I peak up at her from behind Master’s shoulder.

“Who is this Rylan?” She stands to look at me. I want to hide, but Master pulls my arm and forces me in front of him.

“This is my submissive, Leah. Do you know if Louis is in today? I know sometimes Carrie brings him in.”

Louis. I remember him, he was Miss Carrie’s slave.

I cling onto Master’s arm and look at the floor as Master places his hand on my shoulder. “I think Carrie said he is at work this morning, but will be joining her later today in her office,” she informs Master.

“Wonderful.” He pats my shoulder and I sink back into Master, trying to disappear.

I can feel Marge’s gaze on me. “Do you mind? She has such a beautiful face I’m sure. I just can’t see it.”

Master’s hand moves from my shoulder to cup my chin. He pulls it upwards. His grip is soft, just like all his other actions towards me, but I don’t miss the dominant behavior in the movement.

“She is very beautiful. Isn’t she?” Master remarks proudly, finally dropping my chin.

I drop my head again and look away from Marge. “Oh yes, very. It was so good to see you, Leah.” Master nods and pushes me down a long hallway.

He rubs my back and squeezes my shoulder firmly. “You are doing so good, my Pet.” I smile up at him hesitantly and he kisses my forehead.

He pushes open a door at the end of the hallway and I see several desks around the room. Some occupied, a few empty.

The room is in mute colors and reminds me very much of Dr. Harvey’s office. I shiver at the thought and try to hide behind Master again.

Our presence catches the attention of a few people. Men mainly. I want to hide, but Master pulls me in front of him.

I look down at the tan stained carpet. “Rylan! Oh my gosh, is this your sub?” Some guys asks, getting up from his desk.

I cower away, backing up into Master, his hand descends again, holding me in place in front of him. “Leah, say hello,” Master commands, rubbing my shoulder.

“Hello,” I whisper, glancing up at the other man. I notice two other men have come over too and I gulp nervously.

My body feels hot and I just want to run away. I like Master’s attention, but I don’t think I like anyone’s else’s.

At my greeting the men let out a chuckle and I shy away in embarrassment. Did I sound stupid? Sometimes I stutter, did I stutter?

I feel tears sting my eyes, but Master holds me firmly to his chest as I try to get behind him. His arms wrap around my hips and he crushes me against him. I take deep breaths, trying to keep my tears at bay.

“You are just the cutest little thing,” someone says and Master agrees. “I can see why you chose her.”

“Yes, I am a very lucky dominant,” Master says, making my chest swell with pride. I still feel embarrassed and confused why they laughed at me, but I am content that Master said a nice thing about me.

Master and some of the men around us talk and I just wait patiently. I examine the carpet and my shoes and then Master’s shoes before finally Master pulls us away.

I follow him happily as he takes us over to a desk. “This is my workspace,” Master says proudly to me. I smile bashfully before sinking to the floor.

Master is already in his chair and I don’t hesitate to crawl under his him and sit between his legs. He pulls away a little, and I don’t hesitate to lay my head between his legs.

My head rests on his crotch and a hot blush runs into my cheeks and down my neck as I feel his growing erection against my cheek.

Master doesn’t move at all, he simply freezes where he is at and watches me intently. I move my head a little lower down, so he can still work without myself being a distraction.

“Is this okay?” I ask him in concern as I wrap my arms around his leg. He clears his throat, snapping himself out of his trance.

“Yeah.” He clears his throat again. “Um yeah, you’re fine.”

I sit half under his desk with my head in his lap, letting Master begin to work on whatever it is he needs to do. He brushes a gentle hand through my hair and before I know it, I’m half asleep.

I vaguely hear a conversation between Master and someone else, but I’m already too far gone to make out any words. I feel my body being lifted from Master’s lap and I let out a small whine.

I lean on Master’s chest though and go back to sleep as his warm hands rub my back gently.


I blink awake, looking around at the small office I am in. I don’t recognize the place and Master is absent.

I bolt up, looking around frantically. Where is Master? Did he leave me? When is he coming back? Did they take me away?

Suddenly, the door to the office flies open and I see Miss Carrie walk in. “Master?”

Tears begin to run down my face and I clutch the blankets around me tightly. “Master.” I repeat, starting to shake.

Miss Carrie’s brows furrow and she runs over to me. I push her away. I don’t want her. I want my Master, “Master... Where is Master?” Tears pouring down my face and rage fills me.

I don’t want anyone else to have me. I just want my Master. “He’s on a call. He will be back soon,” Miss Carrie says, trying to hold me. I push her away, I don’t want her to touch me. Only Master touches me.

Her office door flies open again and my mind pictures Master running in here and swooping me into his arms and taking me home and snuggling with me, but Louis just runs in looking around wildly.

He comes over to us, seeing me pushing her away. He protectively pulls his Mistress away from me to my delight. “She’s not going to hurt me, Louis. She just woke up and is scared.”

He doesn’t let go of her.

I pull the blanket up and around me tightly and watch as they fight. “Louis, I’m fine.” She sounds annoyed, he simply shakes his head.

She sighs and after she stops fighting he lets her go, “Master will be back soon?” I ask, making sure I am going to see Master soon.

“Yeah. He left on a call about two hours ago,” Miss Carrie says. She tries to come over and I back into the couch more.

“I’ve got it.” Louis stops her. I let out a breath and watch as she moves over to her desk with an expression of annoyance.

She sits down and starts doing something and I move uncomfortably as Louis sits down on the other edge of the sofa. I clutch the blanket tightly and eye him suspiciously.

He is a submissive, but he doesn’t listen well to his Mistress. “Did you sleep well?” He asks me kindly.

“Yes,” I respond quietly, glancing up at his Mistress. I don’t want to get into trouble for talking too loudly. “Why did Master have to go on a call?”

He shrugs, “They probably needed more backup or something.” I frown, he sounds uninterested in the whereabouts of my owner. “Are you hungry? It’s almost one o’clock.” He leans over and takes a sip of water from a nearby glass.

I shake my head no. “I want to wait for Master.” I run my fingers over the soft blanket. I wish it smelled like Master, but I was still content with it being so soft and warm.

“He won’t mind if you eat something. He will probably be glad you took care of yourself.”

“I’m not hungry.” I can tell he doesn’t buy the excuse, but I assume his Mistress gives him a look because he drops the topic of eating.

“So how do you like your new dominant?” Louis changes the subject.

I blush a little at the question. I should be used to it by now, everyone asks me after all. Master is charming and as loving as ever.

He goes into flashes of dominant and non-dominant and sometimes I wish he was more controlling of me. I love to feel owned, cared about, loved, but Master has his own way besides utter domination and control over me to show me he loves me and cares.

“I like it.” Louis smiles at my blush and I look away.

“Have you guys done it yet?” Louis asks me in excitement, making my cheeks heat even more. Talking with Melissa about it was way easier than discussing it with him. “Is he good? I bet he is?”

“Louis,” Miss Carrie warns. Louis looks over at her like a deer in the headlights before he breaks into a large bashful smile. Miss Carrie grumbles under her breath about something as she returns back to her work.

Louis looks over at me expectantly. “We haven’t yet.” My voice is quiet, but I know he hears me because his face lights up with a larger grin.

“Yet?” He asks with a big grin? Miss Carrie looks over and gives him a look. He doesn’t notice and waits impatiently for my answer. “Do you want to?”

I shrug and blush even more, returning my attention to the blanket in my hands. “I don’t know. I mean yeah. I guess.”

“Does he know you want to do the dirty?”

“I think so,” says a masculine voice from the doorway. My heart skips a beat when I see the familiar face. I jump to my feet running to my Master.

“Master!!!” I yell in excitement, throwing myself into his arms. He swings me up and I clutch onto him like a koala bear. “Master! I missed you so much. You left and I didn’t know where you were. I was so scared.”

“Oh, Leah. You didn’t have to be scared. I will always come back to you,” Master promises, squeezing me into his arms. “Were you good?” Master asks, looking over at Miss Carrie.

“Better than my own submissive,” Miss Carrie says, letting her gaze shift over to Louis. He blushes and looks away. I see a sly grin on his cheeks though at the unspoken promise of punishment.

I would be scared, but he looks like he is... excited?

“Well, I’m glad she behaved. Thank you for watching her while I was gone.” I snuggle into his neck and place chaste kisses everywhere I can find.

His throats rumbles as he chuckles and I stuff my face into him to smell him. “Anytime, Officer Rylan. She was a joy,” Miss Carrie says.

Master leaves and pets my hair as he closes the door to Carrie’s office. “You are such a good girl. You are going to get such a good reward tonight,” he promises huskily.

Heat flashes to my core and I feel anticipation tingling in my southern region. Perhaps, tonight me and Master will have sex? After talking with him last night, I just want to do it.

Master is nice enough to me and he seems like he wants me sexually even if he doesn’t straight out admit it. I would be happy to provide my body as a means of pleasure for my Master.

Master sits down and pets my back as he begins to work again. I hide in him, hoping he can’t tell I’m aroused by his promise of a reward tonight.

His belt with all his gadgets is still on, but I don’t care, I just want him. After a second, he unclips the things in his belt and I can rest on his lap in much more comfort. “Did you already eat lunch, Darling?”

He pulls out a sandwich, looks like he just recently picked it up, “It’s okay, Master,” I say, not wanting to eat Master’s food.

“No, Leah. You have to eat,” Master commands sternly, unwrapping the sandwich and bringing it to my lips. I take a bite as he holds the sandwich for me.

I place my hand on his and he pulls the sandwich away, not wanting me to take it from him. As he notices I am only steadying his hand, he offers me more and doesn’t pull it away again.

I nibble on it a little bit and Master types on his computer with one hand while he feeds me. After I have taken a few small bites, Master leans down and takes a huge bite.

I giggle as I see he has eaten more sandwich in one bite, than I had in all of mine together. “Keep eating,” Master commands with a full mouth.

I take another bite.

Our lunch continues on like this, me taking small bites and Master taking big ones before telling me to eat more.

Master pushes a straw to my lips and I follow the unspoken command to drink. I take a few sips and pull away. I look up to see him glowering at my minuscule sips.

I blush and drink more water. When I pull away this time, he just looks away and sets the cup on his desk. I snuggle back into him, fearing if I let go, he will leave again.

I feel myself starting to slip into sleep again. As soon as I notice it though, I cling onto him tightly and jerk myself awake, afraid he will leave me again.

He hushes me and pets my hair, “It’s okay just sleep. I won’t go anywhere,” Master promises, kissing my head.

I scrub the pan in my hand aggressively, trying to get off the burned on cheese. My brows furrow tightly and I feel my face contort in concentration.

I scrub harder and feel my fingers scrape against the pan. My fingers feel raw, but the burned on cheese is unrelenting.

Strong hands grasp my wrist and stop me from continuing my scrubbing. I look up and am met with Master’s chin.

His expression is more than displeased and I can tell he is peeved by something. Master pulls the sponge from my hands before flattening my hands on his own.

He frowns deeply and rubs his fingers over the red and irritated skin on my fingers. He takes the pan from me and scrubs off the food I couldn’t get off wordlessly.

His jaw is clenched and I shrink into his chest. I can tell he is not happy with me.

Master keeps me pinned between himself and the sink. He finishes one dish the moves on to another. I try to grab a dirty dish too, so I can help him, but he growls as I grab one. “Leah,” he says in an overly clam tone. I put it back immediately and let him clean them.

Once he is done, he sighs and moves away a little so he can turn me around. He grabs my hands again and holds them up, so he can look at them. He frowns disapprovingly and shakes his head.

“When I gave you your rules, Leah, I specifically stated what the most important rule was, did I not?” Master asks me in a calm, but assertive tone. His voice makes me shiver with anticipation, but also nervousness. He sounds cold and strict, but not mean.

“You did, Master.” I look down at the floor in submission.

“What was that rule?” He asks in the same tone. One hand lifts my chin as he drops my hands.

“Always take care of myself.”

“Yes. Is there a reason why you didn’t ask for my help when you couldn’t clean the dishes yourself?” Master ask me firmly. I can hear the frustration in his voice, but it lacks the condescending tone my old Master always spoke to me with.

“No, Master,” I say quietly, dropping my head. Tears weld up in my eyes at his words and tone. Even though he was being nice, I didn’t want him to think I was incapable of doing the dishes. I sniffle and rub my arm nervously.

Master huffs as I examine his shoes. He lifts my head again and when our eyes meet, I’m met with a much warmer gaze than before. “Next time you need help, just ask me.” I nod and he cracks a smile. “No tears, Darling, I just want to make sure you understand that you have to take care of yourself.”

“I will, Master... Are you going to punish me?”

Master’s lips form a hard line, “When you break a rule, Leah, you have to be punished.” He doesn’t sound angry, but he doesn’t sound happy either. “Go over to the sofa and take off your clothes.”

I nod and do as he says. Master rummages in the kitchen for a while— to put away the dishes or find something to spank me with I’m not sure.

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