Saving Leah

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Dinner For Two

Leah's POV

I lay in bed, snuggled up to Master with Lucifer in my arms.

It feels so much better now to not be mad at Master. I hadn't wanted to be angry at him, but I had been very much so when he took Lucifer away.

Lucifer is not only the first stuffed animal I have ever had, but he is also the first toy I can remember.

It had been so hard without having him by my side at night. Ever since Master bought me Lucifer, he has been my bedtime companion along with Master.

Unlike Master, I can pet Lucifer not worry about angering or offending him.

I hug Lucifer again and snuggle into Master's arms. Even though we snuggled last night when we slept, I missed snuggling with Master.

Master's scent invades my nostrils as he runs his hands over my forehead and through my hair. "Open," Masters cooes gently, pushing another chocolate covered strawberry into my mouth.

I obey happily and let him feed me another one of those wonderful little fruits. I moan in delight and blush as I feel his cock harden.

He clears his throat and apologizes with a blush as he shifts us, so there is some padding between his erection and my body.

"We should talk about punishments," Master says awkwardly.

I frown, "I know, Darling, but I need to know what you are comfortable with. I... I think we should write up a contract."

"A contract?" Master doesn't need a contract for anything. He already owns me.

"Yeah. We need to be on the same page and have everything written out, so I can reference before a scene or punishment and you can visually see all your rules lined out. Obviously my last punishment was stepping over boundaries and I want to make sure I don't do that."

"I'm gonna write a list of all the punishments I feel comfortable administering and then I want us to sit together and discuss them, so you not only know what they are, but also so you can tell me if you are okay with them," Master says.

He gets up and hunts down a pad and a pen before sitting on the bed beside me. I play with the blankets as he writes up a list.

I can't help but admire how handsome he is as he thoughtfully jots down things. He scrunches his face, deep in thought and I smile.

After about ten minutes, he sits up straighter and scoots next to me, so I can see. "A very important factor in this is that for right now, I'm not your dominant or Master, Leah. For right now, I need to just be Rylan to you, so we can talk through things and you don't feel obligated to say yes," Master says.

I nod and he gives me a look, "Okay, Rylan." I blush and he wraps his arm around my shoulder and pulls me to him.

I look down at the list:

-spanking (bottom)

-slapping (bottom and thighs only)

-flogging (body)

-canning (feet, thighs, bottom, breasts)

-cropping (pussy, feet, general body)

-time out


-candle waxing

-orgasm denial (gentle)

-forced orgasms

-anal play

-ice/hot (on breasts/massage rub)

-figging (pussy and ass)


-Not going to work with me

-No dessert

-Electronic restriction(NonEmergency)

I look up at Master as he is re-reading his list. "Do you know what most of those things are?" He asks me and I nod. "Have you been punished by any of these means before?"

"Yes, Rylan." I say in a whisper. His name sounds weird on my lips. "I don't have much experience with anal play though."

"Okay, are you comfortable with it though? I mean I most certainly won't be doing anything without proper preparation or anything."

"I trust you." I look down in my lap and fiddle with my fingers.

"Is there anything on the list you don't want me to have on there? The punishments on here are what I'm going to be using for discipline," Master says to me.

I bite my lip and look down at the list, "Can we please take away isolation." Out of all the things on the list, I absolutely hate being alone or ignored.

"Of course, Darling." Master strikes it out. "Everything else is good? You are sure?"

I bite my lip again, "If you ever crop my... you know-"

"Pussy," Master finishes with a smirk.

I nod, "How bad... or rough will you be?"

I trust him, but in past experiences, having that as a punishment has always been horrible.

"I'm not going to ever make you bleed, Darling, but it's not gonna feel great. You will probably be swollen and maybe a little bruised down there if it is a punishment. I could show you right now what it would feel like if I used it for pleasure though," Master offers excitedly, flipping me under him.

"Wait, Master, no.... I mean Rylan," I say, grabbing his arms and stopping him. He frowns but obeys. "I'm kind of menstruating, remember?"

He blushes and then pulls away to let me sit up, "That's right. Sorry I forget that's a thing for girls. When you're done though... I'm gonna have the best scene ever planned out. I smile at his words and curl into his side. "So for the last time, everything on the list is okay? Even cropping?"

I think for a moment and nod.

"Good." He flips us onto our side. His hand wrap around me and I pull Lucifer to my chest tightly.


"I feel like such a bad dominant," Master says, placing a bowl of pasta in my lap as I sit on the sofa. "I can't believe I fed your chocolate strawberries before dinner."

I smile softly. I didn't mind that part at all. In fact I quite enjoyed the dessert before dinner. "You aren't a bad dominant, Master. You are a very good owner," I assure him, leaning against him as he sits next to me.

He kisses my head, "Thank you, Darling. That makes me feel much better."

I giggle and return my attention back to The little Mermaid. I take small bites of pasta as we watch the mermaid movie.

After the movie is done I let out a yawn and wince as my cramps worsen a little. The chocolate strawberries were so good, but they made my cramps really bad.

I lay down and curl up into a ball, resting my head in Master's lap. I want to get up and clean our dishes, but my stomach hurt so badly.

"Are you okay?" Master asks in concern, sitting up and pushing me into a sitting position. He forces my mouth open to make sure I'm not choking.

"Cramps," I say, laying back down.

"Oh, Darling. Here, I'll go get a heating pad." I nod my head in appreciation, not wanting to speak.

Master comes back shortly and unwinds me from my balled up position for a moment, so he can tuck a heating pad between my stomach and bent legs.

He pets my hair and returns me to his lap, "It's okay." I groan in response and he stands up and paces around the room with me held up in his arms. "Are you ready for bed? Or do you need to change anything?"

"Bed." I already did what I needed to.

"Okay, Darling." Master carries me into our room and sets me in bed with all the blankets. He spoons me like usual and my hands wander to find Lucifer.

I pull him over to me and burry my head into his fur. Master puts his hand on my forehead and feels my temperature. I don't feel hot, but he makes sure I'm not sick anyway.

Once he is satisfied, he pulls his hand away and tucks me into him even more. "Goodnight, Darling." Master says, before I drift off into sleep.

My nose twitches and I blink my eyes awake. It seems like mere seconds since I fell asleep, but the stiffness in my body as I try to sit up tells me differently.

The bed dips and I roll onto my side to see Master. He smiles down at me with a big platter of food. "Morning, Pet." He sets down the tray on the bed and strokes my face.

I groan in greeting and scoot myself across the bed just enough, so I can put my head and arms in his lap. Master laughs and runs his hands over my arms. "Are you feeling any better?"

I nod and yawn at the same time, "Just tired, Master," I huff, my face in his crotch. He chuckles and pets my head.

"Okay, Darling. Melissa is coming over to keep you company. They need me in the office again," Master says, a pout forming on my lips.

"But I thought you had three weeks off?" I ask him and he sighs.

"I do, Darling, but they really need my help. I promise tonight I will take you out to dinner and we can spend all night together cuddling."

I smile, Master is taking me out to dinner and cuddling tonight. "What do you want me to do today, Master?" I crawl into his lap a little more, so he has more access to pet me.

"It depends how you feel." Master runs his hand down my spine. I shiver, but smile. "If you have the energy and aren't having any cramps, the house could use a little loving. I don't have time to do the dishes from this morning or last night and the bathroom needs to be cleaned."

"I should also probably wash your uniform that you wore yesterday," I say absentmindedly.

"If you feel up to it. Take it easy, I don't want you to over exhaust yourself or irritate your stitches," Master says, running his hands up and down the back of my thighs.

The movement wakes me up and I can feel my body reacting to his touch. My toes curl as his fingers brush over my sit spot. I sit up a little.

"Leah. Are you listening?" Master asks, snapping me out of my daze. I look up at him, no longer focused on his hands. "I'm sorry, was I distracting you?" Master teases gently.

The delicious smell of food calls me, but I thirstily drink my whole glass of water first. Master talks while I start to eat the wonderful food he made, "Today you need to drink at least four cups of water and I need you to make a good lunch for yourself and Melissa. Melissa will let me know if you did as I ask when I get back, okay?"

I agree and he smiles. I lean over and feed him a raspberry. He parts his lips, so I can drop one into his mouth. Master being the tease he is, grabs my arm, stopping me from pulling away and licks my fingers seductively.

I feel my core clench as his tongue flicks out to capture the raspberry juice on my fingers. I know this will be the longest period of my life. It usually only lasted three days, but I know Master being the attractive man he is, will drive me absolutely insane.

I finish breakfast with a deep blush as Master sits beside me and plays with my hair, periodically pulling me into his arms to kiss me.

As I finish breakfast and am about to curl up in Master's lap, the door bell rings loudly. Master pats my bottom and I move over, so he can get up. "That is probably Troy and Melissa." He extends a hand out towards me. I take it happily and slip beside him to get the door. Master opens it and Troy and Mel rush in with a winter storm behind them.

They stomp their feet on the old door mat before coming into our house. "Oh my goodness. It is such a chilly morning." Melissa smiles as Officer Troy helps her out of her coat.

I shuffle a little, embarrassed, as I realize I'm not decently dressed. "Do you just want to take my car?" Master asks after Melissa is all settled in.

"Yeah, sounds good. You girls be good," Officer Troy warns. Mel just smirks and kisses her Master.

"Four cups of water and a good lunch", Master reminds me before he gives me a gentle kiss on the lips. I want to kiss him more, but I know he is in a rush.

"Yes, Master."

"I'll see you later. I'll try to be home before six," Master promises as they head out the door.

I wait until I hear the garage door close, signaling their departure before I sigh and go sit with Mel. "So how was last night? Did you guys talk about it?" She asks me, grabbing the sofa's blankets and wrapping it around herself.

"It was good we talked about punishments and he wants to write up a contract for us," I say playing with a strand of hair.

"Good. Did he give you an alternative punishment?" Her voice is dangerous and something tells me if I say yes things will get violent.

I shake my head, "No we just snuggled", I say before I remember the strawberries, "And he fed me chocolate covered strawberries, made dinner and then watched a movie with me."

Melissa smiles, "Good."

"So what's new with you?" I tease. She pauses and I can see her trying to decide on telling me something. She looks down, fighting a smile and runs a hand over her belly.

"I know I have been kind of aggressive lately, but we found last night after you left that I have good reason to be," she says smiling. I furrow my brows in confusion, she was acting pretty normal. "I'm pregnant."

My eyes go wide.

"You're what?" I ask her looking down at her belly. "How far in are you?"

"I'm four weeks, I thought I was just gaining weight because I have been spending more time at the house instead of at the hospital, but then I talked to Troy about it and he suggested pregnancy, which I never even considered," she babbles on.

I shiver and look across at the other girl. She looks just as hollow as myself, except she has a massive bump on her stomach showing she is severely pregnant.

We don't talk. We didn't have to. Without words we both know she didn't want the baby.

"Do you know what gender?" I ask the girl sitting across from me, trying to lighten the mood. She looks up at me in an anger that I don't understand.

"Do you really think it matters?" She snaps and I flinch away. She looks remorseful after she says it, "I haven't gone to the doctors and I probably won't."

"How did you get a baby?" I ask her curiously. I hadn't met very many pregnant women, maybe just one other. I didn't quite understand the before process.

Her face looks sad, but her jaw clenched and I see the fire in her eyes, "My Master of course. He will probably take it away too."

"So you can't keep it?" I ask her in confusion. I thought it was her baby.

"It's his just like everything else," she says bitterly. "Why would a Master ever let his slave keep something of his?"

"Your Master knows?" I ask Melissa. It is not like she can hide the baby from him, he will surely know and take it away. I know Jena, Master's sister got to keep her baby, but most Masters wouldn't allow that. Even though Officer Troy was nice to Melissa, I don't think he would let her keep his child.

"Well uh yeah it's his baby," she says laughing.

"So you're okay with it all?" I ask her, wringing my hands. I'm relieved that she is happy. I would be so sad and scared if I found out I was pregnant.

Master has mentioned wanting kids. He said he wouldn't even get rid of me, but after I had babies would he still want me?

"Of course, me and and Troy have been trying since we got married," She says, rubbing her stomach. So that's why she is so happy. I didn't know they were married. Her Master wouldn't get rid of her.

"That's great." I don't want to loose my friend. "Do you know the gender yet?"

"I'm only four weeks in, Leah," she laughs.

I frown, "Oh sorry," I apologize in confusion. I wring my hands and she sighs.

"You can find out a baby's gender when they are like 18-21 weeks old," Melissa explains to me softly.

"Oh."I blush, realizing it would be way too early for her to know. "I... um. I don't know a lot about babies or pregnancy, but will you teach me?"

It is kind of embarrassing, being so naive to the whole thing. "Oh. Of course. Have you and Rylan talked about having kids?" Mel asks me curiously.

"Oh no. I just know he really wants to have children and I figure if I know a lot about babies and how to take care of them he might... I don't know. Keep me around," I say, looking around our living room.

Even though it isn't the most fashion forward or put together space I have ever seen, I love living with Master.

"Why wouldn't he keep you around Leah. He is completely smitten," Mel says with a laugh.

"I mean after having kids," I elaborate and she frowns.

"If Rylan has kids with you, Leah, it's because he loves you and wants to have a family with you. He isn't gonna throw you away after."

Her words assure me, but I have to remember these are her words and not Master's.

She knows him better than you.

No, I know Master better. Even though I know my thinking is illogical, I don't want to assume anything and get my feelings hurt.

I nod though to her words. regardless of my insecurities. "I still want to know about babies and stuff."

She nods and then smirks, "You know how they are made right?"

"Stop it! Rylan already had to explain," I say, jumping up and covering my ears. Mel squeals with laughter and falls onto the sofa behind her.

"Go get dressed. I'll find a good movie," Melissa says turning on our TV.

"Cinderella?" I ask hopefully and she gives me a flat look. "Please?"


"Little Mermaid?" I ask hopefully again. And she just looks at me.

"Any other suggestions?"

"I have only watched those two movies. I have seen Cinderella like three times!"

"How about we watch Frozen?" Melissa suggests with an evil smirk.

"Is... is it scary?" She shakes her head.

"No, it's another Disney movie. Rylan is gonna love watching this five million times with you though," Melissa says with an evil smirk.

"You sure?" I ask her, not liking her evil grin.



I take a big sip of water and watch the movie, completely infatuated. We have already watched it twice today, once while I cleaned the kitchen, another time when I did the laundry and again now as I waited for Master to come back home.

By now me and Melissa sing every song together with the movie. After her big news, Melissa just relaxed on the sofa as I did all the things Master had asked of me.

I was on my fourth cup of water and still working on eating lunch. I had gotten so engrossed in my chores and the movie, I had forgotten to eat all together.

I brought Melissa snacks all day, she complained about her hunger constantly, so I continued to bring my friend food.

As soon as I had realized we had almost skipped a meal, I quickly made us some grilled chicken sandwiches using Master's recipe.

I chomp down on the food as quick as I can, trying to finish it before Master comes home. The sandwich is cold because I had set it aside to make dinner for us, it is still good nonetheless. Not as good as Master's, but still delicious. I take a big bite of lunch and nearly choke as I hear the garage door open.

It is 5:50 and as promised, Master is home before six. I shove the rest of the sandwich in my face and swallow chunks whole.

"Slow down. You're fine." Melissa stands and gets her coat. I groan in frustration, wanting to just finish the sandwich already.

The door opens and Officer Troy and Master walk in laughing. "How was my girl?" Master asks, coming over and sweeping me off my feet and into his arms.

"She just finished lunch," Melissa says from behind Master, selling me out.

"Melissa," I whine looking up at Master worriedly.

Master simply chuckles, "Were you not hungry?" He looks at his watch.

"I forgot to eat, but then remembered and made lunch, but then forgot again." I wring my hands nervously.

A smile creeps up onto Master's face as I explain and it turns into a full on grin. "We should be heading out," Officer Troy says, waving to Master.

"Oh hey, congratulations," Master says to Melissa and she blushes and thanks him. Master locks the door behind them and comes back over to me.

"Dinner smells amazing," Master comments with an unreadable expression.

"Dinner," I say, remembering we were gonna go out to dinner. "I'm sorry, Master. I completely forgot we were gonna go out to dinner."

"It's alright, Darling, we can have a nice dinner here. Go get into something nice and I'll set the table.

I nod and hurry down the hallway. I rush into our closet and look for something nice. I'd put on nice lingerie, but I know I'd just be teasing him.

I pick a blue dress and slide it over my form. There is a knock on the bedroom door and I turn around to see Master leaning against the frame.

"You look gorgeous, Pet," he compliments and I blush deeply. "I will come get you when I'm done setting up and everything. Stay in here, I want to surprise you."

I nod and thank him. I wait only twenty minutes, but it is the longest twenty minutes of my life as a wait for him.

Another knock sounds and I scurry to go get it. Master waits on the other side in dress pants and a nice collared shirt.

I stare openly at him. He is handsome and the way he looks in his attire makes my mouth water.

Thoughts fly through my mind and I get all jittery. Did I under dress? Do I look good enough for him? Does he know how handsome he is?

I step out of the bedroom and softly close the door behind me, still unable to tear my eyes away.

"Dinner for two?" He asks me.

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