Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

I run over towards the victim as fast as I can. I have her in my arms before she can even fully get off the ground. “Stay down.” I command, laying her down as the EMT’s come over with their medical supplies.

The poor girl lets out a scared sob and I immediately regretted snapping at her, she is obviously a submissive and it doesn’t help that she is in pain.

I wonder who shot her, and who she is here with. I would never let my submissive be in a dangerous situation where she could be shot. Hell, I'd never let a soul see her in what she is wearing.

I set the poor girl on the ground in a sitting position and try to locate the gunshot wound. Her legs are covered in blood and I realize it’s in her upper thigh. “Shhh,” I coo. “It’s okay calm down,” I tell her, pulling her into my lap as me and the EMTs try to spread her legs, so they can see the wound.

Was this an accident? A misfire?

The submissive screams and tries to push us away, so I bear hug her, trapping her arms at her side. She’s shaking like a leaf, but I can’t tell if it’s because she is scared or cold.

It’s probably a little bit of both, so I decide once she is calm enough to not have to be restrained, I will give her my jacket.

Troy, my friend and fellow coworker, has restrained the suspect and is jotting down various things that will most certainly be put in the report.

The girl is still in shock from everything, which is good because she must be in an unbearable amount of pain.

Once her shock is all over though, she tries to thrash around to escape my hold. I’m much stronger though and it isn’t hard to overpower her. “Hey!” I say sharply as she tries to claw my arms.

At my tone of voice, she stops fighting, but sobs even harder. Guilt fills me. I hadn't meant to scare or snap at her, but I needed her to calm down. She eventually calms down enough, so I can take off my jacket and give it to her.

"It's just a graze, but I'm sure it hurts a lot," One of the EMT's tell me.

I let out a sigh of relief, gently patting the girl's arm in comfort.

I had been scared the bullet went through her leg. I am sure it hurt her just as much, the recovery is much easier this way.

After my jacket is around the girl's shoulders, she leans back onto my chest. She cries softly and I try to rock her a little to try and soothe her.

I gently wipe her tears away and she looks up at me so innocently my heart breaks.

For the first time, I realize the juvenile features she wears. Submissives can only be legally sold once they turn 21, however, the girl in my arms didn’t look a day over 18.

One she sees I’m looking at her, she quickly adverts her gaze down.

I looked up at one of the EMT’s and they seem to of realized the same thing, because they motion for me to go talk to the Sergeant.

I nod in agreement and pat the girl’s side. She looks up at me in alarm, and I smile softly at her, now much more aware of her fragility.

She frowns and I pat her head. “I’ll be back. You have my jacket, remember?” I promise and she nods, before wrapping my jacket around her more.

The Sergeant is speaking with Troy when I walk up, but they both greet me when they see me. “Hey! How are you doing? I heard you didn’t find a sub yesterday,” the Sergeant says sympathetically to me.

“Yeah I’m fine,” I say with a shrug. “Have you gotten anything on the guy?” I ask them.

“No, besides expired tags on his vehicle which is what we were gonna pull him over for. Well that and the unregistered gun,” Troy says with a sigh.

“Do you know the girl’s name? Or who she is?” I ask curiously.

“He refuses to tell us anything, he claims he just found the girl and doesn’t know who she is. The other female in the car refuses to say anything about the girl or the drugs we found on her person. We need to find out how to contact her parents or her dominant, so we can tell them that we are gonna take her to the hospital,″ Sergeant says before he checks his phone quickly and pockets it again.

“It would be parents if any...I think she is underage,” I say, causing both of them to look at me.

Owning a submissive who is underage is a big deal and can lead to a life sentence depending on if they raped them and what conditions they kept the sub.

Who knows if she is an underage sub, or if she just got in with the wrong crowd on the wrong night.

“That’s probably why he ran... that expired sticker isn't worth a car chase, but an underage sub I suppose is. By what she is wearing, his charges are gonna be sever if she belongs to him,” Troy said looking over at the girl and I nodded in agreement.

“They don't seem to be working very quickly to get her to the hospital. Did it just graze her or something?" The Sergeant asks me.

"It's a deep graze, but it didn't go through an bone. They probably are just going to clean it and stitch it up. She doesn't need to be monitored in the hospital. Some pain medicine should be all she needs," I say.

"Okay, will you sit with her? Maybe talk and find out her name. She just needs someone to take care of her right now. She’s probably really scared and confused about everything. We will call a social worker.”

“Absolutely,” I say.

When I walk back over to the girl, she is looking over at the suspect who is still being questioned.

I suspect that the EMT's gave her some pain medication because she seems to be fairing a lot better.

“Do you know who that is?” I ask her. She smiles shyly up at me before returning her gaze and frowning. She lets her gaze drop and she begins to fiddle with her fingers.

“That’s my Master, Sir,” she says softly, still bowing her head.

The EMT’s nod at me as they pack up and I take a seat next to her on the asphalt. I see they have cleaned her leg and stitched her up.

I go to ask her another question when I see the tears pouring down her cheeks. “Oh hey. What’s wrong?" I ask her, "Does your leg hurt?"

She shakes her head and wipes away her tears. “It’s all my fault, Sir.” she says through her tears.

“What’s your fault?” I ask her gently. The poor thing is so upset. I pull her chin up, so she will look me in the eyes.

She meets my gaze before adverting it again. “I didn’t mean to mess up again and make Master mad,” she says.

“You didn’t mess up at all. This...” I say gesturing to everything around us, “isn’t your fault at all.” I reassure her.

“It’s not?” She asks looking up at me.

“Of course not. Not even in the slightest bit,” I tell her. She nods, still a little unsure as she looks over at the cop cars around us."You said that was your Master?" I ask her, hoping I heard her wrong.

This poor girl had probably a much more complicated life than we had thought at first if so.

She nods in confirmation and I smile sympathetically, "Why are they doing that to him?” She asks me, still sniffling as she watches some of the officers cuff her Master.

At first I don’t know how to respond because I was really hoping she wasn’t underage. “Well you’re a submissive,” I explain and she nods, “so you have to be a certain age in order for a dominant to have you. It a law-“

“A law? Like a rule?“ she asks me nervously, twisting her fingers.

“Yeah. Just like a rule-“ I reply.

“I didn’t mean to break a rule, Sir!” She sobbed, hugging herself.

“Shhh,” I say, grabbing her and pulling her into my lap, “You’re not in trouble,” I promise, holding her tightly. “Can I ask you a few questions?” I ask her, trying to calm her down.

She is so small, she fits perfectly in my lap.

She nods, but hides in my neck and I pull my jacket over her shoulders. “Let’s start out with something easy,” I say light heartedly, causing her to sit up in my lap and look at me. I pretend to think and she lays her head down on my shoulder as she waits. The poor things looks so tired, the light bags under her eyes emphasizing the way her eyes lids droop tiredly, “How about... what’s your name?”

“Leah, Sir,” she says politely, wiping away the last of her tears.

“Leah?” I ask her in fake surprise. “That such a beautiful name. But I guess a beautiful girl like you needs an equally beautiful name, huh?” I tell her making her turn a deep crimson.

She’s so cute.

“How about... how old are you?” I ask her.

“17,” Leah says sitting up and playing with my bulletproof vest. I nod a faint smile on my face, trying to make sure she is happy.

“Officer Rylan, I’m Carrie,” a woman says interrupting me and Leah’s conversation. “The Sergeant called me. Who is this?” She asks animatedly, crouching down next to me and Leah.

“This is Leah,” I say, introducing Carrie to Leah. I look at Leah and see she is recoiling from the woman, trying to hide in my chest.

“Oh. It’s okay, hun. I’m not gonna hurt you. I just want to talk. Is that okay?” She softly asks, rubbing Leah’s back.

Leah looks up at me expectantly, “It's okay. I’m not going anywhere,” I promise her. Leah nods and scoots closer to me.

“How about you and Officer Rylan come and sit in the ambulance with me?” Carrie offers, pointing to the ambulance.

Leah looks over at the ambulance and then up at me again. It takes me a minute to realize she is waiting for me to respond.

Apparently, I have become the nominated decision maker.

“Yeah, let’s go sit over there,” I say, helping her stand up. Carrie smiles at me and walks over towards the ambulance, but Leah doesn’t follow her.

Instead she waits for me to get up. For a moment we stand and look at each other and I realize she once again, is waiting for me to do something.

It appears Leah is very well trained submissive.

“Come on,” I say, nodding over towards the ambulance. I begin to walk and she follows a step behind me. She limps slightly, so I walk slowly so she won’t strain herself.

I eventually grab her hand and drag her to my side. She stares down at our intertwined fingers and smiles up at me.

She is so precious.

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