Saving Leah

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Dinner and Dessert

Rylan's POV

I take Leah's arm in mine, leading her out to our kitchen like a gentleman. I can't keep the smirk off my face when I saw her openly ogling at me.

I will have to dress up for her like this every time we go out or have dinner. I love the way her eyes devoured me.

I pull out a chair for her and gently lead her into a sitting position. Her eyes wander around to capture the whole picture.

I had moved the table to the center of the room and dimly lit the room by candle light. If I had more time, I would have gotten rose petals to put on the ground, but this romantic night at home was impromptu.

I have already served up our meals. Leah's meal, significantly smaller because she just finished her lunch.

I would have liked for her to eat earlier, so her meals weren't so close together, but I was glad she ate at all.

Leah looks around the room in amazement. When her eyes meet mine, I see the tears building in them. "What's wrong? I'm sorry I thought you'd like it," I say, jumping out of my seat. Leah shakes her head and gets up, coming over to me and pushing me into my chair.

"I love it." She squeezing my hands as she kneels down. She lays her head in my lap and nuzzles it into my crotch.

"Leah?" She looks up at me, her head never leaving its place. "You don't have to stay there, Love."

"I know, but I get to have romantic dinners with you all the time, Rylan." My face breaks into the largest grin ever. She called me by name, without being told to. "May I please have a dinner with my Master?"

I pause at first and she scoots between my legs. She wants to have dinner with me while I'm dominant? It is an odd request, but I would give Leah anything.

I place my hand against her head and run my fingers through her hair. "Come sit on my lap, Pet," I command, suddenly having an idea.

Leah grins at the nickname and obeys. I hand her my fork while taking a sip of water. "You have to eat before I give you your desert," I tell her, leaning back.

Her eye brows furrow, but she complies. I cuts up a piece of chicken and puts it onto the fork.

I carefully holds out the fork for her and she take the delicious smelling food quite willingly. She let out a moan in appreciation and I rushes to get the next bite ready for her.

I know she is in her period, so no penetration, but I can still tease her. I try to pull her thighs apart, but she closes them. I deliver a stinging slap to her thighs. She parts them quickly after that, getting the message. I rub the soft skin on the inside of her legs.

She opens her mouth as I bring a fork of food to her. For the duration of her meal, I caress and tickle her thighs, leaving her shaking by the time she is full.

"Thank you, Master," she says shakily and I smirk, being the terrible person I am.

I pull her hips back onto my raging hard cock. "Don't thank me yet, my Pet. You still have to have dessert," Leah gasps, realizing what I meant by dessert. I grind into her and a whine leaves her lips. "Floor, Leah. Now," I command, letting go of her hips.

Leah kneels before me again with so much eagerness. I pull my dinner plate over and take a bite.


"Master, may I please taste you?" I look down and see her lustful gaze, her tongue flicks over her lips and I feel my resolve leaving me.

"Only because you asked me so nicely." She undoes the zipper on my dress pants and pulls down my underwear, revealing my cock.

Leah lets out a small moan once she sees me. She hasn't even had me inside her before and she moans when she sees me.

Leah looks up at me with pleading eyes as I take another bite of dinner. I am slowly loosing my will to make her wait.

"Lick only," I remind her sternly.

She nods and moans again, "Thank you, Master." She licks up and down my shaft. Her warm lips connect to my scrotum and I purse my lips holding in a groan.

She moves back upwards, eyes never leaving mine as she catches the precum from the head of my cock. I reward her with a groan and she smile as she eagerly licks me.

I put her hair out of her face, wrapping it around my fist. Leah moans again and if possible, I get even harder than before.

"Stroke me." She nods, taking her lips off of me. "Did I say to stop licking?" I questions her, slightly pulling her hair.

She moans while shaking her head no. I relent on her hair and she goes back to licking me while her soft hands start to stroke my balls.

She rubs her thumb over the base of my cock and I moan too. Leah licks the precum from me as it begins to drop onto the floor. She kitten licks my sensitive top and moves her hands around the base of me.

"Such a good girl. Open your mouth." I shove myself in her parted lips.

She doesn't start to move her head like I expected she would try to which makes me smile. She is learning.

Her hands fondle me as I pull her onto me deeply. She gags a little bit and I pull her back, letting her catch her breathe. She coughs, covering her mouth as she does so.

"Did I say to stop stroking?" I question, tilting her head up by the grip I have on her hair.

"No, Master. I'm sorry." She apologizes with a smile, but she doesn't look very sorry. I'd rather see a smile on her face than a frown anyway.

"Open. Finish me off."

"Thank you, Master!" Her hands go to my thighs and I bite my lip as she takes me down her throat in one go.

I rest my hand on her back and she takes that as a sign to go deeper. I feel her tongue swirl around me as she bobs her head vigorously. As I hit the back of her throat, I grip onto her hair again and hold her head in place. I let out a stream of obscenities.

She gags a little, but I keep her there as I send my semen down her throat. Once I'm done, I pull her head sideways and she sputters, trying to find her breath.

Spit slips down her chin and I catch it with my thumb. I pant a little, still coming down. I bring my spit covered thumb to her mouth and she opens her mouth and takes my thumb in willingly.

As soon as my thumb is in her mouth, she is sucking fervently, swirling her tongue around it, practicing her oral skills. I pull my cleaned thumb from her mouth and release the death grip I have on her hair.

Leah doesn't make any movement to get up. She just stays there, panting as she catches her breath. I run my fingers through her hair and smile.

She looks up eventually and I see her nervousness. My brows furrow. What could possibly be riddling her mind. "Was I a good girl, Master?" I hear the hesitancy in her voice.

I smile at her, leaning down to kiss her square on the lips. Her gentle hands reach up and brush against my jaw. I pull away a little bit, "Did it taste like you were a good girl?" I ask her and she blushes.

I lean my forehead against hers, still playing with her hair in my hand. She smiles at me leans forward to kiss me again.

I try to recant all the times she has kissed me first and I think this is the first. "Your turn?" I ask her, leaning back a little.

She blushes and looks around, "I think it's better if I wait," she says quietly, a tinge of red on her cheeks.

"Okay," I tell her as I put myself back into my pants. I pull her up into my lap, and she curls up like a cat.

I eat my now cold dinner, I feel Leah's chest rise and fall gently against my own and a peace falls over me. With a loving submissive on my lap and a meal in front of me, I don't think I could ask for anything more.

I run my hand through my hair as I drive home. It has been a week since me and Leah's romantic dinner at home. Just as promised, she got snuggles all night long, not that she would remember though, she fell asleep in my lap as I finished dinner.

My sexual frustration has been building since then. Without being able to satisfy her in return, it didn't feel right to ask for any favors when I knew she was dying for attention too.

The one blowjob I received at the table was heavenly and quite frankly, much needed after a stressful day at work, however, it didn't quite hold off my needs, leaving me to jack off in a lonely shower before or after work.

After over a week of waiting, I am adding a new rule, so Leah has to tell me when her period is starting and ending and giving me warning on both, so I can prepare.

Prepare beforehand, so I can give her a night of enough pleasure so she wouldn't be wanting, and enough time to prepare for after she is done, so I can have a scene all set up.

I feel weird asking her if her period is over. I know if I ask her too soon, then I will have to ask again to make sure her period is over before doing anything. Considering I don't want to ask in the first place, asking more than once seems like hell.

I'm sure the last thing she wants to talk to me about anyway is her menstruation cycle, so I come to the conclusion that I will make it a rule to notify me of these things.

It has been over a week since she started. I know tonight we can for sure do a scene. As I park the car, I nearly sprinted into the house.

Eat. Sex. Sleep.

Wait no not sex, just a scene, I remind myself. Me and Leah haven't talked about having sex in over a week and a half. From last we spoke, she wasn't sure she wanted that yet, and I am not going to pressure or force it.

"I'm home!" I drop my keys on the counter and listen to little feet pattern down the hallway.

"Master!" Leah throws herself into my arms. The house smells of meatloaf and I felt my spirit lifting.

Food is a good sign for me. I have a long night planned out for us. After not having any sexual play with Leah for over a week, I have had lots of time to lay in bed with her and think of all the things I want to do to her.

Melissa emerged from the hallway behind Leah, "Hey, Rylan." Leah clings to my feet like a child, not letting me move at all. "Where is Troy?" she asks, a little nervously.

"Hey Mel. He's right behind me. He should be here soon." True to my word, there is a knock on the door and Melissa grabs her coat and things. "Goodbye." I yell, hoisting Leah into my arms.

"See you tomorrow. Leah's coming to our house right?" Melissa asked as she stepped out the door and into Troys arms.

"Umm we have plans tomorrow. Bye Troy." I wave. Melissa shuts the door behind her and I feel my exhaustion hit me again.

"What did you make? It smells amazing." I pray it's meatloaf, it smells like meatloaf and my mouth waters at the prospect of meatloaf.

"Meatloaf." She grips onto my uniform's collar, playing with it in her hand and I walk us over to the kitchen. What are we doing tomorrow?"

"I hoped it would be a surprise, but I guess it still is." She lays her head on my shoulder and I lay my own head on hers. "My mom is coming down tomorrow to spend the day with you tomorrow." I had hoped for it to be a surprise, but I guess finding it out the night before was a surprise enough.

"Oh," Leah says. I pause a little, she isn't excited. "Was Melissa busy or something?" She asks me and I don't miss the bitterness in her undertone.

I lean back and look at her face. She won't look at me though. "I thought you liked my mom."

"I do. I like spending time with her," Leah says pointedly and I try to decipher her words.

"You will be spending time with her," I tell her in confusion.

"Well yeah, but only because she will be babysitting me." I see the tears in her eyes. I set Leah on the counter. "It's different. She's coming because you can't leave me by myself."

"That's not true—"

"Then why do you never leave me alone? I spend everyday with Melissa when you aren't with me, I know at first you couldn't trust me, but I'm all better now, I can take care of myself. I promise," she says, grasping onto my face.

"Leah," I sigh, resting my forehead on hers. "I do trust you, my Love, I just... you are the most precious thing in the entire world to me and I would never forgive myself if something happened to you." I wipe off her tears.

"Nothing is gonna happen to me,Master. I'm always going to be here waiting for you." Leah runs a hand through my hair.

"But, Leah..."

"But what, Master? If something happens, I'm fully capable of calling you."

"And if I don't get here in time?" A million things could go wrong she could get kidnapped, raped, murdered...

"There are a million what ifs that could happen, but it's not gonna matter if someone else is here with me every second of everyday. Things can go wrong a million more ways with company or alone."

I run my fingers through her hair and sigh tiredly. Leah is my baby, my submissive, but she is right. "Just give me a little bit longer. I trust you with every fiber of my being. I just worry about you even when I know you have company. I can't imagine the wreck I'll be knowing you're alone."

"I know, Master, but you're not the only one who worries," Leah whispers quietly. I nod, I know she worries about me too.

I couldn't help but notice her separation anxiety. She never throws a tantrum, but by the way she always clings to me after I'm back from work, I know she is afraid I won't come back to her.

"Do I make you feel like a child when I have other people watch you for me?" I lift her off the counter and into my arms.

She shrugs, "You make me feel incapable and I am fully capable of taking care of myself and you."

I smile at the determination and sternness in her voice. Some dominants may scold for a tone, but I only smile. After having her for almost a month, her fight is starting to show and I love and appreciate every bit of it.

I clear the kitchen table, a new energy taking over as I rush to get Leah into the playroom. "So is Miss Gina just going to stay at the house with me tomorrow?" Leah leans against the kitchen counter as I quickly wash our dishes.

"Um I think she said something about shopping." I throw our dishes into the washer. I look over and see Leah's eyes light up at the prospect of shopping.

"Grocery shopping?" Leah asks excitedly and I frown. Had I not let Leah out enough? I felt like a bad dominant to see Leah get excited about grocery shopping.

"I don't think so," I tell her, pausing. I really need to make more of an effort to take her places. We haven't done anything besides go to work and see the doctors in two weeks. "I think my mom wants to take you shopping to go look for things to spruce up the house."

"But their house is gorgeous," Leah says in confusion and I wince. I didn't mean shopping for their house.

"For our house." Her eyes widen.

"Really?" I nod.

"Doesn't that sound fun?" I ask and she throws herself in my arms. She knocks the wind out of me, but I pull her into me regardless. "I figured you would like picking out a new bed spread and decorative pillows. All those homey kind of things," I tell her, standing outside the playroom

"That sounds amazing!"Leah jumps in excitement. "Can we look at things tonight, so I know what kind of things you like?"

My heart drops a little, am I a bad dominant because I want to play with her instead of online shopping?

"We could do that... or we could do a scene." I scratching the back of my head.

"Scene please, Master!" Leah pleads.

A smile crosses my lips and I lean down and kiss her. I hold her neck in my hands and take her mouth passionately.

She begins to moan and her hands hesitantly find my waist before roaming upwards underneath my shirt. I pull away, opening the door behind me.

Leah watches me with lust filled eyes. I step into the playroom, still facing her and she follows, stuck in a trance.

I throw my shirt off, grabbing Leah and pulling her to me all the way. Her small frame slams into mine and I quickly pick her feet up and wrap them around my waist.

Her hands firmly hold my shoulders as I kiss her deeply. I hold her face to mine as I deposit her body onto the playroom bed.

"Lay on your back with your arms up and legs spread." She nods crawls back, "Clothes off too." I take the clothing from her hands and throw them across the room as I push her down the the bed impatiently.

I kiss her passionately as my hands run down her ass. She arches up into me and I get a good idea.

I sit between her legs, hiking her knees over my shoulders. I shove my face into her crotch making Leah lets out a scream of pleasure. I feel my instincts start to take over.

Leah's hips involuntarily jerk against my face as I ease the sexual tension that has been building for nearly two weeks.

"Master, may I please cum?" Leah screams out, begging me to let her climax.

I suck her clit harshly and divulge in her slick folds. Leah lets out a loud scream as I dip my tongue deep inside her.

As soon as I give her permission, her whole body spasm and she moans in an octave I haven't hear before.

I drop her hips and lay over her, smashing my lips to her. Her hands find my shoulder and even her arms shake against me. She pants heavily, calming down, but I'm not having any of it.

I thrust a finger into her still sensitive and dripping wet pussy. Her breath hitches and she clutches onto me tightly. She lets out a squeal as I roughly pound my fingers into her pussy and palm against her clit.

"Cum again for me." I command and she does so instantly. I stop moving my fingers and let her ride out her orgasm. Leah bites into my shoulder and I wince. I slump down on her, so she doesn't try to sink her teeth into me more in an effort to hold me still.

Once Leah removes her teeth from my shoulder and nails from my back, I bring my lips back down to hers. A loud ringing gets my attention. I groan and pick up my cell phone.

It's Carrie.

I apologize to Leah and answer it. "Hello," I say a little worried.

"There has been a call from one of your neighbors they said they heard some screaming." A small smile cracks across my face and I look down at Leah. "I'm sending Troy over to your house just to make sure everything is alright."

"Okay. Everything's fine. Would you like to talk with Leah?" I ask Carrie.

Carrie hesitates, "Yeah", I smile and hand my cell phone to Leah.

"It's Carrie." I want to give Leah a round three, but I guess I will have to wait until Troy is here to make sure everything is fine.

"Yeah," Leah says quietly. "Everything's fine." Carrie says something indecipherable and I decide Leah's dripping thighs look too good to be left alone. I lean down, spreading her legs before taking a long lick up her wet folds.

Leah screeches, "Master... Master–Rylan," she snaps, pushing my head away. I laugh and Leah gives me a death glare. "I'm so sorry, my Master is being... slightly problematic. I'm fine he's not hurting me or anything." Carrie says something and Leah frowns, "I'm fine really, Officer Troy really doesn't need to come." Leah looks at me frantically.

I just smile and lay my head down on her stomach as her legs rest on my back. "Thank you. Yes, I know." Leah relaxes as she hangs up the phone. "They thought you were beating me." Leah slaps my back with a pillow.

I laugh and throw the pillow from her. I pull her body to me swiftly, kissing her again. I deepen the kiss when she lets me inside her mouth and she snakes her hand down to my cock.

"Tell me what you want." I rest my forehead onto hers and trace my head down her breast.

Leah hesitates, "I want you to use me," she says shyly. A blush creeps onto her cheek and I can't stop smiling.

"What do you want, Darling. I couldn't hear you," I tease, gripping onto her waist. She bites her lips and blushes even deeper, "I couldn't hear you right the last time, Pet."

I move my hand to the curve of her back and she whines as I pull her close. "I want you to use me, Master." Leah whispers into my ear.

"Use you?" I ask in a faint surprise. She blushes and hides her face into my neck. "Do you want me to fuck that pretty little mouth of yours..."

"Yes please, Master," Leah pleads. I run my hand down her back till I hit her bottom. She shivers and I lay her down on the bed. "Please fuck my mouth!" Leah cries.

"Oh, my Pet, you are such a dirty little one." I tease, sucking on her neck as she wraps her arms around my chest. I nip at her and she releases me. "Do you know that I have patiently waited to take the mouth of yours for a week?"

Her eyes widen and she shakes head. I unzip my pants and undress, so I'm naked. She eyes me closely and I don't miss how her tongue darts out to taste her lips.

"Do you want me to shove my cock down your throat?" Leah moans. "Do you want me to make you choke on me?"

"Yes, yes, yes" Leah chants, trying to sit up.

"Ah ah ah", I tease her, pushing her down. I move, so my dick is right in front of her mouth as she lays on the bed.

I sit above her, carful to no put my weight on her. I put my arms above her head, so I'm leaning over her. Leah reaches up and grabs my wrists and I bring myself to her mouth.

"Scratch me if you need me to stop." She nods, opening her mouth. I push myself into her mouth groaning as I slide against her warm tongue. I curse and Leah lifts her chin up, taking me all the way.

Well if she wants me that deep...

I let myself slide all the way into her and she gags for a second before she relaxes her throat. She moans around me and her tongue flicks out and licks the base of me.

I curse again and slowly thrust in and out of her mouth. She clings onto my wrist harshly as I thrust down her throat. "Oh my God. You feel so good."

I pause, letting her choke on me a bit before I pull out all the way. Leah gasp and spits out a chunk of spit. I wipe it from her face and she smiles thankfully.


"Green, Master."

I smile too and align myself to her lips again. I drive myself back into her mouth. She gags momentarily as she reaches the base of me.

God I love this woman.

I start to thrust into her mouth again after a few minuets of letting myself sit deep in her throat.

I feel my climax building after awhile and once I feel it hit, I sink into her deeply. She lifts her chin up, taking all of me. I lift my head up groaning in pleasure.

"That looked like a good one," Troy suddenly says from the doorway. Leah gags and I jump back, whirling around to see an amused looking friend. Leah coughs, chocking on spit and surprise I think.

I lean over Leah as she coughs and sputters. I give Troy a death glare as he leans on the door frame. I rub Leah's back as she coughs it out. "I got a call for a domestic abuse case. Your neighbors thought it was Leah, but it looks like you were just screaming like a girl."

"Shut up. It was Leah." I cover her, pulling her into my lap. She is all red faced and hides into my neck. "I'm sorry, baby, I didn't know he was here," I apologize softly, rubbing her back.

She cuddles to me and I pepper kisses onto her bare back and neck. Troy just wriggles his brows at me and I glare at him.

"I know nothing happened, but I still had to check," Troy says with raised hands.

"And by check you mean peep like a little perv."

"It's nothing I haven't seen before. We all had to take showers after football practice in high school, I've seen your ass enough times to pick it out of a line up."

I tuck Leah into my arms even more and she looks over at Troy as he comes closer to us. "I wasn't worried about you seeing my ass."

Troy rolls his eyes, "I wasn't even looking. I came to take a statement, so I could tell the neighbors she is fine. I didn't know you would be pinning her to the bed with your dick," Troy defends.

I growl and try to cover Leah's precious ears. "Watch your language."

Troy simply sighs. "You alright, Leah?" Leah nods and blushes up at him. "I have to have words. They don't let me write gestures in my statements," Troy explains to her.

"I'm fine. How...How did you get inside?"

Troy laughs and pulls out one of my house keys. "Rylan has a key to my house too."

"We will use it to get back at him in the future," I promise her, glancing at Troy.

"Like you haven't seen it all," Troy says, showing himself out. I slump down on the bed and look at Leah.

She bites her lip before laughter fills the room. She lays down on my chest and snuggles into me.

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