Saving Leah

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Leah's POV

I lay in bed, trying in vain to figure out what style Master likes.

"How about this one?" I brush my hand through Rylan's hair. He groans, placing another kiss between my breasts.

He quickly looks at the picture on his computer screen, "Yes, Love. They look great." Master mumbles as he begins to place kiss lips on me again.

I groan at him now, "Master." He ignores me and continues kissing down my neck before starting to make out with my left breast. "Master," I whine again.

He stops and kisses all over my face, "What, my Love?" He continues to assault my skin with his tongue and lips again.

"You have said that are all great. You have to tell me what you want, Master, so I don't get something you don't like."

"My, Pet...a small secret about men. We are only visual creatures when it comes to our women," he says with a sly smile. He moves his lips downward to my stomach and starts to leave hickys all over my sides. I brush my fingers through his hair and sigh in defeat.

He's absolutely useless.

"So you don't care if I come home with a pink and glittery bed cover?" I ask him in faint excitement. He stops kissing my sides for a moment. "Yeah that's what I thought."

Master chuckles and kisses my lips before caressing my face. "If that is what you want for our room, I won't stop you, but my personal preference is without pink and glitter." I raise a brow for him to go on and he slumps beside me

He gives me a defeated look before he pulls the lap top into his lap. He scrolls through and stops at a few pictures. "I like these and all the ones you have showed me," he says before shutting the laptop and pinning me to the bed, "Just relax. Let me worship your body."

"You don't have to." I don't want Master exhausting himself over my care. It seems he always does that and I feel bad that I don't do the same.

Master pulls my hands off his arms, "I know I don't have to, but I want to." Master runs his hand down my neck and sides of my body. "You have the softest skin and I'd love to just kiss and lick you."

I run my hands through his hair and he relaxes. He melts into my arms as I hug him. "At least after you are done, I give you a massage, Master."

Master kisses down and starts to suck my inner thigh. "I don't think so," he teases me.

"Master. Master, please." He just smiles and bites into my thigh. "Ow!" I sit up. He chuckles and licks the bite mark on my thigh.

"Don't pretend you don't like it rough," Master teases and I laugh.

Not being able to have playtime with Master while I was on my period sucked, but at least we spent a lot of quality time laying in bed and spending time with him in a relaxed environment where we have nothing to do.

Master even taught me a fun have called monopoly which we played a million times. Master even watched Frozen with me five or six times, and even though I protested against it, he helped me do my chores.

One night, I even caught him singing along to the movie when I came back from grabbing Lucifer.

Master moves upwards to my breast, taking turns engulfing my nipples into his mouth. I moan out, biting my lip and Master smirks at me.

He let my breasts go with a popping sound and kisses my lips before grabbing my feet. I try to pull them away, but he stops me. "Hold still," he commands. He raises a brow. "Don't kick me in the face."

He brings one of my feet to his face before he takes a long lick up the sol of my foot. I screech, horrified. Did my Master just lick my foot?

Master laughs and sits on me, pinning me in place. "I told you to stay still," he teases, pinning me down with his body as he licks up my foot again. My toes cringe as his tongue tickles my feet.

"Master, no please," I scream as he takes the other one.

"The more you protest, the worse I'm gonna make it," he threatens, lifting my other foot. He sticks his tongue out and starts to French kiss my foot. I squeal until he finally lets my feet go.

I laugh, tears running down my face as he flops down on top of me. I'm engulfed by his arms and I lay there happily. "I wasn't gonna do anything but give you a foot massage, but then you freaked out."

I laugh, "So you have to make out with my foot?" I ask him incredulously.

He chuckles too and rock me in his arms as he adjusts himself from behind me. "I didn't have to, but after you started to squeal for me, I couldn't help it."

I turn around, so me and him are face to face. My laughter calms down and I lean my forehead against his. I place my hand on his chest and he brings his hand to hold mine over his heart.

I feel him start to relax and I relax as well. "Do you feel that?" Master asks me, still holding my hand over his heart.

I furrow my brows, "Your heart?" He nods in response.

"It beats for you." My mouth goes dry at his words and I look down at our intertwined hands. I untangle our hands and gentle press my head over his heart.

I hear it beat steadily. Master turns to his back and I take up the area on his chest. I press my ear to his heart again and close my eyes. Master's hand comes up and runs through my hair as I listen to the heart that beats for me.


"So how has life been?" Gina asks as we walk down the store aisles. "Has Rylan been treating you good still," she asks with concern.

"Yes of course. He's amazing and so caring," I assure her, fiddling with my cardigan. I look down at my new flats and smile, remembering how Gina had yelled at Master when she heard I still hadn't gotten any shoes after a month of being in his care.

I didn't mind, but I thought it was endearing to see her get all riled up because of my well being.

"Good." Gina stops and looks at a pretty comforter. "Rylan gave me his credit card, so after this we can pop over to a lingerie store and give him a run for his money," she says, still mad about the shoes thing.

"No really," I assure her, "It's fine."

"Come on, Honey, it's fine. Men know nothing about picking out lingerie anyway." She waves off my concerns.

Rylan rarely ever gets mad at me, but I'm not sure I want to test him. "I don't know. I haven't gotten punished in a while and I kind of like that."

"He's not gonna punish you for giving him something to look at, Honey." I nod my head, she is his mother and a fellow dominant, she would know, right?

I nod, giving in and she grins. We walk around for a little bit longer. "This would look nice," Gina comments, pulling off a light cream comforter. "You know, with the new bedroom set."

The new bedroom set?

"Did Master buy new furniture?" She grins at me.

"I know you aren't ready to start a family or make commitments like that. You are so young, but me and George thought we should replace Rylan's bachelor pad furniture. You know? A new bed for a new purpose for when or if you are ready to start a family."

I blush, absolutely speechless. "He doesn't know, but I have the furniture being set up there now. George is telling them where to put it and is helping move all the cheep furniture out of there." She pulls out her phone and shows me a picture of a beautiful white bedroom set. "What do you think?"

"It's so gorgeous," I tell her, hugging her. She hugs me back.

"Oh good. I'm so glad you like it."

"Does Master know?" I ask her excitement.

"No, no. I figured this would be a little surprise for him. You know, so when he comes home from work he has a new bedroom with nice decor instead of his old college dorm stuff."

I nod, looking down at the comforter. "Master will love this."

We find decorative pillows and a few new towels for the bathroom. His old ones were mix and matched. Once we pay for them, we load it into the car and head over toward the lingerie store.

"So you don't have to go into detail, but is Rylan any good?" Gina asks, looking over at me with a light blush.

"Any good at what?" I ask her in confusion.

She laughs, "Well I guess if it wasn't that memorable."

Heat rushes to my cheeks as I realize what she was asking. "Oh we haven't had... sex," I admit in embarrassment.

"Oh good. I was going to say he must have missed that gene," she says, still laughing. I laugh too, but only because I'm so flustered I'm not sure what else to do.

"Well, lets looks for something to really get him going then." I blush so deeply, I'm sure my face will catch on fire.

We spend at least an hour looking over a large variety of lingerie. I can't help but pick out ones that matched our new bedding. Gina picks out some too, she chooses a lot more of the leather ware than me.

"You have to try something with leather too," Gina encourages as I hesitantly eye a lacy, and leather one piece. She throws it into the pile to try on and I didn't protest.

She finally ushers me back into a dressing room to make me change. It feels weird trying clothes on, it is weird to have a choice in what I wear.

A knock sounds on the door and I hesitantly peck out and see Gina. "Let me see. Let me see!" I let her in, knowing she has helped me change into a bathing suit last time we saw her, so she had already seen everything. "Spin," she commands softly.

"Do you like it?" She asks behind me as I look in the mirror. It looks pretty on, but I feel unsure of myself. I worry it doesn't hit me right, or doesn't look flattering on me.

"I don't know." A flash of light goes off and I look in horror to see Gina on her phone.

Did she just take a picture of me?

"Let's see what Rylan thinks." I gasp in horror. "He's gonna love it. We are just teasing him. Oh he sees it!"

I look over her shoulder and she hands me the phone. The little dots appear, showing he is typing. They go away and come back a few times before finally a message pops up.

Rylan: Pet?

Gina: Yes, Master.

Gina's phone rings and Rylan's photo pops up. I look at her panicked and she walks out of the dressing room.

I answer it hesitantly, "Pet?" Master asks calmly.

"Master, I'm so sorry your mom sent that–"

"Mmmm. That didn't look like my Mother in the picture," he muses. The phone makes it hard for me to read his tone. He doesn't say anything else and waits for me to respond.

I don't know what to say. "That looks very nice on you by the way," Master finally says after I don't respond.

"Thank you, Sir," I say in a whisper over the phone. I'm not sure if I'm in trouble or not.

"You know I can see my Mother in the mirror taking a picture of you, right?" Master finally asks me. "I'm just teasing you." I let out my breath.

"Thank you." I'm so glad he wasn't mad.

"No," he says with a chuckle, "Thank you. I should get back to work, but I did enjoy the nice picture, Pet, and an excuse to spank you."

"Spank me?" I interrupt. But he said he knew it wasn't my fault.

"I can't miss a chance to spank that gorgeous ass of yours. You are such a good girl, I almost never get the pleasure of a good old fashion spanking."

I blush deeply. "Oh."

"You will enjoy it, Pet. I promise." The phone goes dead. There is a knock on the door and I open it up in defeat to see Gina with a devious grin.

"You got me punished," I whine, handing her the phone.

She laughs, "Do you need to erase any pictures or videos? What did he make you do for him over the phone?" She ask curiously.

I gasp and my cheeks flush deeply. "No, he didn't make me do anything, but I'm getting spanked later." I have been so good lately and I'm not sure how I fell about a spanking.

I'm not scared like I use to be, but I don't exactly want a spanking either. Master promised pleasure, but I'm so sure. "What else did he say? He loved it didn't he?"

"He said it look very nice," I admit, running my hand down my stomach.

"We should get it then! This one next!" She pulls up the leather and lace one piece.

She throws it at me and claps her hands in excitement, "I have one in the same style. George hates the thing!"

I look up at her in confusion. I turn the piece around unable to figure out how to get in it. Gina comes over and shows me the small and intricate clasps hidden to get it on and off. "He always takes so long to figure out how to get it off. You should get one. It will drive Rylan crazy," she says excitedly.

"I don't know I want to temp him." I slip into it and Gina does the latches on the sides.

"You are already getting punished are you not?" She wriggles her brows.

"Yes, so I should be treading on egg shells with, Master." I say, twirling a piece of my hair. Another flash goes off.



I wring my hands in my lap as we drive home. I know I don't have to be afraid of Master, but I am nervous for my spanking.

"Calm down, Leah. Rylan is just playing with you. If you really are that nervous for your punishment, you can always just talk to him. I'm sure he would forget the whole thing." I look over at her and she pats my leg.

"Master will punish me if he sees fit to do so. Master has always been fair to me, if he punishes me it's because there is something he thinks I can learn."

Gina sighs and I sit quietly. "There is a difference between punishment and funishment, Leah. He's obviously giving you a fun punishment, probably as an excuse to do a scene with you."

I look over at her and nod, "I'm just nervous. I know Master won't hurt me on purpose, but sometimes things hurt when they aren't suppose to. The doctor said something about nerve damage, from my old Master," I tell her.

I guess that's a side effect of being damaged goods.

I look down at my hands and legs in shame. "Rylan knows?" Gina asks, I nod.

"When he rescued me, I wasn't in good condition," I tell her, slightly ashamed. Sometimes when I look in the mirror, I see my scars and wish I had done better, so I wasn't so damaged for Master.

"I meant, does he know about possible nerve damage?" Gina elaborates softly.

"Oh yes. He's been really good about it and working around it, but I'm just worried that the pain will come back."

"You have a safeword, don't you?" Gina asks with concern.

"Yes, yes," I say, moving my hands to play with my hair, "Master and I agreed on the traffic light system, but I just feel guilty, getting out of punishment you know."

Gina sighs, "Leah you shouldn't ever feel guilty about using your safeword. Has he pushed you to far?" Gina asks.

I shake my head, "No of course not. I just–"

"Worry," Gina finishes. I nod and she smiles gently at me, continuing to drive home. "As an experienced dominant, Leah, I can whole heartedly tell you that I would much rather my submissive use his safeword when he didn't need it, rather than not use it when he did. Rylan worries too you know, about hurting you or pushing you too much. I'm sure he shares the same philosophy as me about safe-wording."

I nod. I wasn't ever worried about Master not stopping when I asked, I was more worried that I wouldn't know when to ask.

We pull up into the driveway, the door opens and George comes out. "Leah!" He rushes over and gives me a big hug. I timidly hug him back.

"Bags love," Gina says, tapping George's shoulder. He winks at me, smiling before taking the bags from the trunk and depositing them inside. I grab the bag of lingerie from the car and head inside.

George rushes back out to the car and I squeeze past him to go into me and Master's room. There are large boxes everywhere and a sudden urge to go play in them or build a fort, blooms inside me.

I brace myself, pushing open the door to me and Master's bedroom.

I gasp a little at the unfamiliar looking room. All the furniture and old decor has been removed from the room. The blinds are up and the curtains are drawn, flooding the room with light.

The bedroom set is even more beautiful in person. I run my hand over the nice furniture and gingerly sit on the undressed bed.

A knock sounds on the door and I look up to see George. "Should we get everything ready for Rylan?" He asks excitedly. "Gina is gonna start dinner while we get this place ready. Rylan will be home soon."

I nod vigorously and George helps me unpack the things we bought. "If we have time later tonight, we should get out some Christmas decorations." George throws the new comforter over the bed.


"Yeah it's next week. Why did you think people have lights out?" He asks me cheerfully. I look out the window as the sun begins to set.

I never thought about that. "Does Master have a Christmas tree?"

George chuckles, "One would hope so." A smile runs across my face as I fix the bed for me and Master.

"Is this your first Christmas?" George asks me.

I look over at him with a blush and nod, "I don't think my old Master ever celebrated or anything. Master does though right?" I ask him, my hopes catching a little.

George mentioned the lights outside, but Master hadn't put any lights out.

"Of course he does, especially now because you're here." I smile at him and run into the bathroom, changing the old towels out.

"Leah, I'm gonna go help out Gina." He leaves and I continue to fix the towels.

I walk out into our new bedroom and wring my hands nervously. Will Master like it? I look outside the large window and try to see if Master is almost here.

I don't see Master's car, so I look around the room. A picture frame set up on the night stand catches my eye.

I don't remember it being there before. I haven't ever seen the white wooden picture frame either. As I walk closer, my heart catches inside my chest.

It's a picture on the beach. I'm in Master's arms, clinging to him as waves crash against us. We are both smiling in the picture and it brings happiness to my heart.

I reach out to touch the picture, but warm hands on my waist make me freeze. "I think that is one of the best moments of my life," Rylan says, leaning his head against my shoulder.

I look up at him and he smiles warmly at me. "You're home." I hold back my tears. Master smiles and picks me up, sitting me on the bed.

He kisses my cheek and then everywhere else. He takes off my shoes and kicks off his own as he lays over me.

I cling to him as he continues to kiss me. I run my hands over his chest and then into his hair. "I missed you."

"I missed you too, my Pet. Our bedroom looks fit for my queen," He says, kissing me again as tears run down my face.

"I love you," I say, tugging him into the tightest hug I can muster. "I love you with everything I am."

Master chuckles and pulls away,"I love you too, my Darling." He runs his thumb over my cheek and I nuzzle into him. "Did you have fun today?" He ask me, pulling me up against him. His hand sneaks under my dress and he rubs my ass with intention.

I bite my lip and blush. He gives my bottom a little slap. "I did."

"I hope so, teasing me—twice while I'm at work? My dirty, dirty girl," Master scolds lightly.

"I'm really sorry." I never wanted to bug him or tease him.

He hushes me, "I think I like having a dirty girl though," Master whispered seductively into my ear.

Master smirks at me and goes back to rubbing my behind. "You are still going to punish me though."

Master smiles at me and brushes the hair from my face. "Is a spanking really a punishment if I'm pleasuring you at the same time?"

I 5 my lip in anticipation. Master raises a brow at me and I hide into his neck. "Punishment now or later?" Masters asks me, running his hand down my hair.

I pause, thinking. "Will you spank me in this position?" I ask him hesitantly.

"Only if you let me shove a dildo up that pretty pussy while I do so," he counters. I blush and nod, agreeing to his terms.

Master untangles me from him, "I have to get the blinds, unless you want to give the neighborhood a show."

I blush deeply at his suggestion and watch as he goes over to the bedside table. He stops a moment and fixes the picture of us before he opens the drawer and digs around, looking for something.

It hadn't come to my mind that he may be spanking me with a paddle. Master pulls out a bottle of lube though and a smaller toy.

He comes back over to our bed and deposits the items before locking our door. Master yanks me over to him on my back, by my ankles.

In one swift motion, my dress is on the floor and Master is pulling my underwear off. He squirts some lube on his hand and picks up the toy. He looks at it for a moment before going back to the same drawer and pulling out a thicker, but shorter one. This one looks like it has a base though.

I don't think Master has even had to use lube on me before. He dips a finger in me and smiles, finding me already wet for him. He rubs my inner thigh as he sits on the edge of our new bed. "Better not drip on the comforter," Master warns me all too happily.

He pushes two fingers into me and I gasp. After a second, Master nods approvingly and pull his fingers out. He leisurely finds a towel and dries his hand before placing a towel under my hip.

Master lets his hands wander to trace along the almost completely healed scar on my thigh. He brushes his thumb over it before he breaks away.

Master grabs the larger toy and rubs it up against me, coating it in lube and my juices. "Ready?" Master asks me, pressing the toy up against me. I bite my lip and nod and he eases the toy into me.

I groan softly as the toy fills me up, "Oh, my Love. If you think that toy can satisfy you, just wait," Master says, leaning down and kissing me.

I kiss him back before he sits up and starts to move it in and out of me in a tantalizing pace. I squirm and he smiles.

I moan as he pushes the toy into. "That's it, Pet. Take it for me," Master purrs. I reach for him and he pulls me into his lap.

I straddle him and his hand remains on the base of the toy, pushing it back in as it slides out of me. He lowers me a little and removes his hand, so the base of the toy is resting on his leg.

"Can you sit on it all the way?" He tilts my hips and presses me down onto it. I nod and whine as he holds me there. "Take it, Pet. Feel how deep that toy is inside of you?" Master murmurs into my ear. I clutch to him and he presses my head onto his shoulder.

I obey and lay against him as he makes me grind against the toy as I'm sitting on it fully. "Now I want to hear you take that toy like a good girl as I spank you."

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