Saving Leah

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Bedroom Fun

Rylan's POV

Leah lets out a moan in acknowledgment as I deliver a slap to her behind. She jumps and I know she can feel her muscles contracting around the toy inside her. "Are you gonna take my toy like a good pet?" I deliver three good slaps to her ass. "Are you gonna take my toy deep inside that pussy while I spank you?"

"Yes, Master! Yes!" She tightens her grip on my shirt.

"What are you gonna do?" I ask her, spanking her " five more times in concession.

"I'm gonna take your toy deep inside my pussy as you spank me", Leah says. My boner gets even harder and I smile, slapping Leah's ass even harder.

She moans as my harsh hits make her jump up and then fall down hard on the toy. "Are you gonna send me naughty pictures while I'm a work again?" I ask her, continuing to turn her bottom red.

"Yes," she gasps, grinding her hips down on the toy.

At least she is honest.

"Don't you dare cum without my permission." I remind her and she moans. "I want you to fuck yourself with that toy. Put it deep inside your pussy," I tell her as I finish up her spanking.

She lets out a scream of pleasure into my neck and I hold her to my chest. "Master, may I please cum?" She begs, I slap her ass one last time.


Leah screams out in pleasure and falls onto my chest. I push her hips downward, forcing her to take the toy all the way as she orgasms. She screams in pleasure, thanking me the whole time. I kiss her neck, admiring my handiwork.

I suddenly remember her sensitivity.

Stupid, Rylan!

"Leah, is your bottom okay? It doesn't hurt too bad does it?" I ask her, pulling her from my chest.

She smashes her lips to mine and I forget my concern. Leah breaks the kiss and leans her forehead to mine. Her legs shake against me and I pull her up and slip the dripping toy out of her, placing a towel under her to dry her off.

She pants and captures my lips again. "You okay?" I ask her with concern. I rub her bottom gently.

"I love having your toy shoved up my pussy, Master." I see the teasing smile on her lips and I pull her to me.

"I love having my toys shoved up your pussy too, Pet. I guess next time I'll have to shove one up your ass too though," I say playfully, petting her head as I lay her down. "Is your bottom really okay though?"

"It's hot."

"Your whole body or just your ass?" I ask her worriedly.

"Bottom," she says, catching her breath. "It feels fine though." She reaches up and trails a hand down my covered chest. "I think I liked that punishment a little too much, Master," Leah says quietly.

I chuckle and lay down beside her after wiping between her legs. "Me too," I admit. She curls into my chest and sighs.

A knock sounds on the door, "Um, scream fest," Gina teases on the other side of the door, "Dinner is ready."

Leah looks at me horrified and I kiss her head. "You hungry?" I go into our closet and pull out some nice warm leggings and a sweater.

I hand them to her and watch as she puts them on. I pull her out of our bedroom and past all the boxes. "Smells amazing," I say to my mother, sitting down.

Leah sits down and her body goes rigid. "Come sit on my lap." I pull her off the hard seat and sit her across my lap, so her legs dangle across mine and her bottom has no pressure on it.

She thanks my quietly with her famous blush. "Such a good girl," I praise into her ear softly. Leah looks over at me bashfully when she hears my words.

I don't bother filling her plate, fill just one and start to feed her. I caress her side, holding her close to me as I feed her small bites of food. "This is amazing," my Dad comments.

"Thank you," My Mom says, leaning over and kissing my Dad. "So I hear this is your first Christmas Leah", Gina says glancing over at me. "You must be excited."

I freeze at her words. "Yes, I am," Leah says, looking at me.

Leah hasn't ever had Christmas before?

Guilt consumes me as I realize I haven't put up any decorations for her, so much for giving her a magical Christmas season.

"We should put up the tree tonight." She smiles with excitement and nods vigorously. "I'll put up the lights outside tomorrow too."


"Me and Dad will get the stuff out of the garage after dinner and we can put on a Christmas movie," I promise Leah.

"Frozen?" She asks, making me cringe inside. My love would want for nothing though.

"Of course." She bounces her leg in excitement.

After dinner, true to my promise, we get out the decorations. I don't have much, an old shriveled fake tree and ornaments.

I wish I was better for her.

"I love it," Leah squeals, crashing into my side once she walks in from our room with Lucifer. I pat her back, disappointed in the poor excuse of Christmas I was giving her.

"We can go get a nicer tree and prettier ornaments." I scratch the back of my head, "We can go buy new decorations and pillows and—"

Leah pulls my face down. "I love it."

Of course she loved my trashy Christmas decorations. I should have know Leah wouldn't care about how they looked, she was probably just happy she was getting a Christmas.

My Mom turns on Frozen and I hoist Leah up. She giggles and sits on my lap, watching the lights on our tree. Leah isn't even watching the movie, but she sings along quietly in my lap as she look at the lit up tree.

I'm still going to go get better decorations, I'm not going to let Leah get excited over my thrashed Christmas decor.

I pet Leah's head and watch her admire the tree. I don't understand her infatuation, but I guess if I had never celebrated Christmas, it would be a weird thing to see a plastic tree with hanging lights.

My parents get up half way through Frozen and head to bed, leaving me and Leah alone. "Master." I brush her hair before kissing her head. "What's Christmas like?"

I pull her into me and sigh. "What do you mean?"

"Like what do you do on Christmas?" Leah clarifies. She turns around in my lap and straddles me.

I caress her face. "Well when I was a kid, I couldn't ever fall asleep Christmas Eve, so as soon as it was six o'clock, I got our entire family up. Me and my sister would run down stairs and always have to hunt for our Christmas stockings—my parents hid them to give them more time to sleep."

Leah nods along with my story and lays her head on my shoulder. "After we finally found our stockings, which were always hidden very elaborately, we could go get our parents from their beds. We usually read the Christmas story from the Bible while my dad made breakfast and then we would open presents and eat."

Leah kisses alone my jaw. She pauses though when I don't keep talking, "After that we would spend the whole day drinking hot coco and playing in the snow."

She nods her head softly and curls up into me more. "And now, Master?"

"And now? Well I sleep in a lot more for Christmas now, Leah", I tell her with a light chuckle. That makes her smiles and she nuzzles against my chest, "I think my parents are gonna come back down for Christmas too. I know my sister and her dom are going to Mexico."

Her face scrunches up, "What's Mexico?"

"Just another country", I assure her. I will have to give her a little bit of a better education. "Anyways, this year will probably be the same."

Leah smiles and nibbles playfully on my ear. "We should take this to the bedroom." I pick her up.

Leah's hand go to the buttons of my uniform and she looks at me for permission. I bite her neck softly, "You have to wait, Pet,"I tease her, closing our bedroom door behind us.

Leah looks around the bedroom happily as I walk us over to our new bed. I throw her down and she lets out a loud giggle. I cup my hand over her mouth and she giggles more quietly, licking my hand.

"How's your bottom?" I roll her onto her stomach.

"It's sore, Master." I grunt in acknowledgment and pull down her leggings. She wriggles around, so I can slide off her leggings. I run a hand over her pink tinged bottom in appreciation. I do like the look of a pink ass.

I look up and Leah looks back at me curiously. I clear my throat and move to get some balm for her bottom. When I come back, Leah is waiting head down and ass up.

I run my hands up the back of her thigh and she stares back at me silently. "I didn't tell you to wait like this," I say, leaning down and kissing her back where her sweater rode up.

"I know, Master," she admits quietly, remaining in the same position. She moves her hands between her legs and waits.

I look at her blankly and she smiles, knowing she is winning. "Would you like to play?" Her smile widens and I run my hand over her pink bottom.

"May I please take a shower first?" Leah asks me, excitement clear in her voice.

I nod and kiss her cheek. "I'll put the cream on later. Be quick about it. I don't want to wait."

She nods and crawls off the bed. "You may walk," I permit, leaning back on our new bed. I sigh in comfort, accommodating myself with the new furniture.

I rest my eyes for only a moment, but when I open again the tiredness is knocked right out of me.

Leah stands in the doorway, half hiding behind the door. She pecks out over at me hesitantly before she takes a step out behind the door.

Leah wears a see through teddy with the same lingerie she sent me a picture of today. She leans on the doorframe gingerly.

"Come here, Pet," I say with the most even voice I can manage. She looks like an angel, my angel. Leah comes over to me hesitantly. I pull her up onto our bed. "You look so perfect, my Pet," I compliment, making her blush deeply.

I run my hand down the curve of her neck, across her collar, and down between the dip of her chest. Her breath catches in her throat as I let my hand wander down across her hip.

She shifts in a kneeling position and I run my hands between her thighs. She gasps as I cup her core with my hand. I give light slaps to the area and she bites her lip. "My gorgeous pet," I say into her ear, she lets out a small whine and I smirk, "since you seem to love the position so much, head down ass up. I want to play."

Her breath hitches and I help her slide off the teddy. I pull her legs to where I want them and she lays her head down on the mattress.

I pet her head gently, admiring my beautiful submissive. "I'm going to put some cream on your bottom and then we will play. I need to test out some of the toys."

She nods and I see the gleam of excitement and anticipation in her eyes. I nip her covered core. She pants and I palm her, holding her chest down to the bed forcefully as she arches a little. "Take all the pleasure I give you, little one."

She whines something inaudible and I continue, knowing somewhere in her whine there was a 'yes Master'. She soaks her teddy quickly and I slip it aside before shoving two fingers into her wanting pussy.

She bites her arm, holding back her moans as I slowly thrust my fingers inside her, "Do you feel my fingers inside your dripping little pussy, Pet?" I ask her, leaning down so I can nip her ear.

She moans, "Yes, Master. I feel your fingers pussy." I slap her ass and she yelps, jumping a little bit.

I love how she answers my questions in playtime. Hearing her talk dirty to me is such a turn on.

I slow my finger's pace and she pushes up against me. I slam my fingers into her roughly as retribution and she gasp. "Stay still, Pet."

"I'm sorry, Master." Leah lets out a low moan as I work my fingers in her.

I pull my fingers out of her and bring them to her mouth. I don't have to tell her what to do, she opens her mouth and sucks my fingers.

I rub her bottom for a little bit before I pull my cleaned fingers from her mouth. I slide her teddy from her body and throw them on the ground.

I lift her from the bed and pull the comforter back before setting her down again.

She returns to her original position and I pull her flat on the bed with bent legs, so she is in a frog position. I slide a pillow under her hips and Leah watches me curiously.

I smile to myself at I take my time to pull out a vibrator. Leah watches me with great anticipation, probably thinking I'm going to put it inside her.

I push her hips down and place the vibrator along her clit. "Grind all you want, Pet." I pull her thighs backwards to me, fixing the toy, so it's right on her clit. I know she won't be able to get off from this.

The vibrator is low and as she tries to grind, the vibrator will move around unless she can pin it to the bed well, which she probably won't be able too because I put a soft pillow under her.

She whines in frustration as she tries to hump the vibrator unsuccessfully. I can tell her sexual frustration is building as she struggles to be able to grind against the vibrator I have placed so close to her core.

I take the soothing cream and warm it in my hands, admiring my handiwork as Leah try's to contort her body, so she can brush against the vibrator I am tormenting her with.

I take my time applying balm to her bottom and she lets out quiet whimpers, "Master, please."

I push her legs out further and remove the pillow, done watching her struggle. Leah moans out and grins against the small vibrator viciously. "Thank you, Master."

I finish applying the balm and try to decide if I want her to cum yet. I have no interest in denying her pleasure, but I do want to make sure she has a strong orgasm when I let her cum.

I lightly slap her exposed pussy and she jump. I slip two fingers in her and curl them, using that to pull her up. She gasp and follows the way I am moving. "Did you like that?" I ask Leah teasingly as I take the vibrator from her and set it on the bed.

"I don't think so, Master." Leah admits, panting. She goes back to resting her head on the bed.

"Well, I enjoyed watching you try to get off. Have you ever touched yourself before?" I pull her onto her back.

"Of course not, Master," she says in concern. I pet her and she calms down.

"I want you to play with yourself for me." She looks unsure and I pull her hand to her core. Leah blushes and looks away as she slowly starts to rub herself. "I'll be right back. Don't you dare cum," I tell her, going down the hall to the playroom.

I grab and ridding crop, a cane and some more toys for her to try before heading back to our room. "Did you cum?" I ask her.

"No, Master," she says, stopping her rubbing.

"Did I say to stop playing with your pussy?" I ask her sternly. Her eyes widen and she shakes her head before she quickly starts again.

I throw the toy into the drawer and place the cane and ridding crop beside her. I watch her for a moment, noticing her getting close. I pull her hand away wordlessly and lick her fingers.

Leah watches me intently. I place a knee on the bed and push her back a little bit. I get on the bed with her and spread her legs, leaving them bent. "Have you ever had someone use a cane or crop on you for stimulation instead of punishment?"

"Only you, Master, and it was only a ridding crop, Sir." I brush her hair from her face and scoot myself to sit beside her.

"I'm gonna use them for impact play, it isn't punishment, so if it starts to become not so fun, color yellow and I'll move on."

I love using tools like canes and whips on my submissive. I am a minor sadist by heart. I love the beautiful marks they leave and the pleasureful, but also painful sensation they create.

"Yes, Master." She hesitantly reaches her hand out for mine across the bed. She stops midway, but I go the rest of the distance to hold her hand.

I squeeze her hand in mine reassuringly and she smile. I slip my hand from hers and get off the bed, picking up the riding crop.

I tease her thighs with it before trailing it down her knee and the tops of her feet. "Stomach," I command and Leah flips over.

I run the riding crop up her heels and the side of her legs before back down to the pads of her feet.

I slap the leather crop down on the sole of her foot and she jumps. I smile and run the crop around her foot again teasingly.

I switch feet suddenly and slap her other foot, evoking a gasp from her. My dear pet wasn't expecting that. I lightly tap the soles of her feet and she wriggles around a little.

After a while of teasing her, I move on to a cane. Without warning, I let the cane fly down on the arch of her foot. She pulls her legs up to her bottom and her toes curl. I grab her foot and pull it back down flat, rubbing my finger over the now pink line of skin.

I worry for a moment, until I notice the skin isn't raised at all. "Color?"

"Green." I nod, continue to rub the bottom of her feet. I dig my nails into her archs as I run my fingers over the bottom of our feet.

She fights to pull her foot up towards her again, but I'm much stronger and my firm grip keeps her in place. I chuckle, picking up my cane again before I deliver five swats to her foot.

I run my thumb over the tender skin, easing the discomfort which may arise. I place a knee on the bed and hoist myself up so I'm looking down at her.

I steady myself with the back of her thigh. She peaks back at me curiously and I lean down and kiss her. I bend her other foot and pull it up in front of me. I run my finger along her foot a couple times, lightly digging my nails into her skin.

I create light pink lines before I rub them away. I caress her bent legs as she lays face down, leaving me to do as I please.

"Would you like me to play with your pussy?" I ask her finally, acknowledging her slick inner thighs.

"Yes please, Master." I chuckle, pulling her hips back so her pussy is accessible to my toying. "Also, Master..." Leah says hesitantly.

I hum in acknowledgement. Leah looks around, avoiding my gaze. "What, Pet?" I ask her in slight concern. She doesn't sound in pain, but I suddenly worry I hurt her.

"I prepared myself for you ummm everywhere if you want to test your toys elsewhere," Leah comments hesitantly. I pause for a moment, my rock hard cock becoming even harder than before.

I swallow hard and think over her words. She prepared everywhere.. I smile to myself, appreciating her thoughtfulness.

I run my hand over her ass and then down between her crack. I force her legs further apart with my knee and spread her pink ass apart.

Her cleaned and shaved hole sits ready for me and I run my finger over her puckered muscle. Her wet juices have slipped down to lube up her ass for me.

I rub my finger around her hole and her muscles contract. I lean down and bite her pink ass cheeks, making her gasp. I pull away, testing her hole gently with my thumb.

The muscles contract tightly, refusing me entrance. I pull away, letting my hands rub her bottom to calm her. Leah stays on all fours. I lean over and pull pillows under her, so she can rest.

I pet down her back, and she relaxes down on the pillows. I grab some lube too and let it drip down her crack. I move my fingers back up to her hole. "Relax, Love. I'm gonna take care of you."

I slow down our scene and focus on just relaxing her and making her comfortable. I know she probably hasn't had good experiences with anal play before.

I rub the lube on her hole for a little longer before I test a finger. Her ring of muscle tightens and I pull back. I shush her again and try once more.

I push on her hole gently until her muscle ring starts to relax. I push into her successfully and start dripping lube down my hand and down my finger, so she is plenty lubed up. "You are doing such a good girl, my Love. You are doing so well for me, my Pet." I wriggle my finger in her and she squirms a little bit.

Her muscles start to contract and I pet her thighs, "No, no, no, Pet. Relax, just relax," I tell her and after a second, she relaxes.

I rub some lube onto my finger and push a little more lube into her ass. I gently pump my finger in and out of her and she sighs quietly.

I smile and continue to pump my finger into her. After a little while and lots of lube, she finally loosens up enough that I can slip another finger in.

Leah gasps and I rub her thigh as I push another finger into her. "You are doing so good, Pet." Slowly pushing both of my fingers in her.

I can tell this isn't her first time with anal play, but I can definitely feel her tighten every so often. I pick up pace and Leah lets out a soft moan.

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