Saving Leah

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Where I Belong

Leah’s POV

I bite my lip as a moan slips from my lips. I cling onto the pillow below me that Master provided. Master picks up his pace and starts to thrust his fingers into my ass.

I sigh loudly and clutch onto the poor pillow. Memories of how my old Master would violate me this way flick through my mind, but I discard them. “You are doing so well, Pet!”

I smile, hearing the happiness in Master’s voice. It is hard to keep myself relaxed, but I enjoy giving myself to him like this.

Another moan slips through my lips and I groan as the pleasure intensifies. I feel myself loosen up considerably as my body preps itself for another one of Master’s fingers. “Are you okay to let me put another finger in you?”

I nod and moan, biting into the pillow as Master’s hand starts to rub my clit. Another digit is inserted inside me and I bite my lip.

More lube drops inside me and I feel my body tense up. I relax though when Master stops his movements. His hand on my core, rubs vigorously, not pausing in giving me pleasure.

He pushes all three fingers into me and I let out a whimper. His hand rubbing my clit moves back a little and he inserts two digits into my pussy as well.

I moan, imagining how Master is stretching both of my holes with his fingers.

Master’s fingers in my pussy disappear, but he keeps his fingers in my ass. Something cold touches my vagina’s entrance. Master sinks a handled dildo into me.

I let out a moaning scream as he pushes the toy inside me. He positions it, so it’s stuck deep inside me when he pulls away. He removes his fingers from my ass and he shifts through his bed side drawer.

He pulls out a long butt plug and I moan in encouragement. Master looks at me and smiles. “I think you have waited long enough to cum for me, Pet,” Master says, lubing the plug and slipping it into my ass.

“Thank you, Master.” He smiles and takes the toy sticking out of my pussy into his hand. He starts slow, teasing me.

“Sit up for me.” Master’s hands wrap around me and he grasp the dildo and starts to thrust it inside me slowly, but roughly.

His chest presses against my back and he restricts my arms as he shoves the dildo into me. His thigh keeps the plug in my ass, not allowing it to budge.

Master drills his toy into me as fast and hard as he can. I cling onto his arms as he squeezes me into him tightly. “Cum,” he orders seductively as I open my mouth to start begging.

Master doesn’t stop fucking me with his toy and I wither away, trying to stop him from forcing me to orgasm again.

“You’re gonna cum for me two more times,” Master tells me, still thrusting his toy into me.

“Maste–“, I start to plead before another orgasm rips through me. I scream this time and dig my nails into his arms.

He grunts animialisticly and continues to shove his toy into me. “I want you to come for me again and this time you better thank me,” Master says as I reach my peak again. “Now cum for me, Pet.”

My muscles spasm and blackness dots my vision. Master collapses down on top of me as I scream my thank yous. My legs twitch and convulse as Master kisses down my neck and back.

My body finally calms down and my eyes flutter tiredly as Master lays his head onto my chest. Master’s erection rests against my thigh and I try to offer him release, but I’m already too far gone.

Fingers brush through my hair and my eyes flutter open. Master looks down at me with a gentle smile and I groan as a soreness consumes my lower half.

“Morning, Pet.” Master is dressed in grey sweatpants with a bare chest. I feel myself drooling over him and Master has to forcefully pry my eyes from his chest by lifting my head.

I blush, “Sorry.” Last nights events flood into my mind and I remember screaming on the top of my lungs for Master.

I try to move over to his side, but only end up groaning in soreness. “I made you cum pretty hard didn’t I?” Master asks proudly, moving over to my side, so I don’t have to move.

“Yes you did, Master.” His hands run along my arms as he smiles to himself, quite proud of his performance.

Anal play isn’t knew, but full body racking orgasms are.

Master kisses my head. “I love you, Pet.”

“I love you too... Rylan,” I say hesitantly. Master looks up at me and kisses me on the lips passionately.

He nestles a leg between my own and I wrap my legs around him. Master lays down on my still uncovered chest. He trails his hand over the lace of my bra before tracing the curve of my breast. “Leah... you are the best submissive ever. I hope you know that.”

“Thank you, Master,” I blush and he kisses the top of my breast. “Are your parents up?”

He chuckles, “Yeah. They have already gotten all their noise complaints out too, so they should be good once you are ready to vacate our room.” I blush and hide my face. “Tell me about last night. What was your favorite part?”

I sigh looking over at him. “I loved when you were rough with me in the end. I wouldn’t say I love rough play, but.... I certainly love when you remind me who I belong to,” I admit. Master smiles encouragingly, “I loved how you played with my... ass and I enjoyed your double penetration.”

Master reaches around me and caresses my bottom. I panic for a moment, did he take the plug out of me? I squirm, disregarding my discomfort.

I sigh once I see it’s not there. “What’s wrong?” Master asks, pushing my head down and ass up. He examines me and even goes as far as to sticking a finger up my ass after he licked it make sure I wasn’t bleeding. “You look okay. Does it hurt?”

I stare at him in mortification as he sits me up. He just stuck his finger in my ass.

Well he got three up there last night.

I shake my head no, “I’m fine, Master. I just worried because I fell asleep with um the plug in.” Master cracks a smile.

“I’m fully capable of taking care of you.” He assumes me, pulling me back into his chest. I feel bad for doubting him, but he doesn’t seem all that bothered. “So you liked me reminding you who you belong to?” Master teases me with a gentle smile. I gape at him unsure of how to respond. “You don’t have to say anything you already admitted it. I do have to say though, I love hearing that my submissive knows her place.”

“Yes, Master. I know very well where I belong.” He chuckles and runs his hands through my hair. “I’m sorry I was so loud last night.”

Master gives me a look, “If I had wanted you quiet, Leah, I would have gagged you. You’re a screamer and I love it. It just means all the neighbors will know your Master loves taking care of you—We should get up and get ready to go look at Christmas decorations.” I nod and sit up with a groan.

Master steadies me and frowns as I whimper, trying to get of bed. My muscles quake as I try to walk and I suddenly fall. Master is by my side in seconds. “Leah.” He looks unhappy and ready to scold me.

He picks me up into his arms and carries me into our bathroom wordlessly. After yesterday’s punishment, I kind of hope he will punish me. I don’t know what rule I want to be breaking, but I hope I will get another spanking.

Master turns on the bath while I cling to his chest. He lets out a sigh and kisses my cheek. “You shouldn’t be trying to walk if it hurts so badly you can’t stand,” he scolds lightly.

“I’m sorry, Master.” Although I want the out come of yesterday’s punishment, I don’t want Master’s disappointment or worry.

Master sighs again and lowers me into the tub, “I’m going to bring you food. Clean up and wait for me here. I’ll be back in a minute. Don’t wash your hair, I want to do that tonight.”

He returns minutes later to pull me out get me dressed and fed.

He takes me in the living room, laying me on the sofa. Lucifer and tons of fuzzy blankets are waiting for me. I squeal softly in delight and Master lowers me into the circle of blankets he made for me. “You are the best Master ever,” I praise him, throwing my hands around his neck.

Master chuckles softly and his parents laugh, watching us from the kitchen. He lays a heating pad on my thighs and wrap me up before turning on a show for me.

He switches on some move called Elf and leaves for a bit. Gina and George comes over and sits down with me when Master leaves for a minute. “You two were busy last night,” Gina says sitting down. “Did the new lingerie do the trick?”

“Yeah... Well we didn’t... have sex but...” I say bashfully.

“It sounds like you still enjoyed yourself.” Gina pokes fun.

“Master is very good to me,” I blush.

George comes to join us. He lays at Gina’s feet and she looks over at him and runs her fingers through his hair. He closes his eyes and relishes in her care. I love when Master does that too.

A sudden thought pops up into my head. I never pleasured Master last night. Nervousness blooms in my stomach. I feel like such a poor submissive, Master spent all night making me feel amazing and loved, but I didn’t even stay awake to take care of him.

I try to get up from the sofa and Gina stops me. “What’s wrong? Do you need Rylan?” I bite my lip unsure if I should have her call him or not. “Rylan!” Gina yells, making the decision for me.

Rylan comes in quickly, now dressed in clothing for a day out. “What’s wrong?” Master says. Gina tilts her head towards me and her and a George get up and leave. Master comes over to me and pets my face in concern.

“I... I-I never... you pleasured me all night and I fell asleep before I could service you.”

Now thinking about it, I don’t think Master would care, but I thought it only fair to bring it to his attention.

Master looks at me thoughtfully, “Are you looking for me to punish you?”

“If that’s what you think I deserve, Master. I feel horrible for being so greedy.”

“You weren’t being greedy you were just tired. If you feel so torn up about it, then tonight you can make it up to me when I punish you.” Is he punishing me for just this or something else too?

“Yes, Master. May I ask what my punishment will be?” I want to be able to mentally prepare myself.

“Well since you asked so nicely I thought I would torture you with my presence and good looks before you right whatever wrong you think you have committed,” Master says nonchalantly. A small smile spreads across my face and he raises a brow. I look down and he kisses my forehead. “Did you really think I would punish you for something like that?”

I shrug, “I felt like I should at least bring it to your attention, so I could make it up to you. You were very generous with your time and my orgasms last night, Master, I admit with a blush.

“If anyone was greedy, it was me, but you can’t punish me for forcing you to cum as many times as I want you to,” he says with a sly grin. He lifts my chin and kisses me.

“May I please pleasure you, Master?”

“Your offer is tempting, but I have a very large Christmas shopping agenda for today with my Mother.” Master bops my nose and crawls beside me. “I will take this time to snuggle with you while my Mom finishes getting ready though. I want you to rest today, until your punishment that is. I will be shoving myself quite mercilessly down your throat.” he grins.

“Ready to go?” Gina asks, walking out of the hallway, oblivious to what Rylan had said.

My handsome devil has the audacity to wink at me, knowing full well the mess he is causing in my underwear. “Goodbye, me sweet Love. Drink lots of water—I want at leave six cups and a full lunch. You better eat at an appropriate time too. I didn’t punish you late week for eating lunch so late when Melissa was here, but I will if you continue to postpone your meals so late. It isn’t health and you promised you would take care of yourself.”

I sit up straighter at his words. “Yes, Master. I understand.” Master is trusting me to take care of myself and I know I can.

“You are fully capable of taking care of yourself.
I don’t want any excuses,” he says in a gentler tone. I nod and swallow hard, Master believes I can take care of myself, so now I just have to prove it to him. “No walking around. I’ll check you later this afternoon when we get back.”

Me and George watch movies on the sofa for hours. I watch the clock, waiting for Master’s return. In an effort to show him how responsible I can be, I drink at least nine glasses of water and eat lunch right at noon.

Master hasn’t told me when he was coming back, and it makes me so restless. I cant take it anymore, so George helps me back into bed. My eyes feel tired and my body is exhausted from playing with Master last night.

I watching the bedroom door for Master to return, but my eyes become too heavy and I fall asleep.

When I open my eyes, I see Lucifer, who I had sadly forgotten on the sofa, placed in my arms. I wonder if it was George or Master who had brought him to me.

I crawl out of bed and into the living room, not wanting to anger Master by walking. I see Master is lounged out on the sofa, watching some show.

I smile seeing Master and finish crawling over to him. The hardwood floor creaks and Master looks over at me. “Hello, Pet,” he greets, setting down his glass of water.

I giggle crawling between his feet, so I can rub my face on his leg. He chuckles and brushes his thumb along my face. I run my hands up the back of Master’s thighs before letting my hands untie his shoes.

He glances down at me as he goes back to watching his show. Unlike before I came in, Master sit forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

I slip his shoes from his feet and he faintly frowns down at me. “What are you doing, Darling?” He takes his shoes from my hands and puts them on the floor beside him. He pats his lap, smiling encouragingly at me.

I debate if I should listen to his instruction or continue on with what I’m doing. I want to thank Master for going shopping and he looks awfully tired.

I settle on leaning against his leg while placing his foot in my lap. “Leah, you don’t have to do this. I’m okay.”

I smile at him as he starts to fix my hair, as I continue to rub his feet. “A different show, is that what you want?” Master asks me with concern,
reaching to change the channel. “I can put on something different, Love.”

I shake my head and stop him from changing his show, “I just want to take care of you, help you relax.“I pull his arms away from the remote and push him against the sofa so he can relax. Master starts to protest and I sit up on my knees, our faces almost touch and he stops talking, flustered by my actions.

“Master. Let me serve you,” I tell him sternly. He slowly nods and leans back against the sofa. I smile to myself and start to rub his feet again.

I massage the back of his taunt calves and he relaxes a little. He glances at me every so often, looking slightly disturbed. I smile to myself a little as I notice it’s because of my boldness.

After massaging Master’s foot for a while, I move to the other. As I set one foot down, he placed his other foot in my lap. I smile, seeing Master is accepting my servitude.

My hands become tired and the muscles, sore. I let out a small yawn and Master pulls his feet from my lap. He tucks his feet beside him and motions for me to come.

I sit beside him and he pushes me down onto my stomach. I move my hands up above my head and Master lays onto of me. His left hand secures my waist, while his right hand intertwined with mine.

He is heavy on top of me, but his weight also makes me feel protected. He pulls a blanket over us and tucks it under my head, creating a soft pillow for me. Master kisses my neck and I move around trying to expose the most skin possible, so he will keep kissing me.

Master pulls away chuckling and he moves the hair from my neck. “Your hair is so long.” He takes a strand of my hair and straightens it out along my back. “It’s just above your bottom.”

“Would you like me to cut it?” I ask him. I like my hair, but I like Masters approval even more. If he wants me to cut my hair I will.

“You should at least get a trim.” I nod obediently and he rests his head between my shoulder blades. “I like your hair long, so I can play with it. I won’t stop you from cutting it short if you don’t like it though. I’ll take you tomorrow to get it cut and you can tell them what you want.”

I smile at his thoughtfulness. Master is too good to me. “I will keep it long, Master. I love when you play with my hair.” I let out a slight cough and Master pushes himself off me a bit, so he doesn’t suffocate me.

“Am I crushing you?”

I smile softly, “Only a little, but I like when you put me in my place."

Master is quiet for a moment. “Below me?”

I make a humming sound, “I was referring to under you, but below works as well.” I feel Master get hard and I laugh.

He rewards my bottom with a slap. “I thought you knew better than to tease?”

He runs his thumb over my hand and I feel him place light kisses behind my ear. I don’t know where Master’s parents went, but they aren’t in the living room.

“Where do you see yourself five years from now?” Master suddenly asks me. My brows furrow and Master stops stroking my hand. I turn to face him and he moves from atop me. “Do you have any aspirations or dreams?”

I think about it for a moment. I want a family. Master wants to start a family and I know it would break my heart to see him with anyone else, but I also don’t know if Master has any plans of keeping me past providing him with children. He told me I was his life partner, but I doubt that statement like many others.

I also want to make Master happy and care for him, but beyond any dream I have, I just want to be loved. Master makes me feel loved, but it is so hard to not doubt him. My old Master said he loved me and he had lied. Master treats me in a different way and his love is different, but does that mean his love isn’t the same?

The easiest way to find love is through servitude and devotion, “I just want to make you happy, Master,” I tell him sincerely.

It’s not a lie, but it isn’t the whole truth either.

“Beyond our relationship though. Do you have a job you have dreamed of getting or...”

“You’re the only thing I have...And only one I’ll ever want.”

He bites his lip and looks at me seriously, “Do you want to get married?”

“Yes, permanently.” He has collared me, but I don’t want him to sell me after or give me away of he gets bored. I wanted to be with him forever.

“I told you your placement was permanent. Marriage is... pretty permanent, Leah. Especially marriage to me.” I smile at his words.

“Even after kids?” I ask him hesitantly. Master frowns and cups my face.

“Of course. Even after death I will want you forever.” Master presses his forehead to mine. His thumb runs on my back and I calm down. “Have you ever thought about getting married?”

A blush runs along my cheeks and I smile. Master wants me, always. “Maybe,” I admit guiltily. Master has given me so much, but I want him bound to me lawfully to secure that he is forever mine. “Not like super seriously though,” I tail off.

“Why is that?” Master asks, pulling my lower half to his.

I smile and ignore the growing heat in my chest, “Well, no one has ever talked to me about it until now... It’s been more a dream than anything else”

“So you could say getting married perhaps, more specifically to me, within the next five years could be an option.”

I laugh and nod, overwhelmed. Does he really want to marry me? Wait. is he asking if I would marry him? I look at him more seriously, “I would give myself to you in any way you desire, Master, you would only have to ask.”

Master pulls my head to his chest. I grab onto his shirt and he hushes me even though I’m not upset. I hug him and he rolls me underneath him, right where I belong.

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