Saving Leah

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To Whom I Belong

Rylan’s POV

I flash back to freshman year of high school when it was embarrassing for my Mom to drive me to work. I have to say it still is incredibly embarrassing.

“I don’t understand while you have to go to work today. You already called them and said you were taking the day off.” my Mother says.

“I just have to do some work and I’ll be done soon,” I lie. My Mother gives me a stern look and shakes her head. “I’ll call you when I’m done. I won’t be long.”

“You better not be,” she threatens as I close the car door behind me. “Leah is waiting at home for you to come back from Christmas shopping.” I nod my head and my mother speeds off. I don’t waste any time going inside, away from where my Mom just dropped me off.

I know Leah will be ecstatic to have a new Christmas tree and decorations. I miss her already, but I just have to do this.

I nod at the receptionist as I enter the station and continue on to Carrie’s office. After such an amazing night with Leah, only one thought runs through my mind, Marriage.

I wanted to marry Leah. I wanted to make her mine, forever, officially.

I walk through the office briskly, not hesitating to knock on her office door. “Come in.” I enter, taking a seat in front of her desk.

“Officer Rylan, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Carrie asks, taking the pen out of her mouth. Louis–who is sitting at Carrie’s feet, catches my eye and I quickly greet him.

“Hey Louis. I came in to talk to you about Leah,” I say, quickly getting to business.

Carrie frowns slightly, “Oh. Has something happened?” She asks, clicking her pen in her hand.

“She’s fine. I um have an interest with starting a family with her and wanted to know how that works.”

“With you being the temporary dom?” Carrie asks me opening Leah’s file. I nod and watch as she absentmindedly drops her hand to pet Louis’s head.

“Have you talked to her about it?” Carrie asks me as she reads over Leah’s file. It appears she has both Leah’s mental and physical medical paperwork on file.

“I haven’t. I didn’t want to get her excited if we had to wait till she was of legal age.” Carrie hums and flips through Leah’s medical file.

“Kids are a big commitment, Officer Rylan. I’m not sure you understand that Leah is still very young. This is Mr. Hue’s psychological evaluation of her. It sounds like she is doing very good, but I don’t think pressuring her with thought of a family will help her mental growth.”

“I completely understand. I think I miss spoke when I told you I had an interest in starting a family. I have every intention to make a family with her, should the time come, but as of now I am looking more specifically at marriage,” I elaborate.

Carrie huffs and folds her hands on her desk. “Has marriage been something you have discussed before?”

I shift in my seat. “No, but–”

“Good. Officer Rylan, Leah is a very fragile person.”

She didn’t seem so fragile last night as she was screaming in pleasure for me.

“She has been through a lot and right now we are just working on damage control. Submissives are like glass, once they are hurt, even the smallest heartbreak and suffering causing even a hairline fracture will cause the break to spider web. I don’t think you understand how much power you have over her. A failed marriage will ruin her, Officer Rylan. You have the ability to destroy her beyond any of our help.”

I swallow hard, knowing what she says is true. “But I also have the ability to take away her demons and save her from her past.” Carrie sighs and leans her forehead against her palms.

“Why do you want to marry her?” She asks me sitting up. “Because you have to be one hundred percent sure that you love her and will be able to love her for the rest of her life. Not even the rest of your life because that won’t be good enough. You have a dangerous job, but if you are going to irreversibly bind her to you, you better be damn sure you come home every single night.”

I gulp, knowing she is right. Things will have to change if I marry Leah. I can’t just live for me anymore, I have to live for her.

But would marrying her really change that? I mean, doesn’t Leah already own every piece of my heart and mind? Didn’t I already start living for her the night I basically tackled her, so she would accept medical attention?

“I can’t even explain to you what it is about her,” I say with a small laugh, remembering all the little adorable things she does, like sings to Frozen, or wrings her hands when she’s nervous, or bites her lip when she is unsure of herself. “I love every part of her, everyday is a surprise with her. When I wake up, I never know what I’m getting. I try to predict her actions or words, but she always catches me speechless. She so incredibly selfless and has such a compassionate and caring heart. I love how she is strong and independent, but also adores my affection and attention. I don’t know how to explain to you why I love her because I love her because of who she is. I love her because she’s Leah...Do you know what I mean?”

She has Louis between met legs and he has his head in her lap. She runs her fingers through his hair, not looking at me for a while. She ignores me, continuing to play with her sub’s hair. “I know exactly what you mean,” she finally says.

I nod and she just taps her pen on her desk. “There is nothing illegal about marrying her. She would officially become your sub when she signed the marriage license, I doubt you care though. You just need my signature, so I will be expecting you to come back soon then and get it. And Rylan back to the starting a family thing. You have to be careful with birth control. She’s not ready for kids, but also not ready to loose any whether that be through natural causes or abortion”

“I understand and will talk to her. Thank you.”

I walk out of Carrie’s office in a chipper mood. “Rylan,” Sergeant suddenly greets. I wave and he motions me over to is Officer.

He sits down and I do the same. I’m slight confused what he wants to talk about, but I’m sure it won’t be long.

“I got your certificate from the board”, he says smiling. Certificate? My Canine unit approval certificate. “I know it took a while to come, and that things have changed in your life, but if you still wanted to become a canine unit, the deal is in the table.”

This would definitely be a decision I would have to check with Leah on. Did she even like dogs? “Thank you, Sir. I will have to speak with Leah about this and get back to you.”

Perhaps me and Leah could start a family, just with a four legged member instead of two?

“I would give myself to you in any way you desire, Master, you would only have to ask.” Leah drags her fingers subconsciously around my face.

My mouth goes dry and I loose my words completely. God this woman is my everything.

She renders me completely useless, the only thing I am able to do is nods. She pull her head to my chest and grasps onto my shirt, I hope she never lets go.

Emotions overwhelm me as her words play into my head. Leah said she would marry me, I of course had to plan an official proposal, but I was going to marry her.

I grab her neck firmly and kiss and over the base of her neck. Mine, that’s what she was. “What do you think about getting a dog?”

“A dog?” She giggles. I take her face into my palm, “I’ve never had a dog before.”

“It would be a police dog. He would stay here though and live with us. Would you be okay with that? It might take up a little bit of our time and might sleep with us.”

She smiles, “Of course I’d be okay with that”. I pick her up and carry her down the hall.

I remember the promise I made her, of mercilessly shoving myself down her throat, and I plan to do just that, but I realize this time could be used better doing something I know we had need to do.

Leah begins to grinds against my hips as I set her on the playroom bed. I cup her breast dominantly. “Who owns this?”

I really need to hear this from her before I do this.

“You do, Master–” I cut her off, driving my own hips down on hers.

“What about this pussy, who owns that?” I roughly grind against her and she gasps. Moans fill the room as I lick her other breast, continuing my torture.

“It’s your pussy, Master,” Leah moans, “It all belongs to you.”

“That’s right, baby girl. You belong to me,” I whisper into her ear. My heart still beats heavily in my chest, anticipating what is to come.

She lets out a whine and clutches onto my back. “We are gonna try something different tonight.” I switch us, so I am laying down on the bed. She frowns as I climb up on the bed and get out cuffs. “I want you to tie me to the bed.”

“But, Master?”

“Who owns you?” I ask her again.

“You do, Master.”

“Do you trust me?” She nods, “I trust you too.” I put my hands up and she hesitantly cuffs my hands to the headboard. Her eyes linger on my bare chest before she moves back. I spread my legs, “You might want to undress me,” she does so before she loosely cuffs me to the footboard.

I want to tell her to tighten the restraints, but also being a dominant, I don’t exactly love being tied up.

I stay quite and don’t mention the looseness of the cuffs. Leah looks down at me nervously. “Now what, Master?”

“You tell me.” She looks around the room. Her eyes fall on something and she hesitates. “Go get it.” She looks at me for permission again before she does so.

I watch her walk over and internally groan as I see her come back with a blindfold.

Fuck me.

My insides bristle at the thought of loosing my vision, but this is for her. I smile encouragingly and a small smile breaks across her face. I lift my head a little and she ties the blindfold around my head.

My breath becomes harsher as it all sets in. I’m tied to a bed, blindfolded, without a safe word, with my submissive having free reign and no restrictions. I should have thought this out better, at least given myself a safe word.

“Leah?” I groan as I hear the weakness in my voice.

“Yes, Master?” Leah’s hand brushes along my chest. “Do you want me to unbound you?”

“No, just don’t gag me, so I can color if I need to okay. No penetration either... please?” I ask a little hesitantly.

“Of course, Master.” She leans down and kisses my chest. “Would you like me to worship your body. Master?” Leah asks, leaning down and licking my ear.

My mind screams yes. Hell yes I wanted her to kiss and lick every inch of me. I groan and reach for her with my hands until the restraints stop me.

“This is so you can fully get comfortable with me, Leah, and so you can see that I trust you. I tie you up all the time, now you get to have a little control of your own.” Leah brushes her hand over my pecks and my breath hitches at the mixture of her warm skin against my chilled one.

“Can I whip you?” She asks in excitement.

Wait what?

“You want to whip me?” I ask her in shock and a little bit of fear. She giggles and her hands trail down my stomach.

Who is this and what have I done?

“You aren’t suppose to pull on your bindings, Master,” Leah says playful, dragging her finger across my arm.

I shiver a little and wince as her nails scratch my skin. It doesn’t hurt, but it gets my attention. “I don’t have to if you really don’t want me to though, Master,” she says softly, leaning down and kissing me. Her hands run through my hair and it calms me a little.

“You’re in charge,” I say in the calmest tone I can muster. My heart races in my chest though, this is my Love, and my one day wife, she won’t hurt me.

The bed dips and her soft feet hit the ground. I hear her taking something off the wall and I envision her selecting a flicker whip or bullwhip. I don’t know why, but I suddenly feel like this might be revenge. She isn’t a vengeful person, but the thought floats around in my mind.

Small feet pad over to me and I immediately started to pull on the restraints. “Lea–”

“Yes, Master?” The bed dips again and I feel her by my side. She pauses for a moment. “Are you... afraid?” She asks me quietly.

“I trust you—”

“Master,” she says cutting me off. I stop talking and I feel her deposit her weight by my side. Her hair falls on my chest and I take a deep inhale of the smell.

She rests her arm across me and snuggles into my chest. “You don’t have to be afraid of me, Master.” Leah kisses my chin and then neck.

“I know, it’s just really hard for me to be like this.” She hums and runs her hand along my body.

I try to explain it in the most sensitive way possible. I don’t want to anger her and put myself into a worse position. “You also don’t have any experience as a dom or training on how or where it’s okay to whip someone, so I’m a little nervous about you using anything like a bull whip, or flicker whip or or...” Leah giggles and that makes me tense up.

“Master, you realize having had all of those used on me before gives me the experience to know what not to use. You haven’t used any whips on me, but I’m sure the ones you have won’t be too painful or harmful.”

“I have a bull whip–” I admit, unsure if that is for or against the case I want to make. She thinks I have safe whips, and I do, they are used in a safe way when I use them, not just anyone. I also don’t want to tell her I have painful whips like that because she might want to use them... on me.

I guess she already knows though.

“Yes and a flicker whip and a dragon tail, and a black snake... a few actually, but what makes you think I want to cause you pain?“, She brushes her leg over my torso. I pause for a moment, well she wanted to whip me. Of course a whip can be used for pleasure, but... I’m not sure she wants to use it that way.

No, I trust Leah.

It is easy to tell Leah that not everything will cause her pain, but being on the receiving end makes me realize how hard it is to believe. Perhaps, harder for me because I am not a masochist, but still.

“I don’t know. I thought you might be angry about-”

“Master, you are a better teacher than you think.” Leah sighs. She pulls the blindfold off and I am met with her gorgeous gaze. She runs her hand along the side my face. “Perhaps, I need to worship you a little bit before I move on?” She asks softly leaning down and setting a gentle kiss on my lips, “Unless, you want me to untie you.”

I simply swallow, completely enamored by her. “What did you mean... by saying I was a better teacher than I thought?”

“When have you ever punished me angry, for one? And two, when have you ever punished me without telling me what I did wrong? You always wait to punish me when you aren’t mad and you are always fair. You have taught me so much about what it means to be a dominant.” Leah smiles gently and leans down to capture my lips again. The kiss is soft and gentle.

“I have?” She pulls away for a moment before kissing me again tenderly.

She moves up to straddle my chest. Her hands are under my shoulder, lessening the discomfort building there. She leans down and rests her forehead against mine. “When you first got me I was so naive to how I had been living before. With my old Master, everything was about him and what he wanted, and that’s how I thought it always was for submissives. From the second you got me though, you worked to teach me how wrong my old life had been. You showed me you cared and loved me and that it should have always been like that. You taught me so many things, I can’t even list them all for you... ” Leah says trailing her hand down my face.

“Out of all the things you have taught me though, I will always remember what a real Master is because it’s not just someone who you serve, or someone who disciplines you when you mess up; it’s someone who loves you and will just hold you when you’re afraid or snuggle with you when you need it.”

She kisses the side of my face. “It’s someone you respect because of the way they take care of you. Someone who you submit to because you trust whole heartedly. Someone who owns you in every aspect of being. The other person who had me before you was never my Master. You are my Master, you are the only one who owns every part of me. Every tear I cry, every inch of my heart, every thought I have. It all belongs to you,” Leah says, making my eyes water too.

I pull on my restraints and she looks up and unhooks them. I immediately sit up and capture her in my arms. With one hand around her back while the other unhooks my ankles, I flip her under me. She squeals and clings to my chest.

My freed hands grope her sides as her legs stay wrapped around me. I brush the hair out of her face gently before I passionately mash my lips to hers.

My hands cup her head as I pull away and rest my head down on her chest. She lifts her chin, exposing her neck for me make out with.

I spread my arms out a bit, stretching my sore shoulders. My hand hits something and I sit up a little to see a leather flogger sitting on the bed.

I grab it and look down at Leah. She bites her lips and looks away. “And you thought I was gonna use a bullwhip,” she says cheekily. I lift up her right leg, dropping the flogger and giving her behind a harsh slap.

She laughs and I can’t help a smile grow across my own face. “Who owns you?” I ask her kissing around her ear as I cradle her face.

“You don’t have to ask me, Master. It’s you it has always been you. From the moment you saved me.”

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