Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

I toss and turn in bed until Master finally has enough. His heavy weight flops down on top of me, holding me in place.

I whine and Master retaliates by biting my neck. Not too hard, but enough to warn me he isn’t ready to get up. I quiet down and the pressure of his teeth release until his snoring fills our bedroom.

Our clock reads seven and I want to get up now. My excitement for Christmas is killing me. I have only ever dreamed of Christmas and now it is here.

Master promised me the best Christmas ever and I believe him.

Master’s arms tighten around my waist and he shoves his face into the crook of my neck. He shifts on top of me and I feel him subconsciously grinding his morning wood against me. “Master.” He lets out a tired huff and sits up.

I roll over from underneath him and he stares down at me tiredly. I don’t have to say anything, I just grin at him in excitement. “Okay fine. We can get up.” I squeal in excitement.

I bolt up in excitement and run for the closet. I don’t bother with a shower, I just want to get to Christmas. I grab some clean clothing and run back into our bedroom where Master is waiting with a smirk on his face.

I ignore him though and just get dressed as excitement courses through me. “I’ll start on breakfast. I’ll come bring it to you and then we can do Christmas.” I strip my clothing off andMaster’s smirk grows. “What?”

“Well, first you are going to come here and receive your punishment for walking in our bedroom without permission,” He says with a large smile, “And then we are going to cook breakfast together.”

I frown slightly and crawl to him. Master chuckles at my expression and undoes the tie on his sweatpants.

I perk up immediately at this and his foot wraps around my back, pulling me closer to his crotch. I lick my lips, now excited for this punishment.

“Up on the bed.” He slips his pants off. “I never got to fulfill my promise of mercilessly shoving myself down your throat, so I guess I’ll just have to do that now” Master sits on my chest.

His cock dangles in front of my mouth and he teasingly strokes it in front of my lips. I stick my tongue out and lick his head and he grunts. He turns around and throws my legs apart before delivering a rough slap to my clit.

I gasp and Master leans over me smirking. I grasp his wrists like before and pushes his hips towards my mouth. I willingly take him into my mouth and he moans, slowly pushing himself all the way down my throat.

I gag and Master unexpectedly pushes into my mouth more. My throat tightens around him and he quickly pulls out. I gasp and spit up and Master wipes my face clean.

“Thank you,” I cough. He leans down and kisses me.

“I’m going to be rougher than usual,” he warns and I nod. “Scratch me if you need air,” he says with a small smirk.

He pushes past my lips and starts to thrust into my mouth. I try to stay relaxed as he thrusts in and out of mouth.

He wasn’t lying when he said he would be rougher than usual. He is careful as always, but he is thrusting deeper than normal. I feel myself getting wet at this punishment.

Just hearing the gagging sounds he is making me have and watching him burying himself down my throat is such a turn on. Master doesn’t show it often, but I love it when he shows his dominance over me.

I continue to gurgle on my spit as he is pushes down my throat, but I don’t mind. He makes sure to clean my face off as I cough it up. I don’t like the feeling of spit on my face and he takes care to not leave the substance on my face.

Master pulls away after a while of burying himself down my throat. As I regain my breath, he uses the time to kiss all over my neck.

A new soreness is taking place there, but I guess this is supposed to be a punishment. He must notice the irritation because he rubs his hand over my collared neck. “You’re taking me very well, Pet. Can you finish me off with your mouth or would you like me to allow you to use your hands?”

“I’ll do whatever you want, Master. I understand this is suppose to be a punishment.” I tell him, coughing again. I really don’t mind this punishment either, it turns me on how rough he is being.

He frowns, “I know, but you’re coughing a lot. I don’t want your throat to be sore all day.” Master kisses my neck.

“I don’t mind. Having a sore throat all day will just remind me of this and this is something I’d like to be reminded of, Master.”

He smiles and kisses my lips. “You like being reminded that you’re my naught girl?” I nod, coughing again and he chuckles. He kisses me again and I moan. When he pulls away, he pushes himself back into my mouth and I suck him off with a new determination.

Master is close and I know it won’t be long until I can making him cum. Master shortly shoves himself down my throat all the way and I take all of him into my mouth.

I feel his manhood suffocating me and I love every second of it. Master twitches in my mouth and he sends his seed down my throat.

My oxygen suddenly comes back to me as he pulls out of my mouth. Master helps me sit up as I cough and he rubs my back, “You took your punishment so well, Pet.” I can’t stop smiling as he pulls me into his lap and rubs my back, helping me get my coughing out.

“Christmas?” I choke out and he laughs.

“Yes, my Love.” He picks me up and carries me to the kitchen. I squirm to be let down, but he hugs me tightly to him, “Wait, I want my good morning hug.”

I stop struggling and give him a tight and long hug. He sets me down and I start to pull out stuff to make French toast.

Our new Christmas tree lights up, and I look up seeing Master turned on the tree for me. I admire our newly decorated tree.

When Master had gone out with his mother, he had come back with new gold and red and glass ornaments for us to decorate our new tree with.

Master presses his chest against my back and I snap out of my daze, remembering I am making breakfast.

He helps me prepare it all and I slide it into the oven. As it cooks, Master and I sit on the couch, cuddling and watching The Christmas Story.

Master traces little shapes on my side and I curl up at his feet. I love snuggling up with his legs, they are perfect for grasping onto and right in arms length of him so he could play with my hair.

Just as promised, when Master took me to cut my hair, I only trimmed it, leaving it long for him to play with.

The timer goes off and Master gets up to pull the French Toast out of the oven before I can. Gina and George come out of the guest room shortly after and I rush to set the table. Master helps me fill up everyone’s glasses and we all sit down and enjoy a wonderful Christmas breakfast.

When I am done eating, I sit at Master’s feet knowing he will pick me up and put me in his lap, right where I want to be. For the remainder of our breakfast, I snuggle against his body and enjoy the feeling of his rumbling chest as he laughs.

I place a light kiss under his neck as I remember how much I truly love this man. Master’s hand runs up and down my leg as sit, cradled into his lap. “Shall we get to presents?” Master finally asks me.

“Yes!” I jump out of his lap. Gina and George wink at me and I smile, knowing the surprise we have for Master.

I pull Master over to the sofa and sit at his feet after grabbing my present to him. It was bought with his money because I have nothing, but I know he will appreciate it regardless.

I lean against Master’s leg and he takes the small box from me. “Leah, how about you open some of your presents?” He suggests and I shake my head.

“I want you to open yours. Please, Master,” he sighs.

“Just this one and then you have to open yours,” he commands firmly. I nod my head, knowing I want to save my other present to him for last.

Master eyes me suspiciously as he starts to unwrap his present. He takes the top of the small box off and pulls out the two items inside.

He runs his thumb over the small charm which will clasp onto my collar saying ‘OWNED’, before he looks down at the matching leather bracket which says ‘OWNER’.

He looks up at me and I see tears in his eyes. I lay my head down on his lap and he hugs me. “I love it so much.” I help him fasten on the bracket and he lifts my chin and attaches the small charm to my collar.

He lifts my head up and places a very delicate kiss onto my forehead. I lay myself back down at his feet and he sits on the floor beside me, resting against the sofa. He pets my hair and pulls me, so I’m laying across his legs.

I love the position regardless. “The next present is for the both of you,” Gina says, standing up. She hands Master a decently large box and he places it down on my back.

I giggle as he continues to use me as a table for himself. Master tears the tag off before he removes the wrapping paper. “Mom,” Master says, softly chiding her.

I look up and blush as I see the the box is from one of the adult stores in town. “What? You can never have too many toys,” Gina says happily. Master shakes his head and opens up the present.

A smile breaks across his face and he pulls out a box. He laughs before pulling me in his lap. “This will be good for when I have to go to work.” He holds up the box and I see it’s a remote control vibrator. “It hooks up to an app I can download on my phone,” Master says with a devious smile.

“Oh,” I say nervously. He laughs again and continues to unwrap out gift. The next thing he pulls out is a feather tickler, he teases me with it before pulling out a new gag.

He throws it at me and I pick it up and notice it’s a dildo gag. I blush and he passes me a bottle of something. It’s lube, but it’s meant to heighten sensitivity. “Thanks Mom,” Master says, hooking his arm around her.

She just kisses him and I give her a timid hug in return. We go through all the presents and I watch the clock carefully.

Anxiety runs through me and the time for Master’s final gift nears. “I guess that is the last one,” George says standing up. I smile, knowing Master will be so surprised when Troy arrives.

“Actually, I think there is one more.” Master pats my thigh. I play with my hair and watch curiously as Master gets up. “Leah, Love, I don’t think I can reach it,” Master says as he tries to grab something under the tree.

I get up and get down beside him. Master is right, there is something else. I grab the small box and the velvet of its case brushes against my hand. It’s not wrapped and I wonder what it is.

I stare at it curiously as I pull out from underneath the tree. Master cups my hands as I freeze, realizing it is a ring box. Master looks nervous as he props himself up onto one knee. The door bell rings, but the only thing I am focused on is my Master. “Leah, you have been a blessing to my life. From the moment I met you, I knew you were so special. I would be so honored if you allow me to take you as my wife and submissive.” I stare at him with wide eyes, my heart pounding in my chest.

He’s proposing?

He was serious about marrying me?

I fling myself into his arms and cry, shaking my head yes.

I can’t form proper words, but my mind, body and soul scream yes. “Yes, yes!” I cry as he engulfed me into his arms.

He asked me to marry him!

My Master wanted to marry me!

I pull away and Master kisses my head. I press my forehead to his and he strokes my face before kissing me. Master’s attention diverts behind me once we pull away and his face morphs into one of disbelief.

“No way!” He jumps up. I turn around and Troy and Melissa are there with our new puppy. “Oh my God!” Master says, looking down at me.

“Merry Christmas,” I whisper and he goes crazy. Master lifts me off the ground as he hugs me. Our new dog starts barks and Master sets me down to run over to it.

He drops to his knees and wrestles our new puppy. I come beside him and kneel, watching as he plays with our newest addition. I lean on his side and he stops tackling the puppy to pull me into his arms. “Thank you,” he says breathlessly.

“No, Master. Thank you.”

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