Saving Leah

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Officer Rylan

Leah’s POV

Officer Rylan is very nice.

He leads us towards the big white car they call an ambulance.

I look down at our intertwined fingers and smile. I am sure it is just to help me walk, but Master never held my hand.

It made me sad remembering how Master had hurt me. I knew he had been angry at me, but I didn’t know why he had to hurt me like this. I suppose I should be glad he didn't kill me or really shoot me. Was it an accident that he just grazed me, or did he mean to?

Why did he shoot me at all?

Officer Rylan said it wasn’t my fault and had explained to me how it was because of some law, Master wasn’t suppose to own me yet.

Honestly, the whole thing somehow made sense. It explained why Master never let me out of the house or go anywhere.

Officer Rylan squeezes my hand and I looked up at him in question, smiling a little before remembering I’m not suppose to look dominants in the eye.

After that, I keep my head bowed, so he doesn’t think I’m being disrespectful. He seems nice, I wouldn’t want him to think I’m trying to disrespect him.

I limp beside him as best I can. It hurts so badly to walk, but I don’t want to complain.

Good girls don’t complain.

When we walk around to the back of the ambulance, the doors are open and the lady who introduced herself as Carrie, is sitting on the ledge.

She smiles at me softly; people seem to be doing that a lot tonight.

Officer Rylan places his hand on my back and lightly pushes me towards the ledge too.

I sit down on the other side of the ledge, so I’m far away from the lady. It hurts to sit too, but I am thankful they are letting me because it hurts less than walking.

When I see the lady isn’t paying attention to me, I look around at the gadgets in the truck. Several tubes and scary looking needles line the wall making me shiver.

It looks like a mini mad scientist lab with all the weird tools and machines inside. “Do you want me to show you how they work?” Says a voice behind me.

I turn around quickly and back myself into the car walls looking at the unfamiliar man. “It’s okay, Leah. This is my friend Troy,” Officer Rylan says to me.

I look at Rylan and then Troy.

He wears the same uniform as Troy with all the scary things on his belt. Rylan must have seen my unease because immediately he excuses himself from the conversation he was in. “He’s not gonna hurt you,” he reassures me.

I look up at him in question, still unsure about the things he has on his belt. Rylan sits next to me before trying to pull me into his lap, I let him pull me in his lap even though I don’t want to.

Not only does my back still sting from last nights punishment, but I also don’t want to be by the things he is wearing.

Master use to punish me with those all the time. “Oh come on, Leah”, Rylan pouts, moving the hair from my face.

“You know what? Here,” Officer Troy says undoing his belt. The familiar sound sets me off and I no longer care about punishment.

“No!“ I yell, pushing back into Rylan with all my force trying to get away from his so called friend.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey,” Carrie yells trying to defuse the situation. “Shhh. He’s not gonna hurt you or anything, hun.”

At my outburst, Troy freezes midway, not taking off the rest of his belt. Rylan lets me tuck myself into his chest to hide from his friend. “I’m sorry,” Troy apologizes, “I didn’t mean to scare you. I scared you, didn’t I? I was just gonna show you what’s on my belt. You don’t have to be afraid,” Troy reasons.

I peak up at Rylan and he too looks distressed as he holds me to him. Unlike Master, when I mess up, he doesn’t look mad.

Officer Rylan is a dominant, so shouldn’t he be angry I said no? If I had told Master no, he most certainly wouldn’t try to hold or comfort me.

“How about Rylan shows you what’s on his belt?” Troy suggests. I look from Officer Troy to Officer Rylan, unsure.

When Troy said that, it sounded like a questions, but nobody would ask a submissive a question like that.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea, Officer Troy! How about you show her, Officer Rylan,” Carrie says interrupting our conversation.

Officer Rylan looks from her to me and smiles stroking my hair. “I’m gonna take my belt off now, okay?” Officer Rylan says.

I nod obediently, relieved he at least warned me, but confused as to why he would even care enough to ask.

I moved off his lap to sit next to him. Looking at him, I see he isn’t wearing much clothing, so he must be cold.

I realize I have Officer Rylan’s jacket and I’m the reason he is cold, so I quickly shrug off his jacket and wrap it around his shoulders. I don’t want Officer Rylan to be cold. I shouldn’t have let him give me his jacket in the first place.

“Leah...” Carrie asks.

“Yes, Miss,” I reply not taking my eyes off of Rylan.

He slowly unhooks his belt and I sit up straighter, remembering the familiar sound from not only last night punishments, but the numerous times Master made me...

“How did you get this?” Carrie asks me.

"You’re okay." I keep telling myself.

“Get what, Miss?” I ask her, turning towards her a little bit before reverting my attention back to Officer Rylan.

Once his belt is unhooked he looks up at me, almost as if to checking on me.

Like to see if I was okay.

But I must be mistaken because not even Master would do that on my worst days.

It’s almost as if once he sees I’m fine, he continues and removes his whole belt. But why would he want me to be okay?

“These welts. How did you get them?”

“Oh those...“ I say, shifting uncomfortably. I don’t want to tell them about Master punishing me.

I don’t want them to think I was a bad submissive, but I also don’t want to lie because then I really would be a bad sub.

“...Master had to punish me,” I say quietly as Officer Rylan sets his belt on the floor in between us.

For a second my mind goes back to all the times Master would beat me with his belt and a shiver runs down my spine.

"They are pretty deep,” she says gently touching my back. It stings and I try not to arch away from her. “What did you do?”

“Oh umm I...“ I started, trying to remember what I did to earn them, “I think I forgot to turn off the kitchen timer,” I say sheepishly, embarrassed I did something so stupid.

Carrie doesn’t ask me anymore questions, instead she writes down something on a note pad in her lap.

I look up at Officer Rylan and he just smiles at me sadly. I know he’s being nice, but his gesture makes me realize I am a bad submissive.

Why else would he pity me?

Well, he probably pities Master because he had to deal with me as a submissive.

I knew they would think I was a bad submissive if I told them my lacerations were from a punishment...

I had wanted to ask Officer Rylan to show me his badge too, but I knew I didn’t deserve it after I had been bad.

Master probably needed me now anyways. I hope me being underage wasn’t a problem for him. “When is Master gonna come get me?” I finally ask making Carrie and both of the officers look up at me.

I train my focus to the floor and fiddle with my fingers, “Leah, hun.... you’re not going back with your Master,” she says softly.

I swallow hard, my throat beginning to feel like it was closing. My eyes sting and I nod my head in understanding. Somehow it made sense that I wouldn't be going back with my Master.

I knew Officer Rylan was just being nice when he said this wasn’t my fault, but I knew it wasn’t true.

I had messed up too badly and now Master didn’t want me anymore.

Tears streamed down my face and I curled up into a ball, resting my chin on my knees. “We will find you a new home until you turn 20 and can have your own dominant,” Carrie says.

She continues to talk and tell me about what is gonna happen and I know I should be a good girl and listen, but I can’t focus right now.

I had lost the only home I had ever had and the only person who had ever loved me in one night and it was all my fault.

A gentle hand pulls me into their lap and I look up to see it is Officer Rylan. He doesn’t say anything, he just pulls my head into his chest and runs his fingers through my hair.

Stupid, Leah!

Why couldn’t you have been better, Leah?

Why couldn’t you have been good enough, Leah?

I screamed at myself and let out a sob.

Carrie must have realized I wasn’t listening to her because now me and Officer Rylan were alone sitting in the back of the ambulance.

The position we are in is hurting my leg, but I don’t care because it is nothing compared to the hurt in my heart.

“It’s gonna be okay,” Officer Rylan reassures me, kissing my head before he lays me down on the ambulance floor in a blanket.

He pats my side one last time and leaves me all by myself in the ambulance.

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