Saving Leah

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Rylan’s POV

“You’re gonna go to a good home and it will just be for a little bit,” Carrie says in a failed attempt to comfort Leah.

I scoot over towards Leah and pull her into me. She glances up for only a second before burying her face into my chest and continuing to cry.

I run my fingers through her hair and kiss her head as I continue to tell her it’s gonna be okay.

She doesn’t seem to hear me though because she just continues to cry.

I don’t know what the relationship between her and her old Master was, but she seems pretty upset about not getting to go back to him, which sets a flame within me.

I don’t want her to want him.

She’s too good of a sub to have to deal with scum like that.

I still am fuming about the state her back is in and if she had been telling the truth, her punishment had been more like abuse.

I sit with Leah until I can’t watch her cry anymore. I pet her one last time, before I jump out of the ambulance.

I walk over to Sergeant and the social worker, Carrie, to see what’s gonna happen to her. “Where are we gonna find a home for her on such late notice?” Carrie asked the Sergeant. “I contacted the lot homes, but they won’t have an open spot till May. That’s four months.”

“Where is she gonna go then?” I ask cutting into their conversation. Leah seems like she was a well trained and good sub. She deserved a good home.

“She could go to a training facility or pet shop...” Carrie states and I scowl at her.

“You can’t send her to one of those places. Don’t you think she’s been through enough?" I snap angry. How could they even think about putting that poor girl in one of those places?

“Look at her,” I say, lowering my voice so Leah won’t hear me. “She’s a mess,” I gesturing over toward Leah, who is sobbing and pulling at her hair angrily. “You can’t just put her somewhere and pretend she’s fine!” I tell them.

“I don’t like it anymore than you do, but come on, what other choice do we have? We can’t throw her out on the street by herself,” Carrie says looking back over at poor Leah.

“What about a temporary dom?” Sergeant suddenly suggests.

“With who? You already have a sub,” Carrie asks. Sergeant looks up and me and I realize what he is saying.

“With me. I don’t have a sub,” I say.

“You want her as your sub?” Carrie asks me.

“If she can’t go anywhere else, then it seems there really isn’t a decision to be made,” I say, not even sure why my brain is allowing me to speak these words.

This is crazy, right?

“It’s a big commitment. Anyone can take one look at her and see she is gonna need some help. This isn’t a good idea, it’s going to destroy her when she ages out, or you find your real submissive," Carrie reasons.

“Do you think I am oblivious to how rejection will affect her? I have been looking for a sub for years. What is to say Leah isn’t what I’m looking for? She seems like a sweet girl who is very well trained,” I say.

“He’s really good with her,” Sergeant cuts in.

Carrie thinks for a second, “Almost every Dom us good with subs, especially ones seeking comfort, so don't act like that's special. I don’t like it, not one bit Do you even have a house to accommodate her?" She asks me.

"Of course. I've been preparing for a submissive for years," I defend. I have no idea why I'm committing to this, but it appears to be too late.

"This is too soon. I say no," Carrie says.

The Sergeant shrugs," Alright, fine. I can lock her up at the jail house for a few months then, so we can get her into a lot home or something... because that makes a lot more sense," he says sarcastically.

Carrie scowls at him, "It's a big process and commitment to become a temporary dominant, okay? How about you start helping me find a solution instead of more problems?" She suggests.

"We just came up with the perfect solution right now. He will take her as her temporary dominant, problem solved," Sergeant says.

She turns to me, pursed lips, looking for a fight, "Alright then, let's say I agreed. You know you're going to be taking care of her for at least three years, right? We aren't talking about just the four months to get her into a home. The contract is till she is 20 as always," she says.

"I know," I say and she hums.

"Fine... I guess it's settled then," She says tersely, not seeming pleased at all with our resolution.

Sergeant smiles and winks at me and I turn around in a slight daze, it finally settling in that I am going to have a sub...

I turn to go tell Leah, hesitantly approaching her. I’m kind of afraid of how she will react. She liked her old Master, but would she like me?

Leah is still yanking at her hair and crying and my heart breaks for her. “Leah,” I call softly as I come and sit next to her.

She isn’t listening though, but I don’t get angry at her. Instead I try a different approach. Pulling her hands from her head, I place them around my back and give her a big hug.

She clutches onto me in our hug and slowly her sobs turn into hiccups. I can’t help but chuckle as her small frame jumps with each one of her cute little hiccups.

Now that she is calm I try talking to her again, “Hey, Leah... Can I talk to you about something important?” I ask her.

She sniffles a little bit before pulling back so I can see her. “Of course, Sss..sir,” she says, keeping her gaze down. I gently wipe away the last of her precious tears, buying my time.

“Do you know what a temporary dom is?” I ask her lifting her chin in my hand.

Her poor swollen and red eyes meet mine and she shakes her head. “Well,” I start trying to find a good way to put it, “You need a place to stay at until you can find your real dom, and I need a submissive. ” I say, unsure of how to explain this.

She looks at me and more tears fall down her face, “I need a new home because my old Master doesn’t want me anymore?” She asks me as more tears slip down her cheek.

“No, no, no. It’s because you are so precious we all want what’s best for you and for your safety, you can’t go back with him. You are too young and it was wrong of him to have you with how old you are,” I say, rubbing her back.

She hiccups and nods clutching onto my chest. “So you are going to be my dom?” She asks with surprise.

“Yeah, it won’t be permanent,” I tell her, watching her face form a small frown.

“Oh?” She says, looking down. She wrings her hands and I silently hate myself for upsetting her.

“Well, I mean we just have to see. You seem like a wonderful submissive,” I tell her.

She looks up at me shyly. “I will try my best to please you and make you happy, Sir,” She says to me.

“Now, I don’t want you to feel unwanted,” I clarify to her . She is very much a small blessing to me. She is beautiful and innocent, and easy to talk to, everything about her seemed perfect. “I just don’t want to force you into anything or give your hopes up, ” I say smoothing down her hair.

“I understand, Master. I will do everything I can to make sure you want me,” She says in a determined tone.

I smile sadly, perhaps Carrie was right about destroying her if I ever found another sub. Perhaps though, I wasn’t meant to find anther sub.

Leah was just as good, better even than any sub I had ever met. Maybe she was meant to be mine. I kiss her head, unsure of how to respond.

She smiles at me in complete shock, my god this girl deserved to be loved.

I pet her head. “So you’re okay with this,” I ask her, making sure she wasn’t too upset.

She nods and hugs me again. “Yes, Master. Thank you. I promise I’ll be a good girl!” She says excitedly before she reigns in her excitement. “Oh sorry, Master,” she apologizes pulling away from our hug.

I’m about to tell her it’s okay, but the EMT comes and interrupts us. “Before we leave, do you want us to check out her back?”

“Oh yes please,” I say, petting Leah reassuringly. When I stand up to move out of the way, Leah gets into a kneeling position with her head down.

I want to tell her she can relax into a different position, but honestly, she looks so much more at ease kneeling right now than she has he entire night.

I smile, seeing how patient Leah sits as she waits for the EMT. She kneels unshifting as she waits. I pet her head and frown slightly as she flinches away at first. She moves back under my hand after realizing I wasn't going to hurt her, but it still worried me a little. I just let my hand rest there on her head.

The EMT shuffles through a drawer for a second before pulling out a small round canister. “Do you want to put this on her?” He asks me and I immediately oblige.

I can see the tension roll through poor Leah. When I walk closer to her, she continues to stiffen. “I’m not gonna hurt you, Darling.” I say stepping behind her. “Do you not like the position we’re in, or is it something else?” I ask her.

Her breath is coming out in harsh breaths and I wonder what her old Master did to make her so afraid. She doesn’t speak for a second and when she does it comes out in barely a whisper, “Something else, Master,” she says.

“What is the something else?” I ask, crouching down behind her. I remove the hair from her neck and I notice she has to forcefully stop herself from flinching away.

I stop mid movement, realizing this interaction is familiar with her old Master. “What are you afraid I’m gonna do?” I ask her softly, before kissing her neck and shoulder before pulling away. I curse myself as soon as I pull away. I don’t want to be sending her mixed signals.

Who said they were mixed though? It felt easy to comfort and show affection towards her. Isn’t that what a relationship is supposed to be, easy?

Was I waiting to be slapped in the face to admit my subconscious knew this girl was going to be my sub. From the way she bit her lip to how she knelt, she was absolutely breath taking.

“I’m worried you will put that stuff on me, Master,” she says, not daring to look back at me. God it feels so good to be addressed that way, but I worry about her concern.

“You’re afraid I’m gonna put this on you?” I clarify, setting the ointment in her lap.

She nods and cowers away as if I would hit her when I go to take the ointment from her lap.

I make a great deal out of grabbing it from her without inflicting any pain, so she sees I don’t want to hurt her.

She trusts me to some extent, more so when I wasn’t her dom, but either way, she still has a lot of doubts.

“How about this,” I reason with her, “I’ll put some on and if it hurts too much you will tell me and I won’t put it on anymore, okay?” I ask her.

Leah only nods and I think it’s because she is so scared. “Hold this for me,” I instruct softly, placing the ointment in her now extended palm.

I unscrew the lid and place it on the floor before coating my finger tips in the gel like substance.

“Feel it,” I instruct her lifting my hand, so she can take some. She looks back at me, but ducks her head again as soon as our eyes make contact.

With a shaky hand she reaches and barely takes a dab of the substance. Once she sees it isn’t painful, I let her roll it in her hand for a bit.

“This is a healing ointment, it will take away the pain in your back”, I inform her, "When I put it on, it’s gonna hurt just a tad bit because it’s gonna get irritated with contact,” I tell her, “but it’s gonna be okay.”

She nods, “Yes, Master. Thank you,” she says. I smile at her politeness and warm the ointment in my hand.

Why did I have to deny myself of her? Could I not see she was what I have been looking for?

I warn her before I start to rub the cream on. At first she is really tense, so I give her a few minutes to get use to the sensation of the cream. “What’s your pain level?” I ask her.

She answers immediately, “Four Master,” she says.

“Okay good. I’m gonna go ahead and do your whole back, so it will heal good,” I tell her.

“Thank you, Master,” she says again holding out the ointment for me.

“You’re welcome,” I say, continuing to coat the angry red welts covering her back.

She does her best to stay still, but I notice every once in a while, when I hit an overly tender area, she flinches.

Anger rushes through me every time she flinches or tenses. For one, she never deserved this punishment. And two, I can’t think of a single reason why I would ever let a punishment get to the point where it would create welts or bleed.

“You did such a good job,” I praise, taking the canister from her and screwing back on the lid.

When I get up she doesn’t move. But even with her head still bowed I can see the smile on her lips.

“Let’s go home. It’s late and I want to get you to bed,” I say. I pick up my belt and I see Leah watching me out of the corner of her eyes.

“Come here,” I instruct, remembering I never showed her what’s on my belt. She hesitates for a second before she crawls over.

I frown for a moment, seeing her crawl. It had never occurred to me that she was trained as a pet.

“This,” I say, picking up my flogger, “ a flogger. Have you seen one before?” I ask her she nods and I see her lean back slightly as I bring it closer to her.

I crouch down, so we are on the same level and I run the flogger on her arm, “See it won’t hurt you,” I say, picking up her hand and putting the flogger in it. “It’s not for you anyway,” I assure her, putting it on my belt and picking up my gun and taser. “These are very dangerous. You know what these are right?” I ask her and she nods, “Okay. Because I have these at home with me and I lock them up, but you will not ever touch these,” I say firmly before putting them away too, “These are my handcuffs," I say, putting them in front of her.

I chuckle as she immediately holds out her wrists for me to handcuff. “So well trained,” I praise, “but I’m just showing you them,” she nods, placing her hand back down in her lap. I show her the other things on my belt and am ready to go home. “Any questions?” I ask her.

I want to make sure she’s not afraid of my things. She should be at ease when she isn’t in punishment.

I notice her hesitate at my question. “You can ask it.” I reassure her.

“Can... can you please show me your badge, Master?” She asks hopefully.

I smile and pull my badge out, “Of course. Especially, because you asked so nicely.”

She goes to reach to hold it before she pulls her hands away and sets them back in her lap. “You can touch it,” I say, handing it to her.

She smiles and thanks me before gingerly taking it from me. She runs her fingers over my badge and reads the title and date given on it.

“Thank you, Master”, she said again, handing me the badge. Something about the way she said it though made me think she wasn’t just thanking me for showing her my badge.

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