Saving Leah

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Bath Time

Rylan’s POV

I help Leah into the bathtub and try not to touch her in an intimate spot.

I don’t want her to feel forced into anything.

I try my hardest to hide the growing problem in my underwear, but it just won’t listen.

Ah fuck it

I sit on the side of the tub, not able to keep it down anyways. I reach over and grab a towel and shampoo.

I set the towel in my lap to hide my not so small problem.

When I look down at Leah to see if she notices, she is busy pushing the bubbles around the bathtub. A smile grows on my face as she looks up at me and grins bashfully.

She stops playing with the bubbles when she sees me looking and scoots herself closer to me. Her movements are hesitant and unsure, so I make sure to pet her head.

To my surprise, instead of pulling away and continuing to play with the bubbles, once she sees I’m okay with it, she lays her head on my leg, a content sigh leaves her lips.

I run my fingers through her hair as my other hand gently rubs her neck and shoulders.

Watching her enjoy herself gives me an unexplainable amount of joy. With her eyes closed and lips barely parted, she looks like an angel.

I stroke her head a little while longer before I couldn’t hold back the question which had popped into my head not so long ago. “Your old Master didn’t give you attention like this did he?”

Leah’s head tilts up and I can see her beautiful eyes staring up at me. She doesn’t have to say or do anything. I already know her answer by just one look.

She averts her gaze from my face, to my chest, and then to the water she sits in.

“Well, you’re gonna get attention like this from me all the time.” I promise her softly, kissing her head one last time. “Let’s get you all washed up, yeah?”

“Yes, Master,” she agrees, sitting up. I squirt some shampoo in my hand and turn back to her.

“Can you get your hair wet for me, Darling?” I ask her, realizing this will be much easier if she had wet hair.

“Yes, Sir,” she nods, doing as I asked before coming over and leaning up against my legs again. I massage the shampoo into her hair, telingl her to close her eyes.

She obliges immediately and I smile at her obedience. She really is a wonderful submissive.

Once her hair is cleaned to my liking, I help her wash all the shampoo out.

I realize once it is too late, that I should have cleaned her first because my “issue” wouldn’t have enough time to calm down now, but it’s okay.

“I’m gonna help you wash off, okay?” I ask her. She smiles and hands me the bar of soap on the tub ledge.

I lather up the soap in my hand before looking down at Leah. She presses herself up against me and I know the problem with my “issue” isn’t gonna get any better when I feel her nipples pressing up my leg.

She smiles at me innocently, seeing my hesitancy, “Are you alright, Master?”

“Yeah. I’ve just never washed anyone else before,” I admit with a chuckle as I look for a spot that I could start with that won’t be awkward or uncomfortable to clean.

Realizing she either has bruises or an uncomfortable place to clean, I decide to start with her arms. “Here, uh give me your arms.”

She dips them in the water before holding them up to me. I try my best to get off the caked on dirt, but I have to be careful of bruising her too, so I can’t push too hard.

As I move down her body, it is the first time I wish I had a sponge. Something about her small and submissive form drives me absolutely crazy.

As I come across her breasts I avert my eyes and quickly run over them with soap. I’ve never blushed before this moment, and I never would have known I even had if Leah hadn’t started giggling.

She tries her hardest to stop herself, but she can’t hold back a few giggles. I chuckle with her and move on as quickly as possible.

I think about washing her back, but decide I’ll wait until it is healed more.I wash her legs, careful of the newly obtained stitches.

I can see her squirm as she tries to not yank her feet away from me. I smile devilishly at her as I wash her feet, knowing she is ticklish there.

Saving the worst for last, I move back up her body, so I can wash her core. I hesitate again, leaving my hand to hover over the intimate area.

I know she’s not a virgin, but I also know she is underage and although it’s not illegal to touch or do anything with her consent, something about touching her so soon feels wrong.

I know I have upset her by telling her she might not be my permanent sub. I honestly regret telling her that because she was an amazing sub and seemed to be a perfect fit. It feels like I am being so indecisive with her, I’m telling her she’s not my sub one moment, but then acting like a true dom for her the next.

It seems the decision is already made though by the time I’m snapped out of my thoughts.

Leah’s gentle hands push my palm against her flesh. She watches my face and we just sit looking at each other for a moment.

I’m not mad at her actions. Not in the slightest. I want her to feel like she can touch me. So I just let her do her thing.

She trails her hands up and down my arm a little, watching what she is doing. As much as I want to move my own hands, I don’t.

“It’s okay to touch me, Master,” Leah finally says, getting up from the water a little bit and sitting on her knees.

I usually don’t like her on her knees, but when she does it this time, it makes us almost eye to eye. “I don’t mind you touching me,” she says in barely a whisper.

My hand rests on the non-injured thigh and I trace little circles on the flesh there. The hormonal teenage boy inside me screams at me saying she gave us her consent, but I know it’s because she thinks it will make me happy. Everything about her makes me want to make her mine, her innocents, caring nature, and determination to please.

I’ve only known her for three hours, but I know her better than I do a lot of people and can’t help but feel possessive and wanting for her.

I know she is the kind of person who just wants to make everyone else happy. I know she will sacrifice her own comfort and needs to make that happen. And I know the Master before me took advantage of that fact and exploited her caring and kind nature in many unforgivable ways.

I nod at her words unable to procure a response. As my full understanding of her hits me hard, the only thingI can do is pull her into me. She just wants to be wanted, to be loved. She needs me to want her and care for her. She doesn’t need a temporary dom.

She is all wet from the bath and her hair is getting me soaked, but I don’t care.

Carrie was right when she said that Leah would need a lot of help. Leah needed someone to show her love and patience. She needed someone who would take care of her in turn.

As Leah sits in my arms, I know I am the right person for the job. I have waited forever to have a submissive and I finally have her and will do anything to keep her happy.

She hugs me back tightly and lays her head down on my shoulder. Her hot breath pressed up against my neck and I stand with her in my arms.

Grabbing a different towel, I wrap her body up safely before taking her to my bed.

I set her down on the soft material before toweling her off carefully. I dry her hair as best I can before I throw the wet towel in the hamper and drain out the tub.

I know Leah doesn’t understand my actions, but I hope she understands that I care about her.

When I come back into our room, Leah is kneeling up on the bed, waiting for me. With a smile and a sigh, I go over and untuck her legs, so she is sitting on the edge of the bed.

I move a strand of wet hair from her face before going into our closet to find her something to wear. The lingerie she was wearing earlier isn’t an option, so I just grab a tee shirt for her.

“Arms up,” I command softly while I walk over towards her. She obeys and stops swinging her legs, so she won’t accidentally kick me.

“Thank you, Master,” she says, snuggling into the large shirt.

“You’re welcome, Darling,” I say, walking around the bed and pulling back the sheets. “Come get in.”

“I get to sleep in bed with you, Master?” She questions in excitement.

“Of course. You’ll sleep with me every night,” I tell her truthfully. She smiles and crawls on the bed next to me. I pat the bed again, giving her reassurance.

“Thank you, Master,” she says, laying down next to me. I had hoped she would cuddle with me, but she lays down with space between us. Just when I’m about to wish her good night she interrupts me, “Master?” She questions.

“What’s up, Darling?” I ask, sitting up onto my side to look at her. I make sure the blankets are all pulled up, so she isn’t cold.

She hesitates for a moment, “May I please come snuggle with you?”

“Always,” I say with a grin, pulling her into me, “You never have to ask that. My answer will always be yes.”

I woke up the next morning before she did. My bedside clock said 10:15 and usually I would be horrified to know I slept in that late, but this was a special occasion.

Leah lays on my chest, peacefully asleep still. I fix the the blankets around her, careful not to move too much and wake her up.

Last night when I spoke to Sergeant, he had said I would need to come by the station to fill out some paper work with Carrie. When I had agreed I hadn’t realized how much I would dread leaving her side.

Today would be a completely different day than yesterday. I enjoyed her company and the little improvements we made last night, but I know she will most likely regress into the habits she had obtained with her old master.

I know I have a lot of work ahead of me as far as un-training her goes. Which is to my surprise almost scarier than thinking about having to train a sub.

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