Saving Leah

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Leah’s POV

I blink a few times as I look around, trying to remember where I am. The soft material around me is foreign and unlike anything I have ever slept on before.

Never once has Master let me sleep in his bed before, so it surprises me to say the least, to see I was lying on my new Master’s chest.

Pushing myself up on my elbow, I look up at Master’s face and see him smiling at me. His arm which is slung around me, rubs my back as I wake up.

Confusion courses through my body as I try to fit the events of the last 24 hours together. My leg throbs, reminding me of my old Master shooting me and my less than clothed body reminds me of the wonderful bath Master gave me last night.

“Did you sleep good, Princess?” Master asks me as he brushes my crazy hair from my face. I blink some more, trying to get the sleep out of my eyes.

His new nickname makes me blush and I smile bashfully as I sit up next to him. Master just reclines back with his arms resting behind his head as he watches me.

I let out a yawn and rub the sleep away as I get up and kneel on the bed next to Master. I’ve never been allowed to sleep with my Master before, so I don’t really know how to behave.

I nervously get into a common submissive position, hoping it will satisfy my Master’s wishes. I glance up at the clock, hoping I have woken up with enough time to make Master a nice breakfast before he has to start his day.


I gasp looking down at my Master with a horrified expression.

I knew I had gotten out of my old Master’s punishment for sleeping in, but there is no way I could escape it twice.

“I’m so sorry, Master. I didn’t mean to sleep in so late,” I apologize, trying to crawl over him to get out of bed and get him breakfast. “I’ll get breakfast right away,” I promise him.

Stupid, Leah!

I curse at myself. My old master would have my head for forgetting to make him breakfast.

How could you forget about Master?

Now, Master would have to punish me for sure.

I frantically try to untangle myself from the sheets, nearly falling on the floor as I try to crawl over Master.

“Woah, Leah,” Master says, catching me across his lap, so I don’t fall on the floor.

“I’m so sorry,” I say, trying to get off of him.

Great, now you have touched Master without permission.

Bad girl, Leah!

“Freeze,” he says in a commanding voice, immediately making me be still. I know he is a police officer and I realize that command must be familiar to him.

“Calm down, Leah,” Master says in a soft tone as he carefully untangles me from the sheets and blankets. “It’s okay. I wanted you to sleep in. We stayed up late last night,” he assures me, helping me sit up.

I watch Master with wide eyes as he sits back . “I’m sorry I forgot about breakfast, Master,” I apologize, trying to make him see how sorry I am. Master leans forward and I can’t help but pull away slightly. “I promise it won’t happen again, Master,” I promise frantically.

“I’m not worried about breakfast, Darling,” Master assures me.

Not worried about breakfast? But isn’t he hungry?

I was bad and didn’t make him breakfast. Why isn’t he punishing me for being a bad sub?

He brings his hand to my cheek and I look away, flinching, expecting to be hit. I know I deserve the punishment, but it’s a natural reflex to shy away from the coming pain.

The pain doesn’t come though. Looking up at Master through my lashes, I see him slowly bringing his hand to my face so he can stroke my cheek. “Did you sleep alright?” He asks me, laying back down amongst all the blankets .

I don’t quite know what to do. Master should be punishing me, so why is he asking about how I slept? And shouldn’t I be the one who should be asking about how he slept and caring for him?

Master pats his chest and I get the memo. Slowly laying my head on his chest, I feel his fingers grasp a strand of hair. “I slept well, Master. I hope I didn’t keep you up at all,” I tell him, still in shock.

His fingers are gentle as they wind a strand of my hair around his fingers.

“Not at all. You were an angel all night,” Master says, kissing my head. I smile at the praise and let myself relax a little.

“May I please make you breakfast, Master?” I ask hoping he will give me a second chance.

I don’t think he will punish me for not having made breakfast yet. After all. he told me it was his intention for me to sleep in.

He thinks for a moment, whirling another strand of hair between his fingers before dropping it and moving his attention to my scalp, “No, I think it is a little late for breakfast. How about you help me make lunch though?” Master says as he runs his hands through my hair.

It feels heavenly and I almost miss what Master says, “You want to help make lunch?” I ask. I want to sit up and look at his face, but he had instructed me to lay on his chest and I don’t want to get in trouble for moving without permission. So instead, I try to tilt my head enough to see Master’s expression.

Master is hard to read as he lays with his eyes closed a peaceful look on his face.

Did he really mean he wanted to help with a meal?

My old Master never helped me do anything. As a submissive it was my job to do all the cooking and cleaning, so why did Master want to take on some of my responsibilities?

“Well, I want you to help me make lunch, yes.” Master says, opening up one eye and looking down at me with a smirk.

I look away quickly, trying to hide between the blankets and Master’s chest. He chuckles, moving his hand out of my hair and down to rest on my lower back. “We should get up,” Master says decisively after a moment of silence.

“Yes, Sir,” I whisper against his chest. He pats my bottom and I sit up, so he can get out of bed. He slides out of bed and stretches before turning around and extending a hand, helping me out of bed.

I smile up at Master through my lashes and quietly thank him. He returns the gesture and takes us to the kitchen.

“How does baked chicken sandwiches sound?” Master asks, looking over his shoulder at me.

“Whatever my Master pleases,” I respond, looking at the dirty dishes covering the counter top.

Master starts to pull out food from the refrigerator before taking out some pots and pans. I try to memorize where all the plates and other kitchen utensils go, so I can make dinner for Master tonight a little easier.

As he pulls things out of the cabinets, I clear a spot on the kitchen counter and stove, so we can cook. “Oh,” Master says behind me. I turn around quickly and try to figure out what I did this time.

I step out of his way as he sets the chicken and some spices down on the cleared counter top. “Sorry, I didn’t think to clean,” Master apologizes unnecessarily.

I don’t want Master to think I am ungrateful and unwilling to work, so I am quick to reassure him of my devotion. “Oh that’s alright, Master. I don’t mind cleaning at all. Would you like me to start on the dishes after I finish making your lunch?” I ask him.

I hope he says yes, because then maybe I can show him I am a good girl.

“You and me are making lunch together remember, Leah?” Master asks. looking back over at me.

Oh that’s right

I nod and bow my head, stepping aside, so he can go fill a pan with water.

Useless, Master doesn’t even trust you to cook for him.

“This does actually look like a one person job,” Master says, starting the stove top. I smile at that, happy I can cook for him, but it quickly fades at his next sentence. “How about you relax for a bit? The bar has some nice chairs to sit on.” He suggests.

“Yes, Master.” I say quietly, moving over towards the bar. I wish Master would at least let me help him.

I sit at the bar and wait for Master’s instructions. He hums to himself as he stirs the chicken in a boiling pot.

The rippling of his back muscles catches my attention and I find myself entertained by watching Master’s muscles move as he cooks.

I’m so entertained, I don’t even realize when he speaks to me again, “Leah.” Master calls, “Leah.” I snap out of it and look up at Master.

He isn’t smiling and that scares me, but he also doesn’t look mad. He doesn’t say anything at first. He just looks at me with a weird expression. I focus on the counter in front of me instead of his face, “How about you wash up some plates and silverware for us?” Master finally suggests.

I nod and jump out of the bar stool, running over to the sink with a smile on my face.

Maybe if I am good, Master will give me a bite of his food,

I clean two plates and sets of silverware before drying them and setting them aside. “Master, may I please set the table?”

“Of course. Thank you,” Master says, looking over his shoulder at me smiling.

I nod and carefully set the table as Master sets down a plate of delicious smelling sandwiches. He made a lot of food, but I guess he just eats a lot.

“Master, may I please get you something to drink?” I ask hopefully as he takes a seat at the table.

“Uhhh yeah. A glass of water would be nice. Thanks,” Master says, adjusting himself on his seat.

I skip happily to retrieve a glass of water for him. Master seems in high spirits so he might let me have a sip.

I open up a few cabinets before finding the water glasses. I almost finish filling up his glass, when he interrupts me. “Fill yourself up a glass too, Darling.”

I bit my lip in excitement, “Thank you, Master,” I say, filling up myself a glass too. I head back over to the dinner table where Master is waiting, giving him his glass before setting my own down on the edge of the table and kneeling beside his chair.

I bow my head and set my hands in my lap, making sure to sit up straight and hope for a bite of Master’s delicious smelling meal.

My fingers tap on my thighs nervously, hoping I set the table to Master’s liking. When I feel Master’s gentle hands in my hair, my anxiety calms and I enjoy his affectionate touch. “Leah,” Master calls, lifting my chin up with his hand.

At my name I feel my anxiety coming back. He calls me by name often, but I don’t know any reason why he would want to talk to me while he was eating.

“Will you come join me?” He asks. He must see my confusion because he smiles softly and strokes my cheek affectionately.

“If you wish it, Master.” I respond, beginning to stand. I’m still confused, but I follow his request.

I always knelt by my Master while he ate. I didn’t know submissives were allowed to sit with their Master’s when they ate.

I sit down hesitantly at the table with Master, smoothing down the shirt I am wearing. He smiles at me and pulls a sandwich onto his plate before starting to eat.

I pull my glass of water over and take careful sips, so I don’t waste any of it.

Master is generous and I’m sure he will give me more when I need it, but I don’t want to waste any of his generous gift.

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