My Plus Sized Life 2: The New Generation (Book 2)

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Chapter 9: Big Family Dinner (Part 2)

Chapter 9: Big Family Dinner (Part 2)

💕Nyla’s POV💕

The doorbell rang and I went to answered it. I was greeted with Julian, Mr & Mrs Anderson, Axel and Dixon. “Hello, Everybody. My name is Nyla. Let’s introduce you to my big ass family” she said while shaking my parents hands. Everybody walked in to the foyer. “Hey Mom and Dad” come in here for a minute. “Yes dear” my mom said. I would like to introduce you to Julian, Mr & Mrs Anderson, and our friends from school Axel and Dixon.

“Hello loves” My mom said. “The guys and Us can a little chat in my study. “Dad what are you doing?” I asked. “Sweetie, let your father do it. It’s needed.” My mom said while she was hugging me trying to to calm me down. Julian looked at me and give me a wink to let me know everything is going to be okay. I wish I knew what my father, and uncles going to say to them. I’m just shaking my head.

❤️Julian’s POV❤️

We walking to the most manly elegant study in my life. I'm still trying to figure why the hell Axel, Dixon and me being brought in here. Alexander (Nyla's dad), Dean (Nyla's brother), Antonio (Luna's brother), Jake (Isabella's brother), Grandpa Leonardo and Grandpa Zander, and Uncles (Derek, and Leonardo) is all in the study. I knew we was in trouble because it's too many men in one room together.

"So, what do you gentlemen want to talk about?" Julian asked. I knew we was in trouble because it’s too many men in one room together. “So, what do you gentlemen want to talk about ?” Julian asked. “We want to talk about your intentions with our daughters?” Mr. King asked us while giving us a serious don’t try me look going on there.

I know the guys was scared shitless like me.

We just didn’t show it. “Well sir I love your daughter Nyla” I said. “Oh you do, really?” Nyla’s Dad said. “Yeah” I said. “Second goes for me” Axel said. “That goes double for me” Dixon said. “Well look here we a couple men for our daughters” Isabella’s dad said while Luna’s dad laughed at us.

"We are very protective of our girls. So if you hurt anyone of those girls. We will kill you. Got it boys" said Grandpa Leonardo said while devilishly smiling. "We make damn sure never to hurt them." Julian said. "I'll protect them with my life" Axel said. "I second that shit" Dixon said. "We actually want to ask you fellas a favor. We want to ask the girls to be our girlfriends. We just need your help to make it special for them." Julian asked. "I think we can do that. Right fellas?" Nyla's dad asked them while smirking.

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