My Plus Sized Life 2: The New Generation (Book 2)

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Chapter 10: Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Chapter 10: Will You Be My Girlfriend?

❤️Julian’s POV❤️

Today is the day I will be Nyla to be my girlfriend with the help of her dad. I’m so nervous and excited at the same time. I hope she feels the same way about me as I do her. I told her last night after the family dinner to dress nice because I’m going to take you to a nice restaurant but in all actuality it’s going to be their backyard but it’s going to be a candlelight dinner with Axel, Isabella, Dixon and Luna.

We decided to surprise the girls by showing our romantic side of us. I went to take shower and did my manly hygiene. I made sure to shave to give a clean look and used product in my hair to give it that gel look. I looked in the mirror and admire my sexy self. I went back in my room straight towards my walk in closet to get my outfit. I’m dressing sharp. I’m going to be hella fly. Well it’s almost time to head out. I headed downstairs and out the door I went to get my girl.

💕Nyla’s POV💕

Today, Julian is taking me on a candlelight dinner at a restaurant. He asked me last night after our family dinner. I’m so excited and nervous at the time. I have feelings for him ever since I met him on the first day of school. I hope he feels the same for me as I do him.

I decided to start getting ready for my date. I took a shower and the rest of my girly hygiene. When I came out of my bathroom I went straight to my walk in closet out my lace black thong and lace black bra on.

I picked out a white crop top and denim jeans but the strings are crisscrossing all the way down to the ankles. I’ve pair the outfit with beige heels. I grabbed my little purse and headed downstairs. I realize that Julian, Axel, Dixon, Luna and Isabella are standing in my living room. I’m confused for a moment because I’m suppose to be going out on a date with Julian. What the hell his going on here ?!

“Don’t get me wrong but why is everyone in my house” I said to everybody except Julian. “Well, Lil Mama the guys and I created a candlelight dinner for you girls in the backyard with your dads help” Julian said while he walked up to me; putting his arm around my waist and kissing me on the forehead. “Let’s go ladies. Your chariot await” Axel said. We all walked to my backyard and we was in awe. It was absolutely gorgeous. I can’t believe they went through all this for my cousins and I.

We ate steak, mashed potatoes, and broccoli with a glass of red wine (just this one time). “Nyla I came up with this idea because I wanted to ask you an important question. Will you be my girlfriend?” Julian asked me. I was in tears. “Of course I’ll be your girlfriend babe” I said to Julian. “Bro, don’t take the spotlight off of us.

Isabella, will you be my girlfriend?” Axel asked her. She jumped up and tackled him with kisses “Of course I will baby” Isabella said beaming with joy. “Luna, I know we didn’t know each other for long but I can’t be without you. Will you be my girlfriend?” Dixon asked her. “What the hell took you so long? Of course ill be your girlfriend boo” Luna said while giving him a passionate kiss.

“I think us ladies need to prepare for dessert. Don’t you think so girls?” I asked while wink at my cousins. “We want you guys to each go upstairs to the guest rooms and wait for us. We going to change into someone more comfortable.” Luna said while we sway our hips away from the guys hoping they checked out the view in front of them. Tonight is the night. Let’s get it popping y’all.

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