My Plus Sized Life 2: The New Generation (Book 2)

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Chapter 2: Welcome 2 Senior Bit*hes (Part 2)

Chapter 2: Welcome 2 Senior Year Y’all (Part 2)

❤️Julian’s POV❤️

What's up, peeps? The name is Julian Lance Anderson. I'm 18 years old and a father to a beautiful baby girl named Rylie Madeleine Anderson. My two best friends are Dixon and Axel. My favorite color is red. I will be going to Kensington High with my friends. You can say I’m a bad boy lol. I used to get in fights in my old school but I’m getting better at my temper and slink mouth. I guess I get that from my pops lol.

I woke up to the sound of my stupid ass alarm clock. I slammed it to shut it the hell up. I sat up and stretched my body and walked to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth, and wash my face. I jumped in the shower for a good 15 minutes. I came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist. I walked to my walk-in closet. I put on my boxers and picked out what I was going to wear on my first day of high school.

I decided to wear my dark navy blue sweatshirt and matching sweatpants with my white Air Force Ones. I put on my Apple Watch. I made sure my iPhone X and Air Pods are charged up. I finished getting dressed so I left my room and headed downstairs. I was greeted by my parents; Irene and Adam Anderson. ”Good Morning, son,” my mom said. ”Good morning mom, ” I said while kissing my mom on the cheek. ”What’s up son?” my dad said while walking in the kitchen and kissing my mom on the lips. Eww!! ”So, buddy you ready for your first day?” my dad said. ”Yeah,” I said.

”Aww, my baby is growing up so fast,” my mom said. ”I'm not a baby anymore mom,” I said. ”Well, you're still my baby no matter what,” my mom said while kissing me all over my face. Smh. ”Listen, buddy, I don't want no trouble in this school. No slick lip and fighting. Keep your head in the books and stay out of trouble. Got it” my pops said.

”No problem old man,” I said while laughing. ”Old man. I have you know I still got it” my dad said. ”Well, I would love to finish this conversation with you, Dad. But, I have to pick up the guys and head to school” I said. ”Alright baby. Have a good day and remember what your father said no fights and no slick lip” my mom said. I kissed my mom and hugged my dad goodbye. ”See you guys later,” I said. ”Bye,” my parents said unison.

I walked out of the house and got in my Ferrari Red BMW M4 2018. I went to pick up Dixon an Axel. When I pulled up to Dixon's house. I got out the car and walked up to the door. I was greeted by Mr. Brandon Jax Carter. "What's up pops?" I said. "Hey, son," Mr. Carter said. "What's up pops? I said.

"Hey mama," I said while I kissed her on the cheek. I bet you guys wondering why I'm calling her mom because all of our family are super close and all our patents are best friends. "Julian, my baby. Are you ready for your first day at a new school?" mama said. "Yeah. I'm just glad Axel and Dixon will be there too." I said.

We just arrived at our new school; Kensington High. When we stepped out of the car and we were in shock at how cool it looked. We proceed to the office to get our schedules and school maps. When we finally arrived at the office we introduced ourselves to the receptionist. When she hands us our schedules. We looked at our paper and found out what classes we are taking this year. We are taking American Literature, Algebra 2, Chemistry, Lunch, U.S. History, and Spanish.

We decided to put our books in our lockers and headed to our first class; American Literature. We arrived at our class just in time because our new teacher was right behind us. We hurried up to take our seats next to each other in the back of the room.

On the first day of school and we already have homework. Teachers suck ass.

UGH!! When the bell rang the guys and I went to our next class; Algebra 1 that I hate with a good passion. YESS!! LUNCH!! I'm hungry as hell. There's one thing that you should know about me. I'm a complete bitch when I haven't eaten food. I don't play when it comes to my food. Bella, Luna, and I got 2 cheese pizza, Pepsi, 2 chocolate cookies, and a bag of chips.

After lunch, I was walking to my last class of the day. Then, I bumped into someone. When I looked down I see the most prettiest girl God himself have created. a cute pink, yellow, black, and baby blue long sleeve dress with my denim baseball cap. She was rocking a pink MCM mini backpack. She was hella fly and Lil Mama had a banging body. Curves for days.

She was hella fly and Lil Mama had a banging body. Curves for days. I was licking my lips wondering to myself what she taste like; I bet strawberries. I'm so sorry. Are you okay?” She asked. ”You good Lil Mama. Are you okay?” I asked. ”Yes, I'm okay. Hmm, I have to go to class before I'm late” She said walking away blushing. ”See you later, Lil Mama,” I said with a sexy smirk on my face.

I walked into Spanish class; I noticed my boys were laughing, talking, and joking around with the girls. Then I noticed the girl I bumped into the hall earlier. ”Hey, Nyla. This is Julian, Axel, and Dixon. Guys these are my cousins Nyla and Luna” Isabella said. “Hey Guys” she said. “Wow!! What a beautiful name for a beautiful girl; Nyla” while I was thinking to myself. “What’s up? the guys said unison.

We finished our assignment with just a few minutes to spare. RING!! RING!! RING!! Finally, we were dismissed by our teacher. We grabbed our stuff and walked to the parking lot. We all decided to exchange numbers with each other. We said our goodbyes and headed to our car. After I dropped off Axel and Dixon at their house; I headed home. When I opened the front door I was greeted by my mother.

“Hey mom” I said. “How was your first day baby?” My mom said. “Really good” I said smiling. “Oh why are you so smiley?” My mom said. “I think I meet the girl of my dreams.” I said. My mom was shocked because I never bring up the topic of girls unless I’m asked about it. “Baby, that’s so amazing. What is this amazing lady’s name?” My mom said.

“Nyla. She’s beautiful just like her name.” I said. Damn I sound like a damn whipped pussy but I don’t care. “Well, I’m happy for you honey” my mom said. I kissed my mother’s cheek and I headed to my room to start my damn ass homework. When I was done I went take a hot shower. When I finished I put on my basketball shorts. I laid on my bed and checked my social media before I crash for the night. I decided to text Nyla. I hope she’s still awake.

Nyla💕: Who’s this?

Julian❤️: It’s Julian

Nyla💕: Oh hey! What’s up?

Julian❤️: Just chilling Lil Mama. You?

Nyla💕: Nothing just laying down and reading until I fall asleep.

Julian❤️: So.... What are you up to this weekend?

Nyla💕: Nothing much probably hang out with my cousins. You?

Julian❤️: Chilling with my boys.

Nyla💕: That's watssup.

Julian❤️: Yeah.

Nyla💕: I'm sorry hun but I'm starting to get tired.

Julian❤️: Alright Lil Mama. Goodnight bae.

Nyla💕: Goodnight boo 💋

After I ended the conversation with Nyla. I was starting to have these feelings I never experienced with a girl before. I can't stop thinking about Nyla. She's just beautiful. I'm just afraid that may not be enough for her. She can have anybody. Why would she want me. A bad boy. I can't wait to see what's in store for me with Nyla. No matter what I will fight for her. Before I knew it I was knocked out.

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