My Plus Sized Life 2: The New Generation (Book 2)

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Chapter 5: Hidden Secrets

Chapter 5: Hidden Secrets

💕Nyla’s POV💕

I woke up from a peaceful sleep feeling refreshed. I throw my covers back and got out of bed while staggering into my bathroom to do my morning routine. When I was done with my shower. I went to my walk-in closet to put my black lace bra and black lace booty thongs. I was searching for a comfortable outfit for another day of boring ass school.

THANK YOU JESUS!! I found an outfit. I did a happy dance. Shaking my booty and all that lol. I wore a long sleeve gray crop top hoodie with two black lines going down the sides and matching sweatpants. I styled it with my black, gray, blue and navy Jordan’s. I looked in the mirror admiring myself. I grabbed my belongings and headed downstairs. “Good Morning My Lovely Parents,” I said while I kissed my mom and dad on the cheek.

“Hi, Princess. Where are you going looking like that? ” my dad said with a serious look on his face. I looked down at my outfit to see what’s wrong with it but there’s nothing there. “ Dad, I’m going to school remember lol,” I said while smirking. “Not looking like that you are not,” he said. “But, Daddy I look so cute and amazing,” I said whining. “Chanelle, You see what is your daughter wearing?” My dad said. “Oh, honey you look beautiful. You better get going before you be late for school” my mom said.

I walked out the door to get in my car and I was off to school. Finally, I made it and I got cool parking space under the nice shady tree. I got out the car with my bag, iPhone, and iced caramel macchiato in handed. I arrived early in my first class which is hella awesome cause I get my favorite seat next to my girls in the back on the room.

A few minutes later, the teacher came and class began. I tell you one thing if I didn’t have my phone or coffee I would not be sitting for this long especially when my teacher rambling on and on rambling about the same shit we learned a week and a half ago. RING RING RING!! Yess!! FOOD!! I was out there like my ass was on fire. The girls and I grabbed our food and sat down. The guys made a surprise pop up and sat with us.

We ate, talked, and laughed together. While Axel was telling us a story all about the funny shenanigans about him and the guys got into when they were kids it was hilarious. I was laughing with tears in my eyes; when I noticed that Julian was staring at me with his sexy ass smirk and he winked at me. I was giddy and blushing inside like a school girl. I wish I was confident in myself.

When I was middle school I started discovering that I was suffering from depression, generalized/social anxiety, bipolar, and panic disorder like my mother. My parents takes me to my therapist once a week. I know with the support of my family I would get through it. I just don't know how would Julian be able to handle my baggage of issues. I just hope he accept me for who I am and not reject me.

After, we finished our lunch. We headed to our last two classes of the day. We had a surprise test. Lucky, I pay attention to what the hell my teacher is saying half the time. When I finished my exam; I had satisfied feeling knowing that I passed. I looked at my friends to see how did they did on their exams; they just shrugged their shoulders. The teacher dismissed our classes a little early than usually.

We was hella excited. FREEDOM!! HERE WE COME!! I'm so glad to be home and start the weekend off right 😜. We all decided to go to the beach on Saturday. I can’t wait. I love the beach especially soaking my toes in warm sand. Sun bathing is calling my name. OMG!! I just realized I have to go shopping for a new bathing suit. Time to go shopping.


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