My Plus Sized Life 2: The New Generation (Book 2)

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Chapter 6: Beach Day with The Crew

Chapter 6: Beach Day with The Crew

💕Nyla’s POV💕

I’m sleeping so peaceful until I hear bedroom door slam against the wall in walked my cousins Isabella and Luna. “Bit*h get you ass up. You know we have to go to the mall to get our new bathing suits for the beach today” said Luna. “Ugh!! Let me sleep for five more minutes” I said. “Nope, sorry boo. The mall is calling for us.” Isabella said. I sucked my teeth and go up out my comfortable bed into the bathroom.

When I finished with my hygiene routine. I went into my walk-in closet picked out a black lace thong and bra. I decided to wear my short sleeve black crop shirt with my dark grayish green skirt with a slit on the side. I paired with my black stripy sandals with jewels on them. When I finished getting dressed and putting on my makeup. I grabbed my purse and headed downstairs where I was greeted by my family.

“Hey Chicas” I said to my besties. “What’s up mamas” they said unison while I kissed my parents. “What are you girls up today?” My mom asked. “Well, we are going to the beach with the guys from school before then we’re going shopping for new bathing suits.” I said.

“Hold the hell up. What boys from school? You never mention this to me or your mother. Chanelle, you better get you daughter before I have to fuck up some hood boy cause I don’t have a problem with that” my dad said while the girls laughing and me shaking my head. “Dad it’s not that serious. How about we have a big family dinner so everybody can meet each? Is that cool?” I asked.

“Of course honey” my mom said while my dad walked out the room mad. I was sad because I never want to hurt or disappoint my father. I love him so much. I’m a true daddy’s girl. “Don’t worry about your father. I talk to him and everything will be fine.” My mom said while she kissed me goodbye. The girls and I was out the door on our way to the mall.

We arrived at the mall. We headed to Forever21 for bathing suits. I found the perfect one. It had like the Versace style but in blue, aqua, white, and gold with a matching coverup. Isabella found a sexy all black with strips on the chest and on the hips. Lastly, Luna found a blue and white strip swimsuit with an opening at the stomach where you can see her belly button.

After we paid for our items. We went back to my house to take showers and finish getting ready for the beach with the guys. Finally, we dressed in our sexy bathing suits. We headed downstairs with our things and we was out the door. I’m going have hella fun today. I wonder what Julian doing at this very moment.

❤️Julian’s POV❤️

I woke up to Axel and Dixon jumping on my bed which ended me on the floor. “Why the fuck you do that, man?” I said to them. They fell out laughing. “Bro, you know your ass need to get up because we going to the beach with those baddies and you you know you wanna see Nyla fine ass” Dixon said.

“I’ll kick your ass if you look at my girl like that. SHE MINE!!” I said while being all possessive and shit. “Woah bro, does she know that yet?” Axel said. “Soon” I said. “Well you’re stink ass need to get in the shower because it’s beach and women in bikinis are calling my name” Dixon said.

Hey I came out the shower and wrapped the towel around my waist. I brushed my teeth and used some mouth wash. I checked myself out. I decided to put a little product so when I’m in the beach water won’t ruin it. I walked out my bathroom put on my swimsuit on. I made sure I had my wallet, iPhone, speakers, some towels, boxers, and extra outfit. I put my shirt and headed downstairs. I was greeted with Axel, Dixon, and my parents.

I let my parents know we and some girls are going to the beach. “Girls, what’s their names?” My mom asked. “Luna, Isabella, and Nyla” I said to my mom. “Sons when are we going to meet these lovely ladies?” My dad said. “Soon, I have to ask Nyla” I said. “You sweet on Nyla, ain’t you?” My mom asked. “ yes I am very much so” I said. “Well we better go guys. Bye y’all.” I said to my parents. “Bye.” They said unison. We was out the door heading to the beach. I wonder what Nyla is doing at this very moment.

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