Fated to the moon

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Bella LaVoe was a introvert 17 year old. She had only her mom her dad died before she had time to remember him. A week before her 18th birthday her mom told her that her dad left her a house for her 18th birthday. Who knew owning this house meant she would own a pack fall in love and live a new life she never knew existed.

Romance / Fantasy
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Meet Bella

....... running.....cold night breeze I feel so free running faster through the woods. Wait.......woods....I never liked outdoors. I look down.....paws...wait what's going on?

I wake up in a cold sweat. No more twilight before bed, I chuckled to myself. "Bella breakfast", I jump out of bed hearing my mom. I am Bella LaVoe, I couldn't believe how cliche I was. My name is Bella and I love twilight, corny right but truthfully mom and dad loved the story of beauty and the beast, they said it was their love story and I was the happily ever after. Dad passed away when I was young, mom said I was 3years old. He was a millionaire, but I was never told how. He left me and mom well off but I would rather have him than money.
I sat up and smelled it. Bacon eggs and trouble. Mom is a trauma surgeon, best in the field I couldn't remember ever being hurt at least not for a long time. To smell her cooking meant trouble, bad news. Last time she cooked we moved here, New York.
I threw my hazelnut hair in a messy bun and grabbed my robe. I didn't any friends and even less family. It was just me and mom. I walk to the mirror. Most would see the beautiful blemish free skin the almond shaped grey-ish blue eyes and long brown hair and say Bella was the perfect name all I see is the timid bullied geek that had no friends and no one to protect her. I hated it here.

I walk slowly down the stairs wondering what could be said from this woman now. I sat at the kitchen table as mom sat a plate in front of me. "I'm making pancakes would you like anything in them" I look sideways "mom", she ignores me. "Personally I want blueberries, I can do something different for you". "Mom, your scaring me". She stops and the dreaded words come. "Bell we need to talk"
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