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Book 2 in the Troubled series Lyla Moore is desperate to move on with her life after the murder of her young sister. Under the protection of her troubled ex, Paris Landry, she slowly begins to rebuild a normal life for herself, having promised Paris that she would, but with her dangerous foster brother London still at large, will she ever truly be safe? Can she ever love another the way she had loved Paris or will she remain haunted by her dark past forever?

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Paris' Point Of View

Two months... two months since my baby girl had been murdered in cold blood by my own fucking brother. Two months since I'd allowed myself to think about the girl I'd left behind for her own good. Two long miserable months since I'd slept in a bed. It was how long I had been following every lead to where London might be and every single lead had come up dry, like he'd just fucking disappeared into thin air.

I walked out of the tattoo parlor. I couldn't be with Lyla, it would take away my opportunity to strike at any moment when London presented again... and he would, but I had to do something to feel like she was near me. Branding myself in her name was the only permanent way to ensure that I could carry her with me forever.

I returned to my apartment. The construction had just finished and it was a livable space now. Between looking for London and fighting to pay for the tail I'd been keeping on Lyla and her family, I was exhausted. I needed a few days sleep and I could get back at it.

***4 months later***

I had sat outside of Lyla's dorm room all night to give Alfonzo and Theo a break. Luckily the last of my online schoolwork had given me a welcome distraction to keep me from breaking down and going to her. The first couple of months had been easier. I thought London would have made his whereabouts known by now, shown face somewhere, but he was still no where to be found and I missed my girl.

Finishing high school was the first of many plans I had to make myself worthy of Delilah. The longer I went without her the more I realized how badly I wanted to be with her. The longer I went without her, the more I realized how much better off she would be with any one but me. The more time her new douchebag boyfriend had with her, the more time he had to sink his talons in to try to make her permanently his.

I had told her to move on. I wanted her to then, but the thought of it now made me sick to stomach. I wasn't willing to share her anymore. If London weren't coming back, she was going to be with me. If I had to do some self improvement to make myself into her best suited mate, then I'd do it. I hated myself for considering wrecking everything I'd made her work toward forgetting. I hated myself for thinking about giving up on tracking London down, but what could I do with six months of zero to go on. It was all maddening.

I laid down on my couch after I made it home. The sun was just coming up and the first light of day invaded my apartment through the giant windows.

"I waited for you all night." Britt walked down the steps from the loft bedroom. Another issue I was going to have to deal with. Britt was nice, but she and I were never going to happen. I didn't even realize she had stayed here. I told her weeks ago she wasn't to stay the night. We had a deal, sex only. It wasn't the gentlemen's thing to do, but she'd agreed to it, so I guess if she ended up hurt, it was on her.

"Why are you here?" I asked eyeing her as she walked toward the bathroom.

"Why do you think Paris?" She winked at me. I needed to end this with her. To be honest, the sex could never even come close to what even a kiss from Lyla made me feel, but it had been a distraction in the beginning.

She disappeared into the bathroom only to reemerge with a toothbrush held in her mouth.

"What the fuck Britt? I told you no, you can't stay here. I don't know what you think this is between us, but it's not. I'm going to sleep. Take your shit and see your way out." I was being a dick, but I was tired. She needed to go so I could sleep. Tomorrow was the last day for classes at the college and I'm sure I'd be on duty watching over the dorm or Casey's house during Christmas break. Especially considering the fact that Alfonzo wanted to get his dick wet by Lyla's friend, Casey.

"Fine. You don't have to be a dick!" Britt barked, storming out the front door. I just closed my eyes and waited a few moments before my mind shut down and I fell into a dream, a dream where Lyla and I had never broken up.

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